EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV

EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen

Fixed-frame tensioned screen with ISF certified ChromaWhite

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EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen

Unveiling the Epitome of Visual Excellence

Imagine stepping into a world where every frame of your favorite film or every detail of the big game is displayed in breathtaking clarity and color precision. The EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen transforms your home theater into a bastion of cinematic perfection, where every viewing becomes an event to remember.

Precision Engineered for Peak Performance

Crafted with the enthusiast in mind, the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 screen is more than just a surface; it's the canvas for your digital masterpieces. Let's delve into the features that set it apart:

  • ISF Certified Matte White Projection Material: The ChromaWhite ISF tensioned matte white material is the foundation of this screen's exceptional performance. With a gain of 1.25, it guarantees bright, vibrant images without compromising on color accuracy or black levels.

  • Wide Viewing Angle: A generous 180° viewing angle ensures that every seat in your home theater is the best seat. The diffusion uniformity maintains image integrity from edge to edge, so no matter where you sit, you're immersed in the action.

  • Black-Backing: Say goodbye to light bleed. The black-backing feature ensures that ambient light doesn't dilute the intensity of your viewing experience, keeping the picture as crisp as the director intended.

  • 4K/8K Ultra HD and HDR Ready: In the era of ultra-high-definition, this screen is future-proofed. Ready to display 4K and 8K content with HDR, it's designed to showcase every pixel with precision, making it a worthy investment for years to come.

A Symphony of Design and Durability

The EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 is not only about performance; it's also a statement piece that enhances the aesthetic of your space.

  • Aluminum Hand-Wrapped Velveteen Frame: The elegance of the hand-wrapped velveteen frame adds a touch of luxury to your home theater. It's not just a frame; it's a testament to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • Lightweight Split-Frame Design: The aluminum split-frame is not only robust but also lightweight, making installation a breeze. This design ensures that the screen is as easy to set up as it is impressive to view.

  • Sliding Wall Mount Brackets: Adjustability is key, and the horizontally adjustable sliding wall mount brackets ensure that your screen is perfectly positioned for the ultimate viewing experience.

Seamless Compatibility

The EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 screen is a versatile centerpiece, compatible with an array of projector types:

  • Short Throw, Standard Throw, Ultra Short Throw: No matter your projector's specifications, this screen is ready to bring its best qualities to the fore, ensuring compatibility and convenience.

Assured Quality and Support

Your investment is protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, a testament to the confidence in the durability and performance of this screen.

Tailor Your Experience

With a variety of sizes and dimensions to choose from, the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 can be tailored to fit any room or preference:

  • Nominal Diagonal Options: Whether you prefer an intimate 110" or an expansive 180", there's a size that fits your vision.

  • Viewable Height x Width: Specific dimensions cater to both 16:9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios, ensuring that your movies and games are displayed as intended, without compromise.

Designed for the Discerning Viewer

The EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 screen is not just a purchase; it's an investment in unparalleled home theater experiences:

  • Reference-Grade Performance: For those who demand nothing less than perfection, this screen delivers reference-grade performance that exceeds broadcast standards.

  • Accurate Color Rendition: The screen's ability to render colors with precision makes it the choice for users who expect a true-to-life palette.

Enchanting Visual Appeal

The optional LED edge backlighting kit not only enhances your viewing experience but also adds a captivating glow that complements the mood of your home theater.

The EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Experience

When you choose the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3, you're not just buying a screen; you're curating an experience. Here's what to expect:

  • ISF Certified for High Performance and Quality: Rest assured, your screen meets the highest standards in image fidelity and performance.

  • Elegant Design: The sleek, hand-wrapped velveteen frame is as much a work of art as it is a technological marvel.

  • Wide Compatibility: Embrace versatility with a screen that accommodates a variety of projector types and installation scenarios.

  • Lifetime of Excellence: With a Limited Lifetime Warranty, your screen is an enduring addition to your home entertainment system.

Your Dream Home Theater Awaits

At Dreamedia, we understand the allure of the perfect home theater. We're available to design a system that incorporates the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 seamlessly into your space, ensuring an experience that's as effortless as it is immersive. Let us help you create a sanctuary for your cinematic passions, where every moment is elevated to something truly extraordinary.

