Valencia Tuscany XL Console Edition Home Theater Seating

XL home theater seating with luxury features


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Elevate Your Home Theater Experience

Imagine settling into a seat that contours to your body with precision, where every inch is designed for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment. The Valencia Tuscany XL Console Edition Home Theater Seating is more than just a chair—it's a passport to a luxurious cinematic journey, right in your own home.

Unmatched Comfort and Sophistication

Crafted with Italian Nappa Leather, the premium top grain Nappa leather 11000 adorning the seating and armrest surfaces, the Valencia Tuscany XL is the epitome of luxury. This material is renowned for its soft, smooth, and durable qualities, providing a supple feel that invites you to unwind for hours on end.

The High Resiliency Foam Cushioning ensures that each moment spent in this seating is one of maximum enjoyment and reduced fatigue. Coupled with the Power Motorized Lumbar Support, you can adjust the firmness to fit the unique shape of your spine, making every viewing experience as supportive as it is indulgent.

Design That Delights

The Diamond Stitch Leather design is not only visually stunning, adding a luxurious touch to your home theater, but also enhances comfort. This stylish pattern complements the sleek lines of the seating, making a statement in any room.

Tailored to Your Taste

With the Valencia Tuscany XL, you take control of your comfort. The mechanical controls nestled inside the armrest allow for personalized adjustments, including a USB port for convenient device charging.

Intelligent Features for the Modern Viewer

  • Power Headrest: With an adjustable headrest, you can find the perfect angle for viewing, whether you're watching an action-packed thriller or a romantic comedy.

  • LED Ambient Base Lighting: Set the mood with adjustable ambient lighting, transforming your space into a luxury cinema.

  • LED Backlit Cupholders: No more fumbling for your drink in the dark. The LED cupholders can be toggled on and off, providing convenience without distraction.

  • Hidden Arm Storage: Store trays, remotes, and tablets within reach, thanks to the air pistons that power the convenient storage compartments.

  • Wall Hugging Design: The chairs fully recline while remaining close to the wall, maximizing space and maintaining the sleek profile of your home theater setup.

  • Power Recline: Recline quietly and smoothly at the touch of a button, without any disruption to your experience.

  • LED Courtesy Lights: Navigate your seating without interrupting the movie, thanks to the subtle LED lights that guide without glaring.

  • Center Console: The convertible center seat boasts additional USB ports, cupholders, and a table for ultimate convenience during your viewing.

The XL Difference

The Valencia Tuscany XL Console Edition is designed with extra space in mind. Not only does it provide ample room for those who prefer a more generous seating option, but it also has a heavy-duty construction that supports up to 400lbs, ensuring everyone enjoys the same level of comfort and style.

Thoughtful Details

  • Packaging: Your investment is protected from the moment it leaves our warehouse. The exceptional packaging safeguards your seating against potential shipping damage.

  • Easy Assembly: You won’t need an engineering degree to assemble the Valencia Tuscany XL. In about 10 minutes, the intuitive ratcheting system and connectors will have you ready to recline.

  • Wiring: The clearly labeled wiring ensures a hassle-free setup, so you can focus on the important part—relaxing in your new home theater seating.

A Symphony of Features

  • Adjustable Controls: The recline, headrest, and lumbar support are all adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune your seating for the perfect viewing angle and comfort level.

  • Arm Storage: The spacious compartments are as convenient as they are discreet, providing ample storage without compromising on style.

  • LED Lighting: The cup holder and under-seat lights operate in unison, while the control lights remain on for easy adjustments even in the dark.

Addressing Your Concerns

We understand that every home theater is unique, and so are the needs of those who enjoy it. The Valencia Tuscany XL has been thoughtfully designed to address the most common concerns:

  • The taller seat height may not be suitable for everyone, but it provides an elevated viewing position that many find enhances their viewing experience.

  • Each seat requires its own power outlet, which could mean you’ll need multiple outlets. However, this individual power system allows each viewer to control their own comfort without affecting others.

  • The USB charger is conveniently located in the armrest, which may require mindfulness to prevent accidental bumps or cable damage.

Competitive Pricing for Luxury Seating

When it comes to home theater seating, the Valencia Tuscany XL represents a pinnacle of luxury that is accessible without being exorbitantly priced. The balance of high-end quality features and competitive pricing makes it an exceptional value for those seeking to upgrade their home cinema experience.

Your Personal Home Theater Consultant

At Dreamedia, we understand that choosing the right home theater seating is a crucial part of creating your perfect entertainment space. Our experts are available to help design a system that integrates seamlessly with the Valencia Tuscany XL, ensuring that your home theater is both functional and visually stunning.

