MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair - Dreamedia AV
MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair - Dreamedia AV
MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair - Dreamedia AV
MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair - Dreamedia AV
MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: MartinLogan

MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair

High-Fidelity All-Weather Outdoor Speakers

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MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair

Elevate Your Outdoor Sound Experience

Imagine hosting a garden party, a poolside barbecue, or simply unwinding on your porch after a long day. The ambiance is nearly perfect, but something is missing—the soul-stirring depth of your favorite tunes, delivered in crystal-clear audio that fills the open air. Enter the MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair. These aren't just speakers; they're the guardians of your outdoor audio experience, built to withstand the elements while providing the soundtrack to your outdoor lifestyle.

Uncompromising Audio Quality

  • High-Fidelity Sound: At the heart of these speakers lies a powerful combination—a 6.5” mineral-filled polypropylene cone for robust bass and a 1" titanium dome tweeter for crisp highs. This duo is engineered to deliver high-performance sound that can turn your backyard into a concert venue.
  • Optimal Frequency Response: With a frequency response of 80–20,000 Hz ±2dB, the ML-65AW speakers ensure you hear every note as it was intended, from the deep rumble of a bass guitar to the high pitch of a violin string.
  • Amplifier Compatibility: These speakers are designed to work seamlessly with a range of amplifier power from 20 to 140 watts per channel, making them versatile for various setups and preferences.

All-Weather Durability

The ML-65AW speakers are not just about sound; they are also about enduring performance under the sky's vast canvas. Whether it's the scorching sun, pouring rain, or the biting cold, these speakers are built to last:

  • Sealed Enclosures: The fully sealed, mineral-filled reinforced enclosures protect the intricate internal components from the elements.
  • Weather-Resistant Materials: The water and UV-resistant aluminum grilles, along with the stainless steel and polymer mounting brackets, ensure that your speakers look and sound great season after season.
  • Superior Construction: Gold-plated binding posts and brass hardware offer not only a superior connection but also resistance to corrosion.

Design and Installation Flexibility

  • Swiveling U-Bracket: The swiveling design on a robust U-bracket allows you to aim the sound precisely where you want it, ensuring an optimal listening experience throughout your outdoor space.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Sporting a sleek white color, these speakers blend seamlessly into any outdoor setting, complementing your home's exterior without drawing unwanted attention.
  • Easy Connectivity: The 5-way binding posts accommodate wire up to 5AWG, making installation and connection to your existing system a breeze.

Key Features at a Glance

  • All-weather speakers with fully sealed enclosures
  • High-performance drivers: 6.5" bass and 1" tweeter
  • Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers
  • Swiveling U-bracket for precise sound aiming
  • Water & UV-resistant aluminum grilles
  • Stainless steel & polymer mounting brackets
  • Gold-plated binding posts for superior connectivity

Superior Sound in Any Environment

The outdoors can be unpredictable, but your sound quality shouldn't be. The MartinLogan ML-65AW ensures that whether you're enjoying a quiet evening by the fire pit or entertaining guests during a lively backyard bash, your music remains a faithful companion. The sealed enclosure design not only protects against harsh weather elements but also enhances the acoustic performance, ensuring that your music is rich, full, and distortion-free.

Effortless Integration

Integrating new components into your existing setup can be a challenge, but the ML-65AW speakers make it easy. The versatile mounting options and compatibility with a range of amplifiers mean that these speakers can become a part of your outdoor space without the need for complex adjustments or equipment changes.

The Dreamedia Advantage

At Dreamedia, we understand that every home and every homeowner is unique. That's why we're here to help design and install the perfect outdoor audio system tailored to your specific needs. With the MartinLogan ML-65AW speakers as part of our extensive product lineup, we ensure that you get not only a superior product but also the expertise and service to make your outdoor audio dreams a reality.

Peace of Mind with Full Warranty

Your investment in quality sound is protected with a 2-year parts and labor warranty, giving you peace of mind that the ML-65AW speakers are a lasting addition to your outdoor space.

In Summary

  • Exceptional Performance: Experience high-quality bass and clear treble with the advanced driver design.
  • All-Weather Protection: Enjoy your music in any climate with robust weather-resistant construction.
  • Easy Installation: Set up your speakers with ease, thanks to the accommodating design and connectivity options.
  • Dreamedia Support: Rely on Dreamedia for expert design and installation services, ensuring your outdoor audio system is second to none.

The MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair is not just a purchase; it's an investment in the soundtrack of your life. Whether you're looking to enhance your quiet moments or amplify your celebrations, these speakers offer a harmonious blend of quality, durability, and performance. Transform your outdoor space into an audio oasis with the ML-65AW—where every note is a note worth hearing.

Our Review

MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair Review


Outdoor audio solutions have become an integral part of our living spaces, extending the comfort of our homes to the great outdoors. The MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair enters the market as a robust solution for those seeking high-fidelity sound in environments where traditional speakers would falter. With weather-resistant features at its core, this pair promises to deliver MartinLogan's renowned audio quality come rain, shine, or anything in between.

Design and Build Quality


The ML-65AW speakers boast a sleek, unobtrusive design that is built to blend seamlessly into outdoor environments. The compact and neutral aesthetic makes them versatile for a variety of settings, from modern patios to rustic garden spaces. The design is thoughtful, ensuring that the speakers complement rather than detract from the natural beauty of their surroundings.


