Furman M-8X ARMerit Series Voltage Regulator - Dreamedia AV
Furman M-8X ARMerit Series Voltage Regulator - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Furman

Furman M-8X ARMerit Series Voltage Regulator

Voltage Regulation, Surge Protection, Monitoring

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Furman M-8X ARMerit Series Voltage Regulator

Experience Unwavering Stability in Your Home Theater

Imagine a world where your home theater's performance is never compromised by erratic voltage levels. The Furman M-8X AR Merit Series Voltage Regulator isn't just a piece of technology; it's the guardian of your entertainment experience. This regulator ensures that no matter what happens with the incoming power, your equipment will always receive a stable, consistent 120V, enabling you to enjoy your home theater to the fullest.

Essential Protection That's Unseen but Not Unfelt

  • Robust Voltage Regulation: Maintains a consistent 120V output (+/- 5V), which is crucial for sensitive electronics.
  • Automatic Shutdown: In extreme over-current situations, the auto-shutdown feature kicks in to protect your valuable equipment.
  • Surge Protection: Beefy components absorb extreme voltage spikes, keeping your devices safe.

The Furman M-8X AR isn't just about maintaining voltage levels; it's about delivering peace of mind. Your home theater is an investment, and this voltage regulator acts as insurance against the unpredictable nature of power.

A Closer Look at the Features

Visual Monitoring at a Glance

  • 10-LED Bar-graph Input Voltage Meter: Easily monitor your power input with a quick glance.
  • Front-panel LEDs: Instantly see the status of your power supply and whether it's within the acceptable voltage range.

Solid Construction for Lasting Performance

  • Eight-tap Toroidal Autoformer: Ensures minimal energy loss and maximum voltage regulation.
  • Low Stray Magnetic Field Leakage: Minimizes interference that can affect sound and picture quality.

Convenience and Compatibility

  • Rack-mountable Design: Integrates seamlessly into your existing home theater setup.
  • Nine Outlets: Eight on the back panel and one on the front, providing ample connectivity for all your devices.

The Unsung Hero of Audio and Video Performance

The Furman M-8X AR doesn't just protect; it enhances. By delivering a consistent power supply, this voltage regulator directly improves the audio and video quality of your home theater system. Say goodbye to hums and buzzes that can occur with poor power conditions. Your system will perform at its peak, every single time.

Built-in Surge Protection

The built-in surge protection is like having a high-tech bouncer for your electronics, stopping harmful spikes at the door before they can do any damage. It's protection that you'll appreciate even more when it saves you from the potential costs of replacing damaged components.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Input Voltage: 120V (+/- 5V)
  • Output Capacity: 15 amps
  • Voltage Regulation Display: 10-LED bar-graph
  • Protection Features: Surge, RFI/EMI interference, Extreme Voltage and Current Protection
  • Dimensions: H 1.75" x W 19" x D 11"
  • Weight: 15.75 lbs

The Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we understand that setting up a home theater is more than just plugging in components. It's about creating an experience. That's why we recommend the Furman M-8X AR as part of your setup. Our team is available to design and integrate this vital piece of equipment into your system, ensuring that you get the performance you deserve.

Why Choose the Furman M-8X AR?

Long-Term Reliability

With minimal instances of equipment shutdown and a design that's built to last, the Furman M-8X AR is a device that will stand the test of time. Its improved design and protection features mean you can count on consistent performance for years to come.

Warranty and Support

Backed by a 3-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty, you can trust in the Furman brand. And with Dreamedia's exceptional customer service, you'll have all the support and guidance you need.

Enhance Your Home Theater Today

The Furman M-8X AR Merit Series Voltage Regulator is a powerhouse of protection and performance enhancement. With its robust build, sleek design, and front-panel LED lights, it's a valuable addition to any home theater system. It's not just about protecting your equipment; it's about elevating your entertainment experience.

Power Your Passion

Whether you're a film enthusiast, a gaming aficionado, or a music lover, the Furman M-8X AR ensures that your home theater system operates at its best, providing the clean, stable power needed for peak performance. It's the silent partner in your home entertainment that makes all the difference.

