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Perlisten has revisited all of what makes the S7 great, applied what they've learned, and have pushed the state of the art just that much further forward. They have updated the woofers to increase linear excursion, lowered inductance and increased low frequency capability.


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We’ve revisited all of what makes the S7 great, applied what we have learned, and have pushed the state of the art just that much ­further ­forward. We have updated the ­woofers to ­increase linear excursion, lowered inductance and increased low frequency capability. The DPC-Array, while maintaining the existing drive units and pattern control, we’ve coupled all 3 transducers to a massive aluminum heatsink that takes power handling and reduced thermal compression to all new levels. Even the crossover has been ­up­dated. Now all of the components are hand sorted to 1% tolerances. Final part values and pair matching to 0.5dB will be performed at our USA head­quarters by our CEO, Dan Roemer. Each speaker will be ­measured ­using our Klippel nearfield scanner. The measurement data of each unit will be provided to the proud owner. The final step will be signing, ­certifying, and serializing each speaker. Truly a work of art like none other.


The (TPCD) TexTreme carbon fiber used in our midrange drive units is also the key to the performance of our woofers, resulting in lighter than-air dynamics and the impact you expect in a flagship Speaker that can play down to 20Hz in-room. This technology is 30% lighter than standard carbon fiber of the same thickness, with increased strength from using the unique process of stacking multiple layers. The unique weave is unmistakable and distributes break-up modes without sharp response peaks, while extending bandwidth. Simply perfect.


For the S7t-Limited, we’ve taken the technology to another level by manufacturing the array using Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy. Starting with a 40mm thick billet, the array is milled using a 5-axis CNC. Each part is precisely cut to 0.1mm tolerances, heat treated and then ultimately anodized to the final cosmetic. The real benefit is not just cosmetic and mechanical. Here, the aluminum DPC doubles as a massive thermal heatsink for all three dome tweeters in the array conjoining the existing aluminum heatsinks that each tweeter assembly already employs. Unique to the S7t Limited, they are now thermally coupled to the aluminum DPC. This not only increases power handling and reduces thermal compression of the individual units, but also maintains the same temperature across all drive units. This ensures the complete DPC array tracks as a single unit, effectively avoiding thermal runaway of any one tweeter or any non-linear compression from one unit to the next. This technique is often applied in audio amplifier design, this is a first for multiple loudspeaker transducers.


With accurate transient response, low distortion, and excellent low frequency extension. Is it possible to improve upon this? Drawing on the existing Textreme thin ply carbon diaphragm (TPCD) and suspension components, we set out to improve low frequency capability and thermal management. The re-designed voice coil and magnetic circuit now enable 20% more linear excursion, yet further reduced the overall inductance. This was achieved by utilizing a secondary shorting ring and re-designed voice coil windings. The secondary shorting ring doubles as a large heatsink inside the motor structure, coupled to the external copper heatsink using a unique mounting system of aluminum fasteners. The external heatsink is floated above the rear of the t-yoke assembly allowing for convection cooling of the voice coil and heatsinks as the air flow created by the voice coil’s excursion quietly flows past. All of these refinements yield improvements in all key performance categories: Linear excursion, distortion, thermal compression, transient performance, and midrange clarity.


Working with the Engineers at IsoAcoustics, leveraged from their patented technology, we have developed a custom PERLISTEN™ isolation/damping system only available on the S7t-Limited. This provides a high degree of isolation while resisting lateral movement and oscillations to maintain alignment with the listening position. Internal reflections from the hard-supporting surface are attenuated resulting in greater sound clarity and openness. Furthermore, the massive 18 kg machined steel base keeps the speaker cabinet grounded.


Initially intended for its stunning beauty and increased stiffness, the radiused panels also create a moderate 8% increase in cabinet volume without increasing the speaker’s footprint. The increased volume allows for full advantage to be taken of newly designed woofer’s excursion capabilities.


In order to take the S7t-Limited to new heights of performance we’ve not only revised the crossover design for the new cabinet and woofer, but for the Limited Edition we now are sorting all components to 1% tolerances. Furthermore, for the limited edition, each speaker pair and crossover are hand matched to within 0.5dB at our USA Research and Development headquarters located in Madison, WI. Here at our headquarters, we will perform Klippel nearfield scans of each speaker, pair match, certify and provide each customer with spinorama measurements of their actual speakers.


