Signature REFERENCE 2-way modular L/R speaker


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• high-gloss black finish
• triple 8" aluminum woofers; large AMT tweeter




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The unbelievable performance of the SV-831R is due to the combination of a dispersion-averaging alignment with RBH’s aluminum cone technology. Inheriting the award-winning Signature Series T-1’s driver configuration, the mirror-image SV-831R focuses the sound at the listening position for incredible imaging. The SV-831R employs three 8-inch aluminum cone woofers and an AMT tweeter and is designed to be placed atop any of the four SV-1212 subwoofer models. When combined with an SV-1212 subwoofer, the result is an acoustic experience that is nothing short of astounding. This modular tower system, the SVTR, is capable of handling copious amounts of power while delivering paramount fidelity and performance for even the largest home theater or listening room.

RBH Sound SV-831R BLACK Review


The RBH Sound SV-831R BLACK is a flagship offering from RBH's Signature SV Reference Series, designed to deliver a true reference speaker experience for audiophiles and cinephiles. This speaker system combines the SV-831R monitor and the SV-1212NR subwoofer, creating a powerful three-way, passive speaker system that promises exceptional performance. In this review, we will delve into the design, performance, versatility, user experience, and practical considerations of the RBH Sound SV-831R BLACK to help you determine if it meets your home theater needs.

Design and Build Quality

The RBH Sound SV-831R BLACK showcases RBH's commitment to premium design and build quality. The speaker system features a 38mm thick baffle and a 24mm cabinet, ensuring sturdy construction and minimizing unwanted vibrations. The attention to detail is evident in the impeccable finish, available in either a sleek piano black or a sophisticated South American Rosewood. However, the aesthetic design may be considered plain by some, lacking the flair and uniqueness found in other high-end speaker systems. The physical footprint and weight of the SV-831R BLACK are substantial, requiring ample space and at least two strong individuals for setup.

Performance and Sound Quality

The RBH Sound SV-831R BLACK's performance is where it truly shines. With its three-way, passive speaker system and built-in crossover network, this speaker system delivers an impressive frequency response. The SV-831R monitor boasts a frequency response of 50Hz-35kHz, while the SV-1212NR subwoofer reaches as low as 22Hz, extending the system's bass capabilities. The bass performance of the SV-831R BLACK is mind-blowing, producing authoritative, anvil-like bass that adds depth and impact to movies and music. The soundstage and imaging are also exceptional, creating a tight image like a reference monitor speaker. The dynamics and immediacy of this speaker system are big and sweeping, enhancing the overall listening experience. Additionally, the SV-831R BLACK offers tunable presets, allowing you to optimize the sound for different room acoustics and personal preferences.

Versatility and Configuration Options

One of the standout features of the RBH Sound SV-831R BLACK is its versatility and configuration options. RBH offers an a la carte configuration, allowing you to choose different subwoofer models to pair with the SV-831R monitor. This flexibility enables customization based on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a two-channel audio setup or a reference-grade home theater system, the SV-831R BLACK can adapt to your requirements.

User Experience and Practical Considerations

While the RBH Sound SV-831R BLACK excels in performance and versatility, there are some practical considerations to keep in mind. The setup and configuration of this speaker system can be complex, requiring some technical expertise to optimize its performance. Additionally, the electronics of the SV-831R BLACK could benefit from refinement and automation, as manual operation may be cumbersome for some users. The limited finish selections might also disappoint those seeking a wider range of aesthetic options. Furthermore, the lack of extensive user reviews and customer feedback may make it challenging to gauge the overall satisfaction and reliability of this product.


In conclusion, the RBH Sound SV-831R BLACK is an impressive speaker system that offers a true reference speaker experience. With its mind-blowing bass performance, exceptional soundstage and imaging, and customizable configuration options, it is undoubtedly a speaker system that will appeal to audiophiles and cinephiles alike. The build quality and finish are top-notch, further enhancing the overall premium feel of the product. However, the substantial physical footprint and weight, coupled with the complex setup and limited finish selections, may be drawbacks for some users. Ultimately, if you are seeking a speaker system that delivers unparalleled performance and are willing to invest in a high-end product, the RBH Sound SV-831R BLACK is certainly worth considering.


  • SERIES SV Series | Freestanding Modular Towers
  • SYSTEM TYPE Sealed Cabinet triple 8in. Left-Right-Surround and tower module
  • DRIVE UNITS (3) 8” (203mm) Reference Aluminum Cone Woofers (1) 4.72” X 1” (120mm x 25mm) AMT Tweeter
  • RECOMMENDED POWER 100-500 Watts
  • IMPEDANCE 4 Ohms
  • GRILLE DETAILS Black Fabric
  • FINISHED DIMENSIONS 28-3/16” x 15-1/4” x 22-1/8” (716 x 387 x 562mm)
  • WEIGHT (total) 92 lbs (41.7kg)

Additional Info

WARRANTY*10 year limited