Focal SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers - Dreamedia AV
Focal SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers - Dreamedia AV
Focal SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers - Dreamedia AV
Focal SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Focal

Focal SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers

Compact 5.1.2-channel Atmos speaker system

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Focal SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers

Elevate Your Home Cinema Experience

Welcome to the future of home entertainment, where the Focal SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers redefine the boundaries of immersive sound. With the SIB EVO, you're not just watching a movie; you're cocooned in the center of the action, feeling every moment as if you're living it. Designed for the home cinema purist, these speakers are a testament to Focal's commitment to acoustic excellence, bringing the pinnacle of audio technology into your living space.

Unparalleled Dolby Atmos Performance

Experience sound that breathes life into every scene with the Focal SIB EVO's Dolby Atmos capabilities. This cutting-edge technology allows sound to move around you in three-dimensional space, so you feel like you're inside the story. The upward-firing drivers project sound upwards, reflecting off the ceiling to create the overhead dimension that makes Atmos so revolutionary, all without the need for ceiling-mounted speakers.

  • Dolby Atmos Technology: Feel the thunder of a storm overhead or the whisper of leaves rustling above, creating an unparalleled sense of realism.
  • Upward-firing Speakers: These dedicated drivers ensure that the vertical dimension of sound is as meticulously rendered as the horizontal, for a truly enveloping experience.

Compact Design, Massive Impact

The Focal SIB EVO doesn't just sound good; it's designed to blend seamlessly into your home with a timeless and futuristic design. The elegant gloss black finish and the ABS housing with a textured touch make these speakers a stylish addition to any décor. Despite their compact size, they deliver a sound that's big, detailed, and dynamic.

  • Space-Saving Footprint: At just over 2.9kg and with dimensions that make them easy to place, these speakers are perfect for rooms where space is at a premium.
  • Versatile Placement: Whether upright or rotated on its side, the SIB EVO can be used as a front, center, or rear speaker, providing flexibility in setup.

Customizable Setup

Every room is different, and the Focal SIB EVO adapts to yours with ease. With pre-mounted bases that allow for adjustable inclination, you can direct the sound precisely where you want it, ensuring the best possible listening experience.

  • Flexible Base: Easily adjust the speaker's angle to optimize sound based on your seating arrangement.
  • Wall Hooks Included: Mount your speakers on the wall for a clean, unobtrusive look, or place them on a shelf or stand – the choice is yours.

Immersive Sound Compatibility

Dolby Atmos is just the beginning. The Focal SIB EVO is also compatible with DTS:X soundtracks, providing you with flexibility and assurance that no matter the source, your audio experience will be top-notch.

  • Object-Based Surround Sound: Hear sounds as individual entities, with the clarity and directionality that makes modern soundtracks come alive.
  • Modular System: Start with the 2.0 setup and expand to a full 5.1.2 system by adding additional SIB EVO speakers and the Cub Evo subwoofer for deep bass that you can feel.

Seamless Integration

The Focal SIB EVO is designed to work in harmony with the Cub Evo subwoofer, ensuring a cohesive and tonally balanced sound field. The transition between the satellites and subwoofer is seamless, providing a smooth and immersive audio experience.

  • Cub Evo Subwoofer Compatibility: Pair the SIB EVO with the Cub Evo subwoofer for deep, impactful bass that enhances every explosion and deep note.
  • Cohesive Sound Field: The integration between the satellites and subwoofer is engineered to be smooth and natural, eliminating any sense of disconnect between the different elements of the soundstage.

Outstanding Sound Quality

Focal's reputation for superior sound is evident in every note, whisper, and roar the SIB EVO produces. The sound is fluent and dynamic, with a clarity and detail that brings every soundtrack to life.

  • Polyflex Woofer and Soft Dome Tweeter: These speaker drivers work together to reproduce a sound that's both powerful and refined.
  • High Sensitivity: With a 90dB sensitivity rating, these speakers ensure that every detail is heard, even at lower volumes.

Thoughtful Features

The Focal SIB EVO is packed with features that enhance your listening experience and make these speakers a joy to use.

  • Timeless and Futuristic Design: A design that's both classic and forward-thinking, ensuring these speakers will look great in your home for years to come.
  • Adjustable Bases: Fine-tune the angle of your speakers with the flexible base for the perfect audio setup.
  • Complementary Collection: The SIB EVO collection is designed to work together, allowing you to create a harmonious and visually coordinated system.

Technical Excellence

Delve into the specifications that make the Focal SIB EVO an exceptional choice for your home theater system:

  • 2-Way Sealed Loudspeakers: Enjoy a clean and precise sound with the carefully designed speaker enclosure.
  • Wide Frequency Response: With a range of 70Hz - 25kHz, these speakers capture the full spectrum of sound, from the lowest bass to the highest treble.
  • Optimal Impedance and Power Handling: With a nominal impedance of 6 Ohms and RMS power handling of 200 Watts, these speakers are built to deliver consistent, high-quality performance.

In Summary

The Focal SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers offer an exceptional audio experience that brings cinema-quality sound into your home. Compact, versatile, and beautifully designed, they are perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their home theater system without compromising on style or space. Dreamedia is here to help you design your perfect home theater system with these outstanding speakers. Contact us to start your journey into immersive sound with the Focal SIB EVO.

