StormAudio - ISP Evo - Dreamedia AV
StormAudio - ISP Evo - Dreamedia AV
StormAudio - ISP Evo - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: StormAudio

StormAudio ISP Evo Immersive Sound Preamp/Processor

24-channel immersive audio processor with advanced bass management

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StormAudio ISP Evo Immersive Sound Preamp/Processor

Unparalleled Sound Experience for the Discerning Audiophile

Imagine stepping into a world where every note, every sound, and every whisper comes to life with such clarity and depth that you feel completely immersed in an auditory experience unlike any other. This is the promise of the StormAudio ISP Evo - a fully digital sound processor designed for those who accept nothing less than perfection in their audio experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology Meets High-Fidelity Sound

The ISP Evo is not just a sound processor; it is the heart of your home theater system, pumping pure digital audio with unmatched precision. Built upon StormAudio's renowned modular platform, this processor boasts compatibility with the most advanced surround sound formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, Auro-3D, and IMAX Enhanced.

  • Immersive Surround Formats: With up to 24 channels of decoding, the ISP Evo envelops you in a 360-degree soundscape.
  • Advanced Post-Processing: Elevate your audio with up to 32 channels of post-processing, ensuring every scene is sonically sculpted to perfection.
  • Modular Design: Tailor your sound experience with a system that adapts to your needs, thanks to its modular design for unparalleled customization and flexibility.

The Pinnacle of Connectivity

The ISP Evo is a maestro of digital interfaces. With AES/EBU interfaces offering 20 or 32 channels of digital outputs and 16 channels of digital DCI-compatible inputs, your connection possibilities are limitless.

  • Audio over IP: Integrate seamlessly into your network with AES67/Dante for up to 32-channel inputs and outputs, making the ISP Evo a perfect fit for any setup.
  • HDMI 2.0b/HDCP2.2 Support: With support for 4K UHD 18Gbps, your visual experience will match the exquisite audio quality, ensuring a total sensory delight.

Music Streaming Like Never Before

For the music enthusiasts, the ISP Evo is Roon Ready, allowing you to stream and manage your music with an intuitive, audiophile-grade platform. Your music library is no longer just a collection; it becomes a gallery of high-fidelity sound.

Effortless Control at Your Fingertips

StormAudio understands that power should come with ease. The ISP Evo is equipped with a user-friendly web-based interface for effortless configuration and control.

  • Remote Access: Adjust settings from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet application.
  • Integrated Control Systems: Compatible with control system drivers to integrate seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem.

Designed for Excellence in Any Environment

Whether it's a sophisticated home theater, a professional mixing studio, or the luxury of a marine installation, the ISP Evo's compact form factor, similar to the ISP Core 16, ensures that it fits perfectly in any space without compromising on power or performance.

  • Advanced Theaters: Bring cinema-quality sound to your living room.
  • Mixing Studios: Achieve studio-grade precision and detail in your mixes.
  • Yacht Installations: Enjoy the ultimate sound experience, even on the high seas.

Unmatched Audio Performance

The ISP Evo is a testament to StormAudio's commitment to high-quality audio performance. With its fully-digital sound processor, it delivers pristine sound that captures the nuances of each performance.

  • Advanced Bass Management: Control the low frequencies with precision, thanks to advanced bass management that caters to different zones and selective routing.
  • High-Resolution Audio: Accepts up to 192kHz/24 bit inputs, ensuring that you hear every detail as the artist intended.

Streamlined Yet Powerful

Despite its slim design, the ISP Evo does not compromise on power. It retains the robust platform and performance of the ISP Elite MK3, making it a powerhouse in a sleek package.

The Sound of the Future, Today

With the StormAudio ISP Evo, you are not just purchasing a sound processor; you are investing in the future of audio technology. This is your chance to be at the forefront of sonic innovation, with a device that will continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of home theater technology.

Dreamedia is here to help you design the home theater system of your dreams, with the StormAudio ISP Evo as its cornerstone. Our team of experts understands the significance of a tailored audio experience and is ready to assist you in crafting a system that resonates with your personal style and preferences.

Let the StormAudio ISP Evo be the conductor of your auditory symphony, orchestrating a world of sound that is as expansive as it is exquisite. Step into the future of home theater with a sound processor that is as dynamic and adaptable as your passion for audio excellence.

Experience the StormAudio ISP Evo - where every detail matters, and every moment is an auditory revelation. Contact Dreamedia today to start your journey towards the ultimate in sound sophistication.

With up to 24ch decoding and upmixing of the most sought-after immersive surround formats, such asDolby Atmos,DTS:X Pro,Auro-3DandIMAX Enhanced, there is also up to 32ch of post-processing  including the latestDirac Live Active Room Treatment moduleand the state-of-the-art StormAudio Expert Bass Management with its multiple bass zones and selective bass routing. The ISP Evo will provide the best sound performance in any theatre without the installer needing to be an expert in room acoustics.

Based on StormAudio’s proprietary modular platform, the ISP Evo has maintained the reputation for modularity and flexibility with multiple hardware and software options available for any type of digital installation. Whether you need AES/EBU interfaces with 20 or 32 channels of digital outputs, 16 channels of digital DCI compatible inputs or you need audio over IP AES67/Dante networked interface for up to 32-channel inputs and outputs, you will always find the right version to satisfy your needs.

All of this comes with Roon Ready integration and the acclaimed user-friendly, web-based interface that allows for a full configuration in only a few steps. With a full host of control options, including an IR remote, smartphone and tablet applications, as well as all the required control system drivers, the ISP Evo delivers the most seamless integration to any advanced theatre, mixing studio or yacht installation.

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Key Features

  • Fully-digital Sound Processor: Yes
  • Immersive Audio Support: Dolby Atmos, DTS
  • Channels Decoding: Up to 24 channels
  • Post-Processing Channels: Up to 32 channels
  • Room Correction: Dirac Live Active Room Treatment module
  • Bass Management: StormAudio Expert Bass Management with multiple bass zones and selective bass routing
  • Roon Ready: Yes
  • User Interface: Web-based
  • Control Options: IR remote, smartphone and tablet applications, control system drivers

Technical Specifications

  • Decoder: Up to 24 channels
  • Processor: 32 channels of post-processing
  • Supported Immersive Audio Formats: Dolby Atmos, DTS
  • Room Correction: Dirac Live Active Room Treatment module
  • Bass Management: StormAudio Expert Bass Management
  • Modularity: StormAudio’s proprietary modular platform
  • Connectivity Options: AES/EBU interfaces, audio over IP AES67/Dante
  • Integration: Roon Ready
  • Control Options: IR remote, smartphone and tablet applications, control system drivers

Audio Processing

  • Supported Audio Formats: Dolby Atmos, DTS
  • High-resolution Audio Playback: Up to 192kHz/24-bit

Video Processing

  • HDMI Version: 2.1
  • Video Signal Support: 8K/60Hz, 4K/120Hz
  • HDR Support: Yes
  • HDCP Compliance: 2.3


  • HDMI Inputs and Outputs: Multiple
  • Audio Outputs: Balanced and unbalanced
  • Network Connectivity: