SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
SVS Prime Bookshelf (Each) - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: SVS

SVS Prime Bookshelf Speaker (Each)

High-Fidelity Bookshelf Speakers with Premium Build

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SVS Prime Bookshelf Speaker (Each)

Elevate Your Home Audio Experience

Welcome to the world of pristine audio with the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers, where every note is a journey and every sound is a story. Designed to captivate audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike, these speakers are engineered to deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Whether your passion lies in the intricate layers of a symphony or the explosive action of blockbuster movies, the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers are crafted to bring out the very best in your audio.

Unmatched Sound Clarity and Detail

At the heart of the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers is a commitment to clarity, detail, and dynamics. These speakers don't just play sound; they breathe life into every performance, ensuring you are not just an audience but a part of the experience.

  • Reference Monitor Loudspeakers: Designed to meet the standards of a reference monitor, these speakers provide an accurate and faithful audio representation, so you hear content as the creators intended.
  • Accurate Spatial Imaging: With a dedicated and sealed woofer compartment and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, the speakers create a soundstage that makes every listening position the best seat in the house.
  • Innovative SoundMatch 2-Way Crossover: This feature ensures a smooth transition between the woofer and the tweeter, providing a balanced and coherent sound across the entire frequency spectrum.

Engineered for Excellence

The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers are not just about their sonic capabilities; they represent a harmony of form and function. Their modern industrial design is both a visual and acoustic masterpiece.

  • Optimized Cabinet Geometry and Internal Bracing: The physical design of the speakers minimizes resonance and diffraction, giving you a purer audio experience.
  • Compact and Mountable Design: These speakers fit perfectly on a bookshelf or can be mounted on a wall, providing flexibility in placement to optimize your listening environment.
  • Chamfered Front Baffle: This design element reduces edge diffraction for clearer and more precise soundstaging.

Versatility in Application

Dreamedia understands that a true home theater system needs to be versatile. The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers are designed to excel in a variety of setups, making them the perfect choice for any audio enthusiast.

  • Stereo Listening: As a pair, these speakers provide a full and rich sound that is perfect for music lovers.
  • Surround Sound: The speakers can be integrated into a multi-channel setup, enhancing movies and games with immersive sound.
  • Home Theater System: Combine them with a center channel, subwoofer, and additional surrounds for a complete home theater experience.

Design and Aesthetics

A speaker should not only sound good but also blend seamlessly with your home decor. The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers come in two elegant finishes:

  • Piano Gloss Black: A high-gloss finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any room.
  • Premium Black Ash: A textured finish that offers a subtle and stylish appearance.

High-Performance Features

The technical prowess of the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers is evident in every aspect of their design:

  • Woofer Size: A 6.5-inch SVS Prime driver delivers deep and articulate bass.
  • Tweeter Size: The 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter ensures crisp and clear high frequencies.
  • Frequency Response: With a range of 48 Hz-25 kHz (+/-3 dB), these speakers capture the full spectrum of sound.
  • Power Handling: Capable of handling 20-150 watts to accommodate a wide range of amplifiers.

Seamless Connectivity

With 5-way binding posts, the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers offer a variety of inputs and outputs for versatile connectivity. This means they can be easily integrated with the rest of your home theater components.

Build Quality and Durability

Solid construction and premium materials mean that the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers are built to last:

  • Weight and Dimensions: Each speaker weighs 15 pounds and measures 13.2" (H) x 8" (W) x 9.3" (D), signifying a robust build.
  • Warranty: A 5-year limited warranty provides peace of mind and attests to the confidence SVS has in their product.

The Dreamedia Advantage

Choosing the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers from Dreamedia means you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in an experience. With our expertise, we can help design your home theater system to ensure these speakers perform at their best, providing you with a custom-tailored audio solution that meets your unique needs.

The Sound of Perfection

The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers are more than just speakers; they are the embodiment of audio perfection. They offer:

  • Wide Soundstage Width: Feel the expansiveness of live performances right in your living room.
  • High-Quality Finish and Build: A testament to SVS's commitment to excellence.
  • Relatively Good Output with Low Distortion: Enjoy louder volumes without compromising on sound quality.

The Promise of SVS

SVS is renowned for its excellent engineering, and the Prime Bookshelf speakers are a testament to this legacy. With every component meticulously crafted and every sound carefully considered, these speakers promise to elevate your audio experience to new heights.

