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Focal 300 IW6 In-Wall Speaker

Three-way in-wall loudspeaker features

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Focal 300 IW6 In-Wall Speaker


Elevate your home theater experience with the Focal 300 IW6, a 2-way in-wall loudspeaker designed for high-quality sound and seamless integration into your home. Crafted in France by Focal, a leader in the audio industry, the Focal 300 IW6 offers an engaging sound quality that fills every corner of your room with smooth lows, mids, and highs.

Audio Quality

The Focal 300 IW6 features a three-way design for enhanced audio performance. It utilizes a 1-inch aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter, a 4-inch woven flax fiber midrange, and dual 6-1/2-inch woven flax fiber woofers. This combination ensures a natural and accurate sound reproduction that's true to the original recording, making every movie, song, or game sound like a live performance.

With a rated frequency response of 40kHz to 28Hz and sensitivity of 92dB, the Focal 300 IW6 provides an impressive low-frequency extension for an in-wall speaker. This means you can expect rich, deep bass and clear, crisp highs that make your audio come to life.

Design and Installation

The low-profile design of the Focal 300 IW6 ensures a space-saving installation that's perfect for home use in every room of the house. It's compatible with walls from 1/2" to 1-1/4" thick and comes with an EQI (Easy Quick Install) mounting system with integrated cam-arms and nylon straps making it easy to install.

The Focal 300 IW6 is designed for use with an acoustic transparent screen and can be discreetly installed behind fabric for a seamless look. It includes a paintable, magnetic, metal-mesh grille and optional acoustic grill cloth for invisible speaker drivers. This means that not only does it deliver superior sound, it also blends in with your home's decor.

Adjustability and Customization

One of the standout features of the Focal 300 IW6 is its adjustability. The fully orientable tweeter and rotatable mid-treble and tweeter plate ensure that you can tailor the sound to your room's acoustics. It also includes a 3-position high frequency and midrange frequency control, allowing you to personalize the sound to your liking.

The Focal 300 IW6 also includes two spring-posts for 16-14 AWG wire, making it suitable for home distributed systems, stereo systems, and home theater systems.

Focal Quality

The Focal 300 IW6 is a testament to Focal's commitment to high-quality construction and innovative design. It utilizes the same woven flax cone material as the high-end Kanta series, offering the signature 'Focal' sound that's loved by audiophiles around the world.

Despite its high-quality construction and rich feature set, the Focal 300 IW6 is incredibly user-friendly. Its easy-to-pull-out speakers and adjustable alignment make it a breeze to use and adjust, while the paintable, magnetic, bezel-free grilles offer a seamless look that's sure to complement any home decor.


Whether you're a movie buff looking to upgrade your home theater system, a music lover wanting to enjoy your favorite tunes in high definition, or just someone who appreciates the convenience of a smart home, the Focal 300 IW6 is a fantastic choice. Its high-quality sound, easy installation, and customizable features make it a versatile and valuable addition to any home.

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of great sound and we're here to help you design and install the perfect home theater system with the Focal 300 IW6 as a centerpiece. With its engaging sound quality, adaptable design, and durable construction, this in-wall loudspeaker is sure to provide you with an immersive audio experience that transforms your home into a personal theater.

So why wait? Upgrade your home audio experience with the Focal 300 IW6 today.

The 300 IW6 loudspeaker is made in France and dedicated to home use. This product is suitable for every room of the house and will provide you plenty of satisfaction, for systems in stereo and/or multichannel configurations.

These loudspeakers are equipped with Focal exclusive technologies such as the Flax woofer cone and an inverted tweeter dome made of Aluminum/Magnesium to deliver a sound quality and precision perfect for your home. The bass are controlled and well defined. The Flax cones produce a natural and accurate sound with great intelligibility, ideal for movie dialogues. Another key factor: the patented EQI system (Easy Quick Install), where no tools are required.

The orientation of the tweeter is fully orientable in order to ensure homogenous sound throughout the room regardless of the listening point. This product respects your interior decoration without altering ceilings and walls. The level of the tweeter can also be adjusted to adapt to the room acoustics: this will thus give you the performance as possible, no matter the type of environment.

These new products also meet the most essential criteria regarding use: frameless, magnetic grilles, anti-vibration feets…

Our Review


The Focal 300 IW6 is a three-way in-wall loudspeaker that aims to deliver high-quality audio performance while seamlessly blending into your home decor. With its impressive specifications and unique design features, this speaker is sure to catch the attention of audio enthusiasts and homeowners alike. In this review, we will dive deep into the design, sound performance, installation, and overall user experience of the Focal 300 IW6. We will also compare it to other options in the market and provide our final verdict on its value for money.

Design and Build Quality

The Focal 300 IW6 boasts a three-way design, featuring a 1-inch aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter, a 4-inch woven flax fiber midrange, and dual 6-1/2-inch woven flax fiber woofers. This combination of high-quality speaker components ensures accurate and detailed sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum. Additionally, the adjustable tweeter/midrange section and rotatable plate allow for flexible orientation, catering to different room layouts and listening preferences.

