AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: AudioControl

AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier

16-channel amplifier with DSP and Dante networking

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AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier

Unparalleled Audio Experience with the AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier

Immerse yourself in the sheer brilliance of sound with the AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier. This powerhouse of auditory excellence is a testament to superior engineering, designed to elevate your home or commercial space into an oasis of perfect sound. Its sleek design, available in Espresso Black with finish options of Brushed Aluminum or Black Espresso anodized, is as much a statement in style as it is in performance.

Engineered for Perfection

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Seattle, USA, the Director Model M6800 ensures that your audio experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Its impressive 16 channels offer versatile configurations, fueling 100 watts of stereo RMS power at 8 ohms and doubling to 200 watts at 4 ohms. For those seeking even more robust sound, the bridged power soars to 400 watts at 8 ohms, ensuring that your soundscapes are always rich, deep, and crystal clear.

The Heart of Your Home Theater

  • 16 Channels of Pure Power: With 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 200 watts at 4 ohms, every note is delivered with precision and clarity.
  • Matrix Amplification: A built-in matrix allows for flexible input routing, making it easy to tailor your audio sources to your preferences.
  • Digital Signal Processing: Onboard DSP engine offers graphic and parametric equalization per zone, adding another layer of customization.
  • Speaker Optimization: Pre-loaded profiles for popular architectural loudspeakers, plus the ability to tailor sound for optimal performance in any environment.

Designed for Connectivity and Control

The AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier seamlessly integrates into your smart home or commercial system with compatibility for leading control systems like Crestron, Savant, RTI, and Control 4. Networking features such as DHCP signal matrix amplification with volume control, Ethernet port for status monitoring and source switching, and remote control capability through DCHP/fixed IP control, make it a breeze to manage your audio environment.

A Symphony of Features

The Model M6800D is not just an amplifier; it's the conductor of your audio ensemble, equipped with features that ensure the music never misses a beat:

  • Network DHCP: Effortless integration into your existing network for streamlined control.
  • Ethernet Port: Monitor and manage your sound system with ease, and enjoy the convenience of 12-volt trigger control.
  • Dante Digital Audio Networking: Experience the future of audio with high-performance digital sound networking.
  • Built-in Matrix: Customize input sources with flexibility, ensuring your audio is always perfectly aligned with your preferences.

Performance That Speaks Volumes

Every aspect of the AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier is crafted to deliver audio performance that is as impactful as it is nuanced.

  • Crosstalk: Over 80 dB at 1 kHz ensures a clean separation of audio channels.
  • Damping Factor: Over 300 for authoritative control over your speakers.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: Greater than 95 dB for a sound that is as pure as it is powerful.

Effortless Installation and Operation

The compact 2U chassis is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing setup, whether it's a dedicated home theater or a commercial space. With rack mount brackets included, installation is straightforward and efficient.

Comprehensive Control Options

The Model M6800D offers a variety of control methods to suit your needs:

  • Remote Power Trigger: For easy power management.
  • Network Connection/Protocol: Robust and reliable with 10BaseT Ethernet TCP/IP.
  • Communication Protocol: Choose between HTTP or Telnet for the control method that works best for you.

In the Box

Everything you need to start your journey towards auditory bliss is included:

  • Speaker Connectors: High-quality connectors for secure and reliable connections.
  • Remote Connector: For integrating with your existing control systems.
  • Power Cord: To get you powered up right out of the box.
  • Manual: Detailed instructions to guide you through setup and customization.

Tailored Sound for Every Application

Whether you're looking to create the ultimate home theater experience or enhance the audio in a commercial setting, the AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier is versatile enough to meet any challenge. Its built-in speaker optimization profiles are engineered to bring out the best in your audio equipment, while the onboard DSP allows for fine-tuning to match the acoustics of any room.

A Symphony of Connectivity

Connectivity is the lifeblood of modern audio systems, and the Model M6800D excels with a suite of inputs and outputs designed to accommodate any setup:

  • Stereo Local Inputs: Eight inputs for connecting a variety of audio sources.
  • Digital S/PDIF Inputs/Outputs: For pristine digital audio connections.
  • Toslink Inputs: Ensuring compatibility with high-end audio equipment.

Dimensions and Weight

Designed to fit into your life as seamlessly as it fits into your entertainment center, the Model M6800D's dimensions are a compact 17” W x 15.5” D x 3.5” H, with a weight of 21.0 lbs (9.5 kg).

A Partner in Audio Excellence

Dreamedia is not just a retailer; we are your partners in creating the perfect audio environment. Our expertise in home theater technology means we understand the significance of each feature of the AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier and how it contributes to your experience. We are available to design your home theater system and are more than happy to help you integrate this exceptional amplifier into your setup.

Embrace the Sound of Excellence

With the AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier, you are not just buying an amplifier; you are investing in an experience that brings your music and movies to life. Elevate your audio to new heights and feel the power of sound as it was meant to be heard.

Our Review


The AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier is a formidable contender in the realm of high-performance audio amplification, designed for both home and commercial environments. This review delves into its capabilities, examining how it stands out in a market that demands both power and precision for the discerning audiophile and professional installer.

