Salamander Designs Barcelona 337 Audio Cabinet - Dreamedia AV
Salamander Designs Barcelona 337 Audio Cabinet - Dreamedia AV

Salamander Designs Barcelona 337 Audio Cabinet

Elegant audio cabinet with versatile storage

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Salamander Designs Barcelona 337 Audio Cabinet

Elegant Design Meets Unmatched Functionality

Imagine a piece of furniture so beautifully crafted that it becomes the focal point of your living room, your sanctuary. The Salamander Designs Barcelona 337 Audio Cabinet isn't just another piece of furniture; it's a statement of elegance and a testament to your exquisite taste in home decor. With its natural walnut finish and sophisticated smoked glass or gloss white doors, this cabinet elevates the aesthetic of any space it inhabits.

Crafted for the Connoisseur

The Barcelona 337 is not just about good looks; it's a shrine for your audio-visual equipment. The meticulously designed dimensions of 65.75" W x 22" D x 34.5" H are perfect for hosting a wide range of TVs, supporting sizes up to 75 inches and holding up to 350 lbs on top. Inside, the infinitely adjustable shelves wait to be customized to your collection, each capable of holding 75 lbs of your favorite tech.

Unparalleled Stability and Strength

  • Model: C/BA337/NW/GW
  • Product Weight: 265 lbs
  • Top Holds: 350 lbs
  • Adjustable Shelf Capacity: 75 lbs each

The Barcelona 337 stands firm on hidden adjustable levelers, ensuring stability even on uneven surfaces. The robust C-frame aluminum chassis adds to the structural integrity, promising a long-lasting home for your treasured electronics.

A Symphony of Features

This audio cabinet is a masterpiece of features harmonizing to protect and display your audio-visual equipment.

  • Hidden Adjustable Levelers: Ensure your cabinet is always perfectly level.
  • Infinitely Adjustable Black Interior Shelves: Customize the storage space to fit your needs.
  • Removable Rear Panel: Easy access to cables and connections.
  • Built-in Ventilation Louvers: Keep your equipment cool and functioning at its best.
  • Soft-close Door Dampeners: Experience the gentle whisper of doors closing.
  • Open Architecture: Superior venting and cable management keep things tidy.
  • Modular and Stackable: Adapt and expand as your collection grows.

Innovations for the Ultimate Experience

The Barcelona 337 is designed with your experience in mind. The built-in ventilation louvers prevent your precious equipment from overheating, ensuring longevity and peak performance. The soft-close door dampeners add a touch of luxury to every interaction.

A Commitment to Quality

With a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty, the Barcelona 337 is a testament to Salamander Designs' commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Rest assured that your investment is protected, and your cabinet will be a part of your home for years to come.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Dimensions: 65.75" W x 22" D x 34.5" H
  • Number of Doors: 3
  • Color Options: Natural Walnut, Black, Brown, White
  • Finish Options: Natural Walnut with Smoked Glass Doors, Natural Walnut with Gloss White Doors
  • Material: Wood; Glass
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • UPC: 634878013031

A Seamless Integration into Your Home

The Barcelona 337 is designed with minimal assembly required, ensuring that integrating this beautiful piece into your home is as effortless as possible. Whether you're a tech-savvy enthusiast or someone who values simplicity, setting up your new audio cabinet will be a breeze.

The Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we understand that a home theater system is more than just electronics; it's an experience. That's why the Barcelona 337 is not just a purchase; it's an investment in your home's future. And we're here to help design a system that not only includes this stunning audio cabinet but also enhances the way you enjoy entertainment.

Personalization and Flexibility

The Barcelona 337's modular and stackable concept allows for easy adjustment and retrofitting to meet your evolving needs. The adjustable shelves can be rearranged with pinpoint precision, ensuring that each component of your home theater system fits like a glove.

Addressing Your Needs

We believe that every concern you may have is an opportunity for us to showcase the Barcelona 337's strengths:

  • Worried about the weight of your TV? The robust top supports up to 350 lbs.
  • Concerned about assembly? The cabinet requires minimal assembly, making it user-friendly.
  • Uneven floors? Hidden adjustable levelers come to the rescue.
  • Heat management? Built-in ventilation louvers keep your components cool.

Your Entertainment, Our Passion

At Dreamedia, our passion for home theaters drives us to offer only the best. The Barcelona 337 Audio Cabinet is a reflection of that commitment, combining form and function in a way that complements your lifestyle. Allow us to assist you in designing a home theater system that includes this exceptional piece, ensuring that your entertainment experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

In summary, the Salamander Designs Barcelona 337 Audio Cabinet is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a cornerstone for your home entertainment system. It's where design meets functionality, stability meets style, and quality meets innovation. With Dreamedia's expertise and the Barcelona 337's outstanding features, your home theater is set to become the envy of all who experience it.

