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Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package

High-performance outdoor audio, weather-resistant, RGB lighting

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Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package

Unveiling the Ultimate Outdoor Sound Experience

Imagine hosting a summer evening soiree or a lively backyard barbecue with friends and family, where the ambiance is set not just by the flickering lights and savory aromas but also by a soundscape that rivals any live concert. Enter the Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package, a comprehensive outdoor audio system designed for the discerning listener who craves a high-fidelity sound experience in the great outdoors.

High-Performance Audio Tailored for Nature

Crafted for the ultimate outdoor audio adventure, the Venue Series LS Pro Package comes equipped with a powerful 4-channel amplifier, pristine speakers, and deep-throbbing subwoofers, all engineered to stand up to the elements. Each component is meticulously designed with weather-resistant construction and integrated RGB backlighting capability, ensuring that your sound system not only sounds perfect but also enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor setting.

Amplifier - The Heartbeat of Your Audio Ecosystem

  • Model: Wet Sounds VS-1200-AMP
  • Power Output: Impressive 200 watts x 4 at 4 ohms, 300 watts x 4 at 2 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 5-20,000 Hz for full-spectrum sound
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: A clear 88 dB

This amplifier isn't just about power; it's about precision. With preset selectable gain controls and a selectable low pass filter, you can fine-tune your listening experience to match your personal taste and the unique acoustics of your outdoor space.

Speakers - The Voice of Clarity and Range

  • Model: Wet Sounds VS-69 PRO
  • Features:
    • Engineered for shallow mount and in-ceiling applications
    • Weather-resistant design
    • Multi-angle mounting brackets included
    • Built-in 70-volt tap for commercial systems
    • Optional landscaping spikes for garden placement

Whether you're wall-mounting or tucking speakers discreetly among the foliage, these speakers are versatile enough to suit any installation. Their robust construction ensures that rain or shine, the party never stops.

Subwoofer System - The Soul of Bass

  • Model: Wet Sounds Venue Series Landscape Sub
  • Subwoofer Size: A generous 12"
  • Installation: Vertical stack design for easy in-ground use

Feel the music with a subwoofer that's designed to be heard and not seen. The high-output bandpass design ensures that even the deepest bass notes are delivered with punch and precision.

Effortless Installation and Setup

The beauty of the Venue Series LS Pro Package is not just in its sound quality but also in its user-friendly installation process. With everything you need included, setting up your outdoor sound system is straightforward, leaving you more time to enjoy the music and less time fiddling with complex configurations.

Real Experts Available for Tech Help 24/7

Should you need assistance, our team of real experts is on hand around the clock to help with setup, connectivity issues, and troubleshooting. You're never alone with the Venue Series LS Pro Package.

Comprehensive Coverage for Peace of Mind

  • Coverage Duration: Choose between 2-year or 3-year electronics protection plans.
  • Easy Claims Process: Online or by phone with most claims approved within minutes.
  • A-to-z Guarantee: Ensures protection when purchasing from third-party sellers on Amazon.

We understand that investing in a premium outdoor sound system is a significant decision. That's why we offer a robust protection plan covering malfunctions after the manufacturer's warranty period and power surges from day one.

Customer-Centric Features

  • Shipping: Detailed methods and tracking provided.
  • Customer Reviews: Gain insights from other customers' experiences.
  • Expert Tech Help: Available 24/7 for any queries.

The Ultimate Outdoor Sound System

  • Integrated Components:
    • Amplifier with media streamer
    • Two high-quality speakers
    • Two partial-burial subwoofers

This complete system is not just about delivering sound; it's about creating an immersive audio environment that complements the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

Pros - The Highlights of Your New Sound System

  • Exceptional Audio Quality: Crisp highs, clear mids, and deep lows all come together for an unparalleled listening experience.
  • Versatile Application: From patios to gardens, this system adapts to your environment.
  • Customizable Sound Settings: Tailor the sound to your preferences and the unique acoustics of your space.
  • Expandable System: Designed with the future in mind, you can add to your setup as your needs evolve.
  • RGB Backlighting: Set the mood with customizable accent lighting that complements your tunes.
  • Ample Power Output: With a robust amplifier, your music will be heard loud and clear.
  • Wide Frequency Response: Enjoy every note from the deepest bass to the highest treble.
  • Low Signal to Noise Ratio: Nothing but pure, uninterrupted music.

The Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we're not just about selling you a product; we're about crafting an experience. With the Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package, we offer an auditory journey that's as expansive as the great outdoors itself. And should you need assistance in designing your dream outdoor theater system, our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Ready to Elevate Your Outdoor Space?

The Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package is more than just a sound system; it's a statement. It's an investment in quality, durability, and the sheer joy of music. With its blend of high-performance audio, weather-resistant construction, and the backing of comprehensive coverage plans, this sound system promises to be the centerpiece of your outdoor entertainment for years to come.

Dive into the ultimate outdoor sound experience. Transform your space. Ignite your senses. With the Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package, the symphony of nature meets the art of sound.

The Wet Sounds Venue Series LS Pro Package is a high-end audio system designed for use in large outdoor venues or indoor spaces. It is composed of several components that work together to produce a powerful and immersive sound experience.

The package includes four LS6-B 6.5 inch black speakers, four LS-S10V2 10 inch black subwoofers, and an SD6 6-zone amplifier. The LS6-B speakers feature a durable and weather-resistant design, with a 1-inch titanium tweeter and a 6.5-inch woofer that deliver clear and balanced sound.

The LS-S10V2 subwoofers are also built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, with a 10-inch driver and a weather-resistant enclosure that produces deep and powerful bass. The SD6 amplifier is a 6-zone amplifier that provides up to 150 watts per zone, giving you the flexibility to control different areas of your venue or space.

The system also includes a DSP processor that allows you to fine-tune the sound to your specific needs. You can adjust the EQ settings, set time delays, and even control the volume and sound levels from your mobile device using the Wet Sounds app.

Our Review


The Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package is a high-performance outdoor audio system designed to deliver exceptional sound quality in various environments. This comprehensive package includes a 4-channel amplifier, speakers, and subwoofers, providing a complete audio solution for outdoor entertainment. Whether you're hosting a backyard party or enjoying a relaxing evening on your patio, the Venue Series LS Pro Package aims to deliver immersive and powerful audio to enhance your outdoor experience.

Design and Construction

One of the standout features of the Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package is its weather-resistant construction. Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, the components of this system are designed to resist moisture, UV exposure, and other environmental factors. This durability ensures that the audio system can withstand the elements, making it perfect for outdoor installations.

The flexible mounting options for the speakers further enhance the versatility of the system. Whether you want to mount them on your patio, under the eaves of your house, or on the exterior walls of your pool area, the Venue Series LS Pro Package provides various options to suit your specific needs. This flexibility allows you to customize the placement of the speakers to achieve optimal sound coverage in your outdoor space.

Additionally, the integrated RGB backlighting capability adds a visually appealing element to the system. With customizable accent lighting, you can set the mood by selecting different colors to complement your outdoor setting. This feature not only enhances the aesthetics of the audio system but also adds a touch of personalization to your outdoor entertainment space.

Audio Performance

Without a doubt, the audio performance of the Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package is exceptional. The combination of the 4-channel amplifier, speakers, and subwoofers ensures powerful and immersive sound reproduction. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or enjoying a sports event, this system delivers clear and dynamic audio that brings your outdoor entertainment to life.

A notable feature of the Venue Series LS Pro Package is its customizable sound settings. With the ability to adjust the audio parameters, such as equalization and crossover settings, you can fine-tune the sound to suit your preferences and the acoustics of your outdoor space. This level of customization allows for a more personalized and immersive listening experience.

Another advantage of the Venue Series LS Pro Package is its expandable system. If you have plans to enhance your outdoor audio setup in the future, this package provides the flexibility to accommodate additional speakers or subwoofers. This expandability allows you to gradually build upon your system, ensuring that it grows with your evolving needs and preferences.

The amplifier included in the package is capable of delivering ample power output. With 200 watts x 4 at 4 ohms and 300 watts x 4 at 2 ohms, this high-power design ensures that your outdoor audio system has enough muscle to fill your space with sound. This power output enables the system to deliver robust and immersive audio, even in large outdoor areas.

Furthermore, the wide frequency response of the Venue Series LS Pro Package ensures accurate reproduction of audio across the entire audible spectrum. With a frequency range of 5-20,000 Hz, this system can handle both the deep bass of a cinematic explosion and the delicate highs of a soaring violin. This broad frequency response guarantees that you'll experience rich and detailed sound across all types of audio content.

Installation and Setup

Setting up the Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package is relatively straightforward, thanks to its easy installation process. However, it's worth noting that some technical expertise may be required, especially if you're not familiar with audio system installation. Depending on the complexity of your setup and the specifics of your outdoor space, you may need to consult the user manual or seek professional assistance to ensure optimal performance.

