Focal Chora 826 Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal Chora 826 Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal Chora 826 Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal Chora 826 Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker - Dreamedia AV
Focal Chora 826 Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Focal

Focal Chora 826 Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker

3-way bass-reflex floorstanding speaker

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Focal Chora 826 Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker

Elevate Your Sonic Experience

Welcome to the realm of auditory enchantment where precision engineering and design artistry converge to create the Focal Chora 826 Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker. Immerse yourself in a soundscape crafted for the connoisseur, the dreamer, and the everyday music lover who craves a sonic journey that transcends the ordinary.

The Heart of High-Fidelity Sound

With each note, the Focal Chora 826 promises to deliver an experience that is as authentic as it is exhilarating. At the core of this auditory marvel lies a trio of drivers, including two 6.5-inch Slatefiber Woofers and a 6.5-inch Slatefiber Midrange, harmoniously paired with a 1-inch TNF Al/Mg inverted dome tweeter. This unique composition is the result of meticulous research and innovation, ensuring a detailed and balanced sound that fills medium to large rooms with ease.

Key Features:

  • Type: 3-way bass-reflex floor standing loudspeaker
  • Drivers: 2x 6.5" Slatefiber Woofer, 6.5" Slatefiber Midrange, 1" TNF Al/Mg inverted dome tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 48Hz-28kHz (±3dB)
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 40-250W

Design Meets Functionality

Not only does the Focal Chora 826 boast superior sound capabilities, but it also features a sleek European design that will seamlessly integrate into any home decor. Available in Black, Light Wood, and Dark Wood finishes, this speaker can stand as a bold statement piece or blend subtly into your living space. The front-firing port and tilted plinth design aren't just aesthetic choices; they're functional elements that enhance sound quality and imaging, ensuring that your music and movies are presented with exceptional clarity.

Design Highlights:

  • Enclosure: Ported with a front-firing port for flexible placement
  • Finish: MDF/Vinyl-wrap in Black, Light Wood, Dark Wood
  • Feet: Rubber or Spike for stability on any surface
  • Grilles: Detachable magnetic cloth grille for a clean look

Precision-Engineered Audio

The Focal Chora 826 doesn't just play music; it reveals the intricacies of sound with a precision that can only be described as transformative. The aluminum/magnesium tweeter material coupled with Poron suspension ensures wide dispersion and a lack of beaming, allowing for a sweet spot that extends well beyond the confines of your sofa.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Dreamedia understands that connectivity is key in modern home theater systems. The Chora 826 speakers come equipped with versatile binding posts that are compatible with bare wire, pin connectors, spade connectors, and banana plugs, offering you flexibility in how you set up and connect your audio system.

Optimal Placement for Peak Performance

To achieve the full potential of the Focal Chora 826, placement is paramount. These speakers are designed to be positioned away from corners to prevent bass buildup and to ensure a more even distribution of sound. The tilted base is expertly crafted for time alignment, which means that every frequency reaches your ears in synchrony, for an immersive listening experience.

Placement Tips:

  • Base: Tilted for time alignment
  • Recommendation: Place away from corners for optimal sound distribution

The Dreamedia Advantage

At Dreamedia, we're not just about selling you a speaker; we're about crafting the perfect home theater experience. Our team of experts is ready to help you design your system with the Focal Chora 826 as the centerpiece, ensuring that every aspect of your audio setup is optimized for your space and listening preferences.

Embrace the Full Spectrum of Sound

The frequency response of the Focal Chora 826 is a testament to its range, delivering lows that dip down to an impressive 39Hz and highs that soar up to 28kHz. This speaker doesn't just play music; it breathes life into every beat, every strum, every subtle nuance that artists pour into their recordings.

Built to Last

With a parts and labor warranty spanning 5 years, you can rest assured that your investment in the Focal Chora 826 is protected. This loudspeaker is not just a purchase; it's a long-term addition to your home entertainment system that promises to deliver exceptional sound for years to come.

