Definitive Technology Descend DN8 Ultra-Performance, Subwoofer With Dual Bass Radiators - Dreamedia AV
Definitive Technology Descend DN8 Ultra-Performance, Subwoofer With Dual Bass Radiators - Dreamedia AV
Definitive Technology Descend DN8 Ultra-Performance, Subwoofer With Dual Bass Radiators - Dreamedia AV

Definitive Technology Descend DN8 Ultra-Performance, Subwoofer With Dual Bass Radiators

High-power subwoofer with dual radiators

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Definitive Technology Descend DN8 Ultra-Performance, Subwoofer With Dual Bass Radiators

Unleash the Power of Sound with the Definitive Technology Descend DN8 Subwoofer

Immerse yourself in an audio experience that transcends the ordinary. The Definitive Technology Descend DN8 subwoofer brings cinematic thrills right into your living room. Its high-performance features are engineered to fill your space with deep, impactful bass that elevates movie nights and music listening sessions to a new level of enjoyment.

Designed to Impress

The Descend DN8 is not just a subwoofer; it's a statement piece. Clad in a stunning Glacier White finish, this compact and stylish subwoofer is designed to blend seamlessly with your decor while standing out with its sophisticated look. Its sleek lines and modern aesthetic are sure to complement any home theater setup.

Unparalleled Performance

At the heart of the Descend DN8 lies a potent long-throw woofer, powered by a Class D amplifier delivering an impressive of peak power. This subwoofer doesn't just play bass—it renders it with an authority that can be both heard and felt.

  • Peak Power: 500W for impactful bass performance
  • Continuous Power (RMS): 200W ensuring consistent, high-quality sound
  • Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 200 Hz for deep and rich bass
  • Low-Pass Crossover Frequency: 60 Hz - 120 Hz for seamless integration with your speakers

Advanced Technology for Superior Bass

The dual 8” 3XR™ Configuration passive radiators work in harmony with the active woofer, virtually eliminating unwanted resonance and creating a clean, tight bass response. This innovative technology ensures that you get the most precise and deep bass possible, no matter the genre of music or type of content you enjoy.

Customizable Sound to Suit Your Taste

Fine-tuning your audio experience is effortless with the Descend DN8. Whether you're a bass aficionado or simply looking for a balanced sound, the various control options put you in the driver's seat.

  • Volume Control: Dial in the perfect level of intensity
  • Low Pass Control: Adjust the frequency blend between the subwoofer and your main speakers
  • Phase Control: Optimize bass timing with your system for the best cohesion
  • Status Indicator: RGB LED for visual feedback on system status

Easy Integration with Any System

Dreamedia understands the importance of flexibility in a home theater setup. The Descend DN8 offers multiple input options, ensuring compatibility with any system. Whether you're connecting via LFE or stereo line-level RCA inputs, setting up your subwoofer is a breeze.

Global Compatibility

The internal power supply with a 120V/240V switch makes the Descend DN8 a perfect fit for homes around the world. No matter where your love for sound takes you, this subwoofer is ready to deliver its earth-shaking performance.

Built to Last

The permanently installed feet with rubber pads ensure the subwoofer stays securely in place, providing consistent performance and reducing vibrations. The high-quality construction and thoughtful design elements mean you'll enjoy the Descend DN8's exceptional sound for years to come.

Features at a Glance

  • Transducers: 8” long-throw woofer for deep bass
  • Passive Radiators: Dual 8” 3XR™ Configuration for clean, tight bass
  • Bass Type: Bass Radiator for enhanced low-frequency response
  • Feet: Permanently installed with rubber pad for stability

Performance Evaluations

The Descend DN8 isn't just about the specs—it's about the experience. Users rave about the wide frequency response that captures the full spectrum of bass, from the subtlest of notes to the most explosive action sequences. The powerful peak power ensures every bass drop is delivered with precision and clarity, making it suitable for both home theater and music enthusiasts.

Tailored for Your Home

Dreamedia is here to help you design the perfect home theater system, and the Descend DN8 is a crucial piece of that puzzle. Its compact size allows it to fit virtually any room or system, ensuring that you don't have to compromise on power for the sake of space.

Embrace the Bass

The Definitive Technology Descend DN8 subwoofer is more than just a speaker—it's the heart of your home entertainment system. It's where the thrill of a car chase becomes palpable, and the depth of a symphony envelops you. With its powerful sound, easy setup, and aesthetically pleasing design, the Descend DN8 is the ideal choice for anyone looking to elevate their audio experience.

Ready to Transform Your Entertainment Experience?

Dreamedia is at your service to design and integrate the Definitive Technology Descend DN8 into your home theater system. With our expertise and this subwoofer's exceptional capabilities, prepare for a transformation that will make every listen and view a moment to remember. Embrace the deep, precise, and clean bass that defines the Descend DN8—your gateway to an unparalleled audio adventure.