Fortunately, Wet Sounds provides real experts who are available for tech help 24/7. If you encounter any difficulties during the installation or setup process, these knowledgeable professionals can provide guidance and support to help you get your audio system up and running smoothly. This level of assistance ensures that you can overcome any challenges and fully enjoy the benefits of the Venue Series LS Pro Package.

Additionally, Wet Sounds offers electronics protection plans to provide coverage for your purchase. These protection plans safeguard your investment against unexpected issues or damages that may occur during the lifespan of the product. In the event that you need to make a claim, the process is made easy, either online or by phone, ensuring that you can quickly resolve any issues and get back to enjoying your outdoor audio system.

Pricing and Availability

While the Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package offers exceptional audio performance and durable construction, it is worth noting that it falls into a higher price range compared to entry-level options. This premium pricing reflects the high-quality components and advanced features included in the package. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line outdoor audio solution and are willing to invest in superior performance and durability, the Venue Series LS Pro Package is certainly worth considering.

However, it's important to mention that availability may be limited in certain regions or stores. Before making a purchase, it's advisable to check with local retailers or online marketplaces to ensure that the product is readily accessible to you. This will allow you to plan your purchase accordingly and avoid any potential disappointment.


In conclusion, the Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package is a remarkable outdoor audio system that delivers exceptional sound quality and versatility. With its weather-resistant construction, flexible mounting options, and integrated RGB backlighting capability, this package offers durability, customization, and visual appeal.

The audio performance of the Venue Series LS Pro Package is outstanding, providing immersive and powerful sound reproduction. The customizable sound settings, expandable system, and ample power output from the amplifier allow for a personalized and dynamic listening experience. Additionally, the wide frequency response ensures accurate reproduction of audio across the audible spectrum.

The installation and setup process, while generally straightforward, may require some technical expertise. However, the availability of real experts for tech help 24/7 ensures that you can receive guidance and support when needed. The inclusion of electronics protection plans and an easy claims process provides peace of mind and protection for your investment.

While the Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package may come with a higher price tag compared to entry-level options, its superior performance and durability justify the investment for those seeking top-of-the-line outdoor audio solutions. However, availability may be limited in certain regions or stores, so it's important to check local availability before making a purchase.

Overall, the Wet Sounds | Venue Series LS Pro Package combines exceptional audio quality, versatility, and durability to create an immersive outdoor audio experience. If you're looking to enhance your outdoor entertainment space with powerful and customizable sound, this package is certainly worth considering.



  • Speaker Type: Marine coaxial speakers
  • Series: REVO Series
  • Driver Size: 8 inches
  • Spider & Surround Suspension System: Full rubber santoprene
  • Frame Material: Heavy duty injection-molded composite
  • Cone Material: Injection-molded composite
  • Tweeter Size: 1 inch titanium dome
  • RGB Backlighting: Included
  • Grill Options: 8 different options and colors
  • Usage: Designed for marine use
  • Performance: High power design for incredible sound
  • Model: LS6-B
  • Quantity: 4
  • Size: 6.5 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Woofer: 6.5-inch
  • Design: Durable and weather-resistant
  • Sound Quality: Clear and balanced


  • Model: LS-S10V2
  • Quantity: 4
  • Size: 10 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Driver: 10-inch
  • Enclosure: Weather-resistant
  • Bass: Deep and powerful


  • Model: SD6
  • Type: 6-zone
  • Power: Up to 150 watts per zone
  • Control: Flexibility to control different areas
  • Features: DSP processor for fine-tuning sound
  • Connectivity: Wet Sounds app for mobile device control
  • Model: VS-1200-AMP
  • Power Source: 110v
  • Preset Selectable Gain Controls: Included
  • Selectable Low Pass Filter: Included

DSP Processor

  • Function: Fine-tune sound
  • EQ Settings: Adjustable
  • Time Delays: Settable
  • Control: Volume and sound levels from mobile device

Overall Package

  • Intended Use: Large outdoor venues or indoor spaces
  • Immersive Sound: Components work together for powerful sound
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with Wet Sounds app
  • Durability: Built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions
  • Flexibility: 6-zone amplifier for versatile control
  • Customization: Fine-tune sound to specific needs

Additional Components

  • Amplifier (VS-1200-AMP): Specifically designed to power Venue Series products
  • Shallow Mount Ceiling Speakers (VS-SMC-65): Designed for shallow mount and in-ceiling applications, built to withstand rigorous outdoor environments
  • Landscape Spike for VS-69 PRO: Allows installation of speakers in the ground, adjustable speaker angle for broad coverage
  • Wet Sounds Venue Series Landscape Sub: 12” high-output bandpass subwoofer system designed for in-ground use, weatherproof, delivers low-bass extension and high output

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