Our Review


The Focal SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers represent a significant leap forward in home theater technology, marrying the compact design with the expansive soundstage that modern audiences crave. As a 5.1.2-channel speaker package, these speakers are engineered to bring the cinematic experience into small to medium-sized rooms, offering a rich, layered sound that can immerse viewers in their favorite films and music. With the integration of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X capabilities, the Focal SIB EVO system promises to elevate audio reproduction to new heights—quite literally.



Focal's commitment to excellent design is evident in the SIB EVO's sleek, contemporary aesthetic. The speakers boast a gloss black finish that exudes elegance and sophistication, ensuring they can blend seamlessly with modern interior decors. The compact form factor is a boon for those contending with space constraints, allowing flexibility in placement without sacrificing visual appeal.

Build Quality

Constructed with precision, the Focal SIB EVO speakers utilize high-quality materials that promise durability and performance. The Polyflex woofer and soft dome tweeter are housed within a sturdy enclosure that is built to withstand the rigors of dynamic sound production. The included hardware for installation, whether mounted vertically or horizontally, adds to the robust nature of these speakers, catering to the diverse needs of users.

Installation and Setup

The Focal SIB EVO speakers offer a variety of mounting options, reflective of the thoughtful design that accommodates different acoustic environments and user preferences. The adjustable speaker angles are a testament to Focal's attention to detail, allowing users to direct sound precisely where it is most effective, ensuring an optimal audio experience.


Dolby Atmos Integration

At the heart of the Focal SIB EVO's feature set is its Dolby Atmos integration. This object-based surround sound technology is a game-changer, creating a three-dimensional soundscape that envelops the listener. The upward-firing drivers are central to this experience, bouncing sound off the ceiling to simulate the vertical dimension of Atmos soundtracks, providing an authentic overhead audio effect without the need for ceiling-mounted speakers.


While the Focal SIB EVO speakers shine in many areas, the connectivity aspect shows some room for improvement. The push-button connectors, while convenient, may not provide the most secure connection, which could impact long-term reliability. Additionally, the wiring system, though functional, could present challenges to users seeking a streamlined and discreet setup.


The adjustable bases for the mini-satellite speakers are a welcome feature, empowering users to fine-tune the sound dispersion. This flexibility is crucial for achieving a cohesive sound field, allowing the Focal SIB EVO to adapt to the unique acoustics of each room it inhabits.


Sound Quality

Focal's reputation for superior sound quality is upheld in the SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers. For both movies and music, the speakers deliver a sound that is not only fluent and dynamic but also tonally balanced across the frequency spectrum. The rated frequency response of 65Hz - 25kHz +/-3 dB for the forward-facing speaker indicates a broad range that can capture the nuances of complex soundtracks.

Bass Response

The integration of the Cub Evo powered subwoofer with the SIB EVO system ensures that the bass is deep and compelling, contributing significantly to the overall immersive experience. However, the bass response may vary depending on room size, with larger spaces potentially requiring additional subwoofer support to achieve the desired impact.

Immersive Experience

The Focal SIB EVO system excels in creating an immersive audio experience. The 3D sound is rich in detail and definition, with the dynamic front soundstage and precise audio delivery contributing to a truly enveloping sensation. The overhead channels, though front-heavy by necessity in a 5.1.2-channel system, add a vertical dimension that enhances the realism of the auditory experience.

Pros and Cons

- Dolby Atmos height effects without ceiling-mounted speakers
- Stylish design with a glossy black finish
- Competitive pricing for a 5.1.2-channel system
- Compact and attractive form factor
- Superb sound quality for various media
- Seamless satellite and subwoofer integration
- Dynamic 3D sound with rich detail
- Precise audio delivery and dynamic front soundstage

- Potential issues with push-button connectors
- Bass response may be lacking in larger rooms
- Speaker wiring could be more streamlined
- Effectiveness of upward-firing drivers depends on the ceiling
- Tricky cable fitting due to fiddly speaker terminals
- Front-heavy overhead channels in the 5.1.2 setup

User Experience

Everyday Use

The practical application of the Focal SIB EVO speakers in daily life is largely positive. Their ease of placement, coupled with the adjustable bases, allows users to enjoy high-quality sound without constant adjustments or concerns about room aesthetics. The balance between design and functionality means that these speakers are not just sound systems but integral parts of a home's ambiance.

Target Audience

The Focal SIB EVO system is ideal for audio enthusiasts seeking a high-quality, immersive sound experience in a compact package. It is particularly well-suited for those with small to medium-sized rooms who want to enjoy the benefits of Dolby Atmos without the complexity of a traditional setup.

Final Thoughts

The Focal SIB EVO Dolby Atmos 2.0 Loudspeakers stand out as a compelling option for home theater aficionados. With their combination of elegant design, adaptable installation, and immersive sound performance, they offer a competitive package for those looking to enhance their audio experience. While there are minor drawbacks concerning connectivity and bass response in larger spaces, these issues are not deal-breakers but rather considerations for potential buyers. When compared to similar products in the market, the Focal SIB EVO speakers offer a harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and performance, making them a worthy addition to any home theater setup.

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