Here we have the ability to perform a full battery of measurements. And for a very limited and exclusive run of S7t’s, we will provide these measurements to the owner certifying the results. Each speaker will be individually signed and serialized by our CEO, Dan Roemer.

Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition (pair) Review


The Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition is a highly exclusive loudspeaker that has been garnering attention in the audio community. With only 50 pairs available worldwide, this limited edition speaker comes with a hefty price tag of $30,000 per pair. In this review, we will delve into the design, performance, and potential drawbacks of the Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition, helping you determine if it's worth the investment.

Design and Build Quality

The limited edition nature of the Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition adds an air of exclusivity to the speaker. Limited to just 50 pairs, this speaker is sure to turn heads and make a statement in any home theater setup. The upgraded woofer design and thermal management system are notable features that contribute to its exceptional performance. The redesigned voice coil and magnetic circuit, along with the lower overall inductance, result in improved linearity and reduced distortion.

To ensure optimal performance, the woofer features a secondary shorting ring that acts as a large heatsink. This is further complemented by an external copper heatsink, enhancing thermal management and preventing overheating. The custom isolation and damping system developed in collaboration with IsoAcoustics is another noteworthy addition, providing stability and isolating the speaker from external vibrations, ultimately improving sound clarity.

The cabinet of the Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition has also undergone significant upgrades. The radiused carbon fiber over HDF side panels increase the cabinet's stiffness and volume by 8% without increasing the speaker's footprint. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the speaker but also contributes to improved sound reproduction.

Performance and Sound Quality

The Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition has gained a reputation for its high-end performance, being regarded as one of the finest loudspeakers available. The upgraded woofer design and thermal management system significantly improve its low-frequency capability and bass response. The enhanced linear excursion allows for deeper and more controlled bass, providing a rich and immersive audio experience.

Distortion reduction is a priority with the Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition. The redesigned voice coil and magnetic circuit contribute to low distortion levels, resulting in improved transient response and accuracy. This ensures that every detail in the audio is faithfully reproduced, allowing for a more engaging and lifelike soundstage.

The revised crossover system is optimized to complement the changes made to the woofer and cabinet. This synergy between the components ensures seamless integration and balanced sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum. The Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition delivers a cohesive and natural soundstage, allowing you to immerse yourself in your favorite movies and music.

Component Matching and Certification

Perlisten takes great care in ensuring the accuracy and consistency of their speakers. Each component is paired-matched to a 0.5dB tolerance, guaranteeing precise performance. Additionally, all components are sorted to 1% tolerances before hand-matching each crossover and speaker pair. This meticulous process ensures that every Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition speaker delivers exceptional audio quality.

To further affirm the quality and authenticity of each speaker, Perlisten CEO Dan Roemer personally signs, certifies, and serializes each one. This attention to detail adds a personal touch to these limited edition speakers, making each pair a unique and collectible item.

Customers who purchase the Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition also receive spinorama measurements specific to their purchased pair. This provides valuable data that can help optimize speaker placement and room acoustics, ensuring the best possible performance in your listening environment.

Potential Drawbacks

While the Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition boasts impressive features and performance, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. The limited availability of only 50 pairs worldwide may make it challenging for some consumers to acquire these speakers. Additionally, the high price point of $30,000 per pair places the Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition firmly in the luxury audio category, making it a significant investment for most individuals.

To make an informed decision, it would be beneficial to have access to further information on the product's performance, sound characteristics, and customer reviews. While the limited edition nature of the speaker may limit the availability of such information, it would provide a more comprehensive assessment of the Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition's strengths and weaknesses.


The Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition is undoubtedly a remarkable loudspeaker. Its high-end performance, improved low-frequency capability, and distortion reduction make it a compelling option for audio enthusiasts seeking the finest audio experience. The custom isolation/damping system and cabinet upgrades further enhance its stability and sound quality.

However, the limited availability and high price point may pose challenges for some consumers. It is essential to consider your budget and the exclusivity of the limited edition before making a purchase. Gathering additional information on the product's performance and customer reviews would also aid in making an informed decision.

Ultimately, the Perlisten S7t-Limited Edition offers an exceptional audio experience for those who seek uncompromising quality and are willing to invest in a top-tier loudspeaker.


  • CNC Milled DPC
  • Improved Woofer
  • IsoAcoustics isolation
  • Carbon fiber cabinet panels
  • Re-designed crossover
  • Engineered & perceptualized in USA