Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Fuse Audio

Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player

Vertical Turntable with Mid-Century Style & Features

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Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player

Unveiling the Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player: A Symphony of Style and Sound

Imagine stepping into a room where the fusion of vintage charm and modern technology not only fills the space with rich, immersive sound but also stands as a centerpiece that sparks conversation and admiration. The Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player brings this vision to life, offering a seamless blend of form and function that transcends the ordinary audio experience.

A Tribute to Timeless Design

The VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player's vertical turntable is a nod to the golden era of vinyl, reimagined for today's discerning listener. The mid-century style finish, featuring genuine Ashtree wood veneer wrapped around a durable MDF core, exudes a warmth that complements any home decor. The near 90-degree angled platter isn't just a visual delight; it's a space-saving innovation that allows you to enjoy your favorite records without compromising on room aesthetics.

The Pinnacle of Performance

Beneath its stylish exterior, the Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player is engineered for audio excellence:

  • Perfectly Balanced Tone Arm: Ensuring every note is captured with precision, the counterweighted arm provides optimal tracking force and anti-skating control.
  • Upgraded Cartridge: The Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge is renowned for its rich mid-end and crisp upper-range, guaranteeing a listening experience that’s as authentic as it is enchanting.
  • Versatile Playback Speeds: Whether it's a classic 33rpm album, a 45rpm single, or a rare 78rpm record, the VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player plays them all with ease.

Uncompromised Audio Quality

The built-in full-range stereo speakers are meticulously tuned to deliver a frequency range of 80-10000Hz, ensuring every high and low is reproduced with clarity and depth. The channel balance maintains a tight <3db tolerance, offering a stereo soundstage that envelops you in the music.

Connectivity at Your Fingertips

In today's connected world, the VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player stands out with its versatile features:

  • Bluetooth 4.1: Stream your favorite digital playlists with the same audio fidelity as your cherished vinyl collection.
  • USB Playback: Plug in a USB drive and enjoy MP3 files with the convenience and ease you've come to expect.
  • FM Radio: With preset capabilities, your favorite stations are just a button away.

Thoughtful Features for Everyday Use

  • Alarm Clock: Wake up to the sound of your favorite music or radio station.
  • Easy-to-Read Amber Screen: Keep track of time and settings without strain.
  • Ports for All Occasions: Whether it's mini-jack input or RCA output, you have the flexibility to expand your sound system.

The Essence of Durability

The Ashtree wood base, complete with vibration-damping feet, ensures that your turntable stays stable and your music uninterrupted. The smooth grained hardwood finish is not just visually appealing but built to last, allowing the VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player to become a long-standing fixture in your home.

For the Love of Music

The VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player isn't just an audio system; it's a testament to the love of music. It's for those who appreciate the crackle of a record as much as the convenience of modern technology. It's for those who seek a conversation starter, an art piece, a musical companion that stands out from the crowd.

The Dreamedia Promise

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and support. That's why every Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player comes with a 6-month warranty and the backing of our customer service team. We're here to ensure your home theater system is designed with your needs in mind.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Design: Vertical turntable with a mid-century modern aesthetic
  • Material: Ashtree wood veneer and MDF for a durable, stylish finish
  • Playback Options: 33, 45, 78 RPM speeds; Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Audio: Built-in ported speakers; FM radio; upgraded Audio Technica cartridge
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1, USB port, 3.5mm audio jack, FM radio presets
  • Additional Features: Alarm clock, amber screen, mini-jack and RCA ports
  • Physical Specs: 15h x 14w x 9d inches; 7lbs in weight

Embrace the VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player Experience

The Fuse Audio VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player is more than just an audio system—it's a centerpiece for your home, a bridge between the analog and digital worlds, and a statement of your love for music. With its combination of stunning design, exceptional audio performance, and modern connectivity, the VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player is poised to become the heart of your musical enjoyment and home theater system.

At Dreamedia, we're passionate about bringing the best in home theater technology to life. Our expertise and dedication to customer service mean you can trust us to design a system that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Embrace the VERT Vertical Vinyl Record Player experience and let the symphony of style and sound resonate throughout your home.

Our Review


The Fuse Audio VERT is a testament to the enduring charm of vinyl records, marrying nostalgia with contemporary design. As vinyl makes a robust comeback, the VERT stands out with its vertical orientation, challenging the conventional horizontal layout of turntables. This initial impression speaks volumes about the product's ambition to blend the classic vinyl experience with a modern aesthetic.


The Fuse Audio VERT's vertical design is not merely a space-saving solution but a statement piece. The near 90-degree angled platter demands attention and promises to be the focal point of any room. Its mid-century style finish, complemented by the natural elegance of Ashtree veneer wrapped around a robust MDF core, invokes a sense of vintage appeal that is well-suited to vinyl enthusiasts with an eye for design. However, the product's distinct look may not resonate with everyone, and the vertical orientation poses a unique interaction with the medium that could divide traditionalists and innovators.

Build Quality

On close examination, the VERT's materials appear robust, promising durability. The turntable's spring-mounted clamp is a critical component, designed to secure records in place despite the unconventional playing angle. This feature is crucial for ensuring stability and should mitigate any potential warping or slippage during playback.

Ergonomics and Usability

The vertical design of the VERT does more than save space; it alters the approach to vinyl playback. Controls and ports must be intuitive and accessible to compensate for the learning curve introduced by the vertical orientation. The ease with which users can navigate these elements will significantly impact the overall user experience.


The VERT covers a broad spectrum of playback speeds, accommodating 33rpm, 45rpm, and 78rpm records. This versatility ensures that users can enjoy a wide range of vinyl, from vintage pressings to modern LPs.

Audio Capabilities

The built-in ported speakers are a nod to convenience, but their performance is a mixed bag. While suitable for casual listening, they may not do justice to the full range of vinyl audio fidelity. The inclusion of the Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge is a commendable upgrade, known for its reliable tracking and clear sound reproduction. Yet, the fixed tracking force at 4g is worth noting, as it may not be optimal for all record conditions.

Connectivity Options

Bluetooth 4.1 streaming and USB playback extend the VERT's functionality beyond vinyl, offering modern conveniences in a vintage package. The FM radio with preset capabilities adds to the unit's charm, though the connectivity is limited by the lack of a dedicated line out for external speakers, which could be a significant oversight for serious audiophiles.

Additional Features

The inclusion of an alarm clock and an amber screen indicates an attempt to integrate the VERT into daily life beyond its primary function. These features suggest a design philosophy that sees the VERT as a lifestyle product rather than just a record player.


Testing the VERT's performance across various genres reveals its limitations and strengths. The audio quality, while satisfactory for mid-range frequencies, often falls short when it comes to modern bass-driven tracks. The motor's torque and balance are areas of concern, with reports of inconsistencies that could affect the long-term enjoyment and reliability of the unit.

Sound Quality

The sound output from the built-in speakers is commendable for their size but lacks the depth and volume that many users may expect. The true potential of the VERT's audio quality can only be realized when paired with a more capable external sound system, though this is hampered by the limited connectivity options.

User Experience

Adapting to the VERT's vertical orientation may take time, and the fixed volume control can be a point of contention for those who prefer more granular control over their listening experience. These factors contribute to a user experience that can be as polarizing as it is intriguing.

Pros and Cons

The Fuse Audio VERT shines with its space-efficient design and stylish appearance, offering a unique take on vinyl playback. The sound quality is generally good, and the unit is a conversation starter. However, its verticality can be challenging, the sound may not satisfy all, and the limited warranty raises durability concerns. Motor issues and speaker limitations further detract from its appeal, and the lack of connectivity options is a notable drawback.

Customer Service and Support

Good customer service and support are vital for products with such a bold design, and Fuse Audio seems to understand this, providing commendable assistance to users. However, the six-month warranty period is less than what is offered by many competitors, which may give potential buyers pause, especially considering the reported quality control issues.

Final Thoughts

The Fuse Audio VERT is a product that dares to stand out, both literally and figuratively. Its design is its greatest strength and, for some, its most significant limitation. For those drawn to its space-saving, eye-catching form factor, and who are satisfied with its level of audio performance, the VERT could be a delightful addition to their home. However, for audiophiles and those seeking a more traditional, high-fidelity vinyl experience, the quirks and limitations of the VERT might be too significant to overlook. The VERT is a conversation piece that offers more than just its visual appeal, but whether it justifies its price tag will depend on the user's priorities and willingness to embrace its unique approach to vinyl playback.


Audio System Features

  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • USB Playback: MP3
  • Alarm Clock: Yes
  • Line In: Yes
  • Line Out: Yes

Tone Arm

  • Balance: