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Sonos Arc Wall Mount - Dreamedia AV
Sonos Arc Wall Mount - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Sonos

Sonos Arc Wall Mount

Wall mounting for Sonos Arc soundbar performance

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Sonos Arc Wall Mount

Elevate Your Audio Experience with Precision

Imagine your home theater, the nexus of entertainment in your home, where every detail is thoughtfully curated for the ultimate audio-visual experience. The centerpiece of this sensory haven is your Sonos Arc soundbar, a marvel of acoustic engineering designed to envelope you in rich, detailed sound. But what if you could enhance that experience further? Enter the SANUS Sonos Arc Wall Mount, a meticulously crafted accessory that not only complements but elevates the performance of your Sonos Arc.

Technical Excellence Tailored for Sonos Arc

Crafted with precision, the SANUS Wall Mount (Model Code: WSSAWM1) is a testament to high-quality metal construction. It's engineered to perfectly cradle your Sonos Arc, offering a snug fit and an extended design that allows for depth adjustment, ensuring your soundbar is positioned just right for optimal audio output.

Technical Specifications: - Product Brand: SANUS - Model Code: WSSAWM1 - Product Dimensions: Width: 28.45 inches, Height: 2.00 inches, Depth: 1.08 - 5.05 inches - Maximum Weight: Supports up to 14 lbs - Material: High-quality metal construction - Color Options: Black (UPC Code: 793795534828), White (UPC Code: 793795535146) - Mounting Type: Wall mount for a sleek, floating look

Features Designed for the Discerning Audiophile

The SANUS Wall Mount is more than just a bracket; it's an enhancement to your listening experience. Its custom-fit design ensures your Sonos Arc is securely anchored to the wall, which not only saves space but also contributes to a cleaner aesthetic. The wall mount's slim profile keeps your setup close to the wall, creating a seamless integration with your living space.

Product Features: - Custom-fit Design: Tailored for the Sonos Arc soundbar - Mounting Flexibility: Directly mounts to drywall or wood studs - Extendable Design: Easy depth adjustment for perfect positioning - Profile: Short for a floating look that blends with your decor - Access Opening: Convenient 10-inch opening for cable management - Installation Time: Approximately 15 minutes for a quick setup - Installation Steps: Simple 3-step process with all hardware included - Finish Options: Available in black and white to match your soundbar - Warranty: A robust 10-year warranty for peace of mind - Customer Support: Expert assistance available 7 days a week - Secure Mounting: Keeps your Sonos Arc safely attached to the wall - Automatic EQ Adjustment Support: Maintains optimal audio settings

The Impact on Sound: A Symphony on the Wall

When it comes to sound, placement matters. The SANUS Wall Mount not only supports your Sonos Arc but also enhances its acoustic performance. Mounting the Arc on the wall can reduce bass output, but with the SANUS Wall Mount, this effect is counteracted. It's designed to encourage the soundbar's orientation circuitry to deliver balanced bass output, ensuring your media sounds as good as it looks.

Impact on Sound: - Enhanced Bass: Achieved when the Arc is wall-mounted for a richer soundscape - Balanced Sound: Reduces bass output for an efficient room location

Bass Enhancement: Feel the Depth of Sound

For those who crave deep, resonant bass, the SANUS Wall Mount brings out the best in your Sonos Arc. By attaching the Arc to the wall, the mount enhances the bass output, providing a more immersive audio experience. And for the ultimate bass performance, pairing your setup with a Sonos Sub will transform your home theater into a bastion of sonic brilliance.

Bass Enhancement: - When Attached: Wall-mounting the Arc brings out a fuller bass experience - Balanced Sound: Ensures the Sonos Arc reduces bass output in an efficient location

Personalized Adjustments: Craft Your Perfect Acoustic Environment

The SANUS Wall Mount offers the flexibility to tailor your Sonos Arc's performance to your personal taste. Some users may prefer to remove the magnet for a more aggressive bass output, while others will revel in the balanced sound provided by the wall mount. The choice is yours, and the SANUS Wall Mount accommodates your preference.

Seamless Integration: A Design that Complements Your Space

The SANUS Wall Mount is not just about function; it's also about form. With a sleek profile and color options that match your Sonos Arc, it ensures that your soundbar looks as good as it sounds. The mount's design is short and unobtrusive, providing a floating look that enhances the aesthetics of your space.

Effortless Installation: From Box to Wall in Minutes

Installation is a breeze with the SANUS Wall Mount. All necessary hardware and a drill template are included, ensuring that you can mount your Sonos Arc quickly and without hassle. In just 15 minutes, your soundbar will be securely attached to the wall, ready to deliver exceptional sound.

Exceptional Support: Here for You Every Step of the Way

Dreamedia understands the importance of customer support. That's why we, along with SANUS, offer expert, U.S.-based customer support available seven days a week to assist you with any questions or concerns. With a 10-year warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is protected.


Enhance your home theater with the SANUS Wall Mount for Sonos Arc. Its seamless design, easy installation, and acoustic benefits make it an essential addition to your audio setup. For those seeking a pristine listening environment, the SANUS Wall Mount is the perfect companion to your Sonos Arc.

Remember, Dreamedia is here to help design your dream home theater system. With the SANUS Wall Mount, your Sonos Arc will not only sound its best but also become an integral part of your home's aesthetic. Elevate your audio experience today.

