VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp - Dreamedia AV

VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp

High-end speaker cable with T6s crimp technology

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VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp

Unleashing Pure Audio Excellence

Imagine standing at the heart of a symphony, every note and nuance surrounding you in a perfect cocoon of sound. This is the experience the VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp promises to deliver. Crafted meticulously for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts, the VIABLUE SC-4 is not just a speaker cable; it's the bridge between your sound system and the pure, unadulterated audio experience you crave.

High-Quality Construction

With its robust construction featuring four 4 mm² leads, the VIABLUE SC-4 is engineered to provide a steadfast pathway for your audio signals. This single-wire speaker cable harnesses the power of two silver-plated leads dedicated to the treble range alongside two tin-plated leads for the bass range. This strategic allocation of resources ensures that each frequency is given the attention it deserves, resulting in a sound that's as true to the original recording as possible.

Lead Configuration and Strands

The meticulous design extends to the cable's inner workings. With a total of 896 individual braids, divided into seven bundles per lead, the cable's structure is as intricate as it is functional. This extensive network of silver and tin-plated strands works in harmony to deliver a treble that sparkles with brilliance and a bass that resonates with clean, homogeneous depth.

Dynamic and Balanced Sound

Let's delve into the acoustic characteristics that set the VIABLUE SC-4 apart. The cable’s ability to reproduce all frequency ranges linearly means that you're getting a sound that is transparent and three-dimensional. Whether it's the delicate pluck of a violin string or the thunderous roar of a bass drum, every sound is rendered with an airy, brilliant quality in the highs and clean, precise lows.

Visual Appeal and Protection

Beyond the auditory, the VIABLUE SC-4 impresses with its visual and tactile qualities. Encased in the ViaBlue™ Cobra sleeve, the cable is not only shielded from environmental hazards but also boasts an aesthetic that complements any high-end audio setup. Additionally, cable splitters are included to ensure end protection and aid in professional routing, safeguarding your investment while maintaining a clean, organized appearance.

Compatibility and Installation

Designed to connect loudspeakers with unrivaled efficiency, the VIABLUE SC-4’s single-wire configuration is suitable for a wide range of audio equipment. Furthermore, the equipped T6s crimp connectors facilitate secure, straightforward connections, making installation a breeze even for those who may not be technically inclined.


  • High-Quality Sound: The cable's design ensures that you experience your audio as the creators intended, with no compromise.
  • Easy Installation: T6s crimp connectors make setting up your sound system simple and effective.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to last, the cable's high-quality materials and protective sleeve mean you can enjoy superior sound for years to come.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Whether you're connecting floor-standing speakers or bookshelf units, the VIABLUE SC-4 integrates seamlessly.

Effortless Signal Transmission

With T6s crimp technology, the VIABLUE SC-4 ensures that the signal from your source to your speakers is transmitted with the utmost efficiency. This means less signal loss, less distortion, and ultimately, a purer sound.

Your Sound, Your Way

We understand that the quest for perfect sound is a personal journey. That's why the VIABLUE SC-4 is designed to respect the nuances of your audio without imposing its own character. It's the ideal companion for your home theater system, enhancing your experience without overshadowing it.

Dreamedia's Commitment

At Dreamedia, we're not just about selling products; we're about crafting experiences. Our team is ready to design your home theater system with the VIABLUE SC-4 as a cornerstone, ensuring that every sound is conveyed with clarity and depth. We take pride in helping you achieve the audio dreamscape you've envisioned.

Peace of Mind

To further enhance your purchasing decision, we offer free delivery for orders over €11.50 from our online stores. This, coupled with the VIABLUE SC-4's superior construction and performance, makes it not just a purchase but an investment in your auditory pleasure.

In Summary

The VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Crimp is more than just a cable. It's a testament to the power of meticulous design, quality materials, and the pursuit of audio perfection. With its combination of dynamic sound, easy installation, and durable construction, it stands as an essential component for any discerning audiophile or home theater aficionado.

Embark on a journey of sonic clarity and depth with the VIABLUE SC-4. Experience your music and movies as they were meant to be heard. Welcome to a world where every note resonates with truth, and every beat is a heartbeat. Welcome to the world of VIABLUE.

Strong, precise with crystal clear highs

  • Silvered OFC copper strands for a precise high frequency rendition
  • Tinned OFC copper strands for powerful and vibrant basses
  • Transmission of all frequencies true to the original

Customized with VIABLUE™ Crimp Sleeves

  • 24 carat real gold-plated

Additional features:

  • VIABLUE™ Cobra braided cable sleeve
  • VIABLUE™ SC-4/2 splitter – for a neat installation and cable routing

Our Review

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Cable Construction

  • Number Of Conductors: 4
  • Conductor Material: Silver-plated oxygen-free copper
  • Stranding Technique: Multiple twisting


  • Dielectric Material: PE
  • Outer Jacket Material: Flexible PVC

Electrical Specifications

  • Capacitance: Values not specified
  • Inductance: Values not specified
  • Resistance: Values not specified


  • Connector Type: T6s
  • Termination Method: Crimp

Physical Characteristics

  • Cable Diameter: Values not specified
  • Cable Length: Custom lengths available
  • Color: Typically black with brand markings


  • Suitable For: High-quality audio systems

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