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Transforming Spaces into Dream Game Rooms

by Dreamedia AV 21 Apr 2024

Hey Dreamedia family! It's Zach here, excited to share with you an amazing setup we've got going in Colorado. While we're known for our dedication to crafting immersive home theaters, we also delve into whole home audio, cameras, outdoor speakers, and TVs.

And now, we're stepping into the world of arcades and pinball machines. Today, I'm taking you through a game room that's every kid's dream and probably every dad's too!

A Space That Keeps the Fun Rolling

We're in a space that’s more than just a place to play—it's an experience. From the arcade machine filled with over 10,000 classic games, known as The Dream Arcade, to the air hockey table, this room has it all.

It's designed to keep kids active and entertained, featuring even a pingpong table and a mini bowling game. The centerpiece? A sleek OLED TV turned sideways, perfectly displaying those nostalgic games in their original aspect ratio.

A Lounge Area for Relaxing

Adjacent to this activity hub is a lounge area where kids (and adults) can relax, kick up their feet, and enjoy some popcorn while watching their favorite movie or sporting event. With a bar built-in area complete with a mini-fridge and microwave, refreshments are always at hand.

The Sound of Entertainment

For audio, we've decked the room with Focal 300 IC6 in-ceiling speakers, delivering crisp and detailed sound through their inverted dome tweeters and flax woofers. These speakers are powered by an Audio Control director series DSP whole home audio amplifier, allowing for fine-tuned control through an easy-to-use Sonos interface.

Dreamedia: A Hub for All Your Entertainment Needs

At Dreamedia, we're not just about selling products. We're about creating whole-home experiences that cater to every member of the family.

Whether it's setting up a golf simulator for the golf enthusiasts or integrating a home theater for movie buffs, we have you covered. We also keep up with the latest in TV technology, offering brands like Samsung and Sony to ensure your entertainment setup is top-notch.

Sparking Inspiration

Our goal is to inspire you, whether you're building out a basement in New Jersey or designing a game room in Texas. We're here to provide ideas and solutions that transform spaces into dream entertainment areas.

So, if you're looking for that perfect setup that combines fun, relaxation, and cutting-edge technology, reach out for a free video consultation. Let us help you turn your dream into a reality.

Thank you for tuning in to this walkthrough of a killer game room setup. Dreamedia is here to deliver that five-star service, making your entertainment dreams come true.

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