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Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Smart 4k Outdoor TV

Weatherproof 4K UHD Smart Outdoor TV with HDR10

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Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Smart 4k Outdoor TV

Experience the Great Outdoors with Superior Entertainment

Imagine a sunny afternoon in your backyard; the grill is hot, the drinks are chilled, and your friends and family are gathered for a celebration. What could possibly enhance this picture of perfection? Enter the Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Smart 4K Outdoor TV, designed to bring the pinnacle of entertainment to your outdoor living space.

Unparalleled Durability Meets Exceptional Quality

The Furrion Aurora isn't just any TV; it's a testament to durability and cutting-edge technology. Built to thrive in the most demanding environments, this TV stands unfazed by rain or scorching heat, thanks to its robust IP54 weatherproof rating. Its chunky, weatherproof design with a powder-coated matte black metal body is not just for show – it's a shield against the elements. From the frigid cold of -4 ºF to the blistering heat of 122 ºF, the Furrion Aurora remains unyielding.

A Visual Feast for Sunny Days

With the Furrion Aurora, partial sun doesn't mean partially enjoyed. The high-quality 4K UHD LED anti-glare display, boasting 700 to 1000 nits of brightness and HDR10 technology, cuts through glare and delivers a crisp, vibrant picture that is a feast for the eyes. Whether you're watching a high-speed sports game or your favorite drama, the 178/178° viewing angle ensures that every seat is the best seat in the house.

Smart Features That Connect You to the World

This smart TV is powered by LG WebOS 5.3, offering a seamless interface to access your favorite streaming services. With the RangeXtend™ external antennas, WiFi connectivity is stronger than ever, ensuring smooth streaming of 4K content without the frustration of buffering. HDMI inputs cater to all your devices, ensuring your outdoor cinema experience is just a click away.

Sound That Matches the Picture

The Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Smart 4K Outdoor TV features an integrated audio system with 2 x 8W speakers. For those desiring an amplified auditory experience, compatibility with the Furrion Aurora Soundbar via coaxial cable, Audio L/R output, or HDMI (ARC) is a game-changer. Immerse yourself in a sound that complements the stunning visuals.

Installation and Compatibility – A Breeze

Setting up your outdoor theater is as easy as it gets. The universal VESA mounts make wall mounting a straightforward task, and while the mount is sold separately, Furrion offers compatible outdoor TV mounts tailored for this model. Plus, with the inclusion of cable provider remote codes, integrating into your existing setup is effortless.

Designed for the Gamer and the Binge-Watcher Alike

A feature often overlooked in outdoor TVs is the input lag, but not with the Furrion Aurora. With low input lag, it's a haven for gamers who can now take their passion outside. Binge-watchers aren't left out either; the smart platform and robust connectivity options mean endless hours of entertainment under the sun or stars.

Features at a Glance:

  • Weatherproof Durability:

    • IP54 rated for resistance to dust and water
    • Operating Temperature: -4 ºF to 122 ºF
    • Storage Temperature: -27.4 ºF to 140 ºF
  • Stunning Display:

    • 4K UHD resolution with HDR10 support
    • Brightness: 700 to 1000 nits
    • Anti-glare screen for clear viewing in partial sun
    • Ambient light sensor for optimal picture quality
  • Smart Connectivity:

    • LG WebOS 5.3 smart platform
    • Strong WiFi reception with RangeXtend™
    • Multiple HDMI inputs for easy device connection
  • Audio Excellence:

    • Built-in 2 x 8W speakers
    • Compatible with Furrion Aurora Soundbar
    • Multiple audio output options
  • Ease of Use:

    • Low input lag for gaming
    • IP67 waterproof remote with silicone sleeve
    • Clear instructions for easy installation
  • Flexible Mounting:

    • Compatible with VESA standard
    • Furrion mounts available for separate purchase
  • Sizes:

    • Available in 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch models
    • 43-inch
    • 55-inch
    • 65-inch

Customer Satisfaction – Our Commitment

At Dreamedia, we understand that purchasing an outdoor TV is a significant investment. That's why we stand by the Furrion Aurora's performance, which is backed by customer reports of satisfaction and a solid warranty. Whether you're watching the game, enjoying a movie night, or gaming, the Furrion Aurora delivers an experience that exceeds expectations.

Your Outdoor Entertainment, Elevated

The Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Smart 4K Outdoor TV is more than just a television; it's a centerpiece for your outdoor lifestyle, promising to elevate every gathering with an unforgettable entertainment experience. And remember, Dreamedia is here to help design your dream home theater system, ensuring that the Furrion Aurora integrates seamlessly into your outdoor oasis.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

Don't let the sun set on your chance to redefine outdoor entertainment. The Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Smart 4K Outdoor TV awaits, ready to bring the brilliance of 4K entertainment to your very own backyard. Embrace the future of outdoor living with Dreamedia, and experience the unparalleled joy of outdoor viewing at its finest.

Our Review


The allure of outdoor entertainment has become increasingly prominent in modern homes, where patios and backyards are transformed into extensions of the living room. Amidst this trend, the Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Smart 4K Outdoor TV emerges as a beacon for those seeking to blend the comforts of indoor viewing with the beauty of the outdoors. Designed to thrive in various outdoor conditions, this TV is tailored for those who demand excellence in their al fresco audiovisual experiences.

Design and Build Quality

An outdoor TV must endure the elements, and the Furrion Aurora does so with confidence, boasting an IP54 weatherproof rating. This certification ensures that the TV remains impervious to dust and splashes of water, making it a stalwart companion against nature's unpredictability. The construction is robust, with a chunky, powder-coated matte black metal body that not only promises longevity but also adds a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces.

The screen's anti-glare feature and a brightness of 750 nits are designed to combat the challenges posed by outdoor lighting conditions. These features ensure that whether you're watching on a sun-drenched afternoon or in the cool shade, the viewing experience remains uncompromised.

Display and Performance

Diving into the display, the 4K resolution and HDR10 support are the stars of the show. They bring a high level of detail and dynamic range that is now expected of modern televisions. The color accuracy and range are commendable, contributing to a vibrant and immersive viewing experience. However, the TV does face limitations with contrast and viewing angles, which could be more pronounced under certain outdoor lighting conditions.

For gamers, the low input lag is a significant boon, ensuring that the action unfolds on screen with minimal delay – a crucial factor for competitive or even casual gaming sessions.

Smart Features and Connectivity

The inclusion of LG WebOS 5.3 as the smart platform provides a suite of streaming services and apps, although it's worth noting that it's not the latest version of the operating system. Nonetheless, it maintains a user-friendly interface and adequate app support. WiFi connectivity is robust and reliable, which is vital for streaming content in outdoor settings where routers are typically further away.

The HDMI inputs cater to various external devices, although some users have pointed out that the input/output compartment might be on the smaller side, potentially complicating connections for larger cables or multiple devices.

Installation and Compatibility

Setting up the Furrion Aurora is straightforward, with clear instructions that facilitate a hassle-free installation process. The TV's compatibility with the Furrion soundbar and outdoor mounts allows for a cohesive and versatile entertainment setup. Additionally, the use of universal VESA mounts ensures that the TV can be securely attached to a variety of wall mounting systems.

Audio Quality

While the TV's built-in speakers deliver sound, the outdoor environment can often demand more. Users have reported that the sound quality may feel inadequate in open spaces, suggesting that investing in the compatible Furrion soundbar could be a wise choice for those seeking a more powerful audio experience.

User Experience

The remote control, encased in a protective silicone sleeve, is a thoughtful addition, although there have been mixed reports regarding its functionality. While user experiences vary, it's clear that Furrion has aimed to provide a user-friendly product, with many customers expressing satisfaction with the TV's overall performance.

Pros and Cons Recap

- Durable weatherproof design
- High-quality 4K display with anti-glare
- Flexible installation and smart features
- Low input lag for gaming

- Limited contrast and viewing angles
- Older version of the WebOS platform
- Potential remote control issues
- Sound may be lacking without additional equipment

Price and Value

With the Furrion Aurora available in 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch models, there is a size for every space and budget. The pricing reflects the premium nature of outdoor TVs, which tend to be more expensive due to their specialized construction and technology. When considering its array of features against the cost, the Aurora presents a compelling value proposition for those dedicated to creating a premium outdoor viewing area.

Final Thoughts

The Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Smart 4K Outdoor TV is a solid contender in the growing market of outdoor entertainment. It marries the ruggedness required for outdoor use with the technological prowess of modern televisions. While it shines in many aspects, such as its weatherproof design and 4K display, it also has its share of shortcomings, including a dated smart platform and less-than-perfect audio. Nevertheless, for those seeking to enrich their outdoor spaces with high-quality visual entertainment, the Furrion Aurora is certainly worth considering.


General Specifications

  • Model: Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Smart 4K Outdoor TV
  • Year: 2019
  • Weatherproof Rating: IP54
  • Operating Temperature Range: -4 ºF to 122 ºF
  • Storage Temperature Range: -27.4 ºF to 140 ºF
  • Remote Control: IP67 waterproof remote included
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty for all 2021 models; 2-year warranty for Smart TVs

Display Specifications

  • Screen Type: LED
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD)
  • Maximum Brightness: 700 nits to 1000 nits
  • Viewing Angle: 178/178°
  • HDR Technology: HDR10
  • Ambient Light Sensor: Yes
  • Anti-Glare Screen: Yes

Audio Specifications

  • Audio System: 2 x 8W speakers
  • Audio Output Compatibility: Supports connection with TV soundbar through coaxial cable, Audio L/R output, or HDMI (ARC)

Connectivity Specifications

  • HDMI Inputs: Yes
  • Smart TV Box Compatibility: Yes
  • WiFi-enabled: Yes with RangeXtend™ external antennas
  • Broadcasting: Analog - NTSC, Digital - ATSC

Mounting Specifications

  • Wall Mounting: Compatible with VESA standard
  • Mount Not Included: Yes, Furrion mounts available for separate purchase

Compatibility Specifications

  • Compatible with Furrion Aurora Soundbar: Yes
  • Cable Provider Remote Codes: 545, 12731, 10178 / 11265 / 12731, 210

Additional Features

  • Designed for Partially-Shaded Areas: Yes
  • Engineered to Withstand Environmental Conditions: Yes
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use in Partial Sun: Yes
  • Immune to Rain and Extreme Temperatures: Yes

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