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Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01

Revolutionary bass management for acoustic control

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Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01

Elevate Your Acoustic Experience with Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01

In a world where clarity of sound is paramount, the Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 emerges as a game-changer in acoustic treatment. Designed for the discerning ear, this cutting-edge solution addresses the challenges of unwanted vibrations and bass frequency anomalies that can plague any audio environment. Whether you're refining a high-end home theater or optimizing a professional recording studio, the VicVibro RCH1.01 is engineered to transform your space into a bastion of pure, unadulterated sound.

Technical Mastery Meets Design Elegance

Technical Specifications:

  • Ceiling Profile Type: Normal “C” ceiling profiles
  • Steel Bar Diameter (mm): 6, 8

At the heart of the VicVibro RCH1.01 lies a fusion of technical prowess and aesthetic sophistication. The normal "C" ceiling profiles ensure compatibility with standard construction practices, while the robust steel bars, available in diameters of 6mm and 8mm, promise enduring stability.

Key Features that Resonate

Crafted to meet the needs of audio professionals and enthusiasts alike, the Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 boasts a suite of features that underscore its exceptional performance:

  • Anti-Vibration: Yes, for pristine sound quality
  • Installation: Easy, with a quick leveling system
  • Security Devices: Available with 1 or 2 options for peace of mind
  • Installation Speed: Designed for rapid deployment
  • Finish Quality: High-quality materials and construction
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduces working costs significantly
  • Isolation Performance: Exceptional, for unparalleled sound purity
  • Adjustability: Perfect for building angled ceilings

Unique Design for Optimal Performance

The Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 is not just another acoustic panel; it's a marvel of design ingenuity. At its core, the Super Bass Extreme panel works in tandem with a micro-perforated panel, acting as a tuned Helmholtz resonator. This unique design effectively manages bass frequencies, ensuring that every note and nuance is heard as intended.

Flexibility and Functionality Combined

Flexible Placement:

  • Does not require mounting, allowing for easy placement and repositioning

Comprehensive Functionality:

  • Addresses bass frequency issues such as build-ups and nulls

The VicVibro RCH1.01 stands out with its flexible placement options. Free from the constraints of mounting, this acoustic solution can be positioned and repositioned with ease, enabling you to fine-tune your space to sonic perfection. It's a comprehensive functionality that targets the heart of bass frequency issues, ensuring your environment is free from muddiness and distortion.

A Versatile Solution for Every Environment

Versatile Application:

  • Ideal for recording studios, control rooms, home theaters, and more

Whether you're laying down tracks in a recording studio, mixing in a control room, or immersing yourself in the cinematic splendor of a home theater, the VicVibro RCH1.01 adapts to your specific acoustic needs. Its versatility is unmatched, making it a crucial component in any setting where low-frequency management is essential.

Complementary Acoustic Excellence

Complementary Products:

  • Multifuser Wood 36
  • Multifuser DC2
  • Cinema Round Premium
  • Flexi Wave panels

To achieve comprehensive acoustic treatment, the Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 is complemented by a range of additional products. From the diffusion prowess of Multifuser Wood 36 and DC2 to the absorption capabilities of Cinema Round Premium and Flexi Wave panels, Vicoustic offers a full spectrum of solutions to address every facet of your acoustic environment.

User Feedback: A Testament to Quality

Users have consistently praised the VicVibro RCH1.01 for its ability to enhance sound depth and production output. The positive feedback is a testament to the product's efficacy in delivering an unparalleled acoustic experience.

Transform Your Space

The Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 represents the pinnacle of acoustic innovation, offering:

  • A unique dual-function design for effective bass frequency management
  • The flexibility of placement and repositioning without the need for mounting
  • Suitability for a wide range of environments, including professional and personal spaces
  • Overwhelmingly positive user feedback on its impact on sound quality

Your Acoustic Journey Starts Here

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of pristine sound in creating immersive experiences. That's why we stand ready to design a custom home theater system that integrates the Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 seamlessly into your space. Our expertise ensures that every aspect of your acoustic environment is optimized for performance, aesthetics, and enjoyment.

Overcoming Objections with Confidence

While the transformative power of the Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 is evident, some may have reservations. Concerns about installation complexity or cost efficiency are natural, but rest assured, this product is designed with user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness in mind. Its quick installation system and ability to reduce working costs make it an investment that pays dividends in acoustic quality and ease of use.

Easy to Read, Easy to Implement

Understanding the Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01's features and benefits should be as effortless as its installation. This is why we've organized the information in a clear, concise format, allowing you to grasp the product's value at a glance and make an informed decision.

Begin Your Acoustic Enhancement Today

To elevate your audio environment to new heights of clarity and depth, choose the Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01. Contact Dreamedia today, and let us help you craft the perfect acoustic setting. Your journey to impeccable sound starts here.

Our Review

Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 Review

Acoustic treatment is an essential consideration for anyone serious about audio quality, whether it's in a professional recording studio, a control room, or a home theater. The Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 emerges as a solution aimed at enhancing low-frequency sound management. Let's delve into what makes this product a noteworthy option for audio enthusiasts and professionals.