Take Control of Your Power

Don't leave the safety and performance of your home theater to chance. With the Furman M-8X AR, you have control over your power supply, ensuring that your system always performs optimally. It's a small investment that yields big returns in protection and performance.

Ready to Enhance Your Home Theater?

Dreamedia is here to help you integrate the Furman M-8X AR Merit Series Voltage Regulator into your system. Our expertise in home theater technology means that you get not only the best products but also the best design and installation services. Contact us today to take the first step towards a truly stellar home theater experience.

Our Review

Furman M-8X AR 15A Merit Series Voltage Regulator Review


Voltage regulation is a critical component in any high-fidelity audio or sophisticated video setup. Sensitive electronics can suffer from inconsistent power delivery, which not only affects performance but can also lead to hardware damage. The Furman M-8X AR 15A Merit Series Voltage Regulator enters the scene as a solution designed to address these issues. Upon first glance, the unit promises to deliver not just consistent power but also to protect your valuable equipment from unpredictable voltage levels.

Design and Build Quality

Physical Layout

The Furman M-8X AR is a robust unit, with a form factor that is designed to seamlessly integrate into a standard audio rack. Weighing in at a heft that speaks to its solid construction, the regulator features eight rear-panel outlets for most of your gear, with a convenient front-panel outlet for easily accessible connections. This layout is well-thought-out for both permanent and temporary setups.

Aesthetics and Rack Compatibility

Aesthetically, the Furman M-8X AR has a professional look that blends well with other rack-mounted equipment. Its sleek black finish is unobtrusive, allowing it to sit discreetly in a studio or home theater environment. The weight and size are considerations for rack mounting, but it provides a stable center of gravity for the equipment rack.


Voltage Regulation Capabilities

The crux of the Furman M-8X AR is its voltage regulation. It maintains a consistent 120V output within a tight +/- 5V window, which is a boon for any equipment that is sensitive to voltage variations. This level of regulation is crucial for maintaining the longevity and performance of connected devices.

Surge Protection and Safety

The built-in surge protection is an essential feature, safeguarding against spikes that can occur during storms or power grid issues. The extreme overvoltage/undervoltage shutdown mechanism is a safety net that instills confidence, knowing that your equipment will be protected in the event of a significant power anomaly.

Front Panel Indicators and Controls

The 10-LED bar-graph Input Voltage meter on the front panel is a standout feature, allowing for at-a-glance monitoring of incoming voltage levels. The Output In Regulation indicator and Extreme Voltage Shutdown LED provide immediate visual feedback on the unit's status, ensuring that you are always aware of the power conditions affecting your gear.

Additional Functionalities

The low stray magnetic field leakage is an underrated feature that minimizes interference with other equipment, particularly important in densely packed racks. The convenience of the multiple outlets, both front and back, cannot be overstated, offering flexibility in connectivity.


Voltage Stability and Equipment Protection

In practice, the Furman M-8X AR performs admirably, maintaining voltage stability even when faced with input fluctuations. This reliability is not just theoretical – it manifests as noise reduction in audio setups and consistent performance in video equipment, which can be particularly susceptible to voltage irregularities.

Audio/Video Enhancement

The clean power provided by the Furman M-8X AR can lead to noticeable improvements in both audio clarity and video fidelity. By eliminating power-related artifacts, the regulator allows for a purer signal path, which is especially noticeable in professional studio environments.

Potential Noise Issues

Despite its many strengths, some users have reported a slight audible hum emanating from the unit when it is actively regulating voltage. While this hum does not interfere with recordings or transmitted audio, it can be a distraction in a quiet environment. It's a minor quibble, but one that is worth considering depending on your sensitivity to noise.


Installation and Setup

Integrating the Furman M-8X AR into an existing setup is straightforward. The rack-mountable design simplifies installation, and the unit's layout is intuitive. Once installed, the voltage regulator requires minimal interaction, allowing users to focus on their work or entertainment.

Monitoring and Maintenance

The front-panel voltage meter and LEDs make ongoing monitoring a breeze, with no need for additional tools or devices. Maintenance is similarly uncomplicated, with the robust build quality suggesting that the unit will not require frequent servicing.


Longevity and Durability

The M-8X AR's solid construction suggests it is built to last, and the 3-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty provides additional peace of mind. However, some users have reported quality issues, including a unit failing after a modest period. These instances appear to be outliers, but they are a reminder that no product is immune to defects.

Customer Support Experience

Furman's reputation for customer service is generally positive, with reports of responsive technical support and helpful guidance. This support is an integral part of the product's value, especially for users who are less familiar with power regulation technology.

Value Proposition

When weighing the features and performance against the price, the Furman M-8X AR presents a compelling value proposition. It's a professional-grade tool that is accessible enough for serious home theater enthusiasts, offering protection and performance enhancements that can save money and frustration in the long run.

Final Thoughts

The Furman M-8X AR 15A Merit Series Voltage Regulator is a formidable player in the realm of power management. Its strengths—voltage stability, surge protection, and build quality—are significant, while the few weaknesses, such as the potential for noise, are relatively minor. The product is well-suited to both professional studio operators and home theater aficionados who demand the best performance from their equipment. It is a smart investment that can deliver both immediate improvements and long-term benefits. Considering the balance of features, performance, and price, the Furman M-8X AR comes highly recommended for anyone seeking to enhance and protect their audio/video setup.


General Specifications

  • Model: Furman M-8X AR 15A Merit Series Voltage Regulator
  • Input Voltage: 120V (+/- 5V)
  • Output Capacity: 15 amps
  • Outlets: Eight on the back panel, one on the front
  • Voltage Regulation: Maintains a consistent 120V output (+/- 5V)
  • Voltage Regulation Display: 10-LED bar-graph Input Voltage meter
  • Protection Against Power Surges: Yes, utilizes beefy components to absorb extreme voltage spikes
  • Auto-shutdown Feature: Yes, automatically shuts down in extreme over-current situations to protect equipment
  • Shutdown Indicators: Extreme Voltage Shutdown indicator LED
  • Output In Regulation Indicator: Yes, indicates when the output is within the acceptable voltage range
  • Autoformer: Eight-tap toroidal autoformer
  • Magnetic Field Leakage: Low stray magnetic field leakage

Protection Features

  • Spike (Surges/Transients) Protection: Yes, up to 6000 volts with MOVs
  • RFI/EMI Interference: Reduces noise from RFI and EMI through low-pass filtering
  • Extreme Voltage Protection: Yes, with protective shutdown conditions indicated by two red LEDs labeled 'EVS'
  • Extreme Current Protection: Yes, with special ECS circuit to detect and shut down the outlets before damage

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal Input Voltage: 120VAC 50/60Hz
  • Regulation Capture Range: 97VAC - 141VAC
  • Output Voltage: 120VAC ±5V
  • Output Current Rating: 15A @ 124V
  • Output Current De-rating: 113mA/V - 12.3A @ 100V
  • Voltage Shutdown Range: <75V or >145V
  • ECS Shutdown Range: Within 10 cycles @ 100A, and within 1 cycle @ >200A
  • Voltmeter Accuracy: ±5VAC
  • Spike Protection Modes: L-N
  • Spike Clamping Voltage: TVSS rating of 400V peak @ 500A, L-N
  • Response Time: 1ns
  • Maximum Surge Current: 15,000A
  • Maximum Spike Energy: 225 J
  • Noise Attenuation Transverse: -16dB @ 10KHz, -33dB @ 100 kHz, -48dB @ 400KHz
  • Dimensions: H 1.75" x W 19" x D 11" (H 45mm x W 483mm x D 280mm)
  • Weight: 15.75 lbs (7.1kg)


  • Voltage Regulation: Yes, to protect equipment
  • Capacity: 15A for various setups
  • Built-in Surge Protection: Yes
  • Performance Enhancement: Enhances audio and video performance
  • Rack-mountable: Yes, for convenience
  • Front-panel LEDs: Yes, for visual indication
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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