SVS PC-2000 Pro - Dreamedia AV
SVS PC-2000 Pro - Dreamedia AV
SVS PC-2000 Pro - Dreamedia AV
SVS PC-2000 Pro - Dreamedia AV
SVS PC-2000 Pro - Dreamedia AV
SVS PC-2000 Pro - Dreamedia AV
SVS PC-2000 Pro - Dreamedia AV
SVS PC-2000 Pro - Dreamedia AV
SVS PC-2000 Pro - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: SVS

SVS PC-2000 Pro Subwoofer

Compact cylinder subwoofer with smart app control

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SVS PC-2000 Pro Subwoofer

Discover the Fusion of Power and Elegance

Welcome to the domain of audio purity, where the SVS PC-2000 Pro stands as a testament to what is possible when performance meets design. This cylinder subwoofer, with its sleek and spouse-friendly aesthetic, is not just an accessory but the heartbeat of your home theater system. It's a compact powerhouse, designed to deliver deep, clean, room-shaking bass that will immerse you in whatever you're watching or listening to.

Unmatched Audio Fidelity

The SVS PC-2000 Pro isn't just about bass, it's about delivering an experience. With a frequency response ranging from 16 to 290 Hz, the sonic landscape it creates is vast and textured. Whether you're feeling the rumble of an earthquake in a blockbuster movie or the subtle double bass in a jazz trio, the PC-2000 Pro captures it all with precision.

  • Deep, Powerful Bass: With a 550 W RMS, 1500 W peak amplifier, the PC-2000 Pro delivers a level of depth that you can feel in your bones.
  • Driver Excellence: The 12" down-firing aluminum driver ensures that every low note is played with crisp clarity, free of distortion.
  • Flexible Port Configuration: Enjoy the flexibility of having a bass-reflex design that can be easily sealed or ported to match your acoustic preferences.

Intuitive Control and Customization

The PC-2000 Pro is smart. It comes with a phone app that puts the power of fine-tuning in your hands. Dial in the bass to suit your room, your system, and your taste with just a few taps.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Adjust settings wirelessly, a convenience that cannot be overstated.
  • Phase Adjustment: Integrate the subwoofer seamlessly with your speakers for a cohesive sound field.
  • Input Variety: With an array of inputs and outputs, the PC-2000 Pro is ready to fit into any setup, whether it's for pure audio or integrated into a home theater system.

Design That Speaks Volumes

The SVS PC-2000 Pro boasts a design that is as practical as it is pleasing. Its cylinder shape is not just a visual statement, it contributes to the subwoofer's acoustic performance while maintaining a compact footprint that fits in any room.

  • Cylinder-shaped Design: A unique look that sets it apart from the boxy form of traditional subwoofers.
  • Compact Footprint: Big sound from a small base area, allowing for greater placement flexibility.
  • MDF Construction: The durable MDF cabinet material ensures a resonance-free experience, focusing all the energy on producing pure bass.

For the Audiophile in Everyone

Whether you're an audiophile with a keen ear for detail or a home theater enthusiast looking to enhance your movie-watching experience, the PC-2000 Pro is equipped to impress. Its clean bass performance maintains the integrity of the original recording, while its ability to play at high volumes without distortion means you can push the limits of your listening experience.

A Seamless Addition to Multi-Sub Setups

The SVS PC-2000 Pro supports multi-subwoofer setups, allowing you to create an even more expansive soundstage. This feature is not just for the tech-savvy; it's for anyone who wants to feel surrounded by their audio, enveloped in a cocoon of pure, unadulterated sound.

Features at a Glance

  • Amplifier Power: 550 W RMS, 1500 W Peak for commanding bass presence
  • Driver Size: 12" down-firing aluminum cone for articulate low-frequency reproduction
  • Frequency Response: 16 to 290 Hz, capturing the full spectrum of bass sounds
  • Amplifier Class: Class-D, combining power with efficiency
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Stereo RCA, USB-A, and 12 V Trigger inputs/outputs for versatile integration
  • Energy Efficient: Just 0.5 W power consumption in standby mode
  • Dimensions: 16.6 x 34.3 x 16.6 inches, a testament to its space-saving design
  • Weight: 47.4 lbs, robust yet manageable

The Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we understand the significance of a well-designed home theater system. The SVS PC-2000 Pro is a testament to our commitment to bringing you the best in home entertainment technology. Our team is ready to help design a system that integrates the PC-2000 Pro seamlessly into your space, ensuring that you get the most out of this incredible subwoofer.

The Verdict

Priced at $1089, the SVS PC-2000 Pro offers exceptional value for money. It's a subwoofer that stands out for its ability to deliver deep, impactful bass without taking over your living space. It's for the discerning listener who wants a subwoofer that performs as beautifully as it looks. It's for the movie lover who wants to be transported into the story. It's for the music enthusiast who wants to be at the heart of the performance. It's for you.

The SVS PC-2000 Pro is more than just a subwoofer. It's the foundation of an audio experience that will change the way you listen and feel about sound. With Dreamedia, bring this exceptional piece of audio technology into your home and let the earth-shattering, heart-pumping, soul-touching bass elevate your home theater to the next level.

Iconic cylinder design uses cabinet height to reduce footprint while delivering
the immense output and low frequency extension of a larger subwoofer.
Saves floorspace while delivering deep, earth-shaking output with stunning
refinement. SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System comes standard.

Our Review


The SVS PC-2000 Pro is a midrange model in SVS's cylinder subwoofer lineup. With its cylinder-shaped design and compact footprint, it aims to deliver powerful and clean bass performance while also offering aesthetic appeal for any living space. In this review, we will explore the design, technical specifications, performance, fine-tuning options, value for money, and user experience of the SVS PC-2000 Pro.

