RBH SI-615/R Signature 2-way in-ceiling speaker - Dreamedia AV
RBH SI-615/R Signature 2-way in-ceiling speaker - Dreamedia AV
RBH SI-615/R Signature 2-way in-ceiling speaker - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: RBH Sound

RBH SI-615/R Signature 2-way in-ceiling speaker

In-ceiling speakers with AMT tweeter and aluminum woofer

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RBH SI-615/R Signature 2-way in-ceiling speaker

Elevate Your Audio Experience with the RBH SI-615/R Signature In-Ceiling Speaker

Imagine a sound that fills the room from above, enveloping you in a blanket of pristine, clear audio that enhances every moment of your movie watching, music listening, or gaming experience. The RBH SI-615/R Signature 2-way in-ceiling speaker is designed to do just that, transforming your home into a personal concert hall or cinema.

Premium Sound Quality

Crafted for the audiophiles and movie buffs who demand nothing but the best, this speaker delivers:

  • Aluminum Cone Woofer: The 6-1/2" woofer made of aluminum is engineered for robust bass and exceptional clarity, ensuring that every note is heard as intended.
  • Pivoting Ring-Radiator Tweeter: The 3/4" tweeter pivots to direct high frequencies precisely where you need them, creating an optimal audio environment.
  • Air Motion Transformer (AMT) Technology: Experience the latest in tweeter innovation that offers superior sound dispersion and detail.

Seamless Integration

The RBH SI-615/R is not just another speaker; it's a piece of a finely tuned audio ecosystem. It is designed to be:

  • Dolby Atmos Compatible: Perfect for height channel placement, it meets the stringent specifications for Dolby Atmos setups.
  • Tonal Match: Designed to pair seamlessly with the RBH Signature series, creating a harmonious and unified soundstage.

Effortless Installation

We understand the importance of straightforward installation. This speaker comes with:

  • Magnetic Grilles: These ensure a clean look and an easy, tool-free access.
  • Flexible Backcan Options: Choose between the BC-6R or the shallower BC-6S backcan based on your space requirements.
  • Comprehensive Instructions: Clear guidelines for placement and set-up are included, adhering to Dolby's recommendations for immersive sound.

Aesthetic Design

Your décor matters, and the RBH SI-615/R respects that by offering:

  • Grille Options: Choose between round or square, white or black stainless steel to match your interior design.
  • Minimalist Footprint: The speaker sits flush with the ceiling, providing a sleek and unobtrusive presence.

Comprehensive Coverage

With Dreamedia, you're not just buying a speaker; you're investing in peace of mind:

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty: We stand by the quality of our products with a generous warranty period.
  • Expert Support: Dreamedia is here to assist with designing your home theater system, ensuring optimal performance.

Detailed Specifications

For those who love the numbers and specs, here's what the RBH SI-615/R brings to the table:

  • Sensitivity: 88dB for efficient power usage
  • Frequency Response: Smooth across the spectrum for natural sound reproduction
  • Impedance: 8 ohms, accommodating a wide range of amplifiers

Versatile Usage

This speaker is not limited to just one function; it is versatile enough to be used in:

  • Object-Based Surround Systems: It excels as an in-ceiling channel for immersive audio experiences.
  • High-End Stereo Listening: Music lovers will appreciate its fidelity and depth.
  • Whole-House Audio: Integrate it into a system that fills your entire home with sound.

Overcoming Objections

Concerned about installation? The RBH SI-615/R has been designed with ease in mind, and Dreamedia is available to guide you through the process. Worried about matching it with your current system? Its tonal compatibility with the RBH Signature series ensures a cohesive blend.

Experience the Difference

What sets the RBH SI-615/R apart is not just its technical prowess but the experience it provides:

  • Dynamic Audio: Immerse yourself in sound that is both natural and powerful, enhancing every media experience.
  • Wide Soundstage: Feel the breadth and depth of sound as if you were in the studio or on the set.
  • Seamless Integration: Enjoy a speaker that works in harmony with your existing RBH system.

The Dreamedia Advantage

Choosing Dreamedia means you're not just purchasing a speaker; you're creating an experience. We're here to help design a system that's tailored to your needs, ensuring that the RBH SI-615/R fits perfectly into your home theater setup.

In Summary

The RBH SI-615/R Signature 2-way in-ceiling speaker is not just an addition to your home theater; it's an investment in unparalleled audio quality. With its exceptional performance, versatile usage, and easy installation, it's the perfect choice for those looking to elevate their audio experience. Embrace the sound of excellence with the RBH SI-615/R and let Dreamedia bring your home entertainment vision to life.

The amazing SI-615 brought up a notch by upgrading the tweeter to the latest in AMT (Air Motion Transformer) technology making it a worthy high end upgrade to the Signature product and the ability to better match with a reference system.

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Technical Specifications

  • Speaker Type: In-ceiling, 2-way
  • Woofer Size: 6-1/2" (165mm)
  • Woofer Type: Aluminum cone
  • Tweeter Size: 3/4" (19mm)
  • Tweeter Type: Pivoting ring-radiator
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-20kHz (±3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 88dB (2.83V @ 1 Meter)
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Crossover Frequency: 3,000 Hz
  • Crossover Slope: 12dB/Octave
  • Recommended Power: 15-120 Watts
  • Tweeter Protection: Yes
  • Swivel Tweeter(s): Yes
  • Cabinet Material/Color: Black Frame
  • Grille: Magnetic White Steel (Paintable)
  • Cutout Dimensions: 7-3/4" (197mm) Dia.
  • Finished Dimensions: 9" Dia. x 4-3/8" D (229mm Dia. x 111mm D)
  • Weight: 3.65 lbs. (1.66 kg)
  • Warranty: 25 Years


  • High-Performance Audio: Yes
  • Installation Flexibility: Yes, with optional backcans or backbox
  • Adjustable Tweeter: Yes, with treble boost switch
  • Easy Installation: Yes, with template and instructional video
  • Isolation Options: Yes, with backcans or foam backbox
  • Positioning Flexibility: Yes, with pivoting tweeter
  • Compatibility: Ideal for height channels in immersive audio setups
  • Smooth Frequency Response: Yes, for in-ceiling installation
  • Magnetic Grilles: Yes, paintable to match ceiling color
  • Woofer Features: Large rubber surround, bumped back plate, vented pole piece
  • Tweeter Features: Ring-radiator, pivoting, with attenuation option
  • Connection: Gold-plated push terminals for up to 14 ga wire
  • Back Cans: Optional for enhanced bass and reduced sound leakage
  • Soundstage: Seamless with similar voicing to RBH Signature Reference series

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