Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX Sur Round In-Ceiling Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX Sur Round In-Ceiling Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX Sur Round In-Ceiling Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX Sur Round In-Ceiling Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX Sur Round In-Ceiling Speaker - Dreamedia AV

Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX Sur Round In-Ceiling Speaker

In-ceiling bipolar surround speaker with weather protection

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Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX Sur Round In-Ceiling Speaker

Elevate Your Home Theater to New Heights

Imagine stepping into a room where sound envelopes you from above, creating an immersive cinematic experience that not only surrounds you but also places you directly in the heart of the action. With the Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX SUR In-Ceiling Speaker, this dream becomes a reality. Designed to cater to the discerning audiophile, the DC-80 MAX SUR is not just a speaker; it's a portal to an acoustic nirvana that seamlessly integrates into your home.

Unparalleled Audio Performance

The DC-80 MAX SUR is engineered to astound with its audio prowess. At the core of its superior sound reproduction are the following features:

  • Dual 1" Aluminum Oxide Dome Tweeters: These ultralight, rigid tweeters deliver crisp, distortion-free highs. The material chosen for the tweeters ensures that even the subtlest of sounds are rendered with clarity and precision.
  • 8.0" BDSS Woofer with Linear Response Waveguide™: This woofer technology ensures a richer, more accurate low-end response. The pivoting design allows for optimal sound direction, ensuring that every seat in the room is the best seat.
  • Bipolar Array: The signature bipolar array provides a unique sound that fills the room, creating a wide sweet spot that makes every listening experience more engaging.
  • Premium Crossover Network: This feature ensures a balanced voicing and smooth response throughout the frequency range, providing a harmonious blend of highs, mids, and lows.

Innovative Design and Easy Installation

The DC-80 MAX SUR is not only a powerhouse of sound but also a masterpiece of design:

  • Flush, Border-Free Design: The speaker sits elegantly in your ceiling, providing a sleek look that complements any interior.
  • Toolless Installation: With pivoting "dog" arms, installation is a breeze, removing any intimidation from the setup process.
  • Paintable Micro-Perforated Magnetic Grille: The included grille can be painted to match your ceiling, ensuring the speaker becomes a part of your home's aesthetic.

Robust Construction for Every Environment

The DC-80 MAX SUR is built to withstand the challenges of any environment:

  • IP55 Rating: This rating assures that the speaker is resistant to both water and dust, making it suitable for high-humidity environments or even outdoor areas.
  • Weather-Resistant Construction: Feel confident in the durability of your investment, knowing it's designed to last through various environmental conditions.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

Dreamedia understands the importance of a cohesive home theater system. The DC-80 MAX SUR offers:

  • Timbre-Matching: Compatible with an array of Definitive Technology speakers and subwoofers, this speaker ensures a harmonious soundstage.
  • High-Frequency Attenuation Switch: Customize the tweeter output to your preference for the perfect balance in your unique space.

Advanced Technologies for Exceptional Sound

The DC-80 MAX SUR incorporates several patented technologies:

  • Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS™): This technology improves driver excursion and output, delivering a bass response that defies the speaker's in-ceiling placement.
  • Linear Response Waveguide™: Experience more natural midrange and precise imaging, thanks to this innovative waveguide technology.

Detailed Specifications

Let's delve into the specifics that make the DC-80 MAX SUR a standout choice:

  • Speaker Type: In-Ceiling Surround Speaker
  • Woofer Size: 8.0 inches
  • Tweeter Size: 1.0 inch
  • Number of Tweeters: 2
  • Tweeter Material: Aluminum Oxide Dome
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Mounting Depth: 5.34 inches
  • Diameter: 10.57 inches
  • Speaker Weight: 6.66 lbs

Included Accessories

Your DC-80 MAX SUR comes with everything you need to get started:

  • Grille: Paintable to match your decor
  • Literature Pack: Includes a Quick Start Guide, Registration Card, and Warranty Information
  • Hole Cutting Guide: For precise installation

The Dreamedia Advantage

Choosing Dreamedia for your Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX SUR means you're not just purchasing a speaker; you're investing in an experience. Our experts are available to design and integrate your home theater system, ensuring that the DC-80 MAX SUR performs to its maximum potential in your space.

Warranty and Support

Your peace of mind is paramount. The DC-80 MAX SUR is backed by:

  • Manufacturer Warranty: A generous 5-year warranty protects your investment, ensuring years of enjoyment and support.

The Final Touch in Your Home Theater

The Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX SUR In-Ceiling 8” Speaker is more than just an addition to your home theater—it's the finishing touch that elevates your audio experience to cinematic levels. With its exceptional audio quality, easy installation, robust construction, and seamless integration, it's the choice for those who accept nothing but the best.

Embrace the sound that fills your space and touches your soul. Choose the Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX SUR, and let Dreamedia bring the ultimate theater experience into your home.

Our Review

Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX SUR In-Ceiling 8” Speaker Review


In the realm of home theater audio, in-ceiling surround speakers are a testament to the seamless blend of form and function, providing immersive sound without the clutter of traditional speaker setups. Definitive Technology, a brand synonymous with high-fidelity audio, offers a compelling option with the DC-80 MAX SUR. This in-ceiling speaker promises to elevate the home theater experience with its advanced technology and design.

