MartinLogan Motion FX Surround Channel Speaker - Dreamedia AV
MartinLogan Motion FX Surround Channel Speaker - Dreamedia AV
MartinLogan Motion FX Surround Channel Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: MartinLogan

MartinLogan Motion FX Surround Channel Speaker

Bipole surround speaker with Folded Motion tweeter

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MartinLogan Motion FX Surround Channel Speaker

Discover the Sound of Innovation with MartinLogan Motion FX

Imagine a home theater experience so immersive that you feel the rush of a waterfall, the crackle of a campfire, and the subtle whispers in a tense dialogue scene with life-like clarity. MartinLogan's Motion FX surround channel speaker is designed to bring you into the heart of your favorite movies and music with its emotionally engaging sound and wide soundstage.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Folded Motion Tweeter Technology: Experience clear and detailed high-frequency sound.
  • Dual 4-inch Woofers: Enjoy dynamic and powerful bass performance.
  • Bi-directional Design: Benefit from flexible placement options.
  • Voice-matched Integration: Seamlessly blends with MartinLogan's Motion series.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Wall-mounting and placement on flat surfaces.
  • Wide Sound Dispersion: Creates an atmospheric listening experience.
  • Compact yet Powerful: Size defies the powerful bass and sound clarity.
  • Extended Warranty: 5 years of coverage with product registration.

Exceptional Sound Quality

The MartinLogan Motion FX is built with a passion for acoustic excellence. At its heart lies the advanced Folded Motion tweeter technology, which delivers natural and transparent sound reproduction. This technology, akin to the exquisite detail of an artist's brushstroke, reveals the delicate timbre and tonality of each instrument and voice.

The dual 4-inch woofers pack a punch, offering a dynamic and powerful bass performance that is rare for speakers of this size. Whether you are listening to a bass-heavy track or an action-packed scene, the Motion FX ensures that you will feel the depth and power of every moment.

Design and Build

The sleek and modern design of the Motion FX is not just about aesthetics; it's a testament to MartinLogan's commitment to quality. The speaker's compact size is engineered to produce a powerful bass response, and the bi-directional design offers flexible placement options within your space. The Motion FX is wall-mountable and can be placed on flat surfaces, allowing you to optimize the sound based on your room's acoustics.

Seamless Integration

The MartinLogan Motion FX is voice-matched to the Motion series, ensuring a seamless sonic signature when paired with other MartinLogan speakers. This creates a cohesive and harmonious soundscape that elevates the overall listening experience. Whether you are building a new system or expanding an existing one, the Motion FX is a perfect match.

Wide-Dispersion Sound

The wide-dispersion design of the Motion FX speaker creates an atmospheric sound that envelops you. With a horizontal dispersion of 160 degrees and a vertical dispersion of 30 degrees, the speaker ensures that every listener in the room is part of the cinematic journey. This wide dispersion also makes the speaker forgiving in terms of placement, allowing you to enjoy great sound regardless of your seating position.

Durability and Reliability

MartinLogan's commitment to quality is evident in the build of the Motion FX. The speaker's robust construction ensures longevity and consistent performance. Additionally, the five-year warranty provides peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected.

Installation and Setup

The installation of the Motion FX is straightforward, thanks to the great mounting system. Whether you choose to wall-mount it or place it on a shelf, the process is hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy your enhanced audio experience in no time.

Break-in Period

To achieve the ultimate performance from your Motion FX, a break-in period of approximately 72 hours at 90 dB is recommended before critical listening. This allows the components to settle in, ensuring that you experience the full potential of the speaker.


  • Emotionally engaging sound with a wide soundstage.
  • Clear, crisp, and warm sound with great spatial presence.
  • Advanced Folded Motion tweeter technology for natural and transparent sound reproduction.
  • Moderate price for the quality and features offered.
  • Great mounting system for easy installation.
  • Wide-dispersion design creates an atmospheric sound.
  • Compact size with powerful bass reproduction.
  • Versatile mounting options for different room configurations.
  • Voice-matched to MartinLogan's Motion series tower, bookshelf, and center channel speakers.

Enhance Your Home Theater Experience

The MartinLogan Motion FX is a perfect addition to any home theater setup. Its exceptional sound quality, innovative design, and seamless integration with other MartinLogan speakers make it a standout choice for those seeking to elevate their audio experience.

Why Choose MartinLogan Motion FX

Choosing the right surround channel speaker can be daunting, but the MartinLogan Motion FX makes it easy. Its combination of high-quality sound, flexible placement options, and compatibility with other speakers in the Motion series ensures a superior listening experience that resonates with both audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Dreamedia – Your Home Theater Partner

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of a well-designed home theater system. Our team is available to help you design and integrate the MartinLogan Motion FX into your space, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction. Let us help you create an immersive audio environment that brings your favorite entertainment to life.

In conclusion, the MartinLogan Motion FX surround channel speaker is a testament to the brand's legacy of audio innovation. With its emotionally engaging sound, wide soundstage, and versatile mounting options, it offers a balanced and comprehensive solution for those seeking to enhance their home theater experience. Embrace the sound of innovation with MartinLogan and Dreamedia.

