Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage - Dreamedia AV
Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage - Dreamedia AV
Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage - Dreamedia AV
Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage - Dreamedia AV
Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Primare

Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage

Award-winning phono stage with MM/MC compatibility

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Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage

Unveiling the Primare R15: A Symphony of Precision and Purity

In the world of audiophiles, the quest for the purest sound is the ultimate journey. The Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage is not just a component; it's a maestro, orchestrating the finest details from your vinyl collection. Precision-engineered in the serene landscapes of Scandinavia, this phono preamplifier serves as an exquisite interface between your phono cartridge and hi-fi system, delivering audio performances that resonate with clarity and depth.

A Design That Speaks Volumes

The R15 takes pride in its three-quarter sized 15 series cabinetry, a testament to Primare's commitment to both compact elegance and robust functionality. Available in sleek black or titanium finishes, it exudes a sense of sophistication that effortlessly complements any hi-fi setup. Its dimensions (350x73x339mm) and weight (6.5 Kg) reflect a balance between space-conscious design and the substantial build quality that enthusiasts have come to expect from Primare.

Audio Performance: The Heart of the R15

The soul of the Primare R15 lies in its audio performance. With gain adjustments up to 45dB for MM cartridges and a staggering 65dB for MC types, it caters to an extensive range of phono cartridges with unmatched versatility. The signal-to-noise ratios stand at 83dB for MM and 74dB for MC, which, along with an impressively low THD of less than 0.05%, ensures a background so quiet that every note emerges with pristine clarity.

  • RIAA Correction: +/- 0.5 dB for pitch-perfect accuracy
  • Gain Adjustment: MM (45dB), MC (65dB) to suit your cartridge's needs
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: MM (83dB), MC (74dB) for an uninterrupted listening experience

Load Adjustment: Tailoring Your Sound

Personalize your audio with the R15's comprehensive load adjustment features. Input impedance can be finely tuned from 100 ohm to 47 kohm for MC cartridges, ensuring compatibility with nearly any setup. With adjustable resistance and capacitance load settings, your system will sing with the exact tonal quality you desire.

Features That Elevate Your Listening Experience

The R15 is not just about sound quality; it's about the experience. It includes a subsonic filter to eliminate rumble and protect your speakers from unnecessary strain. The automatic standby feature ensures that your system is energy-efficient without sacrificing convenience. And while it forgoes the use of vacuum tubes, its modern circuitry offers a level of clarity and reliability that is hard to match.

  • Cartridge Compatibility: MM and MC for ultimate flexibility
  • Subsonic Filter: To keep your music free from low-frequency distortions
  • Automatic Standby: For energy efficiency without compromise

Connectivity: The Foundation of a Hi-Fi System

Connectivity is key in a high-performance audio system, and the R15 delivers with gold-plated RCA inputs and outputs, a grounding post to prevent hum, and Trigger In/Out for seamless integration with other components. This ensures a reliable and interference-free connection that keeps your music pure and unadulterated.

  • RCA Inputs/Outputs: For high-quality connections
  • Grounding Post: To minimize noise and interference
  • Trigger In/Out: For integrated system control

Power: The Silent Force

At the core of the R15's silent operation is its linear low-noise discrete power supply. The custom-made, mu-metal shielded toroidal transformer is a testament to Primare's attention to detail and dedication to delivering uninterrupted power for the cleanest sound possible.

  • Toroidal Transformer: Custom-made for minimal interference
  • Detachable AC Power Cord: For easy installation and cable management

A Symphony of Features

The R15 is a harmonious composition of features designed for the discerning listener. It boasts a high-gain setting for low output moving-coil cartridges and a weighty robustness that comes from its heavy steel casing. The hybrid equalization system, alongside low-noise MOSFETs, ensures your music remains true to its original recording.

  • Impedance and Capacitance Settings: Six for MC, two for MM
  • Gain: Up to 65dB for MC, 45dB for MM
  • Circuit Board: Four-layer design for reduced signal path and enhanced sound quality

The R15 Experience: A Commitment to Quality

The Primare R15 doesn't just play music; it elevates it. With a compact and stylish design that draws from Scandinavian minimalism, it embodies a design philosophy that is both functional and visually appealing. The standby button, discreetly placed within the Primare logo on the faceplate, is a subtle nod to the brand's attention to detail.

