Vicoustic HiFi Level 2 Acoustic Treatment Package for Medium-Sized Rooms

w/ Cinema Round Premium, Flat Panel VMT, Multifuser DC3 Acoustic Panel

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Complete HiFi Acoustic Panel Treatment designed for medium-sized rooms ranging from 200-500 square feet.


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Cinema Round Premium — Absorption

Cinema Round Premium panels provide flexible and elegant solutions for sound control across a multitude of applications. Combining modern design with maximum acoustic efficiency, the fabric-covered Cinema Round Premium panel is commonly used to control sound reflections and excess reverberation, helping you maximize the performance of your listening space. Cinema Round Premium has a broadband performance ranging from medium-low to high frequencies. It has been proven as one of the most stable panels with a very high and linear absorption coefficient. You may also install this product with the new VicFix J Profile fixation system using VicFix Base, sold separately.  

  • Made From Polyurethane Foam & Fabric.
  • Provide A Flexible & Elegant Solution For Sound Control Across A Multitude Of Applications.
  • Commonly Used To Control Reflections & Excess Reverberation.
  • Broadband Performance Ranging From Medium-Low To High Frequencies.
  • Very High & Linear Absorption Coefficient.
  • May Be Installed Using Velcro Or FlexiGlueUltra
  • May Also Be Installed With VicFixJ-Profile Mounting System Or VicFixBase

Vicoustic Multifuser DC3 — Diffusion

Multifuser DC3 is a bi-dimensional diffusion panel upgraded from famed DC2 with built-in holder rips so it can be installed to a wall with a VicFix fixation system, using VicFix Mini (supplied) or VicFix J Profile 2m. It continues to be compatible with Flexi Glue Ultra, which is required for ceiling installation.

  • Bi-Directional Diffusion Panel Providing Multi-Reflection In Both Horizontal & Vertical Planes.
  • Affects Mid & High Frequencies To Brighten & Clarify The Sound.
  • Made From EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)
  • Improves Speech & Vocal Intelligibility& Music Definition.
  • Can Be Installed On The Ceiling Using VicFixJ-Profile Mounting System.
  • May Also Be Installed With VicFixBase Or FlexiGlueUltra.

Flat Panel VMT — Absorption

Flat Panel VMT panels are designed to perform primarily in the medium and high frequencies. Therefore, these panels provide a great acoustic solution to implement in any commercial or residential setting and can be used on ceilings and walls. The applications for Flat Panel VMT are infinite, making it perfect for both new construction and refurbishment projects. Aesthetically, it comes in a wide range of patterns and can be fixed to any surface with Velcro (included) and with several other Vicoustic fixation solutions available (sold separately).

  • Made From VicPETWool –A Material Produced Mainly From Recycled Bottles.
  • Innovative Dyeing TechnologyCan Simulate Concrete, Marble, Wood, And Other Materials, Achieving An Amazing & Realistic Look In Any Setting.
  • Designed To Perform Primarily In The Medium & High Frequencies.
  • Can Be Used On Ceilings & Wall.
  • AvailableIn AWide Range Of Colors & Patterns.
  • Can Be Fixed To Any Surface With Velcro Or Several Other VicousticMounting Options.


  • One box of 8 Cinema Round Premium absorption panels
  • One box of 8 Flat Panel VMT absorption panels
  • One box of 4 Multifuser DC3 diffusion panels

Additional Info

Cinema Round Premium

Main Info

  • Dimensions: 595x595x75
  • Scratch Resistance: No
  • Washable: No Raw Material: Melamin Resin Foam and Fabric


  • Functionality: Absorption
  • Absorption Frequency Range: Medium and High Frequencies
  • NRC: 0.95
  • Installation Accessories: Flexi Glue Ultra, VicFix Base

Flat Panel VMT

Main Info

  • Dimensions: 23.43 x 23.43 x 0.79" / 23.43 x 23.43 x 1.58" // 46.86 x 23.43 x 0.79" / 46.86 x 23.43 x 1.58" // 93.72 x 46.86 x 0.79"
  • Raw Material: VicPet Wool
  • Washable: Yes
  • Scratch Resistance: Yes


  • Functionality: Absorption
  • Absorption Frequency Range: Medium and High Frequencies
  • NRC:0.79" thickness: 0.55
  • 1.58" thickness: 0.7

Fire Rate

  • USA: Class A (ASTM-E84)

Packaging Information

  • Units/Box: 8
  • Box Dimensions: 26.18 x 26.57 x 7.68" / 26.18 x 26.57 x 13.98" / 49.61 x 26.57 x 7.48" / 49.61 x 26.57 x 13.98" / 97.05 x 50.2 x 6.5"
  • Box Gross Weight: 17.2 lbs / 19.4 lbs / 29.54 lbs / 33.07 lbs / 123.46 lbs
  • Installation Place: Wall, Ceiling
  • Mounting Options: Velcro; Flexi Glue Ultra; VicFix Frame; VicFix