One of the standout design features of the Focal 300 IW6 is its paintable, magnetic, bezel-free grille. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the speaker into your room by matching it with your wall color or decor. The magnetic attachment system makes it easy to remove and reattach the grille whenever necessary. The package also includes circular and rectangular magnetic grilles for in-ceiling installation, providing even more installation options and versatility.

Sound Performance

When it comes to sound performance, the Focal 300 IW6 does not disappoint. It inherits the signature 'Focal' sound, which is known for its precision, clarity, and immersive experience. The use of the same woven flax cone material found in Focal's high-end Kanta series further enhances the sound quality, providing accurate and natural reproduction of instruments and vocals.

One of the strengths of the Focal 300 IW6 is its impressive low-frequency extension for an in-wall speaker. The dual 6-1/2-inch woven flax fiber woofers deliver deep and punchy bass that adds depth and impact to your music and movies. However, it's worth noting that the bass performance may vary depending on the volume of the enclosure in which the speaker is installed.

To further fine-tune the sound to your liking, the Focal 300 IW6 offers a three-position high frequency and midrange frequency control. This allows you to adjust the speaker's output to better suit your room's acoustics and personal preferences. Additionally, the ability to make EQ adjustments provides even more flexibility in tailoring the sound to your liking.

Installation and Ease of Use

Installing the Focal 300 IW6 is a relatively straightforward process. The speaker's design allows for easy pulling out of the speakers and adjusting their alignment, making the installation process more convenient. However, it's important to carefully consider between-stud placement for horizontal spacing to ensure optimal sound dispersion and imaging.

The Focal 300 IW6 features a tool-less clamping system for securing the speaker into the wall, which eliminates the need for additional tools during installation. While this system is designed to simplify the installation process, some users may find it initially confusing or challenging to operate. It's recommended to carefully follow the provided instructions to ensure a secure and accurate installation.

Another aspect to consider during installation is the included acoustically transparent cloth. While it effectively hides the drivers and adds a layer of protection, some users have noted that it slightly darkens the grille color. This may be a minor concern for those who prefer a perfectly color-matched grille.

One potential downside of the Focal 300 IW6 is the potential difficulty in replacing broken clamps if they get damaged. While the clamping system is generally reliable, accidents can happen, and it's important to consider the long-term durability and availability of replacement parts.

Comparison and Alternatives

When comparing the Focal 300 IW6 to larger, high-end tower speakers, there are some performance differences to consider. While the Focal 300 IW6 offers impressive sound quality for an in-wall speaker, it may not match the power and dynamic range of larger tower speakers. However, this is a trade-off for the discreet and space-saving installation that in-wall speakers provide.

For those seeking the utmost audio quality and are willing to invest more, there are higher-priced options available in the market. These options often offer advanced technologies, premium materials, and superior sound reproduction. However, the Focal 300 IW6 strikes a good balance between performance and affordability, making it a compelling choice for many users.


In conclusion, the Focal 300 IW6 is a well-designed and capable in-wall loudspeaker that delivers impressive sound performance and flexibility. Its three-way design, adjustable tweeter/midrange section, and woven flax cone material contribute to its accurate and detailed sound reproduction. The paintable, magnetic, bezel-free grille adds to its seamless integration into any room decor. While there are some considerations regarding installation and potential performance limitations compared to larger tower speakers, the Focal 300 IW6 offers a great balance of audio quality, convenience, and value for money. Whether you're a music lover or a movie enthusiast, the Focal 300 IW6 is definitely worth considering for your home theater setup.


General Specifications

  • Model: Focal 300 IW6
  • Type: In-wall loudspeaker
  • Origin: Made in France
  • Intended Use: Dedicated to home use
  • Room Compatibility: Suitable for every room of the house
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • Frequency Response: 55Hz - 28kHz (±3 dB)

Speaker Components

  • Tweeter: 1-inch aluminum/magnesium inverted dome
  • Woofer: 6 1/2-inch woven flax fiber
  • Tweeter Orientation: Fully orientable
  • Tweeter Level Adjustment: 3-position control at >3kHz +/- 3dB
  • Woofer Cone: Flax cone
  • Tweeter Dome: Inverted dome made of Aluminum/Magnesium

Adjustability and Installation

  • Sound Configurations: Suitable for systems in stereo and/or multichannel configurations
  • Tweeter Adjustability: Tiltable up to 20˚ in any direction
  • Mounting System: Patented EQI (Easy Quick Install) system, no tools required
  • Grilles: Paintable, magnetic, metal-mesh grille
  • Terminals: Two spring-posts for attaching speaker wire, accommodates 16 - 14 AWG wire

Design and Aesthetics

  • Design: Frameless with magnetic grilles
  • Anti-Vibration Feet: Included
  • Grille Options: Supplied with square and circular options
  • Low-profile Grille: Yes
  • Paintable Grilles: Yes

Additional Features

  • Multichannel Application: Ideal for reproducing movie soundtracks in multichannel configurations
  • In-Ceiling Application: Suitable for in-ceiling Atmos application
  • TV Integration: Can be installed around TV screen as stereo speakers or center speaker
  • Dolby Atmos: Compatible
  • DTS: X

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