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Exploring the Art of Vinyl with Michell Turntables

by Dreamedia AV 29 Apr 2024

Today, we’re veering off our usual home theater discussions to explore something that evokes a real sense of nostalgia—vinyl records. We're diving into the world of high-fidelity audio by featuring an exceptional turntable manufacturer, Michell.

We'll be joined by Jonathan from Michell and our national sales director, Kellen Fleiner, to uncover what makes Michell turntables a standout choice for audiophiles.

Discovering Michell's Techno Deck

We've always been fascinated by the tactile feel and authentic sound of vinyl, which is why I’m excited to talk about Michell's Techno Deck today. This model is a more accessible option for those looking to dive into the vinyl scene without sacrificing quality.

Jonathan, who’s with us from Michell, shares that the Techno Deck is a stripped-down version of their higher-end models, focusing on essential quality features. One of the most notable aspects is its construction—a freestanding motor machined from a single billet of aluminum.

This design choice significantly minimizes vibrations, keeping them away from the sensitive components of the turntable.

Innovative Engineering for Supreme Sound

The Techno Deck isn’t just about minimal vibrations; it’s also about enhancing the interaction between the vinyl and the turntable. Michell uses an oil recirculating, inverted bearing where the point of rotation is at the top.

This setup ensures continuous lubrication, reducing wear and maintaining performance consistency over time.

What’s particularly impressive is the delrin platter of the Techno Deck. Its boundary impedance matches closely with vinyl, which decreases the chances of vibration interference, a common issue with other materials like glass.

For those looking to optimize their setup, a record clamp can be added to further enhance the platter’s effectiveness.

The Tone Arm and Customization Options

Jonathan also highlighted the Techno Deck's tone arm—the T2. It's crafted from cast aluminum and features upgraded, low-capacitance phono cables. The design minimizes resonance points, ensuring that the tone arm delivers pristine audio.

While the cartridge isn't included with the Techno Deck, this offers listeners the flexibility to choose one that best fits their audio preferences, which we can help you with at DreamMedia.

Wrapping Up with Michell's Techno Deck

Priced at around $2,200, the Techno Deck from Michell represents a significant investment in engineering excellence found typically in more expensive models. It's a testament to Michell’s commitment to quality and performance in turntable design.

For those intrigued by the world of vinyl and high-fidelity audio, the Techno Deck is a solid starting point. It marries affordability with high-quality components, making it a worthy addition to any audiophile’s collection.

If you're interested in learning more about Michell turntables or any other audio-video equipment, remember that we offer free video consultations here at DreamMedia. We’re excited to help you explore the perfect audio solutions for your home.

Thanks for tuning in, and I look forward to bringing more insights and reviews from the world of high-fidelity audio. Don’t forget to check out our online store and consider us for your next audio venture!

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