Vicoustic Home Theater Level 3 Acoustic Treatment Package for Large-Sized Rooms - Dreamedia AV
Vicoustic Home Theater Level 3 Acoustic Treatment Package for Large-Sized Rooms - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Vicoustic

Vicoustic Home Theater Level 3 Acoustic Treatment Package for Large-Sized Rooms

Acoustic treatment for large home theaters

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Vicoustic Home Theater Level 3 Acoustic Treatment Package for Large-Sized Rooms

Transform Your Home Theater Experience

Imagine stepping into a space where every note of sound is crystal clear, where the deep rumble of a bass note is felt just as much as it is heard, and where the dialogue in your favorite film is so precise, it's as if the actors are speaking directly to you. This isn't the experience of a high-end cinema—it's the reality of what the Vicoustic Home Theater Level 3 Acoustic Treatment Package can bring to your large-sized room.

Unmatched Acoustic Performance

The Vicoustic package is designed to deliver an unparalleled acoustic experience. Here's how each component works to elevate your home theater sound:

  • Cinema Round Premium Panels: These fabric-covered panels are not just pleasing to the eye but also provide broadband performance from medium-low to high frequencies. Their high and linear absorption coefficient means they are exceptional at sound control and reducing reverberation.

  • Multifuser DC3: With its multi-reflection capabilities on both vertical and horizontal planes, the DC3 enhances mid and high frequencies. This results in improved speech intelligibility and music definition, all while adding an attractive design element to your room.

  • Flat Panel VMT: These panels are capable of simulating materials like concrete, marble, and wood, designed specifically for medium and high frequencies. Their eco-friendly construction recycles 227 plastic bottles per box, making your home theater not only sound good but also environmentally responsible.

  • Super Bass Extreme Ultra VMT: With its elegant wooden front and effective low-frequency absorption, this panel is the powerhouse of bass management. Its modular structure allows for additional units to be added, ensuring corner reflections are controlled and high-pressure fluctuations are transformed into smooth air motion.

  • WaveWood Diffuser Ultra: This diffuser is designed to balance the sound ambiance in your room by controlling excessive energy and flutter echoes. It is effective for treating medium and high frequencies and can be combined with other panels for a seamless aesthetic.

Elegant and Flexible Design

Each component in the Vicoustic package is not only a high-performance acoustic solution but also a statement of style. Their attractive designs integrate seamlessly into any room's decor, offering a look that is both professional and inviting.

Environmentally Conscious Choices

In the creation of the Flat Panel VMT, Vicoustic has taken an eco-friendly approach. These panels are a testament to Vicoustic's commitment to sustainability, offering soundproofing solutions that contribute to a healthier planet.

Easy Installation and Expandability

Worried about installation? Don't be. The Vicoustic package offers versatile installation options with various fixation solutions, allowing for a straightforward setup. Moreover, the modular structure of the Super Bass Extreme Ultra VMT means your system can grow with your needs, ensuring that your home theater remains at the cutting edge of acoustic technology.

The Vicoustic Advantage

Here's a detailed look at what makes the Vicoustic Home Theater Level 3 Acoustic Treatment Package the choice for audio perfectionists:

Cinema Round Premium

  • Broadband Performance: Tackles a wide range of frequencies for comprehensive sound control.
  • High Absorption Coefficient: Reduces reverberation effectively.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Fabric-covered to complement your room's design.
  • Installation: Utilizes the VicFix J Profile fixation system for a clean setup.

Multifuser DC3

  • Multi-Reflection: Refines sound by reflecting it in multiple directions.
  • Frequency Enhancement: Specifically enhances mid and high frequencies for clearer audio.
  • Design: Both functional and attractive, blending with any room aesthetic.

Flat Panel VMT

  • Material Simulation: Offers the acoustic properties of various building materials.
  • Eco-Friendly: Each box of panels recycles hundreds of plastic bottles.
  • Application: Versatile for use on both ceilings and walls.

Super Bass Extreme Ultra VMT

  • Low-Frequency Absorption: Targets the challenging 60-125 Hz range.
  • Air Motion Transformation: Converts pressure fluctuations into smooth air motion.
  • Modular Structure: Expandable to meet the needs of any space.

WaveWood Diffuser Ultra

  • Sound Ambiance: Creates a balanced sound environment.
  • Energy Control: Manages excessive sound energy and echoes.
  • Material: Constructed from durable, high-density materials for longevity.

A Comprehensive Solution

The Vicoustic Home Theater Level 3 Acoustic Treatment Package is a complete solution for those looking to achieve maximum acoustic efficiency and performance in their large-sized home theaters. It offers:

  • Maximum Acoustic Efficiency: Tackles a variety of acoustic issues with targeted solutions.
  • Elegant Solutions: Enhances the visual appeal of any space while improving sound quality.
  • Flexible Installation: Adapts to your space with various installation options.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Makes use of recycled materials without compromising on performance.
  • Expandability: Allows for scalability and future upgrades with ease.

A Sound Investment

Investing in the Vicoustic Home Theater Level 3 Acoustic Treatment Package is not just about improving sound—it's about transforming your entire home theater experience. With superior acoustic treatment, you can enjoy your favorite movies, music, and games as they were meant to be experienced: in absolute audio bliss.

Ready to Elevate Your Home Theater?