Design and Aesthetics

The DC-80 MAX SUR speaker boasts a flush, border-free look that complements modern interiors without drawing unnecessary attention. The paintable micro-perforated magnetic grille allows for customization to match any ceiling color, ensuring the speaker integrates into the home environment effortlessly. The physical design exudes a minimalist charm, while the construction promises durability and longevity.

The installation process is engineered with convenience in mind. The toolless pivoting "dog" arms enable straightforward and secure mounting, a feature that both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers will appreciate.

Build Quality and Installation

Crafted with quality materials, the DC-80 MAX SUR is IP55-rated, ensuring robust protection against dust and water, a rare feature for in-ceiling speakers that speaks to its versatility and resilience. However, the 5.34" mounting depth could pose challenges, requiring buyers to assess their ceiling structures carefully or seek professional installation to avoid any structural issues.

Features and Technologies

The speaker houses an 8.0" pivoting BDSS Woofer with Linear Response Waveguide™, along with dual 1" pivoting aluminum oxide dome tweeters. The BDSS™ (Balanced Double Surround System) technology enhances driver excursion, resulting in richer bass and a broader dispersion of sound. This speaker also features a unique bipolar array, which is designed to create a wide, enveloping soundfield, making it ideal for surround sound applications.

The High-Frequency Attenuation Switch is another thoughtful addition, allowing users to tailor the tweeter output to their room's acoustics or personal preference, offering a -2 dB, flat, or +2 dB adjustment.

Timbre-Matching and System Integration

Timbre-matching is crucial for a cohesive audio experience in multi-speaker setups. The DC-80 MAX SUR is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Definitive Technology speakers, ensuring a uniform sound signature across all channels. This is particularly beneficial for users looking to build or upgrade their home theater systems with components that work in harmony.


When it comes to performance, the DC-80 MAX SUR does not disappoint. The bipolar array configuration, a hallmark of Definitive Technology, provides an expansive soundfield with an extremely wide sweet spot, making it forgiving in terms of listener positioning. The aluminum oxide dome tweeters deliver crisp, distortion-free highs, while the patented Linear Response Waveguide™ ensures natural midrange reproduction and precise imaging.

Highs, Mids, and Lows

The audio performance across the frequency spectrum is commendable. Highs are detailed and airy without being piercing, mids are clear and present without being overwhelming, and the lows have a depth and tightness that are impressive for an in-ceiling speaker. The premium crossover network plays a significant role in maintaining this balanced voicing and smooth response, ensuring that each frequency range transitions seamlessly into the next.

Pros and Cons

- Expansive soundstage suitable for high-performance home theater systems.
- High-quality construction with weather-resistant features.
- Toolless installation and innovative technologies for exceptional sound quality.
- Timbre-matching capability facilitates system cohesion.

- The mounting depth may limit compatibility with some ceiling structures.
- Professional installation might be necessary, adding to the overall cost.

Price and Value Proposition

When compared to other high-end in-ceiling speakers, the Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX SUR holds its own, especially considering its advanced features and sound quality. While it may come at a premium, the value proposition is clear for those seeking a top-tier audio experience without compromising on aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

The Definitive Technology DC-80 MAX SUR in-ceiling speaker is a compelling choice for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike. Its combination of sophisticated design, robust construction, and superior sound performance make it a standout product. While there are considerations regarding installation, the overall quality and sound experience it offers make it a competitive option in the market. The DC-80 MAX SUR is a testament to Definitive Technology's commitment to premium audio and is well-suited for those seeking to immerse themselves in a high-caliber auditory experience.


General Specifications

  • Speaker Type: In-Ceiling Surround Speaker
  • Woofer Size: 8.0 inches
  • Tweeter Size: 1.0 inch
  • Number of Tweeters: 2
  • Tweeter Material: Aluminum Oxide Dome
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Mounting Depth: 5.34 inches
  • Diameter: 10.57 inches
  • Series: Dymension CI MAX Series
  • Speaker Weight: 6.66 lbs

Audio Performance

  • Woofer Type: Pivoting BDSS Woofer with Linear Response Waveguide™
  • Tweeter Type: Pivoting Aluminum Oxide Dome Tweeter
  • Tweeter Attenuation Switch: Three-position switch (-2 dB, flat, +2 dB)
  • Crossover Network: Premium crossover network for balanced voicing and smooth response
  • Sound Quality: Ultra-wide dynamic range, crystal clear highs, and thunderous bass
  • Surround Sound: Delivers expansive overhead sound for high-performance home theater systems

Design and Installation

  • Installation Type: Toolless Installation
  • Design: Flush, Border-Free Design
  • Grille: Paintable micro-perforated magnetic grille
  • Frame and Baffle: Integrated frame and baffle

Compatibility and Integration

  • Timbre-Matching: Compatible with Dymension, Dymension CI, Mythos speakers, and Descend Series subwoofers
  • Weather Protection: Suitable for high-humidity environments and outdoor areas

Patented Technologies

  • BDSS Technology: Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS™)
  • Waveguide Technology: Linear Response Waveguide™

Additional Features

  • Weather Resistance: Water-resistant and dust-resistant construction
  • Dispersion: Extended on-axis and off-axis frequency dispersion

Included Accessories

  • In Box: Grille, Literature Pack (Quick Start Guide/Registration Card/Warranty), Hole Cutting Guide


  • Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years

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