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Focal Sub 1000 F

High-power sealed subwoofer with Flax cone technology

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Focal Sub 1000 F

Unveiling the Focal Sub 1000 F: A Symphony of Precision and Power

In the realm of home cinema, the quest for that perfect sonic experience can be as compelling as the plot twists of your favorite blockbuster. Enter the Focal Sub 1000 F, a subwoofer that doesn't just fill a room with sound—it envelops you in a cocoon of audio perfection. Let's embark on a journey to discover how this compact powerhouse can transform your home theater into a bastion of aural bliss.

A Masterpiece of Acoustic Engineering

At the heart of the Focal Sub 1000 F lies an innovative 11-13/16" Flax membrane cone, a material chosen for its remarkable sonic properties. Born from a blend of two sheets of fiberglass and a core of flax fibers, this cone is both lightweight and rigid, ensuring your bass is not only deep but also impeccably defined.

The 1,000 Watts BASH amplifier within this subwoofer is a force to be reckoned with. It's capable of delivering thunderous power without breaking a sweat. The result? A bass response that is as robust as it is controlled.

Design That Speaks Volumes

The Focal Sub 1000 F is a testament to the philosophy that form should follow function. Its sealed enclosure design guarantees an extended bass response, while the absence of interference ensures that the sound you hear is as pure as the director intended.

A Symphony of Features

  • Speaker Cone: 11-13/16" diameter Flax membrane, meticulously crafted for sonic excellence.
  • Amplifier Power: A colossal 1,000 Watts BASH amplifier for earth-shattering power.
  • Bass Response: Sealed construction for a bass that extends to the very depths of the audio spectrum.
  • Driver: 'Dual Magnet' dual driver for a potent combination of power and linearity.
  • Materials: Eco-friendly and sonically superior flax cone technology.
  • Compatibility: The perfect partner for Aria 900 speakers, creating an immersive cinema experience.
  • Woofer: 12" Flax membrane cone woofer for bass that is both powerful and precise.
  • Enclosure: Acoustic suspension design, with a thick front panel and rubber ring to minimize vibration.
  • Input Options: Multiple input options, including gold-plated RCA line-level inputs and a dedicated LFE input.

The Power Behind the Performance

The 'Dual Magnet' dual driver is the engine of this subwoofer, delivering phenomenal power and maintaining excellent linearity. This means that whether you're listening to the subtle rumble of a distant thunderstorm or the full-on roar of a spaceship launch, the Focal Sub 1000 F reproduces sound with breathtaking accuracy.

Custom-Tailored for Controlled Dynamics

The bespoke spider/suspension system in the Sub 1000 F ensures that the bass is not just dynamic but also controlled. Long travel (up to 43 mm) is managed with finesse, allowing for a bass that can leap from a whisper to a roar without losing its composure.

Eco-Friendly Without Compromise

The Flax cone technology not only benefits the acoustics but also the environment. This material choice is a nod to sustainability without sacrificing performance, ensuring that your home theater indulgence is a responsible one.

Flexibility in Placement

With the Focal Sub 1000 F, you're not constrained by space. Thanks to its flexible placement options and the non-directional nature of bass sound, you can position the subwoofer in a variety of locations for optimal performance.

Tuned to Perfection

Fine-tune your experience with the adjustable phase control. Whether you choose 0° or 180°, you have the power to align the subwoofer's output with the rest of your audio system for a seamless sonic landscape.

Connectivity and Convenience

The Focal Sub 1000 F is equipped with LFE/RCA inputs and automatic power switching. This means it's not only easy to connect to your existing setup, but it's also smart enough to know when to wake up or take a rest, preserving energy without any effort on your part.

Robust Yet Refined

Weighing in at a manageable 47lbs and sized at 15-3/4" W x 16-9/16" H x 16-9/16" D, the Sub 1000 F is both substantial and sleek. Its MDF cabinet is built to last, ensuring that it remains a cornerstone of your home theater system for years to come.

A Visual Delight

The Focal Sub 1000 F is more than just an auditory experience—it's a visual one too. Its design is as appealing to the eyes as it is to the ears, with a modern aesthetic that complements any room.

The Essence of Focal Tradition

With the Sub 1000 F, you are not just purchasing a subwoofer; you are investing in a technological masterpiece that embodies the purest Focal tradition. This is a subwoofer that has been engineered with passion and precision, designed to deliver nothing but the best.

Embracing the Cinema Experience

For those who crave that authentic cinema sound, the Sub 1000 F is the ideal addition to your home theater. It's designed to reproduce film soundtracks with such fidelity that you'll feel like you're part of the action.

The Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we understand that a home theater is not just about the equipment—it's about the experience. That's why we're here to help design your system with the Focal Sub 1000 F as the cornerstone. Our expertise ensures that your home cinema dreams become a reality, enveloping you in sound that transports you right into the heart of the story.

In summary, the Focal Sub 1000 F is not just a subwoofer—it's the heartbeat of your home cinema. It's where power meets precision, where technology meets tradition, and where your search for the ultimate sound experience comes to an end. Welcome to the world of impeccable bass, where every rumble and roar is felt just as it is heard. Welcome to the Focal Sub 1000 F.

The Sub 1000 F subwoofer has been designed for Home Cinema use in the purest Focal tradition.