Dreamedia is here to help design the perfect acoustic environment for your home theater. Our expertise in home theater technology ensures that your installation is seamless and your experience is unmatched. The Vicoustic package is more than an acoustic solution; it's a commitment to the ultimate home theater experience. Contact us today to bring the pinnacle of sound performance into your home.

Cinema Round Premium

Cinema Round Premium panels provide flexible and elegant solutions for sound control across a multitude of applications. Combining modern design with maximum acoustic efficiency, the fabric-covered Cinema Round Premium panel is commonly used to control sound reflections and excess reverberation, helping you maximize the performance of your listening space. Cinema Round Premium has a broadband performance ranging from medium-low to high frequencies. It has been proven as one of the most stable panels with a very high and linear absorption coefficient. You may also install this product with the new VicFix J Profile fixation system using VicFix Base, sold separately.

Multifuser DC3

Multifuser DC3 keeps all the advantages of DC2. It provides multi-reflection on both vertical and horizontal planes in sound critical spaces. It performs on mid and high frequencies, brightening and clarifying sound.

Made from high-quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), Multifuser DC3 is notable not only for its effective performance in solving problems like lack of speech intelligibility or music definition but also for its attractive design that fits perfectly in any kind of room.

Flat Panel VMT

With an innovative dyeing technology, Flat Panel VMT panels can simulate concrete, marble, wood and other materials, achieving an amazing and realistic look in any setting. Flat Panel VMT panels are designed to perform primarily in the medium and high frequencies. Therefore, these panels provide a great acoustic solution to implement in any commercial or residential setting and can be used on ceilings and walls. The applications for Flat Panel VMT are infinite, making it perfect for both new construction and refurbishment projects. Aesthetically, it comes in a wide range of patterns and can be fixed to any surface with Velcro and with several other Vicoustic fixation solutions available. 227 plastic bottles are recycled for each box of 8 units of Flat Panel VMT 595x595.

Super Bass Extreme Ultra VMT

Super Bass Extreme Ultra’s elegant wooden front is based on Vicoustic’s flagship Wavewood panel. Appropriate for corner mounting, it provides effective low-frequency absorption between 60-125 Hz, and delivers maximum effectiveness between 75 -100Hz. The wooden front panel has two functions, providing sufficient mid-high frequency absorption to control corner reflections without deadening the sound, while simultaneously acting as a diffuser.

When the sound pressure is at its maximum, Super Bass Extreme Ultra’s internal membrane transforms high-pressure fluctuations into air motion. The membrane sympathetically vibrates over a frequency range of 75-100 Hz, causing the air to pass through a layer of high-density foam absorbing the low frequencies.

Highly recommended for smaller rooms with low-frequency issues, Super Bass Extreme Ultra can be used in different corner positions. Besides its aesthetics, it’s extremely practical, with a modular structure allowing further units to be added as intended.

WaveWood Diffuser Ultra

With the Wavewood design, a new diffuser product arises. Simulating a QRD and MLS sequence the new Wavewood Diffusor is an ideal solution to those who search for balanced sound ambiances that simultaneously control the exceeding energy in a room, flutter echoes, and still maintain a living and bright sound. It is particularly effective in treating medium and high frequencies. This panel is made of high-density polystyrene and melamine finish. The idea is to have a more competitive diffuser with low weight and easier application. It matches perfectly along with the usual VicPattern Ultra Wavewood panel which means you can combine both absorption and diffuser versions without notice any differences in terms of aesthetics.

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Acoustic Performance

  • Frequency Absorption Range: Medium-low to high frequencies
  • Low-Frequency Absorption: 60-125 Hz
  • Maximum Low-Frequency Effectiveness: 75-100 Hz


  • Cinema Round Premium: Yes
  • Multifuser DC3: Yes
  • Flat Panel VMT: Yes
  • Super Bass Extreme Ultra VMT: Yes
  • WaveWood Diffuser Ultra: Yes


  • Cinema Round Premium Material: Fabric-covered panel
  • Multifuser DC3 Material: High-quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)
  • Flat Panel VMT Material: High-density polystyrene with melamine finish
  • Super Bass Extreme Ultra VMT Material: Wooden front with internal membrane
  • WaveWood Diffuser Ultra Material: High-density polystyrene with melamine finish


  • Cinema Round Premium Fixation: Compatible with VicFix J Profile using VicFix Base (sold separately)
  • Flat Panel VMT Patterns: Wide range of patterns
  • Flat Panel VMT Recycling: Each box of 8 units recycles 227 plastic bottles
  • Super Bass Extreme Ultra VMT Mounting: Suitable for corner mounting
  • Super Bass Extreme Ultra VMT Structure: Modular for additional units
  • WaveWood Diffuser Ultra Combination: Can be combined with VicPattern Ultra Wavewood panel


  • Room Type: Large-sized home theaters and listening rooms
  • Installation: Designed for DIY installation
  • Application: Ceilings and walls in commercial or residential settings


  • Design: Attractive and suitable for any kind of room
  • Visual Impact: Aims to add visual aesthetic value to environments


  • Eco-Friendly Design: Yes


  • Ease of Installation: Designed for easy installation
  • Installation Compatibility: Compatible with various home theater setups

Sound Quality

  • Sound Clarity: Enhances sound quality and clarity
  • Audio Experience: Helps create an immersive audio experience

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