Perlisten Audio S7i-C

In-Wall Center Speaker


Type: Speaker
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The next level in-wall with Directivity control to well below 1kHz while enabling a DPC array and timbre matching not only in the raw materials but in the critical frequency response, power response, and phase.


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The next level in-wall with Directivity control to well below 1kHz while enabling a DPC array and timbre matching not only in the raw materials but in the critical frequency response, power response, and phase. In addition, the S7i is THX Dominus Center certified with the same amazing Sensitivity and THD as our famous S7c in-room center.A true value in the largest sized home theater in-walls compared to almost any in-wall on the market and can be utilized as an Center with an acoustically transparent screen or as just a Center in the Media room.


Based largely on our flagship S7t. This is the center channel implementation. Here we have adapted the design for inwall applications. Shallow 4” mounting depth and integral aluminum extrusion rear enclosure insure consistent performance and minimal sound propagation to adjacent rooms. Featuring our proprietary DPC-Array controlling Mid/High frequencies, centered by our finest 28mm Beryllium dome and dual 28mm TPCD ultra-lightweight domes. All transducers are developed ground up by our engineers – bringing decades of research, culminating in this world class design. We teamed up with companies in the USA and Sweden to bring modern material science to hi-fi. Utilizing advanced Comsol acoustic modeling, our DPC-array is the result of 18 months of painstaking simulations and prototyping. The result is one of the most technologically advanced loudspeakers available. This new tweeter/waveguide DPC-Array delivers amazing accuracy, smoothness, and directivity control to handle the critical vocal range and delicate treble. All S-Series speakers share the same DPC-Array and benefit from our unique timbre matching technique across the entire series. The PERLISTEN S7i is the world’s first and only inwall loudspeaker to be certified for THX Dominus – their highest rating. A mark of achievement.

Perlisten Audio S7i-C Review


The Perlisten Audio S7i-C is an in-wall loudspeaker that is part of Perlisten Audio's S-Series lineup. It boasts THX Dominus certification, making it the world's first in-wall loudspeaker to achieve this prestigious certification. In-wall loudspeakers are an essential component of high-performance home theater setups, offering a discreet and immersive audio experience. In this review, we will dive into the design, technical specifications, performance, installation, price, and user feedback to determine if the Perlisten Audio S7i-C lives up to its claims.

Design and Build Quality

The Perlisten Audio S7i-C features a fully-enclosed aluminum cabinet with bituminous damping. This construction not only adds rigidity to the loudspeaker but also helps in reducing unwanted vibrations and resonances that could affect audio quality. The cabinet is well-constructed and exudes a sense of durability. Additionally, the high-gloss black finish gives the S7i-C an attractive aesthetic that can seamlessly blend into any home theater setup.

Technical Specifications

The THX Dominus certification of the Perlisten Audio S7i-C is a notable achievement that sets it apart from other in-wall loudspeakers. This certification ensures rigorous audio performance standards, guaranteeing exceptional audio quality. The S7i-C also features a patent-pending Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) waveguide, which allows for precise directivity control, reducing reflections and delivering a focused soundstage.

In terms of drivers, the S7i-C utilizes three small dome drivers for mids and highs, ensuring accurate and detailed reproduction of vocals and instruments. For the low frequencies, it incorporates a 7.1-inch Textreme TPCD woofer, which provides a linear low-frequency response down to below 90Hz. This comprehensive driver setup enables the S7i-C to deliver exceptional frequency response, linearity, and control.

Performance and Audio Quality

One of the standout features of the Perlisten Audio S7i-C is its clean and linear frequency response. This ensures that audio reproduction is accurate and faithful to the original recording, resulting in a captivating listening experience. The controlled vertical dispersion of the DPC waveguide minimizes reflections from floors and ceilings, further enhancing the clarity and precision of the audio.

The S7i-C effortlessly recreates high output levels, making it suitable for large home theater rooms. Whether you're watching an action-packed movie or listening to your favorite music, the loudspeaker can handle the dynamics with ease, preserving the integrity of the sound.

Vocals are silky smooth and dialog is consistently clear, thanks to the meticulous design and timbre matching across the Perlisten S-Series range. The S7i-C excels in accurately reproducing the nuances and subtleties of voices, ensuring an immersive and engaging audio experience.

Installation and Setup

Installing the Perlisten Audio S7i-C may require assistance due to its weight and rigid construction. It is important to ensure a secure and stable installation to maximize performance. Additionally, while the S7i-C provides impressive low-frequency response, adding subwoofers to the setup can further enhance the deep bass performance, especially for those who crave a more visceral audio experience.

Optimizing the performance of the S7i-C might require some tweaking and fine-tuning, which could be slightly inconvenient for users who prefer a more plug-and-play experience. However, the effort put into optimizing the setup will be rewarded with exceptional audio quality.

Price and Availability

One of the few downsides of the Perlisten Audio S7i-C is its limited availability and high price point. As a premium product, it may not be accessible to all consumers. However, for those who value top-tier audio performance and are willing to invest in a high-quality in-wall loudspeaker, the S7i-C is definitely a contender.

It is worth considering that similar-performing alternatives may be available at lower price points. While the S7i-C offers exceptional audio quality and the THX Dominus certification, it is essential to consider the overall value and budget constraints before making a purchase decision.

User Feedback and Reviews

One limitation when researching the Perlisten Audio S7i-C is the limited availability of comprehensive reviews. This can make it challenging for potential buyers to gather detailed insights and opinions from other users. Additionally, it is important to approach forum discussions with caution, as they may be influenced by bias or lack of expertise. However, as more users adopt the S7i-C and share their experiences, a wider range of feedback will become available.


In conclusion, the Perlisten Audio S7i-C is an impressive in-wall loudspeaker that delivers exceptional audio performance and accuracy. Its THX Dominus certification, patent-pending DPC waveguide, and meticulous design contribute to its superior sound quality. The S7i-C is suitable for 2-channel music enthusiasts and high-performance home theater setups, particularly in large rooms.

The controlled vertical dispersion minimizes reflections, resulting in a focused soundstage. The construction and build quality are top-notch, ensuring a rigid and durable loudspeaker. While the S7i-C may require additional subwoofers for optimal low-frequency performance, its clean and linear frequency response, along with its timbre matching capabilities, make it a compelling choice for audio enthusiasts.

However, the limited availability and high price point may deter some potential buyers. It is important to consider alternative options that offer similar performance at lower price points. Additionally, optimizing the S7i-C's performance may require some effort, which could be inconvenient for those seeking a more straightforward setup.

Overall, the Perlisten Audio S7i-C exhibits remarkable audio quality and advanced design features that elevate the home theater experience. If budget permits and audio excellence is a top priority, the S7i-C is a worthy investment.


  • Dimensions(HxWxD): 298.6 x 1036.6 x 111.2mm | 11.8 x 40.8 x 4.4”
  • Mounting Dimensions(HxWxD): 257 x 996 x 101.7mm | 10.1 x 39.2 x 4.0”
  • Weight: 26.4 kg (58.0 lbs.)
  • Enclosure Alignment: 4-way acoustic suspension
  • Driver Compliment: DCP-Array: 28mm Beryllium 28mm(2) Textreme TPCD | Woofers: 180mm(4) Textreme TPCD
  • Sensitivity: 92.0dB / 2.83v / 1.0m
  • Impedance: 4ohms nominal / 3.4ohms min
  • Response Linearity: 80 - 20kHz +/-1.5dB window
  • Frequency Response(-10dB): 47 - 37kHz
  • Typical In Room Bass Extension: 39Hz
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 100 - 600W RMS
  • SPL Capability (100 - 20kHz): 119.8dB peak 117.0dB peak <3% 2nd, 3rd Harmonics
  • Certification: THX Dominus