A technological masterpiece, it has a 1113/16" (30cm) diameter Flax membrane bass speaker cone. The stiffness and lightness of this environmentally-friendly textile mean it produces an extremely well defined, distortion-free sound. The 'Dual Magnet' dual driver provides phenomenal power while ensuring excellent linearity. The Sub 1000 F has an integrated 1,000 Watts BASH® super-powerful amplifier to let the 30cm woofer unleash its full potential. Finally, its sealed construction offers an extended bass response, a very compact size and an absence of interference, all leading to a pure, harmonious sound.

This loudspeaker is perfect for faithfully reproducing your film soundtracks with ease, making it the proud complement to your Aria 900 speakers.

Our Review


The Focal Sub 1000 F Subwoofer is a powerful and compact addition to any home theater setup. With a range of impressive features and specifications, it promises to deliver a clean and harmonic sound experience. In this review, we will delve into the design, performance, connectivity, amplifier power, and Flax cone technology of the Sub 1000 F. We will also consider the user experience and provide an overall assessment of this subwoofer.

Design and Build Quality

The Focal Sub 1000 F Subwoofer boasts a stylish and visually appealing design. Its compact size and manageable weight make it easy to integrate into any home theater system without sacrificing valuable space. The sturdy construction with an MDF cabinet ensures durability and enhances its overall longevity.


The Sub 1000 F Subwoofer lives up to its promise of delivering solid and tight bass performance. With its HiFi loudspeakers, it provides an immersive audio experience that enhances the overall enjoyment of movies and music. The utilization of Flax technology in the speaker cone allows for accurate and low-distortion bass reproduction, resulting in a precise and natural sound output.

However, one limitation of the Sub 1000 F is its limited bandwidth in low registers. While it performs admirably within its intended range, it may struggle to reproduce the lowest frequencies, especially in larger home theater rooms. In comparison to Internet Direct (ID) subwoofers, it may not be considered a top performer in terms of low-frequency extension.

For those seeking a more impactful bass experience in larger rooms, adding a second subwoofer to the setup may be beneficial. This can enhance the overall impact and create a more immersive audio environment.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The Focal Sub 1000 F Subwoofer offers wired connectivity, ensuring a stable and reliable connection to your home theater system. It is specifically designed to be compatible with Aria 900 speakers, allowing for seamless integration and optimal performance.

However, one notable absence is the lack of balanced inputs. This may be a drawback for those who require balanced connections in their setup.

Amplifier and Power

Equipped with a powerful 1000-watt BASH amplifier, the Sub 1000 F Subwoofer delivers impressive power output for its compact size. This ensures that it can adequately handle demanding bass frequencies and maintain a consistent and powerful sound performance.

Flax Cone Technology

The Focal Sub 1000 F Subwoofer incorporates Flax cone technology in its speaker cone construction. This technological masterpiece in the Focal tradition utilizes a Flax/Fiberglass cone construction, resulting in accurate and low-distortion bass reproduction. The stiff and lightweight Flax membrane enhances the overall sound quality, delivering well-defined and distortion-free audio.

Additionally, the Flax cone material is environmentally-friendly, making it a conscious choice for those concerned about sustainability.

User Experience

One aspect to consider is the limited availability of user experiences or reviews online. While this may make it challenging to gauge the overall user satisfaction, it is important to note that Focal has a strong reputation in the industry for producing high-quality audio equipment.

If you have any specific user feedback or experiences with the Focal Sub 1000 F Subwoofer, we encourage you to share them in the comments section below.


In conclusion, the Focal Sub 1000 F Subwoofer offers a compelling package for those seeking a powerful and compact subwoofer to enhance their home theater experience. With its solid and tight bass performance, visually appealing design, and environmentally-friendly Flax cone technology, it has the potential to deliver an immersive audio experience.

However, it is important to consider its limitations, such as its limited bandwidth in low registers and the absence of balanced inputs. Additionally, the higher price point compared to its specifications may be a deterrent for some consumers.

Overall, the Focal Sub 1000 F Subwoofer is recommended for individuals looking for a well-designed and powerful subwoofer to complement their home theater setup. Its compact size, manageable weight, and impressive amplifier power make it a suitable choice for various room sizes. While it may not excel in larger spaces, the addition of a second subwoofer can compensate for this limitation.


General Specifications

  • Type: Amplified Sealed Compact Subwoofer
  • Application: Home Cinema use
  • Compatibility: Ideal complement to Aria 900 speakers

Audio Specifications

  • Driver Size: 30cm (11 13/16")
  • Speaker Cone Material: Flax membrane
  • Amplifier Power: 1000 Watts
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 103.5 dB / 1 m @ 40Hz

Construction Details

  • Enclosure Type: Sealed
  • Cabinet Material: MDF
  • Cone Construction: Two sheets of 160 g/m2 fibre glass and a 250 g/m2 flax core


  • Flax Technology: Yes
  • Dual Magnet: Yes


  • Bass Response: Extended
  • Distortion-Free Sound: Yes

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: Compact design for easy integration


  • Wired Connectivity: Yes

Environmental Considerations

  • Environmental-Friendly: Yes

Additional Features

  • Phase Adjustment: 0° or 180°
  • LFE/RCA Inputs: Gold plated left & right RCA line-level inputs, dedicated LFE input
  • Auto On/Off: Yes

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