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Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System

Advanced anti-vibration support for acoustics

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Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System

Elevate Your Home Theater with the Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System

Imagine settling into your home theater, the lights dim, and the opening credits roll out on the screen. The sound is immersive, the visuals are stunning, but there's something even more crucial ensuring your experience is second to none. It's the unseen hero - the Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System, model VicVibro WS 50. This system is the unsung champion of your home theater, working tirelessly behind the scenes to perfect the ambiance of your cinematic sanctuary.

Unparalleled Vibration Insulation

At its core, the VicVibro WS 50 is a revolutionary cylindrical anti-vibration mount crafted from high-quality rubber. Its primary role is to provide your home theater with effective vibration insulation. This means that every footstep outside, every door that closes, and any external commotion will not disturb your viewing experience. The sophisticated design includes:

  • Homogeneous Elastomeric Support System: Ensuring a smooth and consistent vibration dampening effect across the board.
  • Rubber Expansions: These expansions are strategically placed in transversal holes for the WS.50 model, granting added deflection and vibration insulation.

Flanking Noise Transmission Disruption

Noise can be a persistent nuisance, especially flanking noise that travels laterally through walls, floors, and ceilings. The VicVibro WS 50 excels in disrupting this transmission, effectively isolating your home theater from the cacophony of the outside world. This feature is vital for those who seek an uninterrupted, pure audio experience.

Seamless Integration with Your Home Theater Design

Understanding the importance of aesthetics, the VicVibro WS 50 has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your home theater. The fixing bolts, a crucial component of the support system, are entirely covered by inclined flaps to ensure there is no contact with the gypsum board. This thoughtful design not only preserves the visual appeal of your space but also enhances the system's vibration insulation capabilities.

Combatting Heat-Bridges and Moisture

The battle against heat-bridges and moisture is a constant concern for any home theater enthusiast. Heat-bridges can lead to energy loss, while moisture buildup can damage your space and equipment. The VicVibro WS 50 disrupts these heat-bridges and prevents moisture buildup, ensuring the longevity and performance of your home theater setup.

Effortless Installation

The VicVibro WS 50 is designed for mounting on floor or ceiling metal profiles, making it compatible with most home theater systems. The installation process is unified and straightforward, requiring only bolts (for profiles) and expansion bolts (for floor and ceiling). This ease of installation means that upgrading your home theater with the VicVibro WS 50 is not only beneficial but also hassle-free.

Features at a Glance

  • Material: High-quality rubber, ensuring durability and performance.
  • Application: Specifically designed for gypsum board partitions, perfect for home theater setups.
  • Compatibility: Mountable on floor or ceiling metal profiles, accommodating various home theater designs.
  • Installation: Unified installation process that is user-friendly and efficient.


  • Effective Vibration Insulation: Enjoy a pure, unadulterated home theater experience without external vibrations.
  • Disruption of Flanking Noise Transmission: Keep your audio experience pristine by isolating your space from lateral noise.
  • Design Integration: The system's design eliminates contact with gypsum board and maintains the aesthetic integrity of your home theater.
  • Climate Control: Protect your space from heat loss and moisture damage, ensuring the longevity of your theater and equipment.

Resonating with Our Audience

For the home theater aficionado, the VicVibro WS 50 is more than just a support system; it's an investment in the sanctity of their cinematic experience. It's the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home theater is insulated from the unpredictable symphony of the world outside. Whether you're a film buff, a sports fan, or a gaming enthusiast, the VicVibro WS 50 ensures that your focus remains where it should be – on the screen.

Addressing Potential Concerns

We understand that adding a new component to your home theater setup can bring up questions. Will it fit within my current design? Is the installation process complicated? Can it really make that much of a difference? The VicVibro WS 50 was crafted with these concerns in mind, designed to be as non-intrusive as possible while delivering tangible benefits to your home theater experience.

Easy to Read and Skim Through

We've formatted this page to be as accessible as possible. Below, you'll find a quick-reference table summarizing the key features and benefits of the Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System:

| Feature | Description | |---------|-------------| | Vibration Insulation | High-quality rubber material provides superior vibration dampening. | | Noise Disruption | Designed to specifically target and disrupt flanking noise transmission. | | Aesthetic Design | Inclined flaps cover fixing bolts, maintaining the visual appeal of your home theater. | | Climate Control | Disrupts heat-bridges and prevents moisture buildup, protecting your investment. | | Ease of Installation | Simple and unified installation process for floor and ceiling mounting. |

Your Home Theater, Enhanced

The Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System is more than just a product; it's a crucial upgrade to your home theater experience. With its unique blend of features and benefits, it stands as an essential component for anyone serious about their viewing and listening environment.

Remember, at Dreamedia, we're not just about selling products; we're about designing the ultimate home theater system for you. Our team is ready to help integrate the VicVibro WS 50 into your space, ensuring a seamless and enriching addition to your home entertainment setup. Embrace the tranquility, control the climate, and elevate your home theater with Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System.

Our Review

Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System Review


In the realms of home theater and professional studio setups, achieving pristine sound quality is often a high-stakes game of managing unwanted vibrations and noise. The Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System emerges as a solution designed to address these challenges, particularly in the context of gypsum board partitions. This review delves into the nuances of the VicVibro WS 50 model, assessing its performance, design, and overall contribution to sound management.

