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Cambridge Audio ES30 Outdoor Speaker - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio ES30 Outdoor Speaker

Outdoor speakers with deep bass and weatherproof design

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Cambridge Audio ES30 Outdoor Speaker

Unleash the Rhythm of the Great Outdoors

Imagine stepping into your backyard, the sun gently warming your face as a soft breeze whispers through the leaves. You hit play and suddenly, the atmosphere transforms. The rich, deep tones of your favorite melody fill the air, perfectly crisp and clear. This isn't just any sound—it's the sound of the Cambridge Audio ES30 Outdoor Speaker, meticulously crafted to bring the concert to your garden, patio, or rooftop.

Designed for Perfection

The ES30 isn't your average outdoor speaker. It's a testament to the fusion of high-fidelity audio and rugged durability. Cambridge Audio has fine-tuned every aspect of the ES30 to ensure that your music isn't just heard but felt, even outdoors.

  • Engineered for the Elements: Constructed to withstand the unpredictable nature of the weather, these speakers embrace extreme humidity and temperature variations without missing a beat.
  • Robust Bass Performance: Featuring a ported cabinet design paired with a finely tuned 6.5” mid-bass driver, the ES30 delivers bass that's not just heard but experienced.
  • Crisp Treble Delivery: A 1” aluminum dome tweeter ensures every high note is rendered with clarity and precision, making each listening moment expressive and vibrant.

Technical Prowess

The ES30 is packed with specs that would impress even the most discerning audiophile:

  • Sensitivity: 90dB (1 Watt input) ensures your music is loud and proud without the need for excessive power.
  • Frequency Response: With a range of 55Hz – 20kHz, every note is within reach, from the deep rumble of a bass guitar to the high pitch of a violin.
  • Impedance: Flexibly operating between 4 - 8 Ohms, these speakers are compatible with a wide range of amplifiers.
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: Optimized for 10 – 120W, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect amp to complement your audio setup.

A Symphony of Features

The Cambridge Audio ES30 is not just about sound. Its features make it a standout choice for any outdoor space:

  • Weatherproof Rating: UV and weather-resistant construction means no more worrying about damage from the sun or a sudden downpour.
  • Durability: Specially treated cabinets ensure longevity, even in damp conditions, meaning your investment is protected.
  • Mounting Options: Whether you prefer them on the wall, ceiling, or deck, adjustable brackets and omnimount fittings offer the flexibility you need.
  • Design: A stylish matte white finish allows these speakers to blend seamlessly into any environment, adding an air of sophistication.

Unmatched Sound in Any Space

Whether you're hosting a lively backyard barbecue or seeking a solitary escape into your favorite album, the ES30's design ensures it fits perfectly into any outdoor setting.

  • Compact Size: Don't let their size fool you. These speakers pack a punch with incredible bass performance and a sound that fills your entire outdoor space.
  • Tuning: Each speaker is carefully tuned by the acoustic experts at Cambridge Audio to deliver a sound that's both authentic and engaging.
  • Mounting Flexibility: Custom mounting brackets not only provide a neat fit but also allow you to position your speakers for the best possible sound.

The Dreamedia Touch

Here at Dreamedia, we understand the allure of perfect sound. That's why we're excited to offer the Cambridge Audio ES30 Outdoor Speaker. We know that creating the perfect home theater experience doesn't stop at your back door—it extends to every corner of your domain. Our experts are on hand to help design and install a system that integrates seamlessly with your lifestyle, ensuring every note and nuance of your music is enjoyed exactly as the artist intended.

Pros that Resonate

Every feature of the ES30 has been crafted with your listening experience in mind:

  • Exceptional Bass and Treble: Delivers sound that's both deep and detailed.
  • Extreme Weather Endurance: Engineered to handle the elements with ease.
  • UV Protection: No discoloration, just lasting beauty and performance.
  • Flexible Positioning: Install them where you want for the best sound and aesthetics.
  • High-Quality Sound: Tuned by acoustic experts for an unrivaled listening experience.
  • Compact and Robust: Designed to deliver big sound from a small package.
  • Stylish Finish: Complements any outdoor décor with its matte white finish.

Embrace Every Beat

With the Cambridge Audio ES30 Outdoor Speaker, your music becomes an integral part of the great outdoors. The birds may have their song, but now you have yours, in high definition and full, glorious bass. You're not just buying a speaker; you're investing in a lifestyle, one where the soundtrack is as limitless as the open sky.

Ready for Your Rhythm

Are you prepared to elevate your outdoor ambiance to extraordinary new heights? The Cambridge Audio ES30 is waiting to transform your space and the way you experience music. Contact Dreamedia today, and let's make your outdoor audio dreams a reality.

Our Review

Cambridge Audio ES30 Outdoor Speaker Review


Cambridge Audio has long established itself as a purveyor of high-fidelity audio equipment, blending British engineering with a passion for pure sound. As outdoor living spaces become increasingly popular extensions of the home, the demand for robust audio solutions that can withstand the elements while delivering exceptional sound has grown. The Cambridge Audio ES30 Outdoor Speaker is designed to meet these needs, promising to bring the brand's renowned acoustic excellence to the great outdoors.


Build Quality and Aesthetics

At first glance, the ES30 exudes the quality one would expect from Cambridge Audio. Its compact and sturdy cabinet is finished in a matte white that is both elegant and understated, ensuring it blends seamlessly into a variety of outdoor settings. The attention to detail extends to its durability features; the ES30 is treated for UV protection to prevent discoloration from harsh sunlight, and its weather-resistant construction promises longevity even in humid or damp conditions.

