Stewart Filmscreen - StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe Screen - Dreamedia AV
Stewart Filmscreen - StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe Screen - Dreamedia AV
Stewart Filmscreen - StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe Screen - Dreamedia AV

Stewart Filmscreen - StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe Screen

4K HDR positive-gain projection screen, THX & ISF certified

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Stewart Filmscreen - StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe Screen

Elevate Your Home Cinema Experience with Stewart Filmscreen - StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe

Imagine the embrace of a darkened room, the hush of anticipation, and a canvas that beckons you into worlds unknown. This isn't just any canvas – it's the Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 G4, a masterpiece meticulously crafted to transform your home theater into a bastion of cinematic excellence. With the StudioTek 130 G4, every film is a gala premiere, every game a championship, and every presentation a keynote.

Unmatched Visual Clarity and Color Accuracy

The StudioTek 130 G4 isn't merely a screen; it's a window to the director's vision. Its high-performance screen fabric is engineered to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience:

  • Positive-Gain Projection Surface: Boasting 30% more brightness than standard matte white screens, the StudioTek 130 G4 ensures that every scene shines with vivid detail.
  • HDR Luminosity: With improved formulation, the screen enhances High Dynamic Range content, making brights brighter, darks deeper, and every color pop with life-like intensity.
  • 4K Ultra HD and 16K+ Resolution Compatibility: Designed to keep pace with the rapid advancements in projector technology, the screen delivers crisp, sharp visuals that retain their integrity even at the most extreme resolutions.

Easy Installation and Lasting Durability

We understand that your time is precious. That's why the StudioTek 130 G4 is designed with convenience in mind:

  • EZ-Mount Wall Bracket and Snap System: The intuitive installation process means you'll be ready for showtime in no time, with easy assembly and secure mounting.
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame: The robust frame, enveloped in rich, velvet Velux, not only adds a touch of elegance but is built to withstand the test of time.

Professional Endorsements and Certifications

The excellence of the StudioTek 130 G4 isn't just our claim—it's a statement backed by industry giants:

  • THX® and ISF Certified: These certifications guarantee that the screen meets the highest standards for color accuracy and image fidelity.
  • Endorsed by JKP: Joe Kane Productions, a name synonymous with quality in the video and home theater realm, stands behind the superior performance of the StudioTek 130 G4.

Superlative Features for the Discerning Viewer

The StudioTek 130 G4 comes brimming with features that discerning viewers, like you, demand:

  • Superb White Field Uniformity: A consistent white field is crucial for a true-to-life image, and the StudioTek 130 G4 delivers with impeccable uniformity.
  • Optimized for Edge Blending: If you're looking to create an expansive panoramic experience with multiple projectors, this screen is ideally suited for seamless edge blending.
  • UST Projector Compatibility: Ultra Short Throw projectors are the future, and this screen is ready to deliver their full potential in your home theater.

A Seamless Addition to Any Home Theater

Whether you're a cinephile, a gaming enthusiast, or a professional presenter, the StudioTek 130 G4 is designed to integrate seamlessly into your space:

  • Velvet Velux Overlay: The frame's black velvet finish absorbs any stray light, ensuring that only your content gets the spotlight.
  • Controlled Lighting Environments: Crafted for environments where you have control over ambient light, this screen promises an immaculate visual canvas every time.

Exclusive Services for an Effortless Experience

At Dreamedia, we go beyond just providing a product. We offer an experience:

  • Free Nationwide Shipping: We ensure that your screen arrives at your doorstep safely, without any additional cost.
  • 30-Day Hassle-Free Returns: Your satisfaction is paramount. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase, our return policy is designed to be as painless as the installation process.
  • Access to Preferred Installers: Should you need it, we have a network of preferred installers ready to assist you in setting up your perfect home theater system.

Why Choose the StudioTek 130 G4?

Your home theater is an investment in quality time, be it with family, friends, or just a night to yourself. The Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe is a testament to that investment:

  • Handcrafted in the USA: Each screen is a product of American craftsmanship, ensuring that you receive only the best quality.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: The durable construction means that you'll enjoy cinematic perfection for years to come.
  • Competitive Pricing: Despite its premium features, the StudioTek 130 G4 is priced to ensure that the pinnacle of home theater experiences is within reach.

Final Thoughts

The Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe isn't just a purchase; it's a portal to cinematic wonder. It's the final, critical piece in a puzzle that, when complete, transports you beyond the confines of your living room into the heart of storytelling. With Dreamedia's expert assistance and a network of preferred installers at your disposal, the home theater of your dreams is just a screen away. Embrace the future of home cinema with the StudioTek 130 G4 and let every viewing be an event unto itself.

Our Review


The Stewart Filmscreen - StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe is a high-performance projection screen designed to elevate your home theater experience. With its positive-gain screen material and enhanced formulation, this upgraded version surpasses its predecessor, the G3, in terms of image quality and overall performance. It is specially optimized for 4K Ultra HD content and High Dynamic Range (HDR), ensuring a stunning visual display. Let's delve deeper into the features and specifications that make this screen stand out from the competition.

Screen Performance and Image Quality

One of the standout features of the StudioTek 130 G4 is its superior screen performance compared to budget screens. The positive-gain screen material allows for increased brightness and HDR luminosity, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience. The improved formulation of the G4 has also reduced sparkle, ensuring a clean and vibrant image. Whether you're watching the latest blockbuster or enjoying a gaming session, this screen delivers excellent color accuracy and image quality, making every detail come to life.

