Sonos Era 100 Enclosure by Fruition Designs - Dreamedia AV
Sonos Era 100 Enclosure by Fruition Designs - Dreamedia AV
Sonos Era 100 Enclosure by Fruition Designs - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Sonos

Sonos Era 100 Enclosure by Fruition Designs

In-ceiling Sonos speaker enclosure for optimal performance

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Sonos Era 100 Enclosure by Fruition Designs

Elevate Your Audio Experience with Sonos Era 100 Enclosure

Imagine immersing yourself in a world of pristine sound that fills every corner of your home with crystal-clear audio. The Sonos Era 100 Enclosure by Fruition Designs is not just another speaker enclosure; it's a gateway to an unparalleled acoustic experience that seamlessly blends into the fabric of your space. This enclosure is designed to house your Sonos architectural speakers, transforming them into in-ceiling or in-wall marvels of sound engineering.

Uncompromising Design and Sustainability

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Sonos Era 100 Enclosure reflects a commitment to both aesthetic elegance and environmental responsibility. Fruition Designs has chosen materials that speak to the eco-conscious audiophile:

  • Recycled Plastics: Utilizing 48% post-consumer recycled plastics, this enclosure doesn't just sound good; it feels good, too.
  • Energy Efficiency: Advanced software efficiencies significantly reduce power consumption without compromising on performance.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging: The packaging is as thoughtful as the product itself, made from 100% recyclable FSC-certified paper.

Acoustic Excellence in Every Detail

The Era 100 Enclosure is engineered to ensure that your Sonos speakers perform at their peak, delivering audio fidelity that can rival live performances:

  • Stereo Sound: Pair identical speakers within the enclosure to create a rich stereo sound that envelops you.
  • Surround Sound Integration: Easily incorporate the enclosure into your surround sound setup for cinematic experiences at home.
  • Multi-Room Capability: Expand your system with additional Sonos speakers in other rooms for a harmonious audio journey throughout your abode.

Seamless Installation and Compatibility

The enclosure is purpose-built for Sonos architectural speakers, ensuring a perfect fit and straightforward installation:

  • Designed for: Sonos architectural speakers find their home within this enclosure, tailored for a snug and secure fit.
  • Installation Ease: Integrate your speakers into your ceiling or wall effortlessly, maintaining a clean and unobtrusive look.

Advanced Technological Features

Sonos and Fruition Designs have not held back on the tech front, packing the Era 100 Enclosure with features that redefine your listening experience:

  • Far-Field Microphone Array: Equipped with advanced beamforming and multichannel echo cancellation for voice control and Trueplay tuning.
  • Mic Switch: Disconnect the microphone whenever privacy is your priority.
  • Sonos App Control: Adjust bass, treble, and loudness to suit your taste and room acoustics, all from the Sonos app.

Superior Sound Architecture

The enclosure doesn't just house your speakers; it enhances them. Every component works in unison to deliver audio excellence:

  • Angled Tweeters: Two angled tweeters ensure crisp and accurate high-frequency response and definitive stereo separation.
  • Midwoofer: A midwoofer dedicated to reproducing mid-range vocal frequencies and deep, resonant bass.

Aesthetic Integration and Performance

With the Sonos Era 100 Enclosure, performance meets design in a symphony of style and sound:

  • Discreet Appearance: The enclosure allows for a flush-mounted appearance that complements any interior design.
  • Optimized Sound Quality: Minimized sound leakage and enhanced acoustic performance ensure every note is heard as intended.

Peace of Mind with Every Purchase

We understand that investing in a high-quality audio system is a significant decision. That's why we offer assurances that make your purchase worry-free:

  • Free Shipping Nationwide: Have your enclosure delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the U.S. without additional costs.
  • Hassle-Free 30-Day Return: If you're not entirely satisfied, return the product within 30 days without any hassle.
  • Best Price Assurance: We strive to offer you the best available price for your audio investment.
  • Expert Support: Our team of experts is ready to assist with your audio/visual needs and guide you to our network of preferred installers.

The Dreamedia Advantage

As a proud partner of Sonos and Fruition Designs, Dreamedia is here to help you design the ultimate home theater system. Our expert team can guide you through the customization process, ensuring that the Sonos Era 100 Enclosure integrates flawlessly with your current setup or helps you create a new one from scratch.

Key Takeaways for the Sonos Era 100 Enclosure:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Made from recycled plastics and 100% recyclable packaging.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: Incorporates software efficiencies for reduced power consumption.
  • Customizable Sound: Mix and match Sonos products for a personalized system.
  • Seamless Integration: Purpose-built for Sonos architectural speakers for easy installation.
  • Advanced Sound Technology: Far-field microphone array, angled tweeters, and midwoofer for superior sound.
  • Professional Installation: Clean, flush-mounted appearance with minimal sound leakage.
  • Comprehensive Support: Free shipping, hassle-free returns, best price assurance, and expert assistance.

Transform Your Home into an Auditory Oasis

The Sonos Era 100 Enclosure by Fruition Designs is more than just a speaker enclosure; it's an investment in your home's future as a sanctuary of sound. With its blend of sustainability, acoustic performance, and seamless design, it stands as a testament to the heights that home audio can reach. Whether you're crafting the perfect home theater, enhancing your multi-room audio system, or simply seeking the pinnacle of sound quality, this enclosure is the cornerstone of an audio experience that resonates on a deeper level.

At Dreamedia, your ultimate home theater is just a conversation away. Let us help you bring the Sonos Era 100 Enclosure into your life, and watch as every note, every beat, and every harmony becomes a living part of your home's story.

The Sonos Era 100 In-Ceiling/In-Wall Enclosure is a high-quality audio solution designed to seamlessly integrate Sonos architectural speakers into your home or office space. This enclosure provides a clean and professional installation option, ensuring optimal sound performance and aesthetics.

Designed for compatibility with Sonos architectural speakers, the Era 100 enclosure allows you to easily install your speakers into the ceiling or wall, providing a discreet and flush-mounted appearance. Whether you're setting up a multi-room audio system, enhancing your home theater experience, or creating a whole-house audio solution, this enclosure is an excellent choice.

Our Review


The Fruition Designs Sonos Era 100 Enclosure is an in-ceiling/in-wall enclosure designed to house Sonos architectural speakers. With its easy installation, the enclosure enables clean integration of Sonos speakers into ceilings/walls for optimal sound and aesthetics.

Design and Installation

The sleek Fruition Designs Enclosure allows flush mounting for a seamless look. The in-ceiling/in-wall installation neatly hides Sonos speakers from view - ideal for minimalist aesthetics and small spaces.

The enclosure’s design enhances visual appeal and sound performance from installed Sonos speakers. By minimizing leakage, it optimizes audio quality and prevents bleed into other rooms. This enables an immersive, high-fidelity experience when used with Sonos speakers for home audio or home theater.

Sound Performance

The Fruition Designs Enclosure works well with the Sonos far-field mic array, enabling voice control and Trueplay tuning for compatible Sonos speakers. This allows easy audio control via voice and custom tuning to match preferences.

The Sonos app provides adjustable settings to fine-tune the experience from connected Sonos speakers. Customizable bass, treble, and loudness tailor the output for different genres, movies, or preferences.

Features and Functionality

When installed with Sonos architectural speakers, the angled tweeters and midwoofer in the Sonos speakers deliver excellent performance through the Fruition Designs Enclosure. The enclosure enhances the crisp highs, detailed mids, deep bass, and stereo separation from the Sonos audio system.

Compatibility and Integration

The Fruition Designs Enclosure seamlessly integrates with Sonos architectural speakers for optimal performance. This enables synchronized whole-home audio with easy control via the Sonos app.

The enclosure’s versatility suits various Sonos systems and environments - from home theaters to whole-home audio. When combined with compatible Sonos audio components, the Fruition Designs Enclosure enables an excellent audio solution for whole-home entertainment.


The Fruition Designs Sonos Era 100 Enclosure provides complete integration of Sonos architectural speakers. Combined with the proper Sonos audio system, the enclosure allows clean and professional installation for optimal sound quality and aesthetics.


General Specifications

  • Product Type: In-Ceiling/In-Wall Enclosure
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with Sonos architectural speakers
  • Installation: Easy installation for ceiling or wall, flush-mounted appearance
  • Acoustic Performance: Minimizes sound leakage and optimizes sound quality
  • Stereo Sound: Pair two units for enhanced stereo sound
  • Home Theater: Supports creation of immersive surround sound with multiple units
  • Expandability: Can add more Sonos speakers for multi-room sound

Design and Materials

  • Material Composition: 48% post-consumer recycled plastics, eco-friendly packaging

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