Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands - Dreamedia AV
Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands - Dreamedia AV
Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands - Dreamedia AV
Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands - Dreamedia AV
Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands - Dreamedia AV
Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands - Dreamedia AV
Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Kanto

Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands

Desktop speaker stands for enhanced audio

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Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands

Elevate Your Audio: The Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands Difference

In the realm of sound, precision is key. The right notes, the perfect pitch, the nuanced tones—they all combine to create a symphony that can transport us to different worlds. But just as a maestro ensures every instrument is perfectly tuned, the true audiophile knows that speaker placement is paramount. Enter the Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands, the maestro’s choice for desktop audio perfection.

Uncompromised Sound Quality

Imagine your favorite track, the soundwaves flowing seamlessly towards you, uninterrupted and pure. This is the experience the Kanto S4 stands provide, with their 16 degrees of upward tilt aligning your speakers to meet your ears directly, ensuring an on-axis sound that captures the full range of frequencies. The result? A listening experience that is as the artist intended—immersive and true.

Vibration and Resonance: A Silent Enemy Defeated

Every audiophile knows that unwanted vibration is the nemesis of clear sound. The Kanto S4 stands combat this with foam isolation pads and silicone padding that work in harmony to reduce vibration and minimize undesirable resonance. Your speakers are cradled securely, allowing them to perform without interference, delivering crisp, clean audio.

Strength Meets Elegance

Don't be fooled by their elegant appearance; these stands are built to last. The solid metal construction speaks to their durability, offering a stable foundation for your speakers while supporting up to 9 lbs with ease. The variety of color options ensures that they not only sound good but look good, too, blending seamlessly with your decor.

Designed for Compatibility

Whether you’re pairing them with the YU4 powered desktop speakers or another set with a compatible mounting hole and 1/4”-20 screw, the Kanto S4 stands are ready to accommodate. The inclusive design means that finding the right fit for your speakers is a breeze, making these stands a versatile addition to any setup.

Features at a Glance

  • Enhanced Sound Experience: Elevates and aligns speakers for optimal sound delivery.
  • Secure Mounting: Equipped with a mounting hole and 1/4”-20 screw for stability.
  • Stability and Durability: Solid metal construction capable of supporting various monitors.
  • Vibration Reduction: Foam padding and silicone pads reduce vibration and isolate speakers.
  • Sleek Design: Low-profile with multiple color options for aesthetic appeal.
  • Cable Management: Hollow core design for a clutter-free setup.
  • Rubber Feet: Protects surfaces and enhances stability.

The Art of Acoustics

The Kanto S4 stands don’t just hold your speakers; they enhance them. The angled design is not just visually appealing; it ensures sound dispersion is optimized, creating an acoustic environment where every note is delivered with clarity. It’s the difference between hearing music and feeling it.

Attention to Detail

From the rubber feet that protect your surfaces to the hollow core that allows for discreet cable management, every aspect of the Kanto S4 stands has been meticulously thought out. These are more than just stands; they are a testament to the art of sound.

The Power of Isolation

Unwanted vibrations are the enemy of pristine sound. The Kanto S4 stands feature isolation pads to further minimize vibration transfer, ensuring that the only thing that moves is you, to the rhythm of the music.

A Symphony of Features

  • 16 Degrees Upward Tilt: Aligns speakers for time correction and reduced sound distortion.
  • Construction: Heavy and sturdy materials for exceptional durability.
  • Foam Padding: Isolates speakers and reduces resonance.
  • Mounting Hole and Screw: For optional additional securing of your speakers.
  • Low-Profile Design: Sleek appearance that complements any desk setup.
  • Angled Design: For improved sound dispersion and full frequency range capture.
  • Cable Management: Keeps your setup neat and tidy.

Performance That Speaks Volumes

The Kanto S4 stands aren’t just about looks. They’re about performance. They enhance the listening experience, capturing the full range of frequencies, and reducing vibration for a sound that is both stable and of superior quality. The angled design ensures that every note is delivered with precision, providing a soundstage that is both wide and immersive.

The Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of perfect sound. That’s why we stand by the Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands as a premier choice for those seeking acoustic excellence. And remember, we are here to help design your home theater system, ensuring that every component works in harmony for the ultimate audio experience.