  • Compact Design: Fits seamlessly into any hi-fi system
  • Scandinavian Influence: A blend of simplicity and functionality
  • Award-Winning Performance: Recognized by EISA and AVTech Media

Integrating the R15 into Your Hi-Fi Ecosystem

The Primare R15 is designed not only to stand alone but also to be a part of a greater whole. Its flexibility in input adjustment allows for perfect system matching, and when integrated into a 15 Series system, it offers comprehensive audio performance and connection options that are second to none.

The Dreamedia Advantage: Designing Your Audio Dreams

Dreamedia is more than just a retailer; we are your partners in crafting the perfect home theater experience. We understand the nuances that differentiate good products from great ones and are available to design a home theater system that includes the Primare R15, ensuring a bespoke solution tailored to your unique listening preferences.

Price and Availability

The Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage is available for purchase between £900 - £1050, reflecting its premium status and the exceptional audio quality it delivers. It's an investment in your passion for music, and with Dreamedia's expertise, it's an investment that pays off in every note.

The Primare R15 is not just a phono stage; it's the cornerstone of your audio system, a testament to the pursuit of the perfect sound. Experience the R15 and hear your music as it was meant to be heard—pure, precise, and profoundly moving.

Our Review

Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage: Elevating Your Vinyl Experience

I. Introduction

A. Overview of the Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage

The Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage represents a pinnacle of audio engineering, designed to extract the utmost fidelity from vinyl records. With a meticulous attention to detail and a focus on sonic purity, this phono stage embodies the renowned Scandinavian dedication to high-quality audio reproduction.

B. Brief history of Primare as a manufacturer

Primare, a Swedish company, has a storied history of crafting audio components that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with elegant design. Their commitment to delivering exceptional sound quality has cemented their reputation as a leading force in the high-fidelity audio industry.

C. Importance of a high-quality phono stage in a home audio system

A phono stage plays a crucial role in the vinyl playback chain, amplifying the delicate signals from the turntable cartridge to line level while applying the RIAA equalization curve. The Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage aims to faithfully preserve the original recording, providing an essential link in achieving audiophile-grade sound.

II. Design and Build Quality

A. Physical dimensions and weight

Measuring 350x73x339mm (WHD) and weighing 6.5 kg, the Primare R15 exudes a substantial and robust presence, indicative of its high-quality construction.

B. Available finishes

Available in black or titanium finishes, the Primare R15 seamlessly integrates into any home audio setup, offering a touch of Scandinavian elegance.

C. Construction materials and build quality

With a heavy steel casing and a four-layer circuit board to shorten signal paths, the Primare R15 exudes a sense of solidity and precision, indicative of its meticulous engineering.

D. User interface and controls

The Primare R15 features a discreetly placed standby button within the Primare logo on the faceplate, exemplifying the seamless integration of functionality into its sleek design.

III. Compatibility and Features

A. Compatibility with MM and MC cartridges

The Primare R15 caters to both MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil) cartridges, offering versatile compatibility for a wide range of turntable setups.

B. Impedance and capacitance settings

With six impedance and two capacitance settings for moving-coil cartridges, and two impedance and four capacitance settings for moving-magnet types, the R15 provides a comprehensive array of adjustment options to fine-tune the sound to individual preferences.

C. Gain adjustment capabilities

Offering up to 65dB of gain for the moving-coil section and 45dB for MM, the R15 empowers users to optimize the signal level for various cartridge types, ensuring an ideal match with the rest of the audio system.

D. Subsonic filter and other audio enhancement features

The inclusion of a subsonic filter attenuates sub-bass LP warp frequencies, contributing to enhanced audio quality and preventing potential damage to speakers and amplifiers.

E. Connectivity options

Equipped with RCA analogue input and output, grounding post, and trigger ports, the Primare R15 offers seamless integration into a wide range of audio systems, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

IV. Performance

A. Noise levels and transparency

The Primare R15 exhibits vanishingly low noise, delivering a level of transparency that allows the nuances of vinyl recordings to shine through with exceptional clarity.

B. Sound delivery and authority

The R15 imparts a sense of solidity and authority in sound delivery, elevating the listening experience with its robust and precise sonic presentation.