Mounting and Installation

Cambridge Audio has clearly put thought into the ES30's installation process. The custom mounting brackets are not only robust but also allow for flexibility in positioning, which is crucial in outdoor environments where the placement can greatly affect sound performance. The inclusion of omnimount fittings further emphasizes this versatility, catering to the varied needs of outdoor audio setups.


Durability for Outdoor Use

Outdoor speakers face challenges that indoor models do not, primarily the vagaries of weather. Cambridge Audio's ES30 is specifically treated to endure UV rays and moisture, ensuring that the speaker not only performs well but also maintains its aesthetic appeal over time. This durability is a significant consideration for consumers looking for a long-term audio solution for their outdoor spaces.

Audio Technology

The ES30 boasts a ported cabinet design, which is somewhat unusual for outdoor speakers and contributes to a surprisingly large bass extension. The driver configuration, consisting of an injection-moulded cone woofer and an aluminium dome tweeter, is meticulously selected to deliver a balanced and dynamic sound. This is further enhanced by the tuning from Cambridge Audio's acoustic teams, who have a reputation for creating products with a rich and clear audio signature.

Connectivity and Power

With a power handling of 100W, the ES30 is capable of delivering robust sound levels suitable for outdoor listening. The speaker's impedance ranges from 4 to 8 Ohms, offering compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers and receivers. This flexibility ensures that users can integrate the ES30 into their existing systems with minimal fuss.


Sound Quality

One of the most critical aspects of any speaker's performance is its sound quality, and the ES30 does not disappoint. The bass extension is notable for an outdoor speaker, providing warmth and depth to music that is often lacking in this category. The treble is crisp and articulate, thanks to the aluminium dome tweeter, ensuring that the higher frequencies cut through outdoor ambient noise.

Volume and Clarity

The ES30's sensitivity rating of 90dB indicates that it is capable of producing a significant volume from a given amount of power, an essential attribute for outdoor speakers that need to fill open spaces. Clarity is maintained even at higher volumes, which means that whether you're hosting a lively pool party or enjoying a quiet evening on the patio, the ES30 can be relied upon to deliver quality sound.

Installation and Setup

Mounting Options

Installation ease is a key factor for outdoor speakers, and the ES30's adjustable brackets make it straightforward to position the speakers for optimal sound. The omnimount fittings offer additional mounting configurations, providing users with the freedom to install the speakers in a variety of outdoor locations.

Positioning for Optimal Sound

While the ES30 is designed to be flexible in placement, achieving the best sound performance requires some consideration. It is recommended to position the speakers at ear level when possible and to experiment with angles and distances from reflective surfaces to find the perfect balance for your specific outdoor environment.

Use Cases

Ideal Environments

The ES30 is at its best in outdoor settings such as patios, gardens, and around pool areas, where its sound quality can be fully appreciated. Its design is geared towards these environments, and when placed correctly, the speakers can create an immersive audio experience that enhances outdoor living.


Despite its versatility, the ES30 does have limitations. It is not designed for indoor use, which may be a drawback for those seeking a speaker that can transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Additionally, the limited color options could be seen as a restriction for users with specific aesthetic preferences.

Pros and Cons

The ES30's strengths lie in its sound quality, with a bass extension and crisp treble that are impressive for an outdoor speaker. Its build quality and UV protection are well-considered, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Installation is made easy with flexible mounting options. However, the limitations in color choices and the specific outdoor design may not suit all users. The size and weight could also pose a challenge for some mounting scenarios.

Final Thoughts

The Cambridge Audio ES30 Outdoor Speaker is a compelling option for those seeking to enrich their outdoor spaces with high-quality sound. Its robust construction, coupled with the meticulous engineering of its audio performance, makes it a standout product in the outdoor speaker market. While there are some limitations in terms of design versatility, these are minor compared to the overall value that the ES30 offers in terms of its audio prowess and durability. Whether for casual listening or entertaining guests, the ES30 is a sound investment for any outdoor audio setup.


General Specifications

  • Model: ES30
  • Product Type: Outdoor Speaker (Pair)
  • Purpose: Designed for outdoor use, suitable for gardens, patios, or rooftops
  • Construction: Engineered to withstand extreme differences in humidity and temperature
  • Bass Performance: Delivers great bass due to ported cabinet design and finely tuned 6.5” mid bass driver
  • Treble Performance: Handled by a 1” aluminium dome tweeter for crisp and expressive sound
  • Color: White
  • In The Box: 2 x Speakers

Technical Specifications

  • Sensitivity (dB): 90dB (1 Watt input)
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 55Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance (Ohms): 4 - 8 Ohms
  • Recommended Amplifier Power (Watts): 10 – 120W
  • Drivers: 1 x 6.5” injection-moulded cone woofer, 1 x 1” anodized aluminium dome tweeter
  • Crossover: 2-Way First Order
  • Speaker Dimensions (H X W X D) (mm): 330 x 202 x 198
  • Weight (kg): 3.4

Design & Features

  • Speaker Type: Outdoor, passive
  • Speaker Configuration: 2-way
  • Weatherproof Rating: Endures extreme humidity and temperatures
  • Durability: Designed for outdoor use, ensuring long-term reliability
  • Compact Size: Despite their compact size, the speakers deliver great bass performance
  • Design: Stylish and versatile design suitable for outdoor environments

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