Your Next Step to Audio Nirvana

The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers represent a convergence of quality, performance, and beauty. They are not just an addition to your home theater setup; they are the centerpiece of auditory excellence. With Dreamedia's expertise and SVS's engineering, you are one step closer to audio nirvana. Embrace the sound, embrace the perfection—your home deserves the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers.

Designed for two-channel purists and home theater fans alike, there simply
isn’t a finer bookshelf monitor available in this segment.

Equally adept
in home theater or 2-channel settings, the Prime Bookshelf can form the
foundation to an outstanding surround sound system. Their handsome styling
and high-end finishes will make you proud to have them in your home—even
before you’ve hit the power button.

Our Review


The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers are a compact yet powerful option for those seeking an immersive audio experience. These speakers offer excellent sound quality, a solid build, and versatile connectivity options. With a wide frequency response and compatibility with various setups, they can be seamlessly integrated into a home theater system or used for music listening. In this review, we will delve into the design, sound quality, compatibility, and performance of the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers to help you determine if they are the right fit for your audio needs.

Design and Build Quality

The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers boast a solid construction and an attractive design that can effortlessly blend into any room decor. Their compact size makes them suitable for bookshelf placement, allowing you to maximize your space without compromising on sound quality. Additionally, the speakers are available in different finish options, including Black Ash and Piano Black, providing you with the flexibility to match them to your existing home aesthetics.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers truly excel. They offer an excellent balance and clarity, ensuring that each component of the audio spectrum is accurately reproduced. The wide frequency range, spanning from 19 Hz to 25 kHz (+/- 3dB), allows for a remarkable bass extension and detailed high frequencies. The speakers produce a transparent and detailed soundstage, immersing you in the audio experience. The imaging is also impressive, providing a sense of depth and dimension.

Compatibility and Versatility

The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers are highly versatile, making them suitable for a range of setups. Whether you are building a home theater system or simply looking for high-quality speakers for music listening, these speakers can deliver. They are compatible with 5.1 and 5.1.4 Atmos setups, offering flexibility in configuring your audio system. Additionally, the speakers can be paired with a subwoofer for enhanced bass performance, particularly in larger rooms or for those who crave deep, impactful bass.

Connectivity and Controls

The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers come equipped with various inputs and outputs, allowing for versatile connectivity options. Whether you prefer wired connections or wireless streaming, these speakers have you covered. They support high-resolution audio streaming services, enabling you to enjoy your favorite music in all its glory. However, it's worth noting that the control panel feels basic and old-school, which might be a drawback for some users. Additionally, the setup process relies on the clunky and poorly-designed DTS Play-Fi app, which can be frustrating and detract from the overall user experience.

Performance in Different Room Setups

One of the notable advantages of the SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers is their ability to perform well in various room setups. Whether you have a near-field listening arrangement or a larger room, these speakers can adapt to your needs. However, in larger rooms, additional subwoofers may be necessary to achieve optimal bass performance. It's also worth mentioning that some users have reported forward midrange and high-frequency brightness when the speakers are aimed directly on-axis. This may require some experimentation with placement to find the sweet spot for the best sound reproduction.


  • Excellent sound quality with balance and clarity
  • Wide frequency range with good bass extension
  • Transparent and detailed sound reproduction
  • Solid construction and attractive design
  • Wide soundstage and good imaging
  • Ability to handle high power levels
  • Versatile usage options for stereo or surround sound setups
  • Compact size suitable for small spaces or bookshelf placement
  • Wide range of finishes allows for customization and integration into different room aesthetics
  • Good value for the price
  • Supports high-resolution audio streaming services
  • Accurate and comprehensive acoustic measurements
  • Wide soundstage width
  • High-quality finish and build
  • Relatively good output with low distortion
  • Excellent engineering


  • Not very efficient, requiring ample power for optimal performance
  • Subwoofer not included in the package, additional purchase required
  • May benefit from additional subwoofers for larger rooms or bass enthusiasts
  • Setup relies on the clunky and poorly-designed DTS Play-Fi app
  • Control panel feels basic and old-school
  • Play-Fi app lacks speed and intuitive user experience
  • Forward midrange and high-frequency brightness when aimed directly on-axis
  • Horizontal directivity affected by diffraction in the 3-5kHz region
  • Vertical directivity impacted by tweeter to midwoofer separation distance
  • Some users may prefer a more musically engaging sound


The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers offer an exceptional audio experience with their excellent sound quality, solid build, and versatile compatibility. Their compact size and attractive design make them suitable for various room setups, while their wide frequency response ensures accurate and detailed sound reproduction. Despite a few drawbacks such as the reliance on the clunky Play-Fi app and the need for additional subwoofers in large