Embrace the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3

The EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen is not just a product; it's the gateway to a world where every visual is a masterpiece, every sound is a symphony, and every viewing is an event. Elevate your home theater with a screen that embodies excellence in every detail. Embrace the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 and transform your space into a temple of visual splendor.

Note: While we've designed this page to inform and excite you about the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen, we encourage you to reach out with any questions or to see this marvel in action. At Dreamedia, we're not just about sales; we're about creating the ultimate home theater experience for you.

Our Review


A premium home theater experience is a symphony of high-quality components working in harmony, and the projection screen is as crucial as the projector itself. It is the canvas where the magic of cinema unfolds. Today, we delve into the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen, a product designed for enthusiasts seeking reference-grade performance in their dedicated home theater spaces.

Product Overview

The EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 is a fixed-frame tensioned projection screen that promises to deliver a cinematic experience with its meticulously crafted design. The use of ChromaWhite ISF tensioned matte white material with a gain of 1.25 indicates a commitment to image quality and color accuracy. This screen is wrapped in an elegant aluminum frame covered with velveteen, which not only enhances the visual appeal but also serves to absorb any stray light, ensuring a pristine viewing surface.

Technical Specifications

At the heart of the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3's technical prowess is the ChromaWhite ISF material, boasting a wide 180° viewing angle and diffusion uniformity. This ensures that viewers can enjoy a consistent and vibrant image from almost any seat in the room. The 16:9 aspect ratio aligns with the standard for HDTV and many cinematic releases, making this screen a versatile choice for various media. The ISF certification is a testament to the screen's ability to reproduce video in true fidelity to the creator's intentions, a must-have for purists and professionals alike.

Installation and Setup

One of the standout features of the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 is its lightweight aluminum split-frame design. This facilitates easier handling and installation, a boon for those looking to set up their home theater without professional help. The inclusion of horizontally adjustable sliding wall mount brackets further simplifies the process, allowing for fine-tuning during installation to ensure the screen is perfectly positioned.

Performance Evaluations

In controlled lighting environments, the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 is nothing short of stellar. The screen's material excels in rendering accurate colors and deep contrasts, critical for media that demand reference quality. The wide viewing angle and diffusion uniformity come into play here, delivering a uniformly bright image without hotspots, thus accommodating larger audiences without compromising on the viewing experience.

Compatibility with Projectors

The versatility of the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 extends to its compatibility with a range of projectors. Whether you have a Short Throw, Standard Throw, or Ultra Short Throw projector, this screen is designed to optimize performance across the board. Its readiness for 4K/8K Ultra HD and HDR content means it is not just a purchase for today but an investment in future-proofing your home theater.

Aesthetic and Design

Beyond performance, the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 is crafted to complement the interior decor of any room. The hand-wrapped velveteen frame adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, while the optional LED edge backlighting kit can create an ambient glow that enhances the viewing experience and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Pros and Cons

The screen's ISF certification, wide viewing angle, and compatibility with various projectors position it as a high-end option for dedicated home theaters. However, its fixed-frame design and the necessity for a controlled lighting environment may limit its appeal for those with multipurpose rooms or abundant natural light. While installation is straightforward, some may opt for professional assistance to ensure perfection.

Value and Warranty

Considering the quality and features on offer, the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 presents a strong value proposition within its market segment. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is a significant addition, offering peace of mind and standing as a statement of confidence in the product's durability and performance.

User Experience

The user experience with the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 seems to revolve around its exceptional image quality and ease of installation. Its design is frequently praised for both its functionality and its aesthetic contribution to home theaters.

Final Thoughts

The EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 Projector Screen is a testament to the EPV's commitment to quality and performance. It is ideally suited for the dedicated home theater enthusiast who values cinematic excellence and is prepared to curate an environment that complements this high-caliber screen. For those in search of a fixed-frame option that can deliver a superb viewing experience, the EPV Prime Vision ISF 3 is a compelling choice that merits serious consideration.


Screen Specifications

  • Screen Type: Fixed Frame
  • Aspect Ratio: 16
  • Screen Material: ChromaWhite ISF tensioned matte white material
  • Gain: