Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Audia Flight

Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player

Italian-crafted CD player with advanced DAC

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Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Audio Finesse: Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player

Imagine the purest sound, the kind of clarity that brings every note to life, the kind of precision that captures the essence of music. That's not just a dream—it's a reality with the Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player. Crafted in the heart of Italy, this masterpiece is not just a device; it's a gateway to an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary.

Elegant Italian Craftsmanship

The Audia Flight CD Three S is a testament to the Italian flair for combining form and function into a harmonious whole. The front panel is constructed from 10 mm thick aluminum, exuding a sense of robust elegance. Every detail, from the solid aluminum remote control, available in sleek silver or classic black, to the large blue OLED display, is designed with the discerning listener in mind.

Superior Audio Specifications

At the heart of the Audia Flight CD Three S lies a treasure trove of audio technology:

  • Optimized CD-Drive: Engineered for single-speed playback, ensuring minimal jitter and optimal sound quality.
  • High-End DAC: The SABRE ES9026PRO 32-Bit DAC is renowned for its exceptional sound fidelity.
  • Customizable Digital Filters: Seven filters for PCM signal allow for personalized sound tuning.
  • Analog and Digital Transformers: Separate 58VA and 36VA transformers for analog and digital circuits maintain signal purity.
  • Class A Discrete Current Feedback: The analog output section is a testament to the device's dedication to high-quality sound.
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Outputs: Catering to all audiophile preferences for connectivity and sound quality.
  • PCM S/PDIF Digital Output: Ensures compatibility with a wide range of external DACs.

Unparalleled Connectivity Options

The Audia Flight CD Three S stands as a paragon of versatility:

  • Optional Input Card: Expand your system's capabilities with additional digital inputs.
  • Multiple Digital Inputs: Including 2x Opto, 1x AES/EBU, 1x Coax, and 1x USB, catering to all your digital sources.
  • USB Input Compatibility: Supports high-resolution audio up to 32/384 PCM and DSD 512.
  • Insulated Digital Inputs: Prevents interference, ensuring the cleanest possible signal transmission.

Flawless Technical Data

The technical prowess of the Audia Flight CD Three S is unmatched:

  • Frequency Response: A broad range from 0.5 Hz to 20 kHz, with a tight ±0.1dB variance.
  • Dynamic Range: An impressive 126 dB, capturing the faintest nuances to the loudest crescendos.
  • THD + Noise: Less than 0.01%, revealing the music's true clarity.
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: An exceptional >-113 dB, ensuring a background as silent as a whisper.
  • Maximum Output Voltage: A healthy 2.5 Vrms for robust signal strength.
  • Output Impedance: A low 200 Ohm for optimal compatibility with a variety of amplifiers.

Sleek, Space-Efficient Design

The Audia Flight CD Three S is engineered to fit seamlessly into your home theater system:

  • Dimensions: A compact 450x110x430 mm (WxHxD) that belies its powerful performance.
  • Weight: A solid 10 Kg that speaks to the quality of the materials and construction.

Made with Pride in Italy

Every Audia Flight CD Three S is born from a tradition of Italian craftsmanship, ensuring that each unit not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of audio excellence.

Cutting-Edge DAC Technology

Featuring AKM4493EQ 32-Bit DACs with 'velvet sound technology', the Audia Flight CD Three S delivers an auditory experience that's as smooth as silk and as detailed as a high-definition painting.

High-Resolution Playback

The future of audio is high-resolution, and the Audia Flight CD Three S is ready:

  • Supports up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD512 resolution: Prepare to hear every detail in your favorite recordings.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Mindful of both the environment and your electricity bill:

  • Stand-by Power Consumption: Less than 0.5 W, making it as efficient as it is powerful.
  • Operation Power Consumption: A moderate 30 W, so you can enjoy your music without excess energy use.

The Audia Flight CD Three S Experience

The Audia Flight CD Three S is not just a product; it's an investment in your passion for music. It's a statement piece that says you settle for nothing but the best. With its high-quality DACs and versatile functionality, this CD player is the cornerstone of any high-end audio setup.