Our Review


The Definitive Technology Descend DN8 subwoofer represents a significant contribution to the home theater market from a brand known for its dedication to high-fidelity sound. As an integral component of any immersive audio experience, the right subwoofer can elevate movies, music, and games by providing the depth and power that smaller speakers simply cannot match. The DN8 aims to blend into modern living spaces while promising the audio prowess Definitive Technology is respected for.

Design and Build Quality

The DN8's Glacier White variant offers a sleek and contemporary look that can either blend seamlessly into light-themed decor or stand out with stark contrast in darker environments. The subwoofer's dimensions are compact enough to be placed discreetly but are substantial enough to promise serious performance.

Crafted with a high attention to detail, the construction of the DN8 exudes quality. The cabinet's materials feel robust, hinting at the ability to withstand the vibrations and acoustic pressures that come with deep bass reproduction. Stability is further ensured by permanently installed feet with rubber pads, which minimize unwanted movement and protect floor surfaces.

Placement Considerations

At 12.8” x 12.0” x 13.1”, the DN8 may present placement challenges in smaller rooms or setups where space is at a premium. However, its size is a testament to its capabilities. The visual impact of the subwoofer within a room will largely depend on personal preference and existing aesthetics.


The DN8 is not just another subwoofer; it is a testament to Definitive Technology's innovation. The 8” long-throw woofer paired with Dual 8” 3XR™ Configuration passive radiators is engineered to deliver a bass response that is both deep and articulate. This configuration allows for a significant extension of the bass frequency without increasing the cabinet size.

Connectivity is versatile, with both LFE Single RCA and Speaker Left/Right 5-way binding posts. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of home theater receivers and processors.

Control Options

Definitive Technology provides users with an array of control options, including volume and low-pass filters, which are crucial for blending the subwoofer with the main speakers. The phase control switch is a welcome addition, enabling users to synchronize the subwoofer's output with the rest of their audio system for a cohesive soundstage.

Power and Energy Efficiency

The Class D amplifier at the heart of the DN8 is a marvel of efficiency, delivering up to 500W of peak power while maintaining a relatively low energy footprint. The internal power supply is designed for global compatibility with a 120V/240V switch, making the DN8 as versatile internationally as it is powerful.


With a frequency response that stretches from 35 Hz to 200 Hz, the DN8 can delve into the lower echelons of bass that are felt as much as they are heard. The difference between the peak power of 500W and continuous RMS power of 200W is significant, indicating the subwoofer can handle dynamic bursts of bass with ease, an essential quality for explosive movie scenes or dynamic musical passages.

Sound Quality

The DN8 delivers bass that is not just loud but nuanced. The articulate response ensures that bass lines in music are tight and rhythmic, while the low-end rumble in cinematic content is expansive and immersive. The dual passive radiators contribute to this performance by augmenting the output of the active driver, creating a larger effective radiating area without the need for a bigger enclosure.

Setup and Usability

Integrating the DN8 into an existing setup is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design. Whether connecting to a receiver via LFE or using speaker-level inputs, users can expect a hassle-free experience. The adjustability of bass level and volume allows for fine-tuning to match personal preferences and room acoustics.

Comparison with Competitors

When compared to similar offerings in the market, the DN8 holds its ground with its potent combination of power, precision, and design. Its price point places it in a competitive position, offering value for those who prioritize sound quality and are willing to invest in a subwoofer that delivers on its promises.

Pros and Cons

The DN8's strengths are numerous. Its powerful peak power output, wide frequency response, and versatile input and control options make it a formidable player in its category. The sleek Glacier White finish and compact size enhance its appeal. However, the unit's bulk may deter those with limited space, and the limited color options could be a drawback for some. The warranty period is standard but may fall short compared to extended coverage offered by some competitors.

Final Thoughts

The Definitive Technology Descend DN8 subwoofer is a strong contender for those seeking to enrich their home theater experience. Its performance and design cater to both audiophiles and casual listeners who desire a substantial low-frequency presence in their audio setup. While it may not be the perfect fit for every room or preference, its strengths make it a worthy consideration for those in search of deep, precise, and impactful bass.


Overall Description

  • Color: Glacier White
  • Transducers: 8” long-throw woofer
  • Passive Radiators: Dual 8” 3XR™ Configuration
  • Bass Type: Bass Radiator
  • Feet: Permanently Installed Feet with Rubber Pad


  • Width: 12.8” (324.8 mm)
  • Depth: 12.0” (305.8 mm)
  • Height: 13.1” (331.6 mm)


  • Amplifier Type: Class D
  • Peak Power: 500W
  • Continuous Power (RMS): 200W
  • Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 200 Hz
  • Low-Pass Crossover Frequency: 60 Hz - 120 Hz
  • Phase Adjustment: 0 / 180°

Power Supply

  • Type: Internal
  • Connection: IEC 3 prong jack
  • Voltage Switch: 120V/240V
  • Europe Compliance: <.5W


  • LFE: Single RCA
  • Speaker Level: Left/Right 5-way binding posts


  • Main Power: Auto/Off
  • Volume Control: Potentiometer w/ center detent
  • Low Pass Control: Potentiometer w/ center detent
  • Phase Control: 2-way switch
  • Status Indicator: RGB LED

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