A quality subwoofer is an essential component of any home theater setup. It adds depth and impact to movie soundtracks and enhances the overall audio experience. The SVS PC-2000 Pro promises to deliver on these fronts, making it an attractive option for both audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts.

Design and Build Quality

The first thing that stands out about the SVS PC-2000 Pro is its cylinder-shaped design. Unlike traditional box-shaped subwoofers, the cylinder design allows for a more compact footprint, making it easier to fit into tight spaces. This is particularly beneficial for those with limited space in their living rooms or home theater setups.

In addition to its space-saving design, the SVS PC-2000 Pro also boasts an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The smooth lines and sleek finish give it a modern and sophisticated look that can seamlessly blend into any decor. This "spouse-friendly" design is a welcome departure from the typical bulky and unattractive subwoofers in the market.

When it comes to build quality, SVS has a reputation for producing durable and well-constructed products, and the PC-2000 Pro is no exception. The cabinet feels solid and sturdy, ensuring that it can withstand the demands of long-term use without any issues.

Technical Specifications

The SVS PC-2000 Pro features a 12-inch driver powered by a 550-watt RMS amplifier, which provides ample power to produce deep and impactful bass. This combination of a large driver and powerful amplifier allows the subwoofer to handle low frequencies with ease, resulting in a more immersive audio experience.

One notable feature of the PC-2000 Pro is its ability to be both ported and sealed. The subwoofer comes with a foam plug that can be inserted into the port, effectively sealing it and transforming it into a sealed subwoofer. This flexibility in placement options allows users to optimize the subwoofer's performance based on their specific room acoustics and personal preferences.

Furthermore, the SVS PC-2000 Pro supports multi-subwoofer setups, making it an excellent choice for those looking to achieve even bass distribution in larger rooms. By adding additional PC-2000 Pro subwoofers, users can create a more immersive and balanced audio experience throughout the space.

Performance and Sound Quality

When it comes to performance, the SVS PC-2000 Pro shines. The subwoofer delivers clean and distortion-free bass, allowing listeners to experience the full impact of explosions, deep rumbling, and low-frequency effects in movies and music. The PC-2000 Pro's ability to reproduce low frequencies accurately adds depth and realism to the overall soundstage.

Despite its compact size, the PC-2000 Pro manages to deliver impressive depth and performance. It can reach down to the lower frequencies without losing clarity or becoming muddy. This is especially important for home theater setups, where a subwoofer's ability to handle low-frequency effects is crucial.

Moreover, the SVS PC-2000 Pro caters to both audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. It performs exceptionally well in both music and movie scenarios, delivering punchy and well-defined bass that enhances the overall listening experience.

Fine-Tuning and Control

To fine-tune the SVS PC-2000 Pro to your specific preferences and room acoustics, SVS offers a dedicated phone app. The app provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to adjust various parameters, such as volume, crossover frequency, phase, and room gain compensation. This level of control ensures that you can optimize the subwoofer's performance to suit your individual listening environment.

The app also includes a variety of preset modes, such as Movie, Music, and Custom, which can serve as starting points for further customization. This flexibility in fine-tuning options allows users to achieve the perfect balance between impact and accuracy, depending on their preferences and the content being played.

Value for Money

With a price tag of $1089, the SVS PC-2000 Pro is competitively priced compared to other subwoofers in its class. Considering its performance, build quality, and the added convenience of the phone app for fine-tuning, the PC-2000 Pro offers good value for money.

SVS has a positive reputation and track record in the industry, known for producing high-quality audio products that deliver exceptional performance. This reputation adds to the overall value proposition of the PC-2000 Pro, as consumers can trust the brand's commitment to delivering reliable and top-notch audio equipment.

User Experience and Customer Support

The SVS PC-2000 Pro's compact design and aesthetic appeal make it a spouse-friendly addition to any living space. Its cylinder shape and sleek finish ensure that it doesn't dominate the room or stick out like a sore thumb. This is a significant advantage for those who prioritize both performance and visual appeal.

While the majority of users have reported positive experiences with the PC-2000 Pro, there have been some reports of coil whine. Coil whine is a high-pitched noise that can be audible when the subwoofer is operating. Although not a widespread issue, it is worth considering if you are particularly sensitive to noise or plan to place the subwoofer in close proximity to your listening position.

In terms of customer support, SVS has received mixed reviews. While some customers have praised the company's responsiveness and willingness to assist, others have expressed frustration with the level of support received. It is important to keep this in mind when considering a purchase, as good customer support can greatly enhance the overall ownership experience.


In conclusion, the SVS PC-2000 Pro is a solid performer in the cylinder subwoofer category. Its compact and aesthetically pleasing design, coupled with its clean bass performance and flexibility in fine-tuning options, make it an excellent choice for both audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. With a competitive price point and a positive reputation from SVS, the PC-2000 Pro offers good value for money.

However, it is worth noting the potential issue of coil whine and the mixed customer experiences with SVS's customer support. These factors should be taken into consideration when making a purchasing decision. Overall, the SVS PC-2000 Pro delivers on its promises and is a worthy addition to any home theater setup, providing a powerful and immersive audio experience.


Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions (H x D): 34" x 16.5"
  • Weight: 53 lbs

Driver Specifications

  • Driver Size: 12-inch
  • Driver Orientation: Down-firing
  • Driver Design: High-excursion

Amplifier Specifications

  • Amplifier Type: Sledge STA-550D DSP
  • RMS Power: 550 watts
  • Peak Power: 1,500+ watts

Performance Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 16-290 Hz ±3 dB

Digital Signal Processing

  • DSP Processor: 50 MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP
  • Filter Precision: 56bit


  • RCA Input/Output: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes


  • App Control: Yes
  • User Controls: Low pass, phase, polarity, room gain compensation