Ready to Transform Your Home Theater?

The Valencia Tuscany XL Console Edition Home Theater Seating is more than just a seat—it's a commitment to luxury, comfort, and an unparalleled cinematic experience. With its thoughtful design, customizable features, and indulgent comfort, it's the perfect addition to any home theater.

Ready to take the next step in elevating your home cinema? Contact Dreamedia today, and let us help you design the ultimate viewing space around your new Valencia Tuscany XL seating. Your dream theater awaits.


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What makes movie night a luxurious experience? Is it the wine, the cozy atmosphere, the supple feeling of leather as it supports your back as you recline your chair to better enjoy the movie experience? The Tuscany XL Console can provide you a luxurious experience that will take movie night to the next level of comfort.

Combining design and function, the Tuscany XL Console provides luxury through its supple leather, cozy cushions, supportive headrest and a center console that holds your favorite glass of wine and food platter. Both the left and right end seats are full power recliners with power lumbar and headrest adjustability. Customization is possible so tailor as you see fit and enjoy the ultimate home theater experience with the Tuscany XL Console.


  • Design and Comfort
  • Seating Space: XL size for increased seating space
  • Weight Capacity: Can hold up to 400lbs
  • Leather Type: Premium top grain Nappa leather 11000
  • Leather Finish: Soft, smooth, supple, and durable
  • Foam Cushioning: High resiliency for maximum comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Stitch Design: Diamond stitch for luxury and style
  • Recliner Type: Full power recliners on both ends
  • Power Headrest: Yes, for adjustable head positioning
  • Power Lumbar Support: Yes, motorized for customizable back support
  • Wall-Hugging Design: Yes, for space efficiency
  • Hidden Arm Storage: Yes, with air piston-powered mechanism
  • USB Port: Yes, for device charging
  • LED Ambient Base Lighting: Yes, with on/off control
  • LED Backlit Cupholders: Yes, for easy access in the dark
  • LED Courtesy Lights: Yes, for visibility without disturbance
  • Center Console: Yes, converts into a console with USB ports, cupholders, and table
  • Dimensions
  • Single Seat Height: 46 inches
  • Single Seat Width: 40 inches
  • Single Seat Depth: 39.5 inches
  • Single Seat Depth - Extended: 72 inches
  • Row of Two Width: 73.25 inches
  • Row of Three Width: 106.5 inches
  • Row of Four Width: 139.75 inches
  • Row of Five Width: 173 inches
  • Loveseat Width: 66.5 inches
  • Warranty and Protection Plan
  • Accidental Damage Coverage: Yes, includes heat or liquid rings, cigarette burns, and punctures
  • Pet Damage Claim: One entitlement with CPS Warranty purchase
  • CPS Extended Warranty: Yes, covers hardware failure, structural assembly failure, defects in hinges or hardware, electrical component failure, seam separation, joint separation, and more
  • In-Store Credit: Provided if no warranty claims during the 5-year period
  • Additional Features
  • Motorized Recliner Mechanism: Quiet and smooth
  • Wall-Hugging Mechanism: Requires only 5 inches clearance
  • Assembly and Delivery: Free curbside delivery included
  • Optional Accessories: Tray table and wine glass caddy

Additional Info


The Tuscany comes with powered headrests. You can adjust the headrest and keep your head in the most comfortable position, which will ensure that you can view your favorite movie while lying down.


All chairs from Valencia Theater Seating are designed to be both comfortable and ergonomic. All of our cushioning is made of high resiliency foam which will maximize your enjoyment while minimizing fatigue


All of the seating and armrest surfaces are made with premium top grain Nappa leather 11000. The leather is soft to the touch, extremely smooth, supple, and durable.


Comes with power motorized lumbar support so you can adjust the cushions to fit the shape of your spine. This makes it so that our chairs are both ergonomic and comfortable.


Perfectly designed to look as stylish as possible. The diamond stitch provides you with more comfort, while looking incredibly luxurious.


LED ambient base lighting creates a truly luxury cinema environment in your home theater. These ambient lights can be turned on and off as you see fit.


LED Cup Holders allow you to easily find where you drink is, even in the darkest environment. They can be toggled on and off using the center circle control button to ensure you have an immersive movie experience.


Take control of your comfort with our mechanical controls inside the armrest. The controls also have a USB port so you can charge all of your devices while enjoying pure luxury.


Each Tuscany comes with Hidden Arm Storage that is powered by air pistons for a smoother open & close experience. Hide away your trays, remotes and tablets and have them accessible to you always!