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Vicoustic Flat Panel 120.2 PET BL

Eco-friendly Acoustic Panels with Superior Design

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Vicoustic Flat Panel 120.2 PET BL

Elevate Your Space with Superior Acoustics and Sustainable Design

Imagine stepping into a room where every note of your favorite song is crisp, every dialogue in your beloved movie is clear, and the entire space resonates with pure, unblemished sound. The Vicoustic Flat Panel 120.2 PET BL is designed not just to enhance the auditory experience of your home theater or audio space but to do so with an unwavering commitment to sustainability and style.

A Harmonious Blend of Form and Function

The Vicoustic Flat Panel is a testament to the philosophy that good design should be as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. With its sleek black PET plastic material, this panel seamlessly integrates into any decor, transcending the traditional look of acoustic panels with its innovative design features:

  • Decorative Options: Choose from a variety of solid colors, patterns, and simulations of concrete, marble, wood, and natural stones.
  • Innovative Dyeing Technology: Achieve the exact look you desire without compromising on acoustic performance.

Unparalleled Acoustic Performance

The core purpose of the Vicoustic Flat Panel is to optimize sound. Its absorption properties target mid to high frequencies, effectively reducing unwanted echoes and reverberations, ensuring that you're enveloped in nothing but the purest sound.

  • Absorption Frequency Range: Mid to High
  • NRC: 0.55, which means more clarity for your audio experiences.

Environmental Stewardship

In today's world, making environmentally responsible choices is more important than ever. The Vicoustic Flat Panel not only improves your audio experience but also protects our planet.

  • Sustainable Materials: Made from VicPET Wool, which is produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Recyclable: Yes, further contributing to the lifecycle of materials.
  • Energy Efficiency: Contributes to green building practices by enhancing the energy efficiency of spaces.
  • Certifications: Proudly boasting TUV Rheinland and Indoor Advantage™ Gold certifications for environmental excellence.

Easy Installation for Every Project

Whether you're working on a new construction or revamping an existing space, the Vicoustic Flat Panel is designed for ease of installation:

  • Mounting Type: Wall-mounted for a secure and stable fit.
  • Installation Accessories Included: Everything you need to install is in the box.
  • Documentation: Clear unboxing instructions, installation manual, and care documents to guide you.

Tailored for a Range of Applications

The versatility of the Vicoustic Flat Panel means it's not just limited to home theaters or recording studios. It's equally suitable for offices, restaurants, or any space where sound quality is paramount.

Embrace the Silence, Admire the Style

With the Vicoustic Flat Panel, you won't have to choose between a room that sounds good and one that looks good. Here's how it benefits you:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhances the visual appeal of your space without being obtrusive.
  • Acoustic Clarity: Experience your media as intended, with clear and distinct audio.
  • Sustainable Choice: Feel good about choosing a product that supports environmental sustainability.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Material: PET Plastic, VicPET Wool
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 22 mm
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Fire Rating: Euroclass B
  • Environmental Certification: TUV Rheinland

Addressing Potential Concerns

We understand that every product must be scrutinized before making a purchase. Here are some considerations for the Vicoustic Flat Panel:

  • Placement: While versatile, it's not suitable for placement behind radiators or near heat sources.
  • Acoustic Treatment: It's designed for mid to high-frequency absorption, and for a complete sound treatment solution, you might consider pairing it with other acoustic treatment products.

Why Choose Dreamedia?

At Dreamedia, we are committed to providing you with not just products, but complete solutions. Our team is available to design and customize your home theater system to perfection, integrating the Vicoustic Flat Panel in a way that maximizes both form and function.

Your Next Steps

To bring the Vicoustic Flat Panel 120.2 PET BL into your life:

  1. Consult: Reach out to Dreamedia for a personalized consultation.
  2. Design: Let us help you design the perfect acoustic space.
  3. Enjoy: Sit back and savor the improved audio and visual harmony in your space.

The Vicoustic Flat Panel is not just an addition to your room; it's an upgrade to your lifestyle. It's a statement that you value quality, sustainability, and design. Embrace this change, and let the Vicoustic Flat Panel transform your space into a sanctuary of sound and style.

Our Review

Vicoustic Flat Panel 120.2 PET BL Review


The Vicoustic Flat Panel 120.2 PET BL represents a confluence of acoustic efficiency and environmental consciousness, tailored for both aesthetic appeal and functional performance. In an era where acoustic treatment is not just a luxury but a necessity for creating serene and sound-optimized environments, products like the Vicoustic Flat Panel are pivotal.

Design and Aesthetics

Materials and Sustainability

The core material of the Vicoustic Flat Panel 120.2 PET BL is VicPET Wool, an innovative fabric derived predominantly from recycled plastic bottles. This choice of material is commendable, showcasing Vicoustic's commitment to sustainability. By repurposing waste into functional products, Vicoustic taps into the circular economy, reducing the environmental footprint of their acoustic solutions. The panels' credentials are further bolstered by the Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification, indicating a low emission product that supports healthy indoor environments.