MartinLogan has a reputation for quality, and the ML-65AW speakers are no exception. Constructed with fully sealed, mineral-filled reinforced enclosures, these speakers are built to withstand the harshest of elements. The water and UV-resistant aluminum grilles are not just functional but add to the durability of the overall design. The use of stainless steel, polymer mounting brackets, and brass hardware further speaks to the company's commitment to long-term reliability and performance.

Mounting and Installation

The inclusion of versatile swiveling U-brackets is a thoughtful touch, allowing for a wide range of motion and angling possibilities during installation. This flexibility is crucial for outdoor spaces where speaker placement and direction can significantly affect sound quality. The mounting process itself is straightforward, and the robust brackets ensure that once in place, the speakers remain secure even in adverse weather conditions.


All-Weather Capabilities

The all-weather capabilities of the ML-65AW speakers are the cornerstone of their design. The sealed enclosures prevent moisture ingress, and the choice of materials offers protection against UV rays, temperature extremes, and other environmental factors. This level of protection is vital for maintaining sound quality and functionality over time, regardless of climate.


Compatibility is a strong suit for the ML-65AW, with the ability to work with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers. This flexibility is a boon for users who may already have an existing system and are looking to expand or upgrade their outdoor audio setup without the need for additional equipment.


High-quality audio connections are ensured through the use of gold-plated binding posts, which are known for their superior conductivity and resistance to corrosion. The ability to accommodate wire up to 5AWG means that users can opt for higher gauge cables for better signal transmission, further enhancing the overall audio experience.


Sound Quality

The sound performance of the ML-65AW is impressive. The 6.5” mineral-filled polypropylene cone provides a robust bass response that is uncommon in many outdoor speakers. Coupled with the 1" titanium dome tweeter, the speakers deliver clear, crisp highs, ensuring a well-rounded audio experience. The sound is expansive and detailed, a testament to MartinLogan's audio engineering expertise.

Power Handling

With recommended amplifier power ranging from 20 to 140 watts per channel, the ML-65AW speakers are capable of delivering powerful sound without distortion. While the maximum power handling may be lower compared to some high-powered outdoor speakers, it is more than sufficient for most residential and commercial outdoor settings, providing a satisfying listening experience.

Frequency Response and Sensitivity

The frequency response of 80–20,000 Hz ±2dB ensures that the speakers can handle a wide range of sounds, from the low rumble of thunder in a movie soundtrack to the high notes of a symphony. The sensitivity rating of 91 dB is indicative of the speaker's efficiency, translating into clear sound even at lower volumes, which is particularly useful in outdoor environments where background noise can be a factor.

Installation and Setup

Ease of Installation

Installing the ML-65AW speakers is a relatively simple process. The necessary hardware is included, and the instructions are clear, allowing for a quick and painless setup. The ability to handle the installation without professional help is a plus for the DIY-inclined user.

Placement Flexibility

The swiveling U-bracket design not only aids in the installation process but also provides users with the flexibility to direct sound where it is most needed. This adaptability is crucial in outdoor settings, where obstacles and open spaces can affect sound propagation. The ability to fine-tune the speaker's direction ensures optimal sound coverage for any given area.

Use Cases

The ML-65AW speakers shine in a variety of outdoor scenarios. They are an excellent choice for those who wish to enjoy music on their deck, by the pool, or in a garden. Their durable construction and high-quality sound make them suitable for both residential and commercial installations, such as outdoor dining areas, patios of cafes, or public spaces where ambient music enhances the experience.

Pros and Cons Recap

The ML-65AW speakers offer a compelling mix of high-fidelity sound and rugged durability. The all-weather design, coupled with MartinLogan's commitment to quality, makes them a reliable choice for outdoor audio. However, the maximum power handling may not satisfy those looking for extremely loud sound levels, and some users may prefer additional details on frequency response and sensitivity for a more technical comparison.


When compared to other outdoor speakers in the same price range, the ML-65AW stands out for its combination of sound quality and all-weather resilience. While some alternatives may offer higher power handling, they often lack the nuanced audio performance and detailed sound that MartinLogan delivers.

Final Thoughts

The MartinLogan ML-65AW Installer Series All-Weather Speaker Pair is a robust, high-performing option for those seeking to enhance their outdoor audio experiences. The speakers deliver on their promise of exceptional sound quality, all-weather durability, and ease of installation. While they may not be the most powerful on the market, their performance, versatility, and build quality offer excellent value for money, making them a worthy investment for any outdoor audio enthusiast.


General Specifications

  • Brand: MartinLogan
  • Model: ML-65AW
  • Type: Outdoor all-weather speaker pair
  • Color: White
  • Speaker Type: Landscape
  • Weather Resistance: All-weather
  • Quantity: Pair
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use: Yes

Audio Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 80–20,000 Hz ±2dB
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Crossover Frequency: 2300 Hz
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 20—140 watts per channel
  • High Frequency Transducer: 1" (2.5cm) titanium dome
  • Low Frequency Transducer: 6.5” (16.5cm) mineral-filled polypropylene cone

Physical Specifications

  • Weight: 8.8 lbs. (4 kg)
  • Dimensions: 11" x 7.5" x 7.94"
  • Mounting Options: Swivels on U-Bracket


  • Inputs: 5-way binding posts
  • Wire Accommodation: Up to 5AWG


  • Enclosure Type: Sealed
  • Enclosure Material: Mineral-filled reinforced
  • Grilles: Water & UV-resistant aluminum
  • Mounting Brackets: Stainless steel & polymer
  • Hardware: Brass
  • Binding Posts: Gold-plated