  • High-Quality SABRE DACs: Ensures a listening experience that's both rich and precise.
  • Elegant Design: A visual and tactile pleasure, it's as much a joy to look at as it is to use.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Whether you're playing CDs, using the DAC, or streaming digitally, it has you covered.
  • High-Resolution Support: Ready for the audio formats of today and tomorrow.
  • Customizable Sound: Tailor the output to your exact preferences with multiple digital filters.
  • Upgradeable Architecture: Designed to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of digital audio.

Dreamedia: Your Partner in Home Theater Excellence

At Dreamedia, we understand that a home theater system is more than just a collection of devices—it's the heart of your home entertainment experience. That's why we stand ready to help you design a system that not only includes the Audia Flight CD Three S but also complements it with the best in visual and audio technology.

Let us guide you through selecting the perfect components, arranging them for optimal performance, and calibrating your system for the ultimate in home theater enjoyment. With the Audia Flight CD Three S and Dreamedia, the concert hall, the opera, and the cinema come to you.

Choose Audia Flight CD Three S Today

Select the Audia Flight CD Three S for a symphony of sound that will resonate through your soul. It's more than a CD player—it's the heartbeat of your audio system. Allow Dreamedia to elevate your home theater experience with the Audia Flight CD Three S, and immerse yourself in the world of high-fidelity sound.

Our Review

Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player Review

The Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player positions itself as a premium audio device, blending Italian craftsmanship with high-fidelity sound. In a world where streaming services dominate, this CD player appeals to the purist looking for uncompromised audio quality and a touch of elegance in their home theater setup.

Design and Build Quality

The CD Three S exudes luxury with its sleek Italian design, a testament to the renowned aesthetics and engineering of its country of origin. The substantial dimensions and 10 Kg weight imply a robust construction, likely to withstand the test of time. The craftsmanship is apparent in every detail, from the precision of its chassis to the tactile response of its controls, promising an exceptional tactile experience as much as an auditory one.

Core Features and Technology

At its heart, the CD Three S boasts AKM4493EQ DACs, known for their 'velvet sound technology'. This advanced digital-to-analog conversion promises a warm, natural sound that should delight audiophiles. Connectivity is a strong suit, with a plethora of digital inputs including balanced XLR, single-ended RCA, and USB, ensuring that it can serve as the centerpiece of any high-end audio system. The dual toroidal transformers are a significant feature, providing clean power to separate analog and digital circuits, which is crucial for maintaining sound purity. Moreover, the player's support for up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD512 high-resolution playback ensures it is well-equipped for the future of audio formats.

User Experience

The Audia Flight CD Three S is not a plug-and-play device; its extensive capabilities may initially daunt the user. The interface demands a learning curve, and the selection of digital filters, while offering sound customization, could be more intuitive. The necessity for a break-in period is also something to consider, as the device's full sonic capabilities are realized only after some use.


When it comes to performance, the CD Three S shines with its high-quality sound reproduction. The balanced outputs, in particular, provide a noise-free listening experience that can compete with much pricier units. The upsampling feature for digital inputs is a nice touch, allowing older recordings to benefit from a modern polish. However, there have been some noted issues with CD-R playback, which, while not deal-breaking, may be a concern for those with extensive homemade libraries.

Pros and Cons

The CD Three S's strengths are many, from its high-end DACs and versatile connectivity to its robust build and high-resolution support. However, its weight and complex setup might be deterrents for some. The filter selection process and playback quirks with CD-Rs are areas where user experience could be improved.

Value Proposition

This CD player's price point will be justified for those who demand audio excellence and versatility. It stands as a competitive option against other high-end players, offering a sound quality that often surpasses its rivals.

Upgrade Potential

The Audia Flight CD Three S is designed with future-proofing in mind. Its upgradeable nature means that it can adapt to emerging technologies and formats, ensuring a long-term place in any audiophile's collection.

Energy Efficiency

With a standby power consumption of less than 0.5 W and an operational draw of 30 W, the CD Three S is relatively energy efficient for a device of its caliber, adding a touch of eco-consciousness to its list of attributes.

Final Thoughts

The Audia Flight CD Three S CD Player is a testament to the art of sound. It is a device crafted for the audiophile who appreciates the tangible and tonal qualities of CDs, with the foresight to embrace digital formats. While it may not be the most user-friendly on the market, its sound quality, build, and versatility make it a compelling choice for those seeking an exceptional auditory experience.