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The most popular native 4k projector

The Reference Series JVC DLA-RS2000 offers high quality native 4K home theater projection that reproduces smooth and detailed imagery with high contrast, high brightness and many other color reproduction features. This projector is sure to impress even those looking for movie theater quality.

Why JVC Is the Most Popular Native 4k Projector| Rs1000/ Rs2000/ Rs3000 Nx5 /Nx7/ Nx9

D-ILA Projector with 3D Viewing


The luxurious JVC DLA-RS4500K is the ultimate projector for individuals wanting uncompromised large screen performance at home. JVC combines their exclusive BLU-Escent™ laser light source with 3 JVC-developed native 4K D-ILA devices to deliver 3,000 lumens at a 20,000 hour operational lifespan. The all glass 100mm diameter zoom lens further ensures the delivery of exquisite high quality 4K images.

Native 4K D-ILA Device

Results in an image of extremely high native contrast ratios with smooth, detailed pictures all without any visible pixel structure (even on large screens).

The DLA-RS4500K projector utilizes the smallest Native 4K D-ILA device available, delivering 4096×2160 pixel images. Through vertical orientation technology and planarization technique, JVC has reduced light scatter and direction over previous projectors.

Laser Phosphor Light Engine

Improved HDR performance and increased brightness ensures compatibility with screen sizes over 200” while delivering more depth and dimension to home theater screens.

BLU-Escent™ (2nd generation) laser phosphor light engine and JVC’s proprietary color management system work together to enable a consistent 3,000 lumen light output and outstanding HDR performance.

4K Dedicated High Resolution Lens

The all glass 100mm lens projects 4K resolution to every corner of the screen and minimizes color fringing and chromatic aberration.

The 18 element 16 group all glass lens and full aluminum lens barrel were specifically engineered for the RS4500K’s 4K performance. The 100mm lens (over previous 65mm models) allows a wide shift range of ±100% vertical, ±43% horizontal for a 16:9 image (±40% horizontal for a native 17:9 image).

Compatible with High Dynamic Range (HDR)

This projector will automatically detect an HDR10 signal and select the correct picture mode preset. Additionally, the unit has an HDR Gamma mode for live broadcasts or streaming events.

The DLA-RS4500K, employs high native contrast ratio with BT.709 and Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) color gamut with BT.2020 color mapping, dynamic light source control and high brightness to experience a full complement of HDR content.











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What Our Customers Say

I was concerned about paying a lot more for the SI screen over the other guys, but in the end it went on sale, and I’m glad I made the choice. Everything is top notch about the construction, and they give you about a million ways to lower the screen. (Wall switch, IR remote eye, IR remote extended eye, and trigger cable.

It went up easily, adjusts easily, and looks great. My power and trigger signal were at the other end, so it would be great if they could come up with a way to route the cables along the screen body, instead of just using tie wraps, but that doesn’t affect my opinion of this product. If I were to do it again, I’d go with SI again.


An Incredible Lens Delivers 4K

The DLA-RS1000 is equipped with a 65 mm diameter lens which adopts the all-glass lens of 15 groups of 17 glasses, realizing a high-resolution image with focus up to the periphery of the screen.

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