SVS Dual PB- 2000 Pro Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
SVS Dual PB- 2000 Pro Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
SVS Dual PB- 2000 Pro Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
SVS Dual PB- 2000 Pro Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: SVS

SVS Dual PB- 2000 Pro Subwoofer

Dual 12-inch subwoofers with advanced DSP for deep bass

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SVS Dual PB- 2000 Pro Subwoofer

Unleash the Power of Bass

When you're crafting the cinema experience of your dreams, the foundation lies in the deep, earth-shaking rumble that only a top-tier subwoofer can provide. Enter the SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro Subwoofer – a powerhouse that encapsulates the pinnacle of advanced home audio technology to deliver an unrivaled bass experience.

A Symphony of Advanced Technology

The SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro isn't just a subwoofer; it's a testament to engineering excellence, drawing on breakthroughs from SVS's most sophisticated lines like the 16-Ultra Series and the 4000 and 3000 Series. This fusion results in a device that pushes the boundaries of audio performance.

  • Dual 12-inch High-Excursion SVS Drivers: The heart of this beast lies within its twin 12-inch drivers. High-excursion capacity ensures that every low note is not just heard but felt, enveloping you in the cinematic or musical world you're exploring.
  • Sledge STA-550D Amplifier: With 550 watts RMS and an astonishing 1,500+ watts peak power, the Sledge amplifier guarantees a bass that is both thunderous and impeccably controlled.
  • 50MHz DSP Processor: The high-resolution Analog Devices Audio DSP is the brain behind the brawn, allowing for fine-tuned audio with pristine quality.
  • Innovative Ported Cabinet Design: Sturdy and sonically inert, the cabinet is meticulously designed to eliminate resonance and focus solely on producing clear, potent bass.

Intuitive and Intelligent Control

The SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro is all about giving you the reins to your audio experience. The Intelligent Control Interface (ICI) on the rear panel, combined with the SVS Bluetooth DSP control app for iOS and Android, puts a wealth of customization at your fingertips.

  • App Control Features: Bi-directional feedback and a user-friendly tutorial make the app experience seamless, offering advanced customization and real-time adjustments.
  • DSP Controls: Adjust crossover frequencies, parametric EQ, polarity, room gain, and more to perfect the sound for your unique space.
  • Custom Presets: Three user-customizable presets allow you to save your ideal settings for movies, music, or gaming and switch between them effortlessly.

Design That Speaks Volumes

The SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro is not just a powerhouse of sound; its design is equally impressive. Compact enough to fit into any room aesthetic, it's available in two finishes: the sleek Premium Black Ash and the luxurious Piano Gloss Black.

  • Accessories: The subwoofer comes with thoughtful additions like a protective non-resonant extra-thick ABS fabric mesh grill, iso-elastomer feet to reduce noise transmission, and foam port tuning plugs.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Your setup, your rules. The SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro ensures that you have all the connectivity options you need to integrate seamlessly with your existing system.

  • Input/Output: RCA stereo input/output for connection to most audio systems.
  • USB Output: A handy USB output for service and powering accessories, adding to the subwoofer's versatility.
  • Bluetooth Control: Effortlessly connect and control your subwoofer from your preferred iOS or Android device.

The Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we understand that a home theater is more than just a collection of gadgets; it's an immersive experience that brings joy, entertainment, and awe. That's why we stand ready to help you design and optimize your home theater system with the SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro at its core.

The Bass That Elevates Your Experience

From the intensity of a blockbuster explosion to the subtle nuances of a double bass in a jazz ensemble, the SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro delivers a bass that is both powerful and articulate. With a frequency response from 16Hz to 290Hz, every note is accounted for, every beat is a physical presence.

Tuning for Perfection

Every room is different, and the SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro embraces this with variable tuning options. Whether you're in a cozy den or a spacious living room, you can optimize performance to match your environment, ensuring the best possible sound wherever you are.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

The convenience of app control cannot be understated. The ability to make adjustments from the comfort of your seat makes fine-tuning a pleasure rather than a chore. With the SVS app, you have the power to tweak settings to your heart's content without missing a beat.

Built for the Long Haul

The SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro isn't just about impressive specs; it's built to last. Its exceptional build quality means that it can stand up to the demands of even the most enthusiastic audiophiles. And should you need assistance, real experts are available around the clock to help.

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Dreamedia ensures a hassle-free experience with an easy claims process for quick approval, options for gift cards or replacements, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're supported by a team of real experts.

The Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Whether you're a movie buff, a music aficionado, or a gamer, the SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro is the subwoofer that will complete your home theater setup. It's not just about watching or listening; it's about feeling every moment as if you were there.

Easy Integration, Powerful Performance

The SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro is suitable for a range of room sizes, from medium-sized spaces of 150 to 350 square feet, ensuring that you get the same level of performance no matter where you are. With its easy integration, you can add it to your existing setup without a hitch.

A Sound Investment

Choosing the SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro is an investment in quality, performance, and satisfaction. It's an essential component of any serious home theater system, delivering a level of immersion that has to be experienced to be believed.

Immerse yourself in a world of deep, resonant bass with the SVS Dual PB-2000 Pro Subwoofer. Let Dreamedia help you design the home theater system you've always dreamed of, anchored by the unparalleled performance of this exceptional subwoofer.

Reference Subwoofer Performance Hits New Lows. Again.

2000 Pro models replace the most popular SVS subwoofers of all time, and since we don’t believe in anything less than a complete reimagination, they represent a massive performance upgrade over the original 2000 Series in every way. Jaw-dropping deep bass extension and massive output with stunning musicality that will delight both audiophiles and home theater fans. Reference subwoofer performance has never been available at this price range.

