Luxul SW-610-48P-F 48-Port Gb PoE+ L2 L3 Managed Switch with 4 SFP+ - Dreamedia AV
Luxul SW-610-48P-F 48-Port Gb PoE+ L2 L3 Managed Switch with 4 SFP+ - Dreamedia AV
Luxul SW-610-48P-F 48-Port Gb PoE+ L2 L3 Managed Switch with 4 SFP+ - Dreamedia AV

Luxul SW-610-48P-F 48-Port Gb PoE+ L2 L3 Managed Switch with 4 SFP+

48-port PoE+ managed switch with L2/L3 support

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Luxul SW-610-48P-F 48-Port Gb PoE+ L2 L3 Managed Switch with 4 SFP+

Unleashing Potential with Power and Precision

Imagine a central hub in your home or business, a cornerstone of connectivity that not only powers but also manages and secures your network with unmatched efficiency. The Luxul SW-610-48P-F 48-Port Gb PoE+ L2 L3 Managed Switch with 4 SFP+ is that hub, an embodiment of control and power for the tech-savvy and the everyday user alike.

Engineered for Excellence

The Luxul SW-610-48P-F is not just a piece of technology; it's a testament to innovation, designed to ensure that your network is not only operational but optimized. With a vast 48 ports at your disposal, all front-facing for unparalleled ease of access, this switch is built to accommodate the expanding needs of modern networks.

Power Over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)

  • Max Power Consumption: 899W @ 100VAC
  • PoE Power Budget: 740W

In the world of network management, power is paramount. The Luxul SW-610-48P-F offers an impressive PoE power budget of 740W, providing ample power to devices like VoIP phones, IP cameras, and wireless access points. The PoE+ capability means higher power per port, allowing you to support more power-hungry devices without the need for additional electrical cabling.

Performance That Speaks Volumes

  • Switching Capacity: 176Gbps
  • Forwarding Capacity: 130.9Mpps (64 byte packets)
  • MAC Table Size: 32K MAC addresses

Speed and reliability are the heartbeats of any network, and the Luxul SW-610-48P-F delivers with a switching capacity of 176Gbps and a forwarding capacity of 130.9Mpps. This means your data flows rapidly and reliably, ensuring that your network can handle even the most data-intensive tasks without missing a beat.

Uncompromising Connectivity

  • Connection Type: Wired
  • Interface Options: RJ-45, SFP+ up to 10 Gbps

Connectivity is key, and with the Luxul SW-610-48P-F, your network is equipped with robust wired connections that keep your data flowing securely and swiftly. The inclusion of four 10 Gigabit SFP+ ports enables high-speed uplinks and stacking capabilities, making this switch an ideal choice for businesses with high-bandwidth requirements.

Smart Network Management

  • ProWatch Integrated: Yes
  • Group Manager: Single pane user interface

With ProWatch Integrated, you're not just purchasing a switch; you're investing in peace of mind. The ability to monitor and manage your network remotely means that you're always in control, even when you're not on-site. The Group Manager provides a unified interface for the administration of multiple switches, simplifying your network management tasks.

Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Hardware Queues: 8
  • Priority and Weighted Round Robin (WRR): Yes

Quality of Service is about prioritizing your network traffic to ensure that critical applications get the bandwidth they need. With eight hardware queues and advanced QoS features, the Luxul SW-610-48P-F guarantees that voice, video, and other time-sensitive data are given priority, so your network performs smoothly under any load.

Standards and Compliance

  • VLAN Compliance: 802.1Q
  • IEEE Standards: Comprehensive list including 802.3, 802.3ab, and 802.1X

Rest assured, the Luxul SW-610-48P-F meets a comprehensive range of IEEE standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of devices and networks. VLAN support allows for segmenting your network for improved performance and security.

Environmental Adaptability

  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to +50°C
  • Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-condensing)

The Luxul SW-610-48P-F is built to last, capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels. This ensures that your network remains operational in various environments, from the comfort of a climate-controlled office to more challenging conditions.

Proactive Protection

  • Surge Protection: EN61000-4-5

Network security isn't just about software; it's also about protecting your hardware from physical damage. The Luxul SW-610-48P-F comes with built-in surge protection, safeguarding your investment from unexpected power spikes.

Easy Installation and Management

  • Rack Mountable: Yes
  • LED Indicators: System, Link/Act or PoE status

Ease of installation and management is crucial. The Luxul SW-610-48P-F is rack-mountable, fitting seamlessly into your existing setup. Clear LED indicators provide instant status updates for each port, making troubleshooting a breeze.

Luxul's Commitment

  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited
  • Certifications: Extensive list including FCC, CE, and RoHS

Your trust in Luxul is backed by a three-year limited warranty, demonstrating our confidence in the reliability and longevity of our products. The switch's adherence to stringent certifications is our promise of quality and compliance.

Empowering Your Network

The Luxul SW-610-48P-F is more than just a switch; it's a powerhouse that fuels your network with efficiency and precision. Whether you're a small business owner, a tech enthusiast, or someone who simply demands the best for your home network, this switch delivers the performance you need with the ease of use you want.

Dreamedia Home Theater: Your Partner in Connectivity

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient network. Our team is ready to design a custom home theater system that seamlessly integrates with the Luxul SW-610-48P-F, ensuring an unrivaled entertainment experience. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your network and home theater system.

In summary, the Luxul SW-610-48P-F is a powerhouse of a managed switch, offering:

  • High PoE power budget for extensive device support
  • Layer 2/Layer 3 functionality for optimized network performance
  • Front-facing ports for easy access and cable management
  • ProWatch Integrated for remote monitoring and management
  • Group Manager for streamlined administration of multiple switches
  • Comprehensive standards compliance and certifications for reliability

The Luxul SW-610-48P-F is the switch that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them, providing the power, performance, and peace of mind that you need to keep your network running smoothly, securely, and efficiently.

Our Review

Luxul SW-610-48P-F 48-Port Gb PoE+ L2/L3 Managed Switch Review


As networks become increasingly complex and power-hungry devices proliferate, the need for robust network infrastructure has never been greater. Managed switches are at the heart of this infrastructure, and the Luxul SW-610-48P-F is a formidable contender in this space. With its comprehensive feature set and PoE+ capabilities, this switch is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern network setups.

Design and Build

Physical Layout

The Luxul SW-610-48P-F measures in at a standard 1U rack-mountable form factor, making it suitable for integration into existing rack setups. However, its depth of 14.75 inches may require a check on compatibility with shorter rack cabinets. The front-facing ports are a welcome design choice, simplifying cable management and access, especially when mounted in deep racks or enclosures.

Aesthetic and Form Factor

In a professional setting, aesthetics can be as important as functionality. The Luxul switch sports a clean, industrial design that should blend well with other rack-mounted equipment. Its metal chassis not only provides a sleek look but also ensures durability and stability within a network rack.


PoE+ Capabilities

With a generous 740W power budget, the Luxul SW-610-48P-F stands out in its ability to power a multitude of devices through PoE+. This is particularly beneficial for environments with a high density of PoE devices such as IP cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and VoIP phones, negating the need for additional power sources and reducing cable clutter.

Layer Support and Network Optimization

The switch's support for both Layer 2 and Layer 3 functions is a significant advantage for network optimization. Layer 2 capabilities facilitate efficient local traffic management and VLAN segregation, while Layer 3 features enable routing between VLANs without the need for an external router. This dual functionality ensures that the switch can adapt to a variety of network topologies and requirements.

Connectivity and Expansion

Equipped with four 10 Gigabit SFP+ ports, the Luxul SW-610-48P-F is ready for high-throughput connections, essential for uplinks to core networks or for stacking with other switches. These ports ensure that the switch can handle data-intensive tasks and is future-proofed for network expansions.

Remote Management

The ProWatch Integrated feature offers off-site monitoring and management, a crucial capability for IT administrators who need to maintain oversight of network health and performance remotely. This functionality enhances the switch's appeal for managed service providers or for businesses with distributed networks.

Standards Compliance

Adherence to a wide array of IEEE standards underscores the switch's reliability and compatibility with a broad range of network devices. This level of compliance ensures that the Luxul SW-610-48P-F can integrate seamlessly into diverse network environments without compatibility concerns.