Moreover, the StudioTek 130 G4 is optimized for 4K Ultra HD content and HDR, which means you can fully appreciate the depth and richness of HDR-enabled movies and shows. The screen's superb color reproduction and outstanding white field uniformity further enhance the visual experience, ensuring that colors appear true-to-life and consistent across the entire screen.

Installation and Compatibility

Setting up the StudioTek 130 G4 is a breeze, thanks to its easy installation process. The EZ-Mount wall bracket and snap-on screen make it convenient to mount the screen securely and quickly. The frame, made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum, not only adds to the screen's durability but also ensures a sleek and polished look. Additionally, the inclusion of a black velvet Velux overlay helps absorb light and improve contrast, enhancing the overall visual experience.

Compatibility is another strength of the StudioTek 130 G4. It works seamlessly with all types of projectors, including 1080p models, allowing you to enjoy high-quality visuals regardless of your projector's capabilities. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for both existing and future projector upgrades.

However, it's worth noting that the StudioTek 130 G4 features a fixed-frame design, which may not be suitable for all installation scenarios. If you require a more flexible screen placement, consider alternative options that offer motorized or retractable features.

Certifications and Endorsements

The StudioTek 130 G4 has received certifications from reputable organizations such as THX® and ISF (Imaging Science Foundation). These certifications ensure that the screen meets stringent quality standards and delivers optimal performance. Additionally, the endorsement from JKP (Joe Kane Productions), a renowned figure in the home theater industry, further solidifies the screen's credibility and performance.

The importance of these certifications and endorsements cannot be understated. They provide buyers with the assurance that the product has been rigorously tested and meets the highest industry standards. When investing in a high-end projection screen like the StudioTek 130 G4, having these certifications and endorsements adds peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

Availability and Support

While the StudioTek 130 G4 is a top-tier projection screen, its availability may be limited at times. Due to its popularity and high demand, stock availability can fluctuate, potentially affecting immediate purchase options. It's advisable to check with authorized dealers or distributors to ensure availability before making your decision.

Additionally, in situations where the screen is backordered, there may be longer wait times for shipping. It's crucial to consider this potential delay, especially if you have a specific timeframe for your home theater setup.

It's worth noting that the manufacturer may have pricing policy restrictions on display and sales. This means that authorized dealers are required to adhere to specific pricing guidelines set by the manufacturer. While this can limit the flexibility in pricing options, it ensures a fair and consistent pricing structure across different retailers.

Fortunately, the StudioTek 130 G4 comes with expert assistance available for installation and troubleshooting. The manufacturer provides comprehensive support, helping users navigate any technical challenges they may encounter. Additionally, buyers have access to a network of preferred installers who can provide professional setup and ensure optimal performance.


In conclusion, the Stewart Filmscreen - StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe offers an exceptional home theater experience with its superior screen performance, excellent color accuracy, and enhanced HDR luminosity. It is optimized for 4K Ultra HD content and HDR, providing an immersive visual experience that brings movies and shows to life.

The easy installation process, compatibility with a wide range of projectors, and durable frame construction make the StudioTek 130 G4 a convenient and reliable choice for home theater enthusiasts. The screen's certifications by THX® and ISF, along with the endorsement from JKP, further validate its quality and performance.

While availability may be a consideration, the StudioTek 130 G4's competitive pricing, expert assistance, and access to preferred installers make it an attractive option for those seeking a high-end projection screen.

Overall, the Stewart Filmscreen - StudioTek 130 G4 Wallscreen Deluxe delivers on its promise of superior screen performance and image quality, making it a worthy investment for anyone looking to create a truly immersive home theater experience.


General Specifications

  • Brand: Stewart Filmscreen
  • Product Line: WallScreen Deluxe
  • Screen Type: Fixed Frame
  • Mount Type: Wall
  • Format: HDTV [16
  • Frame Material: High-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Frame Profile: 1 ½ by 3 ¼ inches
  • Frame Finish: Hand finished with a rich, velvet Velux overlay
  • Screen Material: StudioTek 130 G4
  • Maximum Image Width: Up to 19 feet 5 inches
  • Compatibility: Ideal for absorption of stray projection light overscan
  • Ultra Short Throw (UST) Compatibility: Specifically designed for ultra short throw projectors
  • Edge Blending: Suitable for use in edge blending with multiple projectors

Viewing Area

  • Viewable Diagonal inch: 133
  • Viewable Width inch: 116
  • Viewable Height inch: 62.25

Projection Specifications

  • Supported Resolution: 4K, 8K, 16K
  • Front/Rear Projection: Front
  • Projection Surface: StudioTek 130
  • Surface Color: White
  • Case Color: Black
  • Gain: 1


  • True Audio Mixing: Yes
  • Velvet Velux Overlay: Yes
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame: Yes
  • Easy Installation: Snap system for quick and easy installation
  • THX Certified: Yes
  • Brightness: Over 30% brighter than a matte-white screen surface
  • White Field Uniformity: Optimized


  • Compatible with DLP Laser-Source Projectors: Yes
  • Compatible with SDR and HDR Content: Yes
  • Compatible with 4K Projectors: Yes
  • Compatible with A/V Receivers and Speakers: Yes