RBH Sound SI-615



Type: Speakers
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When only the absolute finest performance will do, look to the Signature Series SI-615 in-ceiling speaker. Featuring a 6-1/2-inch aluminum cone woofer and a ¾-inch pivoting ring-radiator tweeter, the SI-615 delivers award-winning performance that is on par with other Signature Series models. The SI-615 is primarily designed to be used as in-ceiling channels for object-based surround systems, but is also equally adept when used in a pair for high-end stereo listening or other whole-house audio applications. Accessories for this product may be found in the list below or check out the Accessories page for all of our speaker accessories.


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RBH Sound SI-615 Review


The RBH Sound SI-615 is an in-ceiling speaker designed to deliver exceptional audio performance for a variety of applications. With a focus on object-based surround systems, high-end stereo listening, and whole-house audio setups, this speaker offers versatility and high-quality sound reproduction. In this review, we will delve into the design, audio performance, versatility, installation, pricing, and overall value of the RBH Sound SI-615.

Design and Build Quality

The RBH Sound SI-615 boasts a well-made construction and high-quality materials that contribute to its durability and longevity. The black frame adds a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic to the speaker, while the paintable magnetic grille allows for seamless integration with any room decor. Additionally, RBH Sound offers optional back cans for the SI-615, which provide improved bass performance and sound isolation. These back cans are a worthwhile consideration for those seeking to enhance their audio experience.

Audio Performance

When it comes to audio performance, the RBH Sound SI-615 does not disappoint. The aluminum cone woofer and pivoting ring-radiator tweeter are carefully chosen materials that contribute to precise sound reproduction. The speaker's wide and deep soundstage creates an immersive listening experience, allowing you to truly feel a part of the audio. With a frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz (±3dB) and a sensitivity of 88dB, the SI-615 delivers dynamic and natural audio reproduction across a wide range of frequencies. It is important to note that the recommended power for this speaker ranges from 15 to 120 Watts, ensuring compatibility with a variety of amplifiers.

Versatility and Usage Options

The RBH Sound SI-615 is designed for multiple applications, making it a versatile choice for different audio setups. Whether you're building a home theater system, setting up a high-end stereo listening environment, or seeking a whole-house audio solution, this speaker has you covered. Its compatibility with object-based surround systems ensures an immersive and engaging audio experience, while its ability to handle high-end stereo listening highlights its versatility. Moreover, the pivoting ring-radiator tweeter enables fine-tuning of sound direction, allowing you to customize the audio to your preference.

Installation and Setup

Installing the RBH Sound SI-615 requires some technical expertise, and professional installation is recommended for optimal performance. It is important to ensure proper placement and wiring to achieve the best sound quality. Additionally, the free-air design of the SI-615 should be taken into consideration. While this design allows for a more discreet installation, speakers in enclosures typically offer better sound performance. If you prioritize the absolute best sound quality, considering speakers in enclosures or utilizing a subwoofer may be worth exploring.

Pricing and Value

The RBH Sound SI-615 is priced relatively higher compared to some other in-ceiling speakers on the market. However, the exceptional audio performance, versatility, and high-quality construction justify the price. It is worth noting that specific pricing and availability details may vary, so it is advisable to check with authorized retailers. While limited information is available regarding additional accessories, the SI-615 comes with a 25-year warranty, providing peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Pros and Cons


  • Delivers exceptional audio performance
  • Versatile usage options for different audio setups
  • High-quality woofer and tweeter materials for precise sound reproduction
  • Pivoting tweeter enables fine-tuning of sound direction
  • Excellent sound performance with dynamic and natural audio reproduction
  • Wide and deep soundstage for an immersive listening experience
  • Well-made construction and materials for durability
  • Optional back cans available for improved bass performance and sound isolation
  • Suitable for both home theater and whole house audio systems
  • 25-year warranty provides long-term reliability


  • Limited information available regarding additional accessories
  • Specific pricing and availability details may vary
  • Relatively higher price compared to some other in-ceiling speakers
  • Requires professional installation for optimal performance
  • Free-air design may not provide the best sound compared to speakers in enclosures
  • If you desire chest-thumping bass or room pressurization, using a subwoofer or considering larger floorstanding speakers in the Signature SV Series, like the SV-6500R, is recommended


In conclusion, the RBH Sound SI-615 in-ceiling speaker offers impressive audio performance and versatility for a variety of applications. With its exceptional sound quality, wide and deep soundstage, and high-quality construction, this speaker is a worthy investment. While the price may be relatively higher compared to some other options, the long-term reliability provided by the 25-year warranty adds value to the SI-615. If you are seeking an in-ceiling speaker that delivers outstanding audio reproduction and can seamlessly integrate into your audio setup, the RBH Sound SI-615 is definitely worth considering.