Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Focal

Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer

Bookshelf speaker with beryllium tweeter and W Sandwich cone

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Focal SOPRA N°1 Subwoofer

Unparalleled Acoustic Elegance

Imagine a symphony of sound so pure and precise that it transports you to the heart of the performance. The Focal SOPRA N°1 Bookshelf Speaker is the embodiment of acoustic perfection, designed for the discerning audiophile who craves an immersive sonic experience. With its elegant design and advanced technology, the SOPRA N°1 offers an auditory journey like no other.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

At first glance, the SOPRA N°1 captivates with its sleek and modern aesthetic. The speaker is available in a variety of finishes, such as Black Lacquer, Carrara White, Electric Orange, and wood finishes like Black Oak and Light Oak. The unique Chameleon Finish adds a touch of magic, with colors that shift with the angle of light, creating a living piece of art that complements any room.

Key Design Features:

  • Gamma Structure: Extensive internal bracing, a thick front baffle, and curved side panels ensure rigidity and eliminate unwanted vibrations.
  • Finish Options: Choose from a spectrum of colors and wood finishes to match your personal style.
  • Unique Chameleon Finish: A finish that changes color depending on the light, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Advanced Audio Technology

The SOPRA N°1 is not just a feast for the eyes but a marvel of audio engineering. Focal's dedication to innovation is evident in every aspect of the speaker's design.

Cutting-Edge Driver Materials:

  • Beryllium Inverted Dome Tweeter: Offering an extended frequency response of 1,000 - 40,000 Hz, this tweeter material delivers pristine highs with unmatched clarity.
  • 'W' Diaphragm Midrange/Bass Driver: Constructed with two sheets of glass and a central foam body, it provides a powerful and nuanced bass response.

Revolutionary Technologies:

  • TMD Suspension: The Tuned Mass Damper suspension minimizes distortion, ensuring a crystal-clear midrange.
  • IHL System: The Infinite Horn Loading system enhances the tweeter's performance, eliminating back-wave interference.
  • NIC Technology: The Neutral Inductance Circuit stabilizes the magnetic field, providing a focused and stable soundstage.

Superior Sound Quality

The SOPRA N°1's sound quality is nothing short of remarkable. With a frequency response of 45Hz-40kHz, ±3dB, it captures the full spectrum of sound, from the deepest bass to the highest treble. The 89 dB/W/m sensitivity and 8-ohm nominal impedance mean that the SOPRA N°1 can be driven by a wide range of amplifiers, delivering an exceptional listening experience.

Performance Highlights:

  • Dynamic Range: Experience the subtlety of soft notes and the power of crescendos with superb dynamic contrast.
  • Bass Precision: The taut and quick bass provides excellent layering without any bloat or cabinet colorations.
  • Midrange Clarity: The liquid-smooth midrange has a forward liveliness and weight, bringing vocals and instruments to life.
  • High-Frequency Delicacy: The exquisite top-end detail and extension make every note resonate with purity.

Ideal for Any Genre

Whether you're a fan of classical, jazz, rock, or electronic music, the SOPRA N°1 effortlessly adapts to any genre. Its ability to handle complex arrangements without sounding clinical ensures that every listening session is an exploration of sound.

A Speaker for Every Occasion

The SOPRA N°1 is well-suited for a variety of settings, from intimate listening rooms to larger spaces. Its exceptional transparency and imaging prowess make it an ideal choice for high-fidelity audio systems and critical listening environments.

A Statement of Luxury

Owning a pair of SOPRA N°1 speakers is more than just a listening choice; it's a statement of luxury and a testament to your commitment to the finest audio experiences. The included stands, with their matte black aluminum finish and vibration-damping metal plate, elevate the speakers both physically and aesthetically.

Stand Features:

  • Height: The 61 cm stands are designed to position the speakers at the optimal listening height.
  • Material: Matte black aluminum finish with a deep black glass base ensures stability and style.
  • Vibration Damping: The metal plate reduces unwanted vibrations, enhancing sound clarity.

Peace of Mind with Warranty

Focal stands behind the quality of the SOPRA N°1 with a generous 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and assurance in your investment.

Dreamedia: Your Home Theater Experts

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of a personalized home theater experience. Our team is available to design a system that integrates the SOPRA N°1 seamlessly into your home, ensuring optimal performance and visual harmony.

In Summary

The Focal SOPRA N°1 Bookshelf Speaker represents the pinnacle of audio craftsmanship. Its combination of aesthetic beauty, advanced technology, and unparalleled sound quality makes it the ultimate choice for those who seek the very best in home audio. Experience the SOPRA N°1 and let it redefine what you thought was possible in sound reproduction.

Embrace the future of audio excellence with the Focal SOPRA N°1, and let Dreamedia help you create a home theater system that becomes the heart of your sonic universe.

Our Review

Focal SOPRA N°1 Bookshelf Speaker Review


Focal has long been synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional performance in the realm of high-fidelity audio. The French manufacturer's dedication to acoustic excellence is embodied in their latest offering, the SOPRA N°1 bookshelf speaker. At first glance, the SOPRA N°1 exudes an aura of sophistication and promises an auditory experience that could potentially redefine one's expectations from a compact speaker system.

Design and Aesthetics

Cabinet Construction

The cabinet of the SOPRA N°1 is a testament to Focal's commitment to structural integrity and vibration mitigation. The Gamma Structure, with its extensive internal bracing, ensures that the cabinet remains acoustically inert, allowing the drivers to perform without the interference of unwanted resonances. Combined with a thick front baffle and elegantly curved side panels, the speaker not only looks the part but is engineered to deliver a pristine soundstage uncolored by its enclosure.

