Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 RM Single Pro Audio Rack (Thick Cherry with Black Glass Top) - Dreamedia AV
Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 RM Single Pro Audio Rack (Thick Cherry with Black Glass Top) - Dreamedia AV
Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 Audio Cabinet - Dreamedia AV

Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 Audio Cabinet

Elegant audio rack with adjustable design and vibration isolation

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Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 Audio Cabinet

Unparalleled Craftsmanship Meets Functional Elegance

In the world of audio enthusiasts and home theater aficionados, the quest for the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functional prowess is never-ending. Enter the Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 RM Single Pro Audio Rack—a masterpiece that not only complements the sophisticated decor of your living space but also serves as the backbone for your high-fidelity audio setup. Crafted with an exquisite thick cherry finish and crowned with a seamlessly integrated black glass top, the Corsica 617 RM is an embodiment of contemporary design meeting casual elegance. The allure of this piece is not just skin deep; beneath its luxurious exterior lies a robust aluminum chassis, ensuring strength and flexibility that cater to the most discerning tastes.

Exceptional Design and Construction

  • Aluminum C-Frame Chassis: At the core of the Corsica 617 RM is a unique aluminum chassis, designed for a strong and flexible furniture platform that can withstand the test of time.
  • Expertly Finished Panels: The thick cherry wood panels are meticulously finished, radiating a warmth that invites a touch, complementing the modern home with a nod to classic sensibilities.
  • Infinite Vertical Adjustment: With an emphasis on customization, the rack offers infinite vertical adjustment, providing unparalleled flexibility to accommodate your ever-evolving audio setup.

Key Features for the Audiophile

  • Vibration Isolation: Engineered to isolate your audio/video components from unwanted vibrations, the Corsica 617 RM ensures that your listening experience remains pure and unadulterated.
  • Built-In Ventilation: Heat is the enemy of electronic components. The Corsica 617 RM features built-in ventilation to keep your valuable equipment operating at optimal temperatures.
  • Cable Management System: Say goodbye to tangled cables and clutter. With an adjustable rear wire lacing bars system, every cable is neatly managed, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your space.
  • Adjustable Shelves: The interior shelves offer not only strength but also versatility, with each capable of supporting up to 75 lbs. Customize the storage to fit your components precisely.

A Harmony of Form and Function

The Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 RM is more than just a piece of furniture—it's a statement. It's a testament to the belief that one shouldn't have to choose between beauty and practicality.
  • Soft-Close Door Dampeners: Experience the satisfying hush of soft-close doors, a subtle yet significant touch of luxury.
  • Contemporary Design: The Corsica 617 RM stands as a piece of modern art, with a casual flair that makes it a perfect fit for any home.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing: Constructed in a 100% solar-powered facility in the USA, this rack is a product of environmentally responsible practices, using sustainable materials.

Specifications at a Glance

Dimensions and Weight

  • Overall: 25.75"W x 21.25"D x 61.25"H
  • Compartment: 19.75"W x 19.5"D x 27.75"H
  • Adjustable Shelf: 19.75"W x 18.5"D
  • Product Weight: 183 lbs


  • TV Size: Up to 40 inches
  • Top Weight Capacity: 150 lbs
  • Shelf Weight Capacity: 75 lbs per shelf
  • Rack Units: 30 RU

Seamless Integration with Your Lifestyle

Whether you're looking to showcase your prized audio components, store a growing vinyl collection, or simply want a sophisticated focal point in your room, the Corsica 617 RM is designed to meet your needs—and exceed them.

Modular and Upgradeable

The Corsica 617 RM is designed with the future in mind. Its modular design allows for easy adjustments and retrofitting, ensuring that your audio rack can evolve alongside your passion for sound.

Compatibility with Chameleon Accessories

Enhance your Corsica 617 RM with a range of compatible Chameleon accessories, expanding its functionality and keeping your setup at the cutting edge.

Addressing Your Concerns

When investing in a piece like the Corsica 617 RM, you may have a few considerations in mind. Here's how this audio rack stands up to potential concerns:
  • Space Efficiency: Despite its generous capacity, the Corsica 617 RM has a footprint that respects your living space, allowing for ample storage without overwhelming the room.
  • Ease of Assembly: Concerned about complicated setups? The Corsica 617 RM offers easy assembly, letting you enjoy your audio rack without any fuss.
  • Stability: With hidden levelers, this rack remains stable on any surface, ensuring your equipment stays secure.

Embrace the Dreamedia Experience

At Dreamedia, we understand that a home theater is not just about the equipment—it's about the experience. That's why we're here to design a home theater system that's tailored to your needs. With products like the Corsica 617 RM, we can help you create a space that's both technologically sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Ready to Elevate Your Home Theater?

The Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 RM Single Pro Audio Rack is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a cornerstone of your home theater experience. With its sophisticated design, customizable features, and commitment to quality, it stands ready to transform how you listen, watch, and enjoy your media. Embrace the ultimate fusion of form and function for a listening experience that's as beautiful to look at as it is to hear.