A sophisticated 550 watts RMS, 1,500+ watts peak power Sledge STA-550D DSP amplifier, innovative new 12-inch high-excursion SVS driver, and optimized dual ported cabinet design take control of a space with amazingly deep and room-filling output without a hint of distortion, even at reference playback levels.

PB-2000 Pro features convenient control and custom presets via the SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone app for Apple, Android and Amazon devices ®. The SVS app is the most convenient way to control volume, access multiple DSP functions and program custom presets for music, movies, gaming, and more. An ideal solution for reference bass in audiophile music systems or home theater surround sound systems, the PB-2000 Pro sets all performance benchmarks in its price range while outperforming much larger subwoofers.

Breathtaking Output and Deep Bass Extension with Pinpoint Control and Accuracy.

Featuring technology from the flagship SVS 16-Ultra Series, winners of nearly every industry and media award as the top subwoofers worldwide, the PB-2000 Pro unleashes breathtaking output and extension without ever sacrificing driver control or frequency response accuracy. The ported cabinet design combines the most sophisticated SVS subwoofer technology ever developed with trailblazing innovations to set a new standard for subwoofer performance based on price and cabinet size.

All New 12-inch High-Excursion SVS Driver – Heart-Pounding Bass with Subtlety and Finesse

Completely redesigned 12-inch SVS driver delivers massive low frequency output with unerring accuracy and transient speed. An aluminum vented cone with exceptional stiffness to mass ratio and a proprietary injection molded extreme-excursion surround ensure flawless pistonic motion for flawless control and accuracy.

Dual ferrite magnet motor assembly weighing over 15 lbs generates massive amounts of magnetics to produce extreme driver excursion without losing control. Effortlessly achieves extension below 20 Hz without distortion.

Lightweight and rigid aluminum vented cone with composite fiber dustcap creates room-energizing SPLs while maintaining control even at the highest drive levels.

Long-throw parabolic surround using proprietary injection molding allows extreme excursion for bass you can feel while preserving drive unit longevity.

Aluminum pole piece extension improves thermal management properties for exceptional heat dissipation.

Dual layer voice coil design maximizes linearity and accuracy at full excursion while minimizing distortion and power compression.

Sledge STA-550D Amplifier – Effortless Power and Absolute Command.

Conservatively rated at 550 watts RMS, 1,500+ watts peak power, the Sledge STA-550D amplifier maximizes the full potential of the 12-inch driver with effortless power and precise control. The innovative design combines the efficiency of a Class D amplifier with the ability to move colossal amounts of current through the fully discrete MOSFETs for outstanding real-world subwoofer performance at all drive levels, in any room.

High Current Output from Fully Discrete MOSFETs with Efficiency of Class D Amplifier allows the Sledge STA-550D amplifier to move massive amounts of current enabling immense output with surgical precision.

Sophisticated 50MHz High Resolution Analog Devices Audio DSP is the most advanced digital Processor ever used in a subwoofer and maintains pinpoint accuracy and pristine sound quality through advanced in-room tuning, powerful DSP controls and more. Frequency response curves optimized specifically for the PB-2000 Pro allow the subwoofer to take control of a room and completely pressurize it with crisp, heart-pounding bass.

PB-2000 Pro Smartphone App – Easiest Way Ever to Manage Subwoofer DSP and Control.

2000 Pro Series subwoofer app is the most convenient way ever to control volume, access multiple DSP functions and Program custom presets for one-touch tuning optimized for music, movies, gaming, and more. Adjust crossover frequencies, a three-band parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and more, all from your favorite seat.

The SVS subwoofer app also allows advanced customization so you can name your subwoofer for easy preset switching, choose the subwoofer standby mode and reset the subwoofer to factory settings. Bluetooth connectivity allows full control, even when the subwoofer is out of sight and bi-directional feedback shows adjustments in real time on both the app and rear panel subwoofer interface.


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  • Series Engineering Inspiration: 16-Ultra, 4000, 3000 Series
  • Exclusive Innovations: 2000 Pro Series


  • Type: Toroidal ferrite
  • Magnetic Force: Unparalleled

Audio DSP

  • Processor: 50MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP
  • Filtering Precision: 56bit

User Control and Interface

  • Low Pass Adjustment: Yes
  • Phase Adjustment: Yes
  • Polarity Adjustment: Yes
  • Room Gain Compensation: Yes
  • Parametric EQs: Three
  • Bluetooth DSP Control App: Yes for iOS and Android
  • Presets: Three user presets
  • Rear Panel ICI: Intelligent Control Interface with push-button controls
  • USB Output: Yes for service and powering accessories


  • Continuous Power: 550 watts RMS
  • Peak Power: 1500+ watts


  • Size: 12-inch
  • Voice Coil: Dual layer

Cabinet Design

  • Type: Optimized dual ported
  • Construction: Acoustically inert and rigidly braced
  • Front Baffle: Extra-thick MDF
  • Internal Bracing: Extensive


  • Bass Extension: Deep
  • Output: Massive
  • Driver Control: Without sacrificing
  • Power and Control: Effortless and precise

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Control: Convenient via Bluetooth
  • Presets: Custom for movies, music, and more
  • Customization Options: Advanced

Rear Panel ICI

  • Low Pass Filter Frequency: Adjustable
  • Phase Control: For subwoofer output alignment
  • Sonic Transitions: Smooth with loudspeakers


  • Insulation: Acoustic for resonance-free cabinet
  • Grille: