Furman ELITE15PFI Filtering AC Power Conditioner - Dreamedia AV
Furman ELITE15PFI Filtering AC Power Conditioner - Dreamedia AV
Furman ELITE15PFI Filtering AC Power Conditioner - Dreamedia AV
Furman ELITE15PFI Filtering AC Power Conditioner - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Furman

Furman ELITE15PFI Filtering AC Power Conditioner

AC Power Conditioning and Surge Suppression

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Furman ELITE15PFI Filtering AC Power Conditioner

Experience Uncompromised Power Management with Furman ELITE15PFI

In the realm of home theater and high-fidelity audio systems, power is more than just a necessity; it's the lifeblood that drives performance. The Furman ELITE15PFI Filtering AC Power Conditioner isn't just a safeguard for your equipment; it's an enhancement tool that ensures your system operates at its peak. It's a silent hero, working in the background to deliver pristine power for your audio-visual experience.

The Foundation of Audiovisual Clarity

Imagine a world where every note, every scene, every moment of your entertainment is delivered with absolute precision. The Furman ELITE15PFI is the cornerstone of this world, providing:

  • Linear Noise Attenuation: With over 40 dB of noise reduction from 10 kHz to 100 kHz, and over 80 dB from 100 kHz to 1 GHz, the ELITE15PFI ensures a quieter noise floor and a clearer picture.
  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppression: Protecting your delicate electronics, this feature shields against sudden spikes that can be harmful to your equipment.
  • Zero Ground Contamination: Offers pure power without adding any electrical noise to the ground line that could interfere with sound and video quality.

Unparalleled Protection and Performance

Your investment in high-end AV equipment demands protection that only the ELITE15PFI can provide. Here's how it stands guard:

  • Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP): This ensures long-term durability and protection from surges without the need for a sacrificed component.
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown (E.V.S.): Automatically cuts power when voltage reaches dangerous levels, safeguarding your equipment from potential disaster.
  • High-Current Outlets: Four specially designed outlets provide power-factor correction for your most demanding amplifiers, subwoofers, and other high-current devices.

A Symphony of Advanced Filtration Features

The ELITE15PFI isn't just about protection; it's about enhancement. It features:

  • Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT): Dramatically reduces differential AC line noise, ensuring that you hear and see your media content without any interference.
  • Bi-directional Ultrasonic Filtering: Perfect for analog or video components, this feature maintains the integrity of your signal for a pristine AV experience.

Designed for Ease and Convenience

  • Retractable Front Panel LED Lamps: Illuminate your rack without adding light pollution to your viewing environment.
  • Front Panel Power Switch: Easily control the power conditioner without having to access the rear of the rack.
  • Dimmer Knob and Indicators: Adjust the front panel lighting to your preference and easily monitor your system's status.

Connectivity and Control at Your Fingertips

Connectivity is key in a modern home theater setup, and the ELITE15PFI delivers with:

  • Coaxial RF Jacks: Protect your cable, satellite, and antenna connections while ensuring a clean signal.
  • 12 Volt Trigger Input and Output: Integrate with other components for centralized control, including remote turn-on sequencing.
  • Phone Jacks: Safeguard your phone lines from surges and spikes.

Built to Last

The ELITE15PFI is not just about immediate results; it's an investment in the longevity of your home theater system. With Furman's legendary build quality, you can be assured that this power conditioner will serve your system for years to come, backed by a 3-year warranty.

Installation Flexibility

  • Rack Mount Brackets Included: The ELITE15PFI is ready to integrate into your existing AV rack with included mounting hardware.
  • Elegant and Robust Design: With a sleek black finish, it will complement your high-end AV components while providing robust protection.

A Commitment to Excellence

Dreamedia understands the passion behind assembling the perfect home theater system. That's why we not only recommend products like the Furman ELITE15PFI but also offer design and installation services to ensure your system reaches its full potential.

Ensuring Peace of Mind

The connected equipment guarantee, offers an extra layer of confidence, ensuring that you're covered in the unlikely event of equipment damage due to power disturbances.

Power Management Tailored to Your Needs

The Furman ELITE15PFI Filtering AC Power Conditioner is a testament to the power of precision engineering. It's not just about protecting your equipment; it's about elevating your home theater experience to new heights. With its comprehensive approach to noise reduction, surge protection, and power management, the ELITE15PFI is the silent guardian of your home theater's performance.

Embrace the ELITE15PFI Difference

With the Furman ELITE15PFI, you're not just buying a piece of equipment; you're investing in an experience. You're ensuring that every movie, every concert, and every game is presented with the clarity and detail that the creators intended. You're protecting your investment in high-quality AV gear while enhancing its performance capabilities.

Join the Ranks of Audiophiles and Videophiles

Step into a world where electrical anomalies are no longer a concern, and the focus is solely on enjoying your entertainment. The Furman ELITE15PFI is the choice of discerning audiophiles and videophiles who understand that what powers their system is just as important as the components themselves.

Make the Elite Choice Today

The Furman ELITE15PFI is more than just a power conditioner; it's the heart of a home theater system that beats with clarity and stability. Make the elite choice today, and transform the way you experience entertainment. With Dreamedia's expertise and the ELITE15PFI's performance, your home theater system will be unmatched.

Remember, when you choose Furman, you're choosing unparalleled protection, performance, and peace of mind. And with Dreamedia's design services, you're never alone in creating the ultimate home theater experience.

Our Review

Furman ELITE15PFI Filtering AC Power Conditioner Review


In the realm of high-fidelity audio and immersive home theater experiences, power conditioning is a critical yet often overlooked component. The Furman ELITE15PFI stands as a testament to the importance of clean power in achieving the pinnacle of audiovisual performance. This review delves into the intricacies of the ELITE15PFI and evaluates whether its premium price point translates into a tangible enhancement of your home entertainment system.


Build Quality and Aesthetics

The Furman ELITE15PFI exudes a robust build quality that one would expect from a high-end power conditioner. The unit's weight and dimensions signify a solid internal architecture, designed to withstand the rigors of electrical anomalies. The grainy finish, while potentially an aesthetic drawback for some, does little to detract from the overall impression of a product built to last. However, the finish’s propensity to reveal dust might require more frequent cleaning to maintain a pristine appearance.

Layout and Ergonomics

With a generous offering of 13 outlets, the ELITE15PFI provides ample connectivity for even the most extensive systems. The spacing of these outlets accommodates bulky power adapters without compromising adjacent outlets, a thoughtful touch. The bright blue LED, though a stylish marker of the unit's operational status, may prove to be a distraction in light-controlled environments such as home theaters. Users may need to devise a workaround, like dimming or covering the LED, to prevent it from detracting from the visual experience.


Power Conditioning Capabilities

The cornerstone of the ELITE15PFI is its comprehensive approach to power conditioning. The surge protection, leveraging series mode technology, promises longevity and durability beyond typical MOV-based protectors. The inclusion of Zero Ground Contamination and Extreme Voltage Shutdown safeguards your equipment against ground noise and catastrophic voltage spikes, respectively. These features give users peace of mind, knowing their investment in audiovisual hardware is protected against power-related calamities.

Additional Functionalities

The Bi-directional ultrasonic filtering is a unique feature that aims to purify the power for analog or video components, potentially enhancing the clarity of the signal. The ELITE15PFI's compatibility with various power cords allows for a tailored power delivery experience, giving users the flexibility to optimize their system's performance according to their preferences.


Power Delivery and Clarity

The power factor corrected amplifier outlets claim to deliver over 55 amps of peak charge, ensuring that power-hungry amplifiers receive a steady and robust supply of electricity. While the benefits of this technology are somewhat debated, the potential for improved focus, clarity, and control in audio reproduction can be alluring for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike.

Noise Floor Reduction

In practical tests, the ELITE15PFI demonstrates a notable reduction in the system’s noise floor, resulting in a cleaner and more precise soundstage. This reduction allows for subtle details in music and film soundtracks to emerge, creating a more immersive listening experience.

Surge Protection and Equipment Safety

The unit's surge suppression capabilities are formidable, providing confidence that your equipment is secure from electrical transients. The safety features of the ELITE15PFI, such as Extreme Voltage Shutdown, act as a final line of defense against voltage irregularities, protecting not just the power conditioner itself, but all connected devices.

Practical Considerations

Installation and Setup

The ELITE15PFI integrates seamlessly into most home theater setups, with a standard 2 RU height that fits comfortably in equipment racks. However, the short power cord may limit placement options, necessitating the use of an extension or a replacement with a longer cord. Additionally, users should be aware that the Power Factor Technology, while beneficial for amplifier performance, may trigger circuit breakers or UPS systems when drawing loads greater than 15A.


Day-to-day operation of the ELITE15PFI is unobtrusive, with minimal heat generation and quiet operation. The unit's design allows for easy access to all outlets, though the potential issue with the overly bright LED persists as a minor annoyance.

Pros and Cons

The Furman ELITE15PFI stands out for its robust surge protection, exceptional build quality, and the ability to deliver a purified power supply to your audiovisual equipment. The improvement in sound clarity and reduction of the noise floor are significant benefits for users seeking an uncompromised listening experience. The compatibility with different power cords and the unit's reliability, backed by a 3-year warranty, add to its appeal.

On the flip side, the pending NRTL-C safety listing raises some concern, although this is often a procedural step and not indicative of any inherent safety issues. The Power Factor Technology's effectiveness may not be universally recognized, and its interaction with circuit breakers and UPS devices can be problematic. The short power cord and bright LED are minor grievances but worth considering for potential buyers. Lastly, the grainy finish, while durable, might demand more maintenance to keep the unit looking its best.

Final Thoughts

The Furman ELITE15PFI is a formidable contender in the realm of high-end power conditioners, offering a suite of features that cater to the discerning audiophile and home theater enthusiast. Its build quality, power conditioning capabilities, and surge protection features justify its position as a premium product. While it has its quirks, such as the bright LED and the short power cord, these are relatively minor and can be mitigated with simple workarounds. For those seeking to protect and enhance their investment in high-quality audio and video equipment, the ELITE15PFI presents a compelling option, albeit with a few considerations to keep in mind.


Electrical Specifications

  • Line Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz
  • Maximum Current Rating: 15 Amps
  • Operating Voltage: 90 to 140 VAC
  • Spike Protection Mode: Line to neutral, zero ground leakage
  • Current Capacity: 15 amps input, 11-15 amps RMS output
  • Linear Noise Attenuation: >40 dB (10 kHz - 100 kHz), >80 dB (100 kHz - 1 GHz)
  • Over-voltage Shutoff Threshold: 140 volts AC
  • Under-voltage Shutoff Threshold: 85 volts AC
  • Power Consumption: 12 watts

Physical Specifications

  • Total AC Outlets: 13
  • High-Current Outlets: 4
  • Width: 17 inches
  • Height: 4-1/8 inches
  • Depth: 17-1/2 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds

Protection Features

  • Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP): Yes
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown (E.V.S.): Yes
  • Zero Ground Contamination: Yes
  • Transient Voltage Surge Protection: Yes

Filtration Features

  • Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT): Yes
  • EMI and RFI Filtration: Yes


  • Coaxial RF Jacks: Yes
  • USB Connections: None
  • Powerline Network Compatible: No
  • 12 Volt Trigger Input: Yes
  • 12 Volt Trigger Output: Yes
  • Phone Jacks: Yes

Control and Indicators

  • Front Panel Power Switch: Yes
  • Dimmer Knob: Yes
  • Extreme Voltage Indicator: Yes
  • Power LED: Yes
  • Remote LED: Yes
  • Bypass Switch: Yes

Lighting Features

  • Retractable Front Panel LED Lamps: Yes

Remote Control Features

  • 12V Triggering: Yes
  • 12V Trigger Bypass Option: Yes
  • Daisy-chain Capability: Yes