Our Review

MartinLogan Motion FX Surround Channel Speaker Review


MartinLogan is a name that resonates with audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike. Known for their electrostatic speaker technology and high-fidelity sound systems, they have carved out a niche for themselves in the audio industry. In the realm of home theater, surround channel speakers play a pivotal role in immersing the listener into the heart of the action. The MartinLogan Motion FX aims to fulfill this role with its advanced technology and design.

Design and Build

Upon first glance, the MartinLogan Motion FX exudes a sense of quality, with a sleek and modern aesthetic that should complement any home theater setting. The bass reflex enclosure ensures efficient sound projection, while the choice of materials speaks to the durability of the build.

The dimensions and weight of these speakers make them versatile for various room sizes and configurations. At 9.5 lbs., they are light enough to mount on walls securely, which the included hardware facilitates. The compact size belies the power within, making it an excellent option for those with space constraints.

Ergonomics and Placement

The bi-directional design of the Motion FX is a standout feature, providing flexibility in positioning. Whether mounted on the wall or placed on a flat surface, the speakers are designed to distribute sound evenly, creating a more immersive experience. This design choice also means that the Motion FX can adapt to the acoustics of the room, ensuring optimal sound distribution.


One cannot discuss the Motion FX without highlighting its Folded Motion Tweeter technology. This advanced tweeter design allows for a vast yet precise soundstage, delivering crisp and detailed highs without the harshness that can plague lesser systems. The dual 5-1/4 inch woofers complement the tweeter by providing a robust and controlled bass response, crucial for those impactful movie moments.

The Motion FX is engineered to work seamlessly with other speakers in the MartinLogan Motion series. This voice-matching ensures a cohesive and harmonious sound profile when used as part of a larger system.


With spring post connectors, the Motion FX offers a secure and straightforward connection to most home theater receivers and amplifiers. The power handling of 20-160 watts and an impedance of 4 ohms mean that these speakers can be driven by a wide range of amplifiers, from modest to more powerful models.


The Motion FX shines when it comes to performance. The highs are rendered with an airy and lifelike quality, thanks to the Folded Motion Tweeter, while the mids are clear and present, ensuring dialogue and key sound elements are never lost. The lows, supported by the dual woofers, are tight and punchy, providing a solid foundation without overwhelming the soundstage.

The sensitivity rating of 91 dB and a frequency response of 74-25,000 Hz indicate that these speakers can handle a wide range of sounds with ease, from the subtlest of whispers to the most explosive action sequences. The performance remains consistent across different room sizes, although larger spaces may require careful placement and tuning to achieve the best results.

Soundstage and Immersion

The wide-dispersion design of the Motion FX allows for a soundstage that envelops the listener, creating a truly immersive experience. The bipole configuration ensures that sound is projected in multiple directions, filling the room and providing a sense of depth and dimensionality to audio playback.

Installation and Setup

Mounting the Motion FX is straightforward, and the flexibility in placement means that users can experiment with different positions to find the sweet spot in their room. The recommended break-in period of approximately 72 hours at 90 dB is a testament to the engineering behind these speakers, as they settle into their optimal performance state.

For setup, users may need to adjust their receiver or amplifier settings to match the Motion FX's characteristics. This fine-tuning is crucial to ensure that the speakers perform at their best, particularly in terms of crossover frequencies and volume balancing within a multi-speaker setup.

Pros and Cons

The MartinLogan Motion FX brings numerous strengths to the table, including its emotionally engaging sound, advanced tweeter technology, and versatile mounting options. The sound quality is both clear and warm, with a spatial presence that few speakers at this price point can match.

However, potential buyers should be aware that the performance details can vary based on individual listening environments and setup configurations. Additionally, while the 4-ohm impedance offers compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers, it may require careful matching with components to avoid overtaxing less capable receivers.

Final Thoughts

The MartinLogan Motion FX Surround Channel Speaker provides exceptional value for its moderate price point. It is a formidable choice for both seasoned audiophiles and those new to home theater systems. Its compatibility with other Motion series speakers makes it an excellent choice for building a cohesive system over time. The quality of construction, innovative technology, and superior sound performance make the Motion FX a standout product in its category, and one that is highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their home theater experience.


Audio Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 55–25,000 Hz ±3dB
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 20—200 watts per channel
  • Sensitivity: 93 dB/2.83 volts/meter
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Crossover Frequency: 2,600 Hz
  • High-Frequency Transducer Size: 1" × 1.4"
  • High-Frequency Transducer Diaphragm: 5.25" × 1.75"
  • Low-Frequency Driver Size: 4"
  • Horizontal Dispersion: 160°
  • Vertical Dispersion: 30°

Physical Specifications

  • Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7 kg)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 6.8" x 15.9" x 5.1" (17.3cm x 40.4cm x 13cm)

Design & Features

  • Tweeter Type: Folded Motion Transducer
  • Mounting Options: Wall-mountable, corner-mount, angle-wall mount
  • Speaker Wire Compatibility: Accepts bare wire, pin-connectors, banana plugs (single)
  • Design: Bass Reflex
  • Bipole or Dipole Configuration: Bipole
  • Connector Type: Custom 5-way bi-wire tool-less binding posts
  • Enclosure Type: Folded Bass Reflex Port
  • Precision Vojtko Crossover: Yes
  • Speaker Type: Surround Channel
  • Driver Size: 5-1/4"
  • Speaker Design: 2-way
  • Color: Black

Compatibility & Integration

  • Voice-matched: Yes, to MartinLogan's Motion series

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