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Panamax DC12-IP Smart DC Power Manager

Advanced DC Power Management and Remote Control

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Panamax DC12-IP Smart DC Power Manager

Unleash the Power of Smart Management

Imagine a world where your home theater or professional AV system operates with impeccable precision, where every piece of equipment is protected, power is meticulously managed, and system reliability is not just a wish, but a given. The Panamax DC12-IP Smart DC Power Manager is the cornerstone of that reality, offering a level of control and protection that transforms the way you interact with your technology.

Cutting-Edge Protection

At the heart of the Panamax DC12-IP lies a fortress of advanced protection. Power surges and electrical spikes are no match for its robust defense mechanisms, ensuring your valuable equipment is safeguarded against the unforeseen. This isn't just about preventing damage; it's about providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investments are secure.

Space Efficiency and Aesthetics

The sleek, space-saving rack-mounted design not only conserves valuable space but also contributes to an organized and professional setup. With the DC12-IP, say goodbye to the clutter of unsightly cables and bulky power supplies. This unit is not just about function; it's a statement of sophistication in your rack.

The Power of BlueBOLT™

BlueBOLT™ technology is the invisible hero in this narrative. Enabled for remote monitoring and control, this feature allows you to manage your power supply from anywhere in the world. Whether you're on vacation or in a meeting across town, you can interact with your system as if you were standing right in front of it.

Tailored Power Management

The DC12-IP doesn't just adapt to your current needs; it's designed to evolve with you. With 12 controllable outlets, each aspect of your system can be customized to your liking. Schedule power cycles, manage energy usage, and resolve issues remotely with the auto-reboot functionality. This is more than a power manager; it's a dynamic tool tailored to the unique demands of your system.

Effortless Control

Gone are the days of navigating complicated interfaces to manage your power supply. The BlueBOLT™ Mobile App brings the power of IP management to the palm of your hand, with an intuitive interface that makes setup and ongoing management a breeze.

The Panamax DC12-IP Experience

Unmatched Versatility

  • 12 individually controlled outlets offer unparalleled connectivity and control
  • Advanced surge protection provides peace of mind against power spikes
  • EMI/RFI filtration ensures clean power for audio and video clarity

Intelligent Design

  • Power sequencing prevents circuit overload during power-up
  • Rack mountable with included brackets for a seamless integration
  • Remote power management for on-the-go system adjustments
  • Energy usage monitoring to keep your power consumption in check
  • Scheduled on/off commands for automated system control

Seamless Integration

The DC12-IP is not just a power manager; it's the central hub of your system's performance. Its innovative design reduces rack clutter, saves time during setup, and elevates your entire system's functionality. The integration of BlueBOLT™ technology for remote management ensures you're always in control, no matter where you are.

Advanced Power Conditioning

The DC12-IP is engineered to provide advanced power conditioning, delivering pure, uninterrupted power to your equipment. This refined power ensures the optimal performance of your AV system, delivering crystal-clear audio and pristine video quality.

Smart Automation

With the DC12-IP, your system becomes self-reliant. The auto-reboot functionality automatically resolves common issues, reducing downtime and the need for manual intervention. The configurable programming allows for customized outlet control and scheduling, ensuring your system operates exactly how you want it to, when you want it to.

For the Tech-Savvy and Everyday User

Whether you're a seasoned AV professional or a home theater enthusiast, the Panamax DC12-IP is designed with you in mind. Its robust feature set is matched by an ease of use that welcomes users of all levels. The accessible language of the BlueBOLT™ Mobile App ensures that you don't need to be a tech wizard to harness the full potential of this power manager.

Embrace the Future of Power Management

The Panamax DC12-IP Smart DC Power Manager is more than just a piece of equipment; it's an investment in the longevity and reliability of your AV system. It represents a commitment to excellence and a step into the future of power management.

With Dreamedia's expertise, you can seamlessly integrate the DC12-IP into your setup and enjoy the unparalleled control and protection it offers. Our team is ready to design a home theater system that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them, with the DC12-IP as its cornerstone.

Embrace the power, control, and peace of mind that comes with the Panamax DC12-IP Smart DC Power Manager. Your system deserves nothing less.

Our Review


In an era where home theaters and smart home systems are becoming as complex as professional setups, power management is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. Ensuring that your equipment is not only powered but also protected and managed efficiently is critical. Enter the Panamax DC12-IP Smart DC Power Manager, a sophisticated solution designed to meet the demands of high-end home theater systems and smart homes.


Aesthetically, the Panamax DC12-IP presents a sleek, professional appearance with a focus on minimalism. The space-saving, 1U rack-mounted design is engineered not just for looks but for practicality, allowing for seamless integration into an existing AV or server rack.