C. Precision and focus in sound reproduction

With a focus on precision and clarity, the R15 maintains a delicate balance, ensuring a faithful reproduction of the original recording without blunting edges or dragging tempos.

D. Tonal balance and potential drawbacks

While the tonal balance may lean slightly towards a cooler presentation, some users may find it to be a matter of personal preference rather than a significant drawback.

E. User experience with adjustment settings

The extensive array of impedance and capacitance settings, while offering a wide range of adjustment possibilities, may require a learning curve for users to fully exploit the potential of the R15's customization options.

V. Awards and Recognition

A. EISA and AVTech Media awards

The Primare R15 has been honored with prestigious EISA and AVTech Media awards, underscoring its exceptional performance and recognition within the industry.

B. Significance of industry recognition

These accolades highlight the R15's standing as a benchmark for audio excellence, solidifying its position as a top-tier phono stage in the competitive landscape of high-fidelity audio equipment.

C. Comparison with other award-winning products in the category

When compared with other award-winning products in its category, the Primare R15 stands out for its meticulous attention to detail, versatile compatibility, and unwavering commitment to sonic purity.

VI. Comparison with Competing Products

A. Comparison with similarly priced phono stages

In comparison with similarly priced phono stages, the Primare R15 sets itself apart with its comprehensive array of customization options, vanishingly low noise, and unwavering dedication to sonic transparency.

B. Unique selling points and advantages over competitors

The R15's solid construction, extensive adjustment capabilities, and seamless integration into audio systems position it as a formidable contender in the high-end phono stage market, offering a compelling value proposition for discerning audiophiles.

C. Areas where competing products excel

While competing products may excel in certain aspects, such as tonal warmth or user interface simplicity, the Primare R15's strengths lie in its unwavering commitment to sonic purity and meticulous engineering.

VII. Final Thoughts

A. Summary of strengths and weaknesses

The Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage embodies a rare blend of meticulous engineering, unwavering commitment to sonic purity, and versatile compatibility, making it a standout choice for audiophiles seeking uncompromising sound quality. However, the tonal balance and adjustment settings may pose a slight learning curve for some users.

B. Recommended user scenarios and system integration

Recommended for discerning audiophiles seeking a phono stage that offers uncompromising fidelity and a wide range of adjustment capabilities, the Primare R15 seamlessly integrates into high-fidelity audio systems, delivering an unparalleled vinyl playback experience.

C. Value proposition and long-term use considerations

The Primare R15's modular internal add-ons and comprehensive compatibility with a wide range of cartridges ensure its relevance and adaptability for long-term use, offering a compelling value proposition for audio enthusiasts seeking a timeless investment in their vinyl playback setup.

D. Overall verdict on the Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage

The Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage stands as a testament to the uncompromising pursuit of sonic purity and fidelity, earning its place as a benchmark for high-fidelity audio reproduction and a compelling choice for audiophiles seeking the pinnacle of vinyl playback excellence.



  • Product Name: Primare R15 MM MC Phono Stage
  • Type: Phono preamplifier
  • Function: Interface between phono cartridge and hi-fi system
  • Housing: Three-quarter sized 15 series cabinetry
  • Circuit Design: Based on flagship R35 design
  • Compatibility: Suitable for MM and MC cartridges
  • Finishes: Available in black or titanium
  • Dimensions (WHD): 13.78 x 2.87 x 13.35 inches
  • Weight: 14.3 lbs

Audio Performance

  • Gain Adjustment MM: Up to 45dB
  • Gain Adjustment MC: Up to 65dB
  • Signal-to-noise Ratio (MM): 83dB
  • Signal-to-noise Ratio (MC): 74dB
  • THD (MM): <0.05%
  • THD (MC): <0.05%
  • RIAA Correction: +/- 0.5 dB

Load Adjustment

  • Input Impedance MM: 47 kohm
  • Input Impedance MC: 100 ohm to 47 kohm
  • Adjustable Resistance Load: Yes
  • Adjustable Capacitance Load: Yes


  • Cartridge Type: MM, MC
  • Subsonic Filter: Yes
  • Vacuum Tube: No
  • Automatic Standby: Yes


  • RCA Inputs: 1 Pair
  • RCA Outputs: 1 Pair