A Final Note

The Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands are more than just a platform for your speakers; they are a foundation for exceptional sound. With their sturdy construction, thoughtful design, and vibration isolation, they are an investment in audio quality. Elevate your speakers, elevate your sound, and transform your desktop listening experience with the Kanto S4 stands.

Our Review

Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands: Optimizing Your Audio Experience

I. Introduction

The Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands are a crucial component for anyone seeking to optimize their audio experience. These stands are designed to elevate your speakers, reducing vibration and providing an ideal listening angle. In this review, we'll delve into the key details, features, performance evaluations, pros, and cons of the Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands to help you make an informed decision about this essential audio accessory.

II. Key Details

The Kanto S4 stands boast a solid metal construction with dimensions of 3.9" W x 5.3" D x 3.9" H. Available in a variety of colors, these stands offer a low-profile design, making them a stylish addition to any desktop setup. With a weight capacity of eight pounds, these stands are compatible with a range of speaker models and sizes. However, the specific dimensions of 5.5" wide by 7.9" deep surface may not accommodate all speaker sizes.

III. Features

The Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands are constructed with heavy and sturdy materials, providing stability and durability. The stands offer 16 degrees of upward tilt, which not only improves the sound dispersion but also reduces sound distortion, capturing the full range of frequencies. Additionally, the inclusion of foam padding helps to isolate speakers, reducing undesirable resonance and vibration. The stands also feature a mounting hole and 1/4”-20 screw for optional additional securing, along with a hollow core for cable management.

IV. Performance Evaluations

The impact of the Kanto S4 stands on sound quality and frequency range is significant. By reducing vibration and unwanted resonance, these stands enhance the listening experience and ensure improved sound quality and imaging for speakers. The stability and durability of the stands, attributed to their solid metal construction, further contribute to the overall performance. The angled design of the stands aids in better sound dispersion, capturing the full range of frequencies and providing an immersive audio experience.

V. Pros

The Kanto S4 stands offer a range of benefits, including enhanced sound quality, stability, and durability. They are capable of supporting a variety of monitors and small speakers, making them versatile for different setups. The inclusion of isolation pads further minimizes vibration transfer, contributing to improved sound quality and imaging. Additionally, the non-slip cushioning keeps speakers in place, and optional screws are provided for additional securing.

VI. Cons

While the Kanto S4 stands offer numerous advantages, there are some limitations to consider. The weight capacity is limited to eight pounds, which may not accommodate larger or heavier speakers. Furthermore, the specific dimensions and limited color options may not align with all user preferences and speaker sizes. Additionally, the lack of adjustable height and wire management features may pose challenges for some users.

VII. Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands are a valuable addition to any audio setup, offering stability, durability, and improved sound quality. While they have certain limitations, such as weight capacity and size options, their overall performance and features make them a worthy investment for those seeking to optimize their listening experience. Depending on your specific requirements and speaker size, the Kanto S4 stands can be a beneficial addition to your audio setup.

In summary, the Kanto S4 Desktop Speaker Stands provide a range of advantages, including enhanced sound quality, stability, and durability. However, potential buyers should consider the weight capacity limitations and size options before making a purchase.


General Specifications

  • Model: Kanto S4
  • Type: Desktop Speaker Stands
  • Compatibility: Compatible with YU4 powered desktop speakers and other speakers with a mounting hole and 1/4”-20 screw
  • Design: Cantilevered and angled platform, available in multiple colors
  • Material: Solid metal construction
  • Color Options: Variety of colors
  • Height: 5.6 inches
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 9 lbs
  • Surface Dimensions: 5.5 inches wide by 7.9 inches deep

Mounting Specifications

  • Mounting Hole: Yes
  • Screw Type: 1/4”-20
  • Included Accessories: 2x 1/4”-20 Screws (5/8″ Length) for mounting compatible speakers

Tilt and Vibration Specifications

  • Tilt Angle: 16 degrees upward tilt
  • Foam Padding: Foam isolation pads on top and bottom
  • Resonance Reduction: Silicone padding on top and bottom
  • Grip: 2.0mm of silicone padding for strong grip


  • Enhanced Sound Experience: Designed to elevate and align speakers with ears for on-axis sound
  • Vibration Reduction: Foam padding to reduce vibration and isolate speakers
  • Secure Mounting: Equipped with a mounting hole and 1/4”-20 screw for secure speaker placement
  • Stability and Durability: Provides stability and is capable of supporting a variety of monitors

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