Our Review


The Salamander Designs Barcelona 337 Audio Cabinet is more than just a piece of furniture; it's an essential component of a sophisticated home theater setup. Its design and functionality not only cater to the aesthetic and practical needs of audiophiles but also enhance the overall entertainment experience. Selecting the right audio cabinet is crucial as it houses valuable electronics while contributing to the room's visual appeal.

Design and Aesthetics

The Barcelona 337 offers two exquisite finish options: Natural Walnut with Smoked Glass Doors and Gloss White doors. These finishes provide versatility for blending with a variety of home décor styles. The smoked glass adds a layer of sleekness while subtly showcasing the electronics within. This cabinet's contemporary design is poised to complement modern living spaces with its clean lines and understated elegance.

Build Quality and Materials

Salamander Designs is known for their attention to quality, and the Barcelona 337 is no exception. The C-frame aluminum chassis ensures a sturdy and stable foundation capable of enduring the weight of heavy audio equipment. The materials chosen, including the smoked glass and the natural walnut finish, exude luxury while promising durability.


With dimensions crafted to accommodate up to 75" TVs, the cabinet supports significant weight up to 350 lbs on its top surface. The hidden adjustable levelers are a testament to the cabinet's thoughtful design, providing stability on uneven floors. The built-in ventilation louvers are a standout feature, crucial for maintaining optimal operating temperatures for audio components. Soft-close door dampeners enhance the user experience, eliminating the jarring noise of slamming doors. Additionally, the removable rear panel is a boon for easy access to cables and connections.

Storage and Capacity

The Barcelona 337 does not skimp on storage, offering three doors and infinitely adjustable shelves. This flexibility allows users to customize the interior layout to fit various component sizes, ensuring that everything from amplifiers to gaming consoles can be neatly organized.

Installation and Setup

Minimal assembly is required, but due to the product's substantial weight of 265 lbs, setting up the cabinet may require some effort and assistance. Once in place, the cabinet promises to be a central, stable fixture of any home theater system.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The open architecture design of the Barcelona 337 is a strategic feature for superior venting and cable management, which is essential for maintaining a clutter-free and well-ventilated setup. The modular and stackable concept allows for future expansion or retrofitting, making this cabinet a versatile choice for evolving home theater systems.

Performance and Usability

The Barcelona 337 is designed to isolate components, minimizing vibration and enhancing sonic performance, which is crucial for audiophiles seeking pristine sound quality. The shelves' adjustability offers personalized configuration, making the cabinet highly user-friendly and adaptable to individual needs.

Pros and Cons Recap

- Attractive design with two finish options
- Adjustable levelers for stability on uneven surfaces
- Built-in ventilation for effective cooling
- Soft-close doors for a premium feel
- Infinitely adjustable shelves for custom storage solutions
- Strong and durable aluminum chassis
- Open architecture for better venting and cable management
- Modular design for future expansion

- The cabinet's weight may make it difficult to move
- Assembly required, which could be time-consuming

Final Thoughts

The Salamander Designs Barcelona 337 Audio Cabinet stands out as a premium choice for those prioritizing aesthetics, functionality, and adaptability. Its design is both timeless and contemporary, ensuring it will remain a focal point in home theaters for years to come. While the weight and assembly may be minor drawbacks, the cabinet's benefits far outweigh these considerations. For those in the market for a high-end audio cabinet that marries form with function, the Barcelona 337 is a compelling option that promises to enhance the home entertainment experience.



  • Model: Barcelona 337 Audio Cabinet
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Material: Wood; Glass
  • Number of Doors: 3
  • Color: Natural Walnut, Black Glass, Brown, White
  • Assembly Required: Minimal

Dimensions & Weight

  • Width: 65.75 inches
  • Depth: 22 inches
  • Height: 34.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 265 lbs


  • Recommended TV Size: Up to 75 inches
  • Top Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Adjustable Shelf Weight Capacity: 75 lbs
  • Number of Adjustable Shelves: 6
  • C-Storage Compartment: 19.75" W x 27.75" H x 19.5" D
  • Adjustable Shelf Dimensions: 19.75" W x 18.5" D x 0.5" Th


  • Chassis: All aluminum
  • Finish Options: Natural Walnut with Smoked Glass Doors, Gloss White doors
  • Ventilation: Built-in ventilation louvers for better air flow
  • Door Mechanism: Soft-close door dampeners
  • Rear Panel: Removable for easy access to components
  • Shelf Adjustability: Infinitely adjustable, black interior shelves
  • Levelers: Hidden Adjustable Levelers
  • Customization: Extensive family of accessories for customization, Retrofit and upgrade capability, Component parts available for customization


  • Code: 634878013031

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