Unique Dual-Function Construction

The Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 boasts an innovative design that marries aesthetics with functionality. At its core is the Super Bass Extreme panel, a staple in Vicoustic's lineup renowned for its effectiveness in managing low frequencies. This panel is coupled with a micro-perforated panel, which acts as a tuned Helmholtz resonator, a clever engineering feat that targets specific bass frequencies to mitigate resonance and standing waves.

The combination of these two elements in one unit is a testament to Vicoustic's commitment to acoustic innovation. Rather than merely absorbing sound, the VicVibro RCH1.01 is designed to interact with sound waves in a calculated manner, enhancing the listening environment by reducing unwanted bass frequency build-ups without overly deadening the room.


Flexible Placement

One of the standout features of the Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 is its flexibility in placement. Unlike traditional acoustic panels that require permanent mounting, the VicVibro RCH1.01 can be easily repositioned, offering users the freedom to fine-tune their space's acoustics without the commitment of drilling into walls. This flexibility is especially valuable in multipurpose spaces or rented properties where permanent alterations are not feasible.

Comprehensive Functionality

Acoustic issues like bass build-ups and nulls are the bane of any critical listening environment. The VicVibro RCH1.01's comprehensive functionality addresses these issues head-on, contributing to a balanced overall bass response. By managing low-frequency anomalies, the panel ensures that audio playback is true to the source material, a critical factor for sound engineers and audiophiles alike.

Versatile Application

The VicVibro RCH1.01 is not limited to a single type of environment. Whether it's a recording studio, a control room, or a home theater, this acoustic solution is versatile enough to adapt to various spaces. This versatility ensures that the investment in Vicoustic's technology can pay dividends across multiple use cases, from professional to personal.


Bass Frequency Management

The effectiveness of the VicVibro RCH1.01 in managing bass frequencies is where it truly shines. The precision with which it targets low-frequency sound waves translates to a cleaner, tighter bass response. Users often report a noticeable improvement in sound depth and clarity, which is paramount when the accurate reproduction of audio is required.

Room Acoustic Variability

However, the performance of any acoustic treatment, including the VicVibro RCH1.01, can be influenced by the unique characteristics of each room. Variables such as room size, shape, and existing furnishings can affect the panel's performance. While the VicVibro RCH1.01 is designed to be effective in a variety of settings, optimal placement and quantity may vary, requiring a bit of experimentation to achieve the best results.

User Feedback and Sound Improvement

Users of the VicVibro RCH1.01 often speak to the tangible improvements in their audio environments. It is not uncommon to hear of enhanced clarity in the lower frequencies, which can be particularly challenging to manage. This feedback underscores the product's ability to make a discernible difference in sound quality.

Compatibility and Integration

Complementary Products

For those seeking a comprehensive acoustic treatment solution, the VicVibro RCH1.01 integrates seamlessly with other Vicoustic products. The Multifuser Wood 36, Multifuser DC2, Cinema Round Premium, and Flexi Wave panels can be combined to address a full spectrum of acoustic challenges, from diffusing mid to high frequencies to managing reflections and echoes.

Room Size and Acoustic Environment

While the VicVibro RCH1.01 is a robust product, its compatibility with different room sizes and acoustic environments is a consideration. Larger rooms or spaces with complex acoustic challenges may require additional treatment options to achieve a balanced sound. It is essential to assess the specific needs of your environment when considering the VicVibro RCH1.01.

Pros and Cons


  • The dual-function design of the VicVibro RCH1.01 sets it apart from conventional acoustic panels, providing both absorption and frequency-specific resonance control.
  • The ease of placement and repositioning allows users to adapt their acoustic treatment to changing needs without permanent alterations.
  • Its suitability for a range of environments makes it a versatile choice for both professional and personal applications.
  • The overwhelmingly positive user feedback reinforces the product's efficacy in improving sound depth and overall audio production quality.


  • Specific frequency response details and absorption characteristics are not extensively documented, which may leave some users guessing about the product's precise impact on their unique space.
  • Limited information is available on the product's performance in different room sizes and acoustic environments, which may require users to rely on trial and error.
  • Individual room acoustics can significantly influence the performance of the VicVibro RCH1.01, and its effectiveness may vary from one space to another.

Final Thoughts

The Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 stands out as a sophisticated and effective solution for managing low-frequency sound issues in a variety of acoustic environments. Its unique design, flexible placement, and compatibility with other Vicoustic products make it a compelling choice for those looking to improve their sound space. While there are some considerations regarding its variability in performance across different rooms, the product's strengths are substantial.

The Vicoustic VicVibro RCH1.01 is recommended for users who are serious about acoustic treatment and are looking for an innovative solution to manage bass frequencies effectively. With its user-friendly design and noticeable impact on sound quality, it is a valuable addition to any space where sound matters.


Technical Specifications

  • Ceiling Profile Type: Normal “C” ceiling profiles
  • Steel Bar Diameter (mm): 6, 8
  • Installation Safety: 1 or 2 security devices


  • Anti-Vibration: Yes
  • Installation: Easy and quick with quick leveling system
  • Security Devices: Yes, for safe installation
  • False Ceiling Installation: Quick, high-quality finish
  • Isolation Performance: Exceptional
  • Adjustability: Allows for easy adjustment for angled ceilings

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