Design and Build Quality


The Vicoustic VicVibro WS 50 is predominantly constructed from rubber, a material known for its durability and elastic properties. Rubber's inherent ability to absorb and dampen vibrations makes it an ideal choice for this application. The longevity of the material ensures that the system will continue to perform over time, with minimal degradation.

Aesthetics and Compatibility

Aesthetically, the Vicoustic VicVibro WS system is unobtrusive. It's designed to be concealed within the architecture of a space, which means it won't interfere with the interior design. Its compatibility with U-runner profiles of varying widths (50, 75, or 100mm) allows for a degree of adaptability to different spaces, though it's specifically engineered for gypsum board partitions.


Antivibration Support

The system's anti-vibration and elastomeric support design is its cornerstone. The rubber expansions in the WS.50 model, and the semi-cylindrical modulation for the WS.75 and 100 models, provide a homogeneous distribution of support, ensuring that vibrations are effectively dampened. This is essential for maintaining sound clarity and preventing structural resonances that can color and degrade audio fidelity.

Installation Flexibility

Installation flexibility is a significant aspect of the Vicoustic VicVibro WS. It's designed for mounting on floor or ceiling metal profiles, which can be unified via bolts for profiles and expansion bolts for floor and ceiling connections. While this allows for a secure and stable installation, it also signifies that the process may be intricate and necessitates a precise approach.

Additional Functionalities

Beyond vibration isolation, the Vicoustic VicVibro WS system offers additional functionalities that enhance the acoustic environment. It disrupts flanking noise transmission, which is noise that travels over, under, or around barriers. The system also tackles environmental concerns by disrupting heat-bridges and moisture buildup, contributing to a healthier and more controlled space.


Vibration Insulation Efficiency

The efficiency of the Vicoustic VicVibro WS system in insulating against vibrations is noteworthy. The design ensures that mechanical vibrations that could otherwise transfer through the structure are significantly reduced, leading to a clearer and more focused soundstage in audio-critical environments.

Noise Disruption

The ability to disrupt flanking noise transmission is another performance highlight. By addressing this often-overlooked aspect of soundproofing, the Vicoustic VicVibro WS system enhances the overall acoustic isolation of a space, contributing to a more immersive listening experience.

Impact on Environmental Factors

The Vicoustic VicVibro WS's impact on environmental factors like heat-bridges and moisture cannot be overstated. By offering a solution to these issues, the system not only improves acoustics but also contributes to the longevity and maintenance of building materials, preventing potential damage and degradation.


Complexity and Accessibility

Installation of the Vicoustic VicVibro WS system, while straightforward for professionals, may present some complexity for DIY enthusiasts. Precise alignment and attention to detail are imperative to ensure the effectiveness of the system. It's recommended that installation be undertaken by those with experience or under professional guidance.

Compatibility with Structures

While the Vicoustic VicVibro WS system is tailored for gypsum board partitions, its specificity may limit its suitability for other types of structures. Potential users must consider the compatibility of their building materials and construction style before opting for this system.

Use Cases

The Vicoustic VicVibro WS system is ideal for recording studios, home theaters, and any environment where sound clarity and isolation are paramount. It excels in residential and commercial spaces where gypsum board partitions are prevalent, and a high level of acoustic control is desired.

Pros and Cons

The Vicoustic VicVibro WS system offers several advantages, such as effective vibration insulation, disruption of flanking noise, and elimination of fixing bolts contact with gypsum boards. It also addresses environmental factors like heat-bridges and moisture. On the downside, its specific design for gypsum board partitions may not be universally applicable, and installation demands precision.

Comparison With Competitors

When compared to similar products on the market, the Vicoustic VicVibro WS system stands out for its specialized design and additional environmental benefits. However, competitors may offer solutions that are more versatile or easier to install, which could sway potential users depending on their specific needs.

Final Thoughts

The Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System is a specialized tool that excels in its designed application. Its performance in vibration insulation and noise disruption is commendable, making it a valuable asset for audio-critical environments. However, its specificity to gypsum board partitions and the complexity of installation may limit its appeal. Potential buyers should weigh its strengths against its limitations and consider their unique use cases. For those with gypsum board structures seeking top-tier vibration and sound control, the Vicoustic VicVibro WS offers a compelling value proposition.


Product Information

  • Product Name: Vicoustic VicVibro WS Anti-Vibration Support System
  • Model: VicVibro WS 50
  • Type: Cylindrical anti-vibration mount
  • Material: Rubber
  • Application: Designed for gypsum board partitions

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Homogeneous elastomeric support system
  • Deflection and Vibration Insulation: Achieved via rubber expansions
  • Fixing Bolts: Completely covered by inclined flaps
  • Compatibility: Mounting on floor or ceiling metal profiles
  • Installation: Unified installation via bolts and expansion bolts
  • Noise Transmission: Offers flanking noise transmission
  • Heat-Bridges: Disrupts heat-bridges
  • Moisture Buildup: Prevents moisture buildup

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