Our Review

Sonos Arc Wall Mount Review


The Sonos Arc has emerged as a formidable contender in the realm of premium soundbars, offering immersive sound with its sleek, feature-rich design. As consumers seek to optimize their home theater setups, the importance of accessory components like the Sonos Arc Wall Mount becomes increasingly apparent. This review will dissect the role of the Sonos Arc Wall Mount in enhancing the audio-visual experience, ensuring that the Sonos Arc soundbar not only performs at its peak but also integrates seamlessly into the aesthetic of modern living spaces.

Design and Build Quality

Upon unboxing the Sonos Arc Wall Mount, one immediately notices the attention to detail in the materials and construction. Crafted to complement the Sonos Arc, the mount's design is both minimalist and robust, echoing the soundbar's premium feel. The build quality reassures users of its durability, promising to securely cradle the Arc without compromising on form or function.

Installation is straightforward, with clear instructions and high-quality hardware included. The mount's design ensures that it remains inconspicuous, allowing the Sonos Arc to take center stage both visually and acoustically.

Compatibility and Fit

The Sonos Arc Wall Mount is tailor-made for the Sonos Arc soundbar, ensuring a perfect fit. This specificity in design eliminates the guesswork and potential compatibility issues often associated with universal mounts. Once installed, the mount holds the Arc securely, mitigating any risks of accidental slippage or vibration-induced movement, which could affect the soundbar's performance.

Features and Specifications

The Sonos Arc Wall Mount is not just a piece of hardware; it's a thoughtfully engineered companion to the soundbar. Unlike generic mounts, it is designed to enhance the Sonos Arc's audio output, particularly its bass response, when affixed to a wall. The mount includes features that interact with the Arc's internal orientation circuitry, ensuring the soundbar's audio optimization algorithms function correctly.

Impact on Sound

Mounting the Sonos Arc on the wall does more than save space; it impacts the sound quality. The mount's design can influence the bass output—something Sonos has anticipated. While the original mount may slightly reduce the bass when the Arc is wall-attached, this is by design to prevent an overly boomy experience due to wall reverberations. The magnet effect is a critical element here, as it signals the Arc to adjust its output to suit its position.


In real-world testing, the Sonos Arc Wall Mount shows a clear enhancement in bass when compared to a freestanding setup. This is likely due to the closer coupling with the wall, allowing for more pronounced low-frequency reinforcement. However, those looking for a more aggressive bass might consider removing the magnet, although this is not recommended for all users and could lead to an unbalanced sound profile.

Sound Customization

For users seeking to tailor their audio experience, the Sonos Arc Wall Mount does offer some flexibility. Although adjustments may be required to achieve the desired sound, especially in rooms with unique acoustics, the mount's design accommodates such personalization without sacrificing stability or aesthetics.

Integration with Home Theater Systems

The Sonos Arc Wall Mount is more than a standalone accessory; it's a gateway to a cohesive Sonos ecosystem. When considering the addition of a Sonos Sub, the mount's ability to balance the Arc's bass output becomes even more relevant, allowing for a richer, more enveloping soundstage in a home theater setup.

Subwoofer Placement

Finding the ideal spot for the Sonos Sub can be a subjective process, influenced by room size, shape, and furnishings. The Sonos Arc Wall Mount does not directly impact subwoofer placement, but it does free up space and options for positioning the Sub to achieve the best possible bass response.

Pros and Cons

The Sonos Arc Wall Mount offers a seamless wall-mounting solution, enhancing the bass output when the Arc is attached to the wall. However, the reduction in bass with the original mount might not suit everyone's taste, and individual preferences for sound balance may necessitate additional components and adjustments.

User Experience

Feedback from users who have installed the Sonos Arc Wall Mount is overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating the ease of installation and the immediate improvement in sound quality. The mount's ability to blend into the background while providing a secure foundation for the Sonos Arc is frequently praised.

Final Thoughts

The Sonos Arc Wall Mount is a well-conceived accessory that does more than just support the Sonos Arc—it enhances it. Its design and build quality reflect Sonos' commitment to creating products that are as functional as they are elegant. While the impact on bass output may vary according to individual preference, the mount's overall contribution to the home theater experience is undeniable. For Sonos Arc owners, the Wall Mount is a worthwhile investment, ensuring their soundbar performs optimally while maintaining the sleek look of their entertainment space. Whether it's for aesthetic, acoustic, or space-saving reasons, the Sonos Arc Wall Mount is an essential component in realizing the full potential of a Sonos home theater system.


Technical Specifications

  • Product Brand: SANUS
  • Model Code: WSSAWM1
  • UPC Code Black: 793795534828
  • UPC Code White: 793795535146
  • Product Width: 28.45 inches / 72.26 cm
  • Product Height: 2.00 inches / 5.08 cm
  • Product Depth: 1.08 - 5.05 inches / 2.74 - 12.83 cm
  • Maximum TV Weight: 14 lbs / 6.35 kg
  • Material: High-quality metal construction
  • Color Options: Black, White
  • Mounting Type: Wall mount

Product Features

  • Custom-fit Design: Yes
  • Mounting Flexibility: Mounts directly to drywall or wood studs
  • Extendable Design: Yes, allows for easy depth adjustment up to 5 inches from the wall
  • Profile: Short for a seamless, floating look
  • Access Opening: 10-inch opening for power and cable management
  • Installation Time: Quick and easy, approximately 15 minutes
  • Installation Steps: 3 steps
  • Installation Hardware: All necessary hardware and drill