Rack Integration

The device's 11.5 x 17 x 1.5-inch dimensions are well thought out, catering to the standard sizing norms of rack-mounted gear, ensuring that the Panamax DC12-IP will fit comfortably alongside other components. This integration is a boon for custom installers and enthusiasts looking to maintain a tidy and organized setup.

Build Quality

Constructed with robust materials, the DC12-IP promises durability. The build quality is indicative of Panamax's reputation for creating products that not only perform well but also withstand the test of time in demanding environments.


Advanced Protection

The advanced protection features are the core of the Panamax DC12-IP. With the ability to guard against power surges and electrical irregularities, it extends the lifespan of your connected devices. This level of protection is essential for safeguarding expensive and sensitive home theater and smart home components.

BlueBOLT™ Technology

The integration of BlueBOLT™ technology for remote power management is a standout feature. The user interface is intuitive, allowing for effortless monitoring and control of power to connected devices. The BlueBOLT™ Mobile App further enhances this convenience, enabling users to manage their systems from anywhere—provided they have an internet connection.

Controllable Outlets

Twelve individually controllable outlets offer significant flexibility. Whether you're powering a multi-zone AV system or a range of smart home devices, the ability to manage each outlet independently is invaluable.

Power Conditioning

Power conditioning is another critical feature. It ensures a cleaner power supply to your devices, which can result in improved performance and reduced risk of damage due to electrical noise and interference.


Power Output and Efficiency

The Panamax DC12-IP boasts a total DC output power of 150W, which is quite adequate for managing several low-power devices commonly found in home theater setups. The efficiency of power distribution is commendable, with little waste or excess heat generation.

Remote Management

Testing the BlueBOLT™ Enabled features in a real-world setting reveals a responsive and reliable system. The ability to remotely reboot devices is particularly useful for resolving issues without the need for physical intervention.

Auto-Reboot Functionality

The auto-reboot functionality is a godsend for maintaining system stability. It minimizes downtime by automatically resetting devices that have become unresponsive, which is especially useful for components that may lock up or freeze.

User Experience

Setup and Configuration

Initial setup of the Panamax DC12-IP can be a bit daunting due to its advanced features. However, once configured, it provides a robust power management framework. Users should be prepared to invest some time in understanding the configuration process to fully utilize the device's capabilities.

Daily Operation

On a day-to-day basis, the Panamax DC12-IP is a silent workhorse. Its operations are unobtrusive, and once the initial setup is complete, it requires little to no user intervention. The user interface is accessible, although it may take some time for less tech-savvy individuals to become comfortable with the options and settings.

Potential Drawbacks

The reliance on internet connectivity for remote management could be a double-edged sword. While it offers convenience, any interruption in internet service can render remote features unusable. Additionally, the initial learning curve for correctly configuring the outlets and scheduling might discourage some users.


When compared to similar products on the market, the Panamax DC12-IP holds its own in terms of features and performance. While it may come at a premium price, the level of control and protection it offers justifies the investment for those who require a high degree of power management and device protection.

Final Thoughts

The Panamax DC12-IP Smart DC Power Manager is an impressive piece of technology. Its advanced features and remote management capabilities make it an excellent choice for high-end home theater systems and complex smart home setups. It offers a level of customization and control that can significantly enhance the user experience while providing peace of mind through its protective measures. While it may not be the simplest device to configure, and its reliance on internet connectivity could be a concern for some, its benefits far outweigh these considerations. The Panamax DC12-IP is recommended for users who value the integrity of their system and seek comprehensive power management solutions.


Electrical Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 90 – 264Vac
  • Input Frequency: 47 – 63Hz
  • Maximum Input Power Rating: 180W @ 120Vac (DC output fully loaded)
  • Total DC Output Power: 150W
  • Maximum DC Output Current, Total: 12.5A @ 12VDC, 26.0A @ 5VDC
  • Maximum DC Output Current, Per Bank: 5.0A @ 12VDC, 2.2A @ 5VDC
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 40°C (104°F)

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 292 x 432 x 38 mm (L x W x H)
  • Rack Size: 1U

Regulatory Compliance

  • United States: FCC Part 15B, UL 62368-1
  • Canada: ICES-003 B, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1
  • United Kingdom: BS EN 55032, EN 55035, EN 62368
  • European Union: EN55032, EN55035, EN62368
  • Australia/New Zealand: SAA, AS/NZS CISPR32


  • Ethernet Interface: 10/100 Base-T
  • USB Interface: Type A (for firmware updates and local configuration)
  • Communication Protocol: HTTP, HTTPS, TELNET, DHCP, TCP/IP, SNMP


  • BlueBOLT Enabled: Yes
  • Individually Controlled Outputs: 12
  • Advanced Surge Protection: Yes
  • EMI/RFI Filtration: Standard
  • Power Sequencing: Yes
  • Rack Mountable: Yes, brackets included
  • Remote Power Management: Yes
  • Energy Usage Monitoring: Yes
  • Scheduled On/Off Commands: Yes

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