Visual Appeal

Visually, the SOPRA N°1 is nothing short of a masterpiece. The array of finish options, from the understated elegance of Black Oak to the vibrant Electric Orange, offers a spectrum of choices to suit individual tastes. However, it's worth noting that the Chameleon finish, while unique, might not be everyone's cup of tea and comes with a significant surcharge. The speaker's design is a bold statement that merges audio fidelity with visual allure.

Features and Technologies

Advanced Material Usage

The SOPRA N°1's driver configuration is a showcase of Focal's pioneering material technology. The inverted beryllium dome tweeter is renowned for its rigidity and lightness, delivering an extended frequency response with remarkable precision. The 'W Sandwich' cone is an intricate composition that combines structural foam with fiberglass to achieve a balance of damping and rigidity, resulting in a mid/bass driver that is both responsive and articulate.

Notable Technologies

Focal's Tuned Mass Dampener (TMD) and Infinite Horn Loading (IHL) system are engineering marvels that enhance the listening experience. The TMD surround for the mid/bass driver mitigates distortion, allowing for a cleaner and more focused sound, while the IHL system optimizes the tweeter's performance, reducing diffraction and improving high-frequency extension. These technologies are not mere gimmicks but are integral to the SOPRA N°1's acoustic prowess.


Sound Quality

Highs and Mids

The SOPRA N°1's tweeter offers an exquisite top-end detail that is both delicate and airy, without ever becoming piercing or fatiguing. The midrange, on the other hand, is the star of the show. It presents a liquid-smooth clarity that brings vocals and instruments to life with a forward liveliness that is rarely achieved by speakers of this size. The transparency and imaging are exceptional, creating a three-dimensional soundscape that is immersive and precise.

Bass Response

While the SOPRA N°1 delivers a superb dynamic punch in the bass and a taut, quick response that is free of bloat or cabinet colorations, it does have its limitations in the lower frequencies. Standmount speakers inherently lack the deep bass extension of their floor-standing counterparts, and the SOPRA N°1 is no exception. In larger rooms or for cinematic experiences, the addition of a high-quality subwoofer would complement the SOPRA N°1's performance.

Room Integration

Integrating the SOPRA N°1 into a listening environment is both a challenge and an opportunity. The speaker's detailed and refined sound can be influenced by room acoustics, which means careful placement and potentially acoustic treatment will yield the best results. Speech intelligibility in movies and TV shows may be a concern for some, but this is often a trade-off with speakers that prioritize high-fidelity music reproduction.

User Experience

Setup and Assembly

Setting up the SOPRA N°1 may require patience and precision. The assembly, including bolting the speakers to the stands, can be time-consuming, but it is a necessary step to ensure stability and optimal sound. Once assembled, the speakers demand meticulous placement to unlock their full potential, which can be an involved process but is ultimately rewarding.

Compatibility with Subwoofers

Those seeking to integrate a subwoofer with the SOPRA N°1 may find it challenging to maintain the sonic cohesion that the speakers offer on their own. It's a delicate balance to find a subwoofer that complements the SOPRA N°1's sound without overpowering it or disrupting the delicate acoustic fabric that these speakers weave.

Practical Considerations

The SOPRA N°1, while not the most powerful in terms of bass output, can still generate significant low-frequency energy, which may be a concern in shared living spaces. Additionally, the cost, especially with the premium finishes, is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Prospective buyers must weigh the exceptional audio experience against the financial investment.

Final Thoughts

The Focal SOPRA N°1 bookshelf speaker is a remarkable feat of audio engineering that offers a listening experience that is as luxurious as it is precise. Its performance, design, and advanced technologies come together to create a speaker that is not just heard but felt on an emotional level. While not without its limitations, the SOPRA N°1 is a speaker that commands attention and, for those who prioritize audio fidelity above all else, represents a worthy investment. Whether it's the centerpiece of a high-end stereo system or part of a discerning audiophile's collection, the SOPRA N°1 is a testament to Focal's legacy of acoustic excellence.



  • Type: 2-way compact loudspeaker
  • Enclosure Type: Ported


  • Tweeter Type: Beryllium inverted dome tweeter
  • Tweeter Material: Pure Beryllium
  • Tweeter Frequency Response: 1,000 - 40,000 Hz
  • Midrange/Bass Driver Type: "W" diaphragm midrange/bass driver
  • Midrange/Bass Driver Membrane: Sandwich "W" membrane
  • Midrange/Bass Driver Construction: Two sheets of glass on either side of a central foam body


  • Suspension Technology: TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) suspension
  • Infinite Horn Loading (IHL) System: Yes
  • NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) Technology: Yes
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.2 kHz


  • Cabinet Material: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • Finishes: Colored lacquer (Carrara White, Electric Orange, Black Lacquer) or wood (Light Oak, Macassar)


  • Stands: 61 cm high, matte black aluminum finish, deep black glass base, vibration-damping metal plate


  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-40kHz, ±3dB
  • Sensitivity: 89dB/W/m
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms


  • Finish Options: Black Lacquer, Carrara White, Electric Orange, Black Oak, Light Oak
  • Unique Chameleon Finish: Color changes with the angle of light (green, teal, blue, purple, or amber)


  • Coverage: 5 years

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