Throughput and Switching Capacity

With a switching capacity of 176 Gbps, the Luxul SW-610-48P-F is well-equipped to handle substantial network traffic without bottlenecks. This capacity is particularly important in scenarios where simultaneous high-bandwidth data streams are the norm, such as in video surveillance or large-scale data transfer environments.

PoE Self-Healing

The per-port PoE self-healing feature is a standout for network resilience. In the event of a device failure or power issue, the switch can automatically reset the affected PoE port, often bringing the connected device back online without manual intervention. This capability is invaluable for maintaining uptime in critical network applications.

Noise and Cooling

Noise levels are an important consideration in shared workspaces. The variable speed fans in the Luxul SW-610-48P-F are designed to minimize noise output while still providing adequate cooling, striking a balance between performance and a quiet operational environment.


Interface and Group Management

The user interface is intuitive, catering to both novice users and seasoned IT professionals. The Group Manager simplifies the administration of multiple switches, which is a boon for large network environments where consistency and efficiency are key to operational success.

Installation and Setup

While the Luxul SW-610-48P-F is designed to be user-friendly, the full utilization of its advanced features may require a certain level of technical expertise. Proper installation and configuration are crucial to harness the switch's capabilities, which might necessitate assistance from IT professionals.

Pros and Cons

The Luxul SW-610-48P-F is a powerhouse, offering a high power budget for PoE devices, stackable design, advanced Layer 2/Layer 3 features, and remote management capabilities. However, these come at a cost, both in terms of the initial investment and the potential need for technical expertise for setup and management. The max power consumption of 899W is on the higher end, which could impact operational costs over time. Additionally, the switch's size and weight may pose challenges in smaller rack setups, and the uplink speeds, while generous, are limited to 10 Gigabit, which may not suffice for all future-proofing scenarios.

Final Thoughts

The Luxul SW-610-48P-F is a robust and feature-rich managed switch that is well-suited for medium to large-sized networks with high PoE demands. Its comprehensive standards compliance, high switching capacity, and remote management features make it a strong candidate for businesses looking to build a reliable and scalable network infrastructure. While the initial cost and technical requirements might be barriers for some, the long-term benefits and performance gains can justify the investment for those who require a high-performing, managed networking solution.



  • Model: SW-610-48P-F
  • Switch Type: Managed PoE+
  • Layer Support: L2, L3
  • Number of Ports: 48
  • SFP Port Type: 4 x 10 Gigabit
  • Port Location: Front
  • ProWatch Type: ProWatch Integrated
  • VLAN Compliance: 802.1Q
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to +50°C
  • Dimensions (HxLxW): 44mm x 442mm x 375mm
  • Weight: 5.62kg
  • Certifications: CB Report, CE, CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FCC, IC, NDAA 889, RCM, RoHS, TAA, UKCA, VCCI

Power Specifications

  • Max Power Consumption: 899W @ 100VAC
  • PoE Power Budget: 740W
  • Power Cord: US Cord
  • Power Type: AC
  • Power Supply: Internal Switched Power, AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz input


  • Switching Capacity: 176Gbps
  • Forwarding Capacity: 130.9Mpps (64 byte packets)
  • MAC Table Size: 32K (32768) MAC addresses
  • Jumbo Frames Support: Up to 10240 Bytes

Network Standards

  • IEEE Standards: 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3ab, 802.3z, 802.3af/at, 802.3x, 802.3ad, 802.3az, 802.1ab, 802.1d, 802.1p, 802.1Q, 802.1s, 802.1v, 802.1w, 802.1X
  • Data Transfer Rates: 10Mbps to 10Gbps


  • PoE Self-Healing: Yes
  • Rack Mountable: Yes
  • Aggregable SFP+ Ports: Up to 40Gbps
  • Group Manager: Single pane user interface for easy administration of multiple 510 and 610 series switches
  • Quality of Service (QoS): 8 Hardware Queues, Strict Priority and Weighted Round Robin (WRR), VLAN priority based Layer 2 CoS QoS, Port based Layer 3 DSCP QoS, Port based bandwidth control


  • Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
  • Surge Protection: EN61000-4-5 (for RJ45 Port, Surge 6KV)


  • Connection Type: Wired
  • Interface Options: RJ-45 for 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T; SFP+ up to 10 Gbps


  • LED Indicators: System, Link/Act or PoE status; Link/Activity and POE status per port

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