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Next-Level Sound: Focal Utopias & Naim Classics at Florida Audio Expo 2024

by Dreamedia AV 29 Apr 2024

Hey everyone, Zach here! Recently, I had the fantastic opportunity to check out the Florida Audio Expo 2024. It was an event not to be missed, especially for a sound enthusiast like myself.

Today, I’m thrilled to share my experience with Focal's stunning Scala Eva Utopias and the New Classic separates that powered them. Let’s dive into what makes these audio solutions a highlight of the expo!

A Closer Look at Focal's Scala Eva Utopias

First off, the Scala Eva Utopias by Focal are nothing short of breathtaking. The model I saw featured an ebony Blanc finish—a limited edition only available to select partners worldwide.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in these speakers are impeccable. They're not just speakers; they're a piece of art designed to deliver an effortless and powerful audio experience.

Powering Up with Naim's New Classic Series

Accompanying these gorgeous speakers at the expo was Naim’s New Classic 300 series. Launched in Munich last year, this series represents the latest in audio technology, emphasizing clean, powerful output and modular upgrades.

The setup included the NSS 333 streamer and NSC 332 PRM, with optional power supplies boosting the system's performance. This setup underscores Naim's commitment to longevity and enhancement in audio equipment—instead of replacing, you upgrade!

Enhancements That Make a Difference

One feature that stood out at the expo was the use of IsoAcoustics' Gaia twos feet under the Utopias. These special accessories isolate the speakers from the floor, tightening the bass and enhancing overall sound clarity.

The difference is audible and almost magical, making the speakers perform even better, which is a significant improvement for any audio setup.

The Technical Edge: Beryllium and W Sandwich Cone Technology

Focal's use of beryllium in their tweeters across multiple product lines, including Utopia, Sopra, and even their integration products, highlights their commitment to consistent, high-quality audio across different environments and uses.

Each driver, whether it’s the Utopia’s I2 tweeter or the Sopra’s IHL tweeter, is built specifically for its cabinet, ensuring perfect sound reproduction that Focal fans have come to expect.

Featured Products

Focal Scala Utopia Evo

When it comes to crafting the extraordinary experience of a home theater, the sound is just as pivotal as the visual. The Focal Scala Utopia Evo isn't just a speaker; it's a testament to acoustic engineering and a homage to the art of sound.

Every note, every whisper, and every beat are presented with such clarity that it's more than listening—it's living the performance.

Focal Aria Evo X N°3

The Aria Evo X N°3 is a 3-way loudspeaker delivering elegant design with a modest footprint. Its extremely linear sound response and impressive dynamic characteristics – the result of its 3 bass speaker drivers – make it the obvious choice for monitoring-type stereo listening.

It is also the ideal addition to any spectacular home cinema system. This loudspeaker is suitable for rooms from 269 ft² (25m2), with a recommended listening distance of 10 to 13 feet (3 to 4 metres).

Final Impressions from the Expo

As I wrap up my visit to the Florida Audio Expo, I’m left impressed by the innovation and quality presented by Focal and Naim. The combination of aesthetically pleasing design and cutting-edge technology makes the Scala Eva Utopias and the New Classic series a powerful duo for any audiophile.

For those curious about how to integrate such top-tier audio solutions into your home setup, remember, it’s not just about purchasing a product. It’s about ensuring it fits seamlessly into your life, enhancing every listen.

If you’re as excited as I am about these innovations and want to learn more about optimizing your audio system, get in touch for a personalized consultation.

Until next time, keep experiencing and exploring the amazing world of sound!

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