Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema - Dreamedia AV
Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema - Dreamedia AV
Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema - Dreamedia AV
Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema - Dreamedia AV
Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Hisense

Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema

Ultra-Short Throw 4K Laser Projector

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Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema

Experience the Pinnacle of Home Cinema with the Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema

Imagine stepping into a world where the vibrancy of colors, the depth of the darkest shadows, and the immersive sound all come together to create an enchanting cinematic experience right in your living room. The Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema is not just a projector; it's a gateway to a breathtaking visual and auditory journey that rivals even the most high-end theaters.

Unveiling Visual Brilliance

The Hisense PX1-PRO is engineered to captivate:

  • TriChroma Laser Technology: Experience the spectrum of color with a projector that surpasses the limitations of traditional projection systems. With full coverage of the BT.2020 color space, the PX1-PRO doesn't just display colors; it brings them to life with a vibrancy that has to be seen to be believed.

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution: Immerse yourself in a world of ultra-crisp, lifelike images, thanks to the 4K Ultra HD resolution. The precision of 8.3 million pixels guarantees that whether you're watching the latest blockbuster or a timeless classic, every detail is rendered with stunning clarity.

  • Luminous Display: With 2200 peak lumens of brightness, this projector illuminates your viewing area with a light that's both powerful and gentle on the eyes. Day or night, in bright rooms or dark, the image quality remains consistently spectacular.

Immersive Audio That Surrounds You

  • Dolby Atmos Sound: The built-in 30W Dolby Atmos sound system envelops you in clear, dynamic, and three-dimensional audio. You'll hear the whisper of the wind, the roar of a crowd, and the subtleties of an orchestral score with a clarity that transports you into the story.

Smart Connectivity at Your Fingertips

  • Versatile Ports: Equipped with multiple HDMI 2.1 ports, USB connections, and audio out options, the PX1-PRO is ready to become the hub of your home entertainment system.

  • Wireless Screen Mirroring: With Chromecast support, you can easily share content from your smartphone or tablet directly onto the big screen, making it perfect for impromptu photo slideshows, videos, and streaming.

  • Android TV with Google Play: Access a vast library of apps and streaming services at the touch of a button. Whether you're in the mood for a movie night or binge-watching a new series, endless entertainment is always at your disposal.

Precision and Control in Every Frame

  • Microsecond Processor Response: The speed of the PX1-PRO's image processing ensures that every motion, no matter how swift, is captured with an impeccable sharpness that keeps you locked into the action.

  • Filmmaker Mode: Watch movies as the director intended, with settings that preserve the original color grading, aspect ratio, and frame rates, delivering a true-to-life cinematic experience.

Set Up with Ease

  • Ultra-Short Throw Design: The PX1-PRO's ultra-short throw design means you can place it just inches away from the wall, saving space and eliminating the need for ceiling mounts or complicated setups.

  • Motorized Focusing: Achieve the perfect picture without the hassle. The motorized focus system allows you to adjust the image for screen sizes ranging from 90 to 130 inches with precision and ease.

Lifespan and Durability

  • X-Fusion Laser Light Source: With over 25,000 hours of entertainment, the PX1-PRO's laser light source ensures you'll enjoy your favorite content for years to come, without the worry of frequent bulb changes.

A Symphony of Features

The Hisense PX1-PRO is a masterpiece of home theater technology, boasting:

  • HDR and Dolby Vision: Revel in a picture that's not just brighter, but more nuanced. With support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision (via planned firmware update), you'll see the details in the brightest highlights and the deepest shadows.

  • WiSA Support: For audiophiles seeking a wire-free environment, WiSA support offers a clutter-free solution without compromising on sound quality.

  • Voice Remote with Google Assistant: Command your projector with just your voice. The voice remote simplifies navigation and makes interacting with your content as simple as having a conversation.

Performance That Impresses

Critics and users alike praise the PX1-PRO for:

  • Wide Color Gamut: Witness a palette of colors that's as broad as it is breathtakingly accurate, bringing every scene to vivid life.

  • Black Levels and Shadow Detail: The precision of the PX1-PRO's laser engine renders deep blacks and nuanced shadows, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed, even in the darkest of scenes.

  • Upscaling Prowess: Even non-4K content is given a new lease of life, with upscaling that enhances HD content to near-4K quality, ensuring that everything you watch is of the highest standard.

  • Low Noise Operation: Enjoy your viewing experience without the distraction of operating noise, even when the projector is working at its peak brightness.

Pros That Propel Your Viewing Experience

  • Triple-Laser Light Engine: Beyond the wide color gamut, the triple-laser light source offers a color accuracy and brightness that sets a new benchmark for home cinema projectors.

  • Sleek Design: The compact and stylish design of the PX1-PRO means it will fit seamlessly into any home theater setup, complementing your space without dominating it.

  • Expert Support: With 24/7 expert tech help, setting up and enjoying your PX1-PRO is stress-free. Whether you have questions about connectivity or need troubleshooting assistance, help is just a call away.

Transform Your Home into a High-End Theater

The Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema is not just a product; it's a promise of unparalleled home entertainment. With its constellation of features, it stands as a testament to what's possible when technology meets the passion for cinema. Let Dreamedia help design your ultimate home theater system with the PX1-PRO at its heart. Engage in the art of cinema, where every viewing is an occasion, and every moment is a memory in the making.