Visual Appeal

The panel's decorative prowess is one of its standout features. With the ability to simulate finishes like concrete, marble, wood, and natural stones, the Vicoustic Flat Panel transcends mere functionality to become a design element in its own right. This is achieved through an innovative dyeing technology, allowing for a wide variety of colors and patterns to match varying interior design themes. It's a clever approach that marries form with function, although the potential for color variation between batches could pose a challenge for those seeking uniformity in larger installations.


Acoustic Performance

The Vicoustic Flat Panel boasts an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.55, a mid-range performance indicator that suggests moderate sound absorption capabilities. While this rating may not position the panel as the most potent absorber on the market, it is sufficient for a range of applications where extreme sound isolation is not the primary goal. It is important for potential buyers to understand their space's acoustic needs to determine if the NRC 0.55 rating aligns with their requirements.

Certification and Indoor Air Quality

The possession of the Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification is a significant merit. This certification assures that the product contributes positively to indoor air quality, a concern that is increasingly at the forefront of consumers' minds. In spaces where air quality and occupant health are priorities, such as in homes, schools, and healthcare facilities, this certification adds substantial value to the Vicoustic Flat Panel's offering.

Versatility in Application

Designed for both new constructions and refurbishments, the Vicoustic Flat Panel is versatile. Its ease of integration into various spaces is a plus, but this versatility also necessitates a caveat: it is not suitable for installation behind radiators or near heat sources. Such restrictions may limit its application in certain environments, but this does not detract from its overall adaptability.


Acoustic Effectiveness

In real-world testing, the Vicoustic Flat Panel's NRC 0.55 rating translates to a noticeable improvement in sound quality, particularly in mitigating mid-range frequencies. This makes the panel well-suited for environments like offices or dining areas, where speech intelligibility is key. However, for spaces requiring more substantial sound absorption, additional treatments or alternative products with higher NRC values might be necessary.

Durability and Maintenance

The long-term durability of the panels is yet to be thoroughly documented, but the use of PET Wool suggests a product that will endure. Maintenance is minimal, with the panels being easy to dust or clean due to their solid surface. The lifecycle impact of the product is therefore favorable, with low maintenance complementing the sustainable materials used in its construction.

Installation and Documentation

Ease of Installation

With comprehensive unboxing instructions and an installation manual, the Vicoustic Flat Panel is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Installation is straightforward for those with basic DIY skills, though professional installation might be preferred to ensure optimal acoustic performance. The provided documentation is thorough, assisting in a smooth installation process.


The panels must be strategically placed to avoid heat sources, a limitation that requires careful consideration during the planning phase. Furthermore, the absence of provided specific dimensions could hinder precise space planning, forcing potential buyers to seek this information directly from the manufacturer or through additional research.

Practical Considerations

Dimensional and Fire Safety Concerns

The lack of detailed dimensional information is a notable oversight. Dimensions are critical for accurate space planning and installation. Additionally, the absence of fire rating information is a significant gap. In commercial settings, and increasingly in residential spaces, understanding a product's fire safety is essential. Prospective buyers should inquire about these aspects before purchase to ensure compliance with local regulations and safety standards.

Consistency and Quality Control

While the ability to produce panels in various colors and patterns is a strength, the potential for color variation between batches can be problematic. This may not be an issue for single-panel purchases, but for larger installations requiring consistency across multiple panels, it could lead to dissatisfaction. It's an area where Vicoustic needs to ensure tight quality control to maintain customer trust.

Final Thoughts

The Vicoustic Flat Panel 120.2 PET BL is a product that stands out for its sustainability, indoor air quality certification, and decorative versatility. While it may not be the most potent absorber in terms of acoustic performance, its NRC rating of 0.55 makes it suitable for a variety of applications. The panel's design allows it to blend seamlessly into a space while contributing to its acoustic comfort. However, the omission of specific dimensions and fire safety information are areas that need addressing. The Vicoustic Flat Panel is best suited for users who value environmental sustainability and aesthetic flexibility alongside moderate acoustic improvement. It is a solid choice for those looking to balance these factors in their space.


Main Info

  • Dimensions: 595 × 595 × 20mm / 595 × 595 × 40mm / 1190 × 595 × 20mm / 1190 × 595 × 40mm
  • Raw Material: VicPet Wool
  • Scratch Resistance: Yes
  • Washable: Yes


  • Functionality: Absorption
  • Absorption Frequency Range: Medium and High Frequencies
  • NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient): 0.55

Fire Rate

  • Europe: Euroclass B- S1 (for Wh 20mm)
  • USA: Class B (Pet WH); Class A (Pet Bl)

Packaging Information

  • Units/Box: 8
  • Box Dimensions: 620 × 620 × 494mm / 1230 × 630 × 340mm


  • Accessories: Velcro, Flexi Glue Ultra, VicFix Magnetic, VicFix Frame

Additional Information

  • Material: VicPET wool is a non-woven textile primarily manufactured from recycled plastic bottles
  • Emission: Low
  • VOC Label: A+ French VOC (ISO16000)
  • OEKO-TEX 100 Standard: Class 1
  • Fire Resistance: Somewhat fire-resistant
  • Application: Designed for wall and ceiling applications
  • Environmental Impact: Environmentally friendly
  • Human Safety: Safe for human use

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