Eversolo - DMP-A6 (Masters Edition) - Dreamedia AV
Eversolo - DMP-A6 (Masters Edition) - Dreamedia AV
Eversolo - DMP-A6 (Masters Edition) - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Eversolo

Eversolo - DMP-A6 (Masters Edition)

High-Fidelity Streaming with Advanced DAC

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Eversolo - DMP-A6 (Masters Edition)


Unveiling the Eversolo - DMP-A6 (Masters Edition)

Immerse yourself in an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary with the Eversolo - DMP-A6 (Masters Edition). Designed for audiophiles who demand excellence, the DMP-A6 is more than a digital music player; it's a testament to the art of sound.

The Heart of Your Audio Experience

At the core of the Eversolo - DMP-A6 lies a quad-core processor, capable of delivering seamless performance even when tackling the most demanding high-resolution audio files. Paired with a generous memory capacity, this device ensures that your music playback is always smooth and responsive.

High-Resolution Audio Redefined

  • Lossless Music Playback: With the DMP-A6, experience your music as the artists intended. From FLAC to ALAC, it supports a range of lossless formats to deliver pure sound without compromise.
  • Dual ESS903802M Professional DAC: The inclusion of not one, but two professional-grade DAC chips translates into a listening experience that is both expansive and exquisitely detailed.
  • MQA Technology: Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology brings you the sound of the original master recording, enveloping you in audio that's indistinguishable from a live performance.

Visual Clarity Meets Intuitive Control

The 6-inch LCD High-Definition touchscreen display is your window into the soul of your music. Navigate your library, adjust settings, and control playback with a touch. The user interface is designed to be both beautiful and functional, ensuring that your focus remains on the music.

Connectivity and Expansion

  • HDMI DSD Multi-Channel Output: Utilizing DOH Processing Chips, the DMP-A6 delivers an authentic DSD experience through HDMI, offering a multi-channel audio that is as immersive as it is pure.
  • Versatile Input Ports: Whether it's HDMI, USB, Optical, or Coaxial, the DMP-A6 offers extensive connectivity options to seamlessly integrate into your existing setup.
  • Internal M.2 NVME 3.0 2280 SSD Slot: With support for up to 2TB of storage, your music library can be vast and varied, ensuring that your favorite tracks are always within reach.

Engineered for Excellence

  • Eversolo Original Sampling-Rate Audio Engine (EOS): The heart of the DMP-A6, the EOS, is engineered to deliver unmatched audio fidelity, preserving every nuance of your music.
  • Low-Ripple High-Performance Power Module: The ULNPS power supply module ensures that your audio playback is free from electrical interference, allowing for a cleaner, more precise sound.
  • Aviation Aluminum Chassis: Beyond its stunning aesthetics, the aviation-grade aluminum chassis provides a sturdy and acoustically inert foundation for the DMP-A6, reducing unwanted vibrations.

Personalization at Your Fingertips

  • Digital Filters: Tailor your listening experience with seven types of digital filters, each designed to cater to your personal taste and the genre of music you're enjoying.
  • VU Meters: The personalized VU meters not only add a touch of visual flair but also provide real-time feedback on audio levels, ensuring optimal playback conditions.

Smart Integration and Control

  • Music Services Integration: With built-in support for Tidal, Qobuz, Highresaudio, and Amazon Music, access to an expansive universe of high-fidelity music is at your fingertips.
  • Wireless Music Streaming: Enjoy the convenience of Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, DNA, and AirPlay for effortless streaming from your favorite devices.
  • Smart Control App: Manage your DMP-A6 with ease using the Smart Control App, available for both Android and iOS devices, turning your smartphone or tablet into a powerful remote control.

Network and Library Management

  • Network Protocols: With support for NFS, SMB v1/v2/v3, and UP sharing, the DMP-A6 seamlessly fits into your home network environment, allowing for easy access to your digital music collection.
  • Eversolo Music Library: An intuitive media management system that not only organizes your music but also allows for effective editing operations, ensuring your library is curated just the way you like it.

Crafted for the Connoisseur

  • Hi-Res Audio Certification: The DMP-A6 proudly bears the Hi-Res Audio certification from the Japan Audio Society, a guarantee of audio quality that satisfies the most discerning ears.
  • Gapless Playback: Enjoy uninterrupted playback of live concerts and concept albums, just as the artist intended, with gapless support that ensures a seamless transition between tracks.
  • Bit-Perfect Output: The quest for the perfect sound is realized with bit-perfect output, guaranteeing that the audio delivered is a true representation of the original recording.

In Conclusion

The Eversolo - DMP-A6 (Masters Edition) is not just a product; it's an invitation to rediscover your music in a way that's unencumbered by compromise. With its unparalleled audio quality, intuitive interface, and robust feature set, it stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of high-fidelity audio playback.

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of a personalized home theater experience, and we're here to help you integrate the DMP-A6 into your setup seamlessly. Our expertise ensures that you get the most out of this exceptional device.

Embark on an auditory journey of discovery with the Eversolo - DMP-A6 (Masters Edition), and let every note guide you to a new horizon of audio bliss.

Functional overview

Solid aluminum alloy chassis, brushed panel.

Quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 professional processor.

6" large LCD colour touchscreen, easy control.

Based on Android 11, deeply tailored system.

4GDDR+32GeMMC large memory for masses of applications.

Support M.2 NVME 3.0 SSD (not included), up to 4TB.

2xES9038Q2M DAC for independent stereo decoding.

Support DSD512 Native, PCM768KHz@32Bit, MQA full decoding.

The 3rd generation XU316 for higher performance and processing speed.

Dual femtosecond clocks, ultra-low phase noise, ultra-low jitter clock synchronization processing, purer output.

Fully balanced circuit, XLR balanced and RCA single-ended hi-fi pre-out.

2x DOH chips, support HDMI DSD Native and D2P multi-channel output(Up to 5.1).

Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth 5.0 module with APTX HD.

Low noise, high quality power supply, providing pure power source for audio circuits.

Support mastering audio formats DSD (.dsf/.dff/.iso/.dst), APE, FLAC, WAV, MQA, etc.

Support 2-channel and Multi-channel Gapless playback(FLAC,WAV)

Personalised music management,  and music data matching.

EOS audio engine developed by Eversolo, globally bypassing SRC restrictions.

Support Direct audio in 3rd party APPs (Apple Music hi-res direct output).

Full decoding and rendering support for MQA on Optical, Coaxial and USB input etc.

Support USB, Optical, Coaxial, HDMI digital audio Bit-perfect output.

Support external USB optical drive for CD disc playback and CD ripping.

Music services Tidal, Qobuz, Highresaudio, Amazon etc.

Support Roon ready, Tidal Connect, etc.

Support music playback from  DLNA.

Support NFS, SMB, Web DAV, UPnP protocols to access storage devices shared in the LAN.

Support built-in SMB network media sharing service for easy local media sharing.

Exclusive mobile APP for Android/IOS mobile phones and tablets.

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  • Product Name: Eversolo DMP-A6 (Masters Edition)
  • Model Number: DMP-A6
  • Type: All-in-One Network Player


  • Type: Quad-core


  • Type: Large capacity for lossless music playback

Audio Performance

  • DAC: Dual ESS9038Q2M
  • Circuit: Fully balanced differential
  • Tuning: Professional audio


  • Size: 6 inches
  • Type: LCD high-definition touchscreen

HDMI Output

  • DSD Multi-channel Output: Yes
  • DOH Processing Chips: Yes
  • Supports: DSD Native, PCM multi-channel

Internal Storage

  • Type: M.2 NVME 3.0 2280 SSD
  • Maximum Capacity: 2TB

Power Module

  • Type: Low-noise regulated switching
  • Features: Dedicated audio capacitors, Choke filter circuit

Input and Output Ports

  • Digital Outputs: HDMI, USB, Optical, Coaxial
  • Inputs: Coaxial, Optical, Type-C, APT HD Bluetooth
  • Analog Outputs: XLR, RCA

DAC Decoding

  • DAC Chips: 2x ES 9038Q2M
  • Supports: DSD512, PCM768@32bit, MQA

Wireless Connectivity

  • Bluetooth Module: Qualcomm QCC5125
  • Supports: BC/AAC/aptX/aptX LL/apt HD/LDAC
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Music Services and Streaming

  • Supported Services: Tidal, Qobuz, Highresaudio, Amazon Music, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, DNA, AirPlay
  • Roon Ready: Under Certification Process

Music Library and Network Protocols

  • Library System: Eversolo Music Library
  • Supported Protocols: NFS, SMB v1/v2/v3, UPNP

Media Management and Control

  • System: Robust media management
  • Control App: For Android/iPhone/iPad
  • Screen Mirroring: Supported

Additional Features

  • Digital Filters: Seven types
  • VU Meters: Personalized, real-time music display
  • Certification: Hi-Res Audio by JAS

Design and Build

  • Materials: Aviation aluminum
  • Construction: NC machined body
  • Finish: Brushed panel, frosted anodized

EOS Audio Engine

  • Engine: Eversolo original sampling-rate
  • Supports: Direct audio output of third-party apps

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