Bring the Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema into your home, and step into a new era of home entertainment. With Dreamedia, you're not just purchasing a projector; you're unlocking the door to a world where every movie, game, and show is a full-sensory adventure. Welcome to the future of home cinema. Welcome to Hisense PX1-PRO.

Our Review

Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema Review

I. Introduction

The Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema is a cutting-edge home theater projector that aims to bring the cinema experience into the living room. Designed for enthusiasts and those desiring a high-quality image in a compact form factor, this ultra-short throw projector fits into various environments, offering a blend of performance and convenience.

II. Design and Build

Hisense places a significant emphasis on the PX1-PRO's ultra-short throw design, which allows for a large image from just inches away from the screen, making it ideal for urban living spaces. The sleek and modern aesthetic should complement most decors, while the projector's build quality feels robust, ensuring a sense of durability. Installation is relatively straightforward, but optimal placement is crucial for the best image quality.

III. Key Features and Technology

At the heart of the PX1-PRO lies the RGB triple-laser DLP technology, offering a 4K resolution through pixel shifting. This advanced light source promises to cover an impressive 107% of the Rec.2020 color gamut, which is a boon for color purists. Android TV brings smart functionality, including voice control via Google Assistant, although the absence of Netflix may disappoint some users. Audio-wise, the inclusion of Dolby Atmos and WiSA support is a nod to those valuing integrated, high-quality sound.

IV. Connectivity

With HDMI 2.1 ports supporting 4K/120Hz signals, the PX1-PRO is future-proofed for the latest gaming consoles and high-frame-rate content. The eARC feature allows for high-quality audio passthrough to compatible sound systems. The inclusion of a built-in TV tuner adds to the all-in-one appeal, although the lack of ATSC 3.0 might limit future-proofing.

V. Picture Quality

The PX1-PRO excels in color reproduction, especially after calibration, with its ultra-wide color gamut and high color accuracy. Black levels and shadow details are commendable, though they perform best in light-controlled environments. HDR content looks vibrant, thanks to support for HDR10 and HLG, but the absence of dynamic tone mapping may be a missed opportunity for HDR aficionados.

VI. Sound Performance

The built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar is a highlight, offering a decent audio experience straight out of the box. Six sound presets cater to different content types, though serious home theater enthusiasts might still opt for a dedicated external system to achieve a more immersive soundstage.

VII. User Experience

The motorized focusing feature simplifies setup, and the user interface, powered by Android TV, is intuitive. However, the lack of certain streaming services could hinder the overall experience. The voice remote is a user-friendly addition, making content navigation and control more accessible.

VIII. Calibration and Customization

Hisense provides comprehensive calibration controls, including a color tuner and various picture modes for both SDR and HDR content. This allows users to fine-tune the image to their liking, which can result in a highly optimized viewing experience.

IX. Performance Evaluation

In real-world usage, the PX1-PRO's brightness is faithful to its 2,200 ANSI lumens specification, delivering a bright and punchy image. Upscaling capabilities are excellent, ensuring that even non-4K content looks sharp. The projector operates quietly, which is essential for maintaining immersion during viewing.

X. Pros and Cons

Pros:- High-end RGB triple-laser technology
- Extensive color control and calibration options
- Wide color gamut for rich visuals
- Android TV with a comprehensive smart platform
- Motorized focusing for easy setup
- Dolby Atmos soundbar integration

Cons:- Limited Dolby Vision support
- No included ALR screen
- Black levels could be better in bright environments
- No dynamic tone mapping for HDR
- Missing Netflix and ATSC 3.0 support
- Not true native 4K

XI. Comparisons with Competitors

When stacked against competitors, the Hisense PX1-PRO's color performance and smart features stand out. However, the price point may be a consideration, as some may expect native 4K resolution and more comprehensive HDR support at this range.

XII. Final Thoughts

The Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema is a formidable contender in the UST projector market, particularly for those who prioritize color accuracy and smart features. While it shines in a darkened environment and offers a user-friendly experience, its limitations in HDR handling and streaming service support may prompt potential buyers to consider their specific needs. However, its strengths in color reproduction, ease of use, and integrated sound make it a compelling option for many looking to create a high-quality home theater experience.


Projection System

  • Model: Hisense PX1-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema
  • Technology: TriChroma Laser
  • Projection Size (inches): 90 to 130
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Brightness (Lumens): 2200 peak brightness
  • HDR: Yes
  • Dolby Vision: Yes


  • Sound System: Built-in 30W Dolby Atmos sound


  • Audio Connectivity: High-Speed HDMI port with eARC
  • Input Ports: HDMI 2.1 x 2, USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 1, Digital Audio Out x 1, Analog Audio Out x 1

Smart Features

  • Operating System: Android TV
  • App Store: Google Play Store
  • Streaming Services: Compatible with various streaming services
  • Wireless Screen Mirroring: Chromecast support
  • Game Mode: Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)

Image Processing

  • Filmmaker Mode: Yes
  • Motion Processing: Microsecond-level processor response
  • Color Space Coverage: Full coverage of the BT.2020 color space (107% of BT.2020 color space)

Additional Features

  • Geometric Correction: Manual and auto geometry adjustment
  • Screen Quality: ALR screen for good color production and viewing in bright rooms
  • Support: 24/7 expert tech help for set-up, connectivity issues, and troubleshooting

Lifespan and Durability

  • Longevity: 25,000+ Entertainment Hours
  • X-Fusion Technology: Ensures 25,000+ hours of entertainment

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