Our Review

Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 RM Single Pro Audio Rack: Elevating Your Home Theater Experience

The Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 RM Single Pro Audio Rack is a premium addition to any home theater setup. With its unique aluminum C-frame design, cherry finish, and black glass top, this audio rack not only enhances the aesthetics of your entertainment space but also offers functionality that aims to elevate your audio and video experience. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the design, features, user experience, performance, and overall value of the Corsica 617 RM to help you make an informed decision about integrating it into your home theater setup.

Design and Build Quality

Crafted with a combination of Thick Cherry wood and a Black Glass Top, the Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 RM exudes a contemporary and elegant design. The use of sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes further enhances its appeal to those conscious of ecological impact. The aluminum C-frame design not only provides a sturdy construction but also incorporates built-in ventilation louvers, ensuring that your audio/video components are protected from heat build-up, ultimately prolonging their lifespan.

Functionality and Features

One of the standout features of the Corsica 617 RM is its infinite vertical adjustment, offering unparalleled flexibility in accommodating various audio and video components. This, coupled with the enhanced sonic performance achieved through vibration isolation, ensures that your equipment operates at its optimal level. The adjustable rear wire lacing bars and infinitely adjustable interior shelves further add to the customization options, allowing you to manage your wires efficiently and configure the interior space to suit your specific needs.

The soft-close door dampeners and hidden levelers not only contribute to the elegant design but also provide practical benefits by protecting your equipment and ensuring stability. Additionally, the modular and stackable concept of the Corsica 617 RM makes it easy to adjust and retrofit, catering to the evolving needs of your home theater setup.

User Experience

While the assembly and installation process may require some effort due to the weight of the product, the end result justifies the initial challenge. The recommended TV size limitation of up to 40" may pose a constraint for those with larger TVs, which is an important consideration for potential buyers. Moreover, the substantial weight of 183.00 lbs may present challenges when it comes to repositioning the audio rack, especially for individuals who frequently rearrange their entertainment spaces.

Pros and Cons Analysis

The Corsica 617 RM boasts a range of notable advantages, including its strong and flexible aluminum chassis design, elegant finish, and enhanced sonic performance through vibration isolation. However, the relatively high weight and the limitation to recommended TV sizes are aspects that potential buyers should carefully consider in relation to their specific needs and setup requirements.

Performance and Sonic Quality

The impact of the vibration isolation and the overall design of the Corsica 617 RM significantly contribute to the sonic quality and performance of audio/video components. User feedback highlights the noticeable enhancement in audio and video output, ultimately enriching the home theater experience.

Price and Value

When considering the price and value proposition of the Corsica 617 RM, it's important to compare it with similar products in the market. While the initial investment may be higher than some alternatives, the combination of design, functionality, and performance positions it as a compelling option for those seeking to optimize their home theater setup.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 RM Single Pro Audio Rack offers a blend of elegant design, functionality, and performance-enhancing features. While the weight and TV size limitations are factors to carefully consider, the overall value it brings to a home theater setup cannot be overlooked. Whether you prioritize aesthetic appeal, sonic performance, or customizable functionality, the Corsica 617 RM presents a strong case for consideration.

In summary, the Corsica 617 RM is a worthy investment for those looking to elevate their home theater experience with a high-quality audio rack that seamlessly integrates both form and function.


General Specifications

  • Product Name: Salamander Chameleon Collection Corsica 617 RM Single Pro Audio Rack
  • Model: Corsica 617 RM
  • Type: Single Pro Audio Rack
  • Finish: Thick Cherry with Black Glass Top
  • Material: Aluminum chassis, Wood, Glass
  • Color: Cherry
  • Brand: Salamander Designs
  • UPC: 634878011129

Dimensions and Weight

  • Overall Width: 25.75 inches
  • Overall Depth: 21.25 inches
  • Overall Height: 61.25 inches
  • Compartment Width: 19.75 inches
  • Compartment Depth: 19.5 inches
  • Compartment Height: 27.75 inches
  • Adjustable Shelf Width: 19.75 inches
  • Adjustable Shelf Depth: 18.5 inches
  • Adjustable Shelf Thickness: 0.5 inch
  • Product Weight: 183.00 pounds


  • Recommended TV Size: up to 40 inches
  • Top Weight Capacity: 150 lbs
  • Adjustable Shelves Weight Capacity (each): 75 lbs
  • Rack Units: 30 RU

Construction and Design

  • Construction Material: Aluminum chassis, expertly finished furniture panels
  • End Panels: Extra-thick
  • Top Material: Black glass
  • Feet: Low-profile wood with hidden levelers
  • Door: Soft-close dampeners
  • Design: Contemporary, Casual


  • Modular Design: Yes
  • Built-In Ventilation: Yes
  • Cable Management System: Yes
  • Adjustable Shelves: Yes
  • Compatibility with Chameleon Accessories: Yes
  • Durable Construction: Yes
  • Easy Assembly: Yes
  • Retrofit and Upgrade Capability: Yes
  • C-Frame Design: Unique aluminum chassis for a strong and flexible furniture platform
  • Expertly Finished Panels: Yes
  • Bolt-On Options and Accessories: Yes
  • Vertical Adjustment: Infinite
  • Vibration Isolation: Yes

Sustainability and Compliance