VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana - Dreamedia AV

VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana

Mid-range speaker cable with gold-plated connectors

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VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana

Discover the Pinnacle of Audio Purity

In the symphony of home theater and high-fidelity audio, every note must be played to perfection. Enter the VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana speaker cable, a maestro in the world of sound that orchestrates your audio experience with unparalleled precision and harmony.

Crafting the Connection

The VIABLUE SC-4 is not merely a cable; it's the lifeline of your audio system, designed to carry the essence of sound with the utmost fidelity. Constructed with high-purity copper conductors, this cable ensures that the signal from your amplifier reaches your speakers with the clarity and detail that the artist intended.

  • High-Purity Conductors: Multiple strands of oxygen-free copper wire, meticulously wrapped in seven bundles, provide a pure and uncolored pathway for your audio signal.
  • Special PE Insulation: The use of Polyethylene insulation around each conductor ensures that the electrical signals are protected from any loss or degradation.
  • Effective Shielding: An impenetrable defense against external interference, preserving the integrity of the audio signal.

The Art of Connection

The T6s Banana connectors at the heart of the VIABLUE SC-4 offer more than just a secure fit; they are a testament to the art of connection. These high-grade metal connectors are not only durable but also ensure that the connection between your cable and speaker terminals is as close to perfection as possible.

  • Durable Connector Material: Long-lasting performance that withstands the test of time and use.
  • Banana Plug Design: For a connection that is not just secure but also easy to install and remove.
  • 24-Carat Gold Contact Surfaces: Optimal electrical contact that ensures the signal is transferred without any loss or interference.

The Sonic Journey

When you choose the VIABLUE SC-4, you're not just selecting a speaker cable; you're embarking on a sonic journey. The construction of this cable, a combination of silver-plated strands for high frequencies and tin-plated strands for lower frequencies, ensures full-bodied sound and exquisite tonal balance.

  • Mid-Range Speaker Cable: Positioned to offer the best balance between price and performance.
  • Number of Leads: Four meticulously crafted leads, two for the signal and two for the return, guarantee a balanced and immersive sound experience.
  • Cable Sheathing: The 'Cobra' satin matt sleeve is not just about aesthetics; it protects your cable while allowing for maximum flexibility.

The Soundstage Experience

With the VIABLUE SC-4, every performance is front row and center. The cable's ability to deliver clear violin solos, dynamic orchestral sections, and smooth strings is matched by its superb imaging and wide soundstage. The positioning of instruments is precise, offering great clarity and realism.

  • Full, Open, and Detailed Sound Reproduction: Every nuance of the music is captured and delivered with exceptional fidelity.
  • Dynamic Range: From the lightest pianissimo to the most thunderous fortissimo, experience every dynamic shift in your music.
  • Wide Soundstage: Feel the expansiveness of live performances, as if the musicians are arrayed before you.

Durability Meets Flexibility

The robust construction of the VIABLUE SC-4 ensures that it is not just a purchase, but an investment in your audio system's future. Its flexibility makes it easy to route around corners and behind speakers, adapting to any setup without sacrificing performance or aesthetics.

  • Outer Diameter: At 12.5mm, the VIABLUE SC-4 is substantial yet maneuverable, ready to integrate into your space seamlessly.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Crafted to endure, this cable promises to be a mainstay in your audio setup for years to come.

Compatibility and Versatility

Designed for high-end audio systems and professional setups, the VIABLUE SC-4 is ready to enhance your listening experience, whether you're an audiophile or a professional in the industry.

  • Versatile Application: From the living room to the studio, this cable is adept at delivering quality sound wherever it's needed.
  • Broad Compatibility: Works harmoniously with a variety of audio systems and devices, ensuring that no matter your setup, the VIABLUE SC-4 will elevate it.

Stay Informed and Protected

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Embrace the VIABLUE Difference

The VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana speaker cable stands as a testament to what is possible when precision engineering meets a passion for pure sound. It is a choice that signifies a commitment to audio excellence. With this cable, you will experience:

  • Refined Sound Delivery: Across all genres of music, the reproduction is of the highest quality.
  • High-Quality Audio Reproduction: Ensuring that what you hear is as true to the original recording as possible.
  • Enhanced Clarity and Detail: Bringing forth the subtleties in your music, for an immersive listening experience.

Your Next Step

To bring the VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana into your audio system is to make a statement of dedication to sound quality. It is an invitation to hear your music as it was meant to be heard, with every detail and emotion intact.

With Dreamedia's expertise in home theater technology, we understand the significance of each component in your system. We are here to help you design a home theater that transcends the ordinary, and the VIABLUE SC-4 is a crucial piece in that puzzle. Let us guide you towards the pinnacle of audio performance.

Connect with Dreamedia today, and let the VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana elevate your audio experience to new heights.

Strong, precise with crystal clear highs

  • Silvered OFC copper strands for a precise high frequency rendition
  • Tinned OFC copper strands for powerful and vibrant basses
  • Transmission of all frequencies true to the original

Customized with VIABLUE™ T6s Banana plugs

  • 24 carat real gold-plated
  • For an optimal contact pressure

Additional features:

  • VIABLUE™ Cobra braided cable sleeve
  • VIABLUE™ SC-4/2 splitter – for a neat installation and cable routing

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General Specifications

  • Product Name: VIABLUE SC-4 Single-Wire T6s Banana
  • Series: Silver-Series
  • Cable Type: Speaker cable
  • Wire Configuration: Single-Wire
  • Termination: T6s Banana plugs

Material & Design

  • Wire Material: Copper with silver-plated and tin-plated strands
  • Cable Gauge (mm2): 4
  • Individual Braids: 7 bundles per lead, totaling 896 individual braids for all four leads
  • Cable Protection: Braided with ViaBlue™ Cobra sleeve
  • Splitters: Utilizes splitters for cable end protection and professional cable routing
  • Design: Pure design with attention to detail


  • Frequency Range Specialization: Two silver-plated leads for treble range, Two tin-plated leads for bass range
  • Sound Characteristics: Transparent and three-dimensional acoustics, Brilliant, airy quality in the high range, Clean and powerful playback of the bass range, Homogeneous representation of lows and basses
  • Frequency Range Reproduction: Clean and realistic representation of all frequency ranges in a linear fashion
  • Dynamic Sound: Provides dynamic sound reproduction


  • Compatibility: Designed for high-end speaker systems


  • Quality: Maximum quality in sound transmission

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