Design and Build Quality

The Model M6800D boasts a compact 2U chassis, which is a significant consideration for installations where rack space is at a premium. It is available in Espresso Black, with finish options that include brushed aluminum and Black Espresso anodized, exuding a sense of refined aesthetics that complement its robust build. The design not only fits seamlessly into a variety of settings but also promises durability for long-term use.

Power and Performance

With 16 channels of amplification, the M6800D delivers 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms, doubling to 200 watts at 4 ohms, and offering a substantial 400 watts when bridged. This versatility allows the amplifier to adeptly power multiple zones with ease, ensuring that each area of an installation can benefit from high-quality sound. The inclusion of built-in speaker optimization profiles is a standout feature, as it enables the amplifier to enhance audio performance by tailoring its output to match the acoustic properties of popular architectural loudspeakers.

Connectivity and Networking

The M6800D's networking features are comprehensive, including an Ethernet port for status monitoring, source switching, and 12-volt trigger control. Dante digital audio networking capability opens up a realm of possibilities for system integration, allowing for high-quality digital audio distribution over a standard Ethernet network. Furthermore, the amplifier's compatibility with popular third-party control systems ensures that it can be integrated into a variety of smart home or commercial automation setups.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

At the heart of the M6800D's audio shaping capabilities is its onboard DSP engine. This allows for intricate sound customization through graphic and parametric equalization by zone, as well as programmable electronic crossovers for local subwoofer applications. Such features provide users with the tools to fine-tune the audio experience to their exact preferences, adapting to the unique acoustics of each environment.

Usability and Control

Remote control capability is a prominent aspect of the M6800D, facilitating the adjustment of settings from a distance, which is particularly useful in large or complex installations. While the advanced features of this amplifier are a boon for experienced users, they may present a learning curve for those less acquainted with networked audio systems. However, the benefits of such control and customization potential are clear for those willing to invest the time in mastering them.

Applications and Versatility

The AudioControl Model M6800D is designed to be a versatile solution, equally at home in a private residence or powering a commercial space. Its built-in matrix allows for flexible input routing, making it a powerful standalone matrix amplifier or a component within a larger control system. The ability to tailor sound to each zone, based on leading loudspeaker brand profiles, adds another layer of adaptability, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of acoustic scenarios.

Pros and Cons

The M6800D's strengths lie in its high-power amplification, a multitude of channels for comprehensive audio distribution, and advanced networking capabilities. The compact design and attractive finishes cater to both functional and aesthetic needs. However, for smaller setups or those requiring a more basic audio solution, this amplifier might be considered excessive. Additionally, the advanced networking and DSP features, while powerful, may necessitate a level of expertise that could be daunting for some users.

Final Thoughts

The AudioControl Model M6800D Amplifier is an impressive piece of technology that offers extensive power, control, and customization for audio systems. Its design and performance cater to both the audiophile seeking pristine sound and the professional installer needing a reliable, scalable solution. The value it presents is dependent on the complexity and scale of the installation, making it an excellent choice for those who demand the utmost in audio performance and system integration.



  • Model: Director Model M6800
  • Color Finish: Espresso Black, Brushed Aluminum
  • Suitable for: Home and Commercial Installations
  • Manufacturing: Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Seattle, USA
  • Compatible Control Systems: Crestron, Savant, RTI, Control 4


  • Number Of Channels: 16
  • Stereo RMS Power (8 ohms): 100 watts
  • Stereo RMS Power (4 ohms): 200 watts
  • Bridged Power (8 ohms): 400 watts
  • Minimum Speaker Load: 4 ohms
  • Amplifier Class: Not specified
  • Amplifier Type: Matrix Amplifier


  • Network DHCP: Yes
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Yes
  • Built-In Speaker Optimization Profiles: Yes
  • Ethernet Port: Yes
  • Built-in Matrix: Yes
  • Programmable Electronic Crossover: Yes
  • Subsonic Filter: Yes
  • AudioControl LightDrive Anti-Clipping: Yes
  • Local Inputs with Pass Thru / Loop Outputs: Yes
  • Dual Digital Audio Bus Inputs: Yes
  • Rack Space: 2U
  • Rack Mount Brackets Included: Yes


  • Stereo Local Inputs: 8
  • Digital S/PDIF Inputs: 2
  • Toslink Inputs: 2
  • Input Sensitivity: 1 Vrms for full output
  • Input Gain: 30 dB


  • Stereo Loop Outputs: 8
  • Digital S/PDIF Outputs: 2


  • Crosstalk: > 80 dB @ 1 kHz
  • Damping Factor: >300
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >95 dB, A-wtd, ref full output
  • DAC Specifications: 32 – 96 kHz sample rate, 16/24 bit depth


  • Remote Power Trigger: +12 VDC or Dry Contact Closure
  • Network Connection/Protocol: 10BaseT Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Communication Protocol: HTTP or Telnet

Weights & Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 17” W x 15.5” D x 3.5” H
  • Weight: 21.0 lbs (9.5 kg)

In the Box

  • Speaker Connectors: Yes
  • Remote Connector: Yes
  • Power Cord: Yes
  • Manual: Yes