The Verdict is Clear

For those seeking a blend of sophisticated design, exceptional sound quality, and a competitive price point, the Focal Chora 826 stands out as a clear choice. Its detailed and balanced sound is suitable for a range of applications, from the most delicate musical passages to the explosive dynamics of the latest blockbuster movies.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Power Range: 40-250 watts
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Dimensions: 11.9” x 15.3” x 41.5”
  • Weight: 46.6 lbs
  • Recommended Room Size: Over 323 sq/ft
  • Crossover Frequency: 270Hz - 2.700Hz

With the Focal Chora 826 Bass-Reflex Loudspeaker, you're not just buying a speaker; you're investing in a piece of audio excellence that will elevate your home theater experience to new heights. Let Dreamedia be your guide in designing a system that brings out the very best in these remarkable loudspeakers.

Our Review


The Focal Chora 826 stands as a testament to Focal's commitment to high-fidelity sound. Nestled comfortably within the French audio manufacturer's esteemed lineup, this 3-way bass-reflex floor standing loudspeaker promises an auditory experience that both audiophiles and casual listeners can savor. Its placement in the market is strategic, offering a bridge between Focal's more budget-conscious models and their bank-breaking high-end offerings.

Design and Build Quality


The Chora 826 is a striking piece of audio engineering, available in a palette of finishes including Black, Light wood, and Dark wood. The visual appeal of these speakers is undeniable, with a sleek European design that can blend seamlessly into contemporary living spaces. The quality of the materials used, particularly the innovative Slatefiber membrane, not only contributes to the overall sound performance but also to the luxurious feel of the loudspeakers.

Physical Structure

With dimensions measuring 11.9” x 15.3” x 41.5” and weighing in at 46.6lbs, the Chora 826 is a robust yet elegantly proportioned floorstander. Its front-firing port and tilted plinth are not mere aesthetic choices; they are design functionalities that enhance the listening experience. The front-firing port allows for more flexible placement in the room without overly affecting bass response due to wall proximity, while the tilted stance improves time alignment between the drivers, which is crucial for precise imaging.


Driver Technology

The Chora 826's driver configuration includes two 6.5" Slatefiber Woofers, a 6.5" Slatefiber Midrange, and a 1" TNF Al/Mg inverted dome tweeter. The Slatefiber technology, developed by Focal in France, employs recycled non-woven carbon fibers and thermoplastic polymer, resulting in drivers that boast excellent damping characteristics and rigidity. The TNF tweeter, with its aluminum/magnesium blend, offers a smooth, extended high-frequency response that is both detailed and devoid of harshness.

Sound Engineering

This 3-way design allows for a clear division of labor among the drivers, ensuring that each frequency band is accurately reproduced with minimal distortion. The bass-reflex design contributes to an extended low-end response, although the Chora 826's -6dB point at 39Hz suggests some limitations in the deepest bass. The inclusion of a magnetic grille is a thoughtful touch, allowing for an unobstructed front baffle when the aesthetic preference or critical listening demands it.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The binding posts on the Chora 826 are robust and ensure a secure connection, albeit with some difficulty in removing banana connectors as reported. Set up is otherwise straightforward, with the speaker accommodating a wide range of amplifiers, courtesy of its 8Ω nominal impedance and 91dB sensitivity. The recommended amplifier power of 40-250W gives users the flexibility to match the Chora 826 with a broad spectrum of power sources for optimal performance.


Audio Quality

The Focal Chora 826 delivers a sound that is rich in detail and balance. The midrange is articulate and uncolored, while the Slatefiber woofers produce a tight and controlled bass response. The tweeter's inverted dome design contributes to a wide dispersion, eliminating the beaming effect that can plague conventional dome tweeters, while ensuring that high frequencies are smooth and extended.

Room Integration

In medium to large rooms, the Chora 826 shines, filling the space with a sound that is cohesive and expansive. The bass-reflex design, combined with the front-firing port, ensures that low frequencies are not overly dependent on room positioning. This flexibility is a significant advantage for users who may have challenging room acoustics or prefer multiple speaker placements over time.

Soundstage and Dispersion

The wide dispersion characteristic of the TNF tweeter, along with the floorstander's overall design, results in an immersive soundstage that can captivate listeners. The imaging is precise, with a depth and width that brings a live-concert feel into the home. The tilted plinth contributes to this effect by ensuring that the drivers are better time-aligned, which is particularly noticeable in complex musical passages where instrument localization is key.

Practical Considerations

Placement Flexibility

The Chora 826's front-firing port design offers substantial placement flexibility, allowing users to position the speaker closer to walls without overly compromising the bass response. This is particularly beneficial for those with limited space or specific aesthetic room requirements.

Power and Amplification

Given the Chora 826's sensitivity and impedance, it pairs well with a wide range of amplifiers. However, to truly tap into its potential, an amplifier that can provide a solid grip on the speakers, especially in the lower frequencies, would be ideal. The power handling of 40-250W gives ample headroom for dynamic peaks without risking distortion at higher volumes.

Value Proposition

The Chora 826's pricing at $1095 each positions it competitively within the high-fidelity speaker market. It offers a sound that rivals more expensive models, making it an attractive option for those seeking premium audio without the exorbitant cost. The balance between price and performance here is commendable, and Focal has indeed delivered value to the discerning listener.

Pros and Cons Recap

The Focal Chora 826 offers a plethora of strengths, including its detailed and balanced sound, unique design features for improved imaging, and a wide dispersion tweeter. The sleek aesthetic and competitive pricing further enhance its appeal. However, challenges with the binding posts, limited bass extension, and the need for high-quality recordings to fully appreciate the speakers' capabilities are points to consider.

Final Thoughts

The Focal Chora 826 is a commendable offering from a respected name in audio. It provides an engaging listening experience that can enrich a wide variety of musical tastes and preferences. While it may require careful pairing with components and recordings to shine, its strengths in sound quality, design, and value proposition make it a worthy consideration for anyone looking to elevate their home audio experience. Whether for the audiophile seeking a new reference or the casual listener looking to delve into high-fidelity sound, the Chora 826 stands ready to impress.



  • Type: 3-way floor-standing speaker
  • Enclosure: Ported
  • Finish: MDF/Vinyl-wrap
  • Color Options: Black, Light Wood, Dark Wood
  • Tweeter Type: Inverted Hard-Dome
  • Tweeter Size: 1 inch
  • Midrange Size: 6.5 inches
  • Woofer Size: 6.5 inches
  • Woofer Composition: Slatefiber
  • Woofer Surround: Rubber
  • Built-in Powered Sub: No
  • Dolby Atmos Drivers: No
  • Connector Type: Binding post
  • Bi-amp Inputs: No
  • Parts Warranty: 5 Years
  • Labor Warranty: 5 Years


  • Power Range: 40-250 watts
  • Frequency Response: 48-28,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Height: 40-7/8 inches
  • Width: 12 inches
  • Depth: 15-7/8 inches
  • Weight: 46.6 lbs
  • Recommended Room Size: Over 323 sq/ft
  • Crossover Frequency: 270Hz - 2.700Hz

Design Features

  • Tweeter Material: Aluminum/Magnesium
  • Tweeter Suspension: Poron
  • Slatefiber Cone Technology: Yes
  • Bass Reflex Enclosure: Front-firing port
  • Grilles: Detachable magnetic cloth grille
  • Baffle: Lean-back design
  • Feet: Rubber or Spike


  • Binding Post Compatibility: Bare wire, pin connectors, spade connectors, banana plugs


  • Tilted Base: For time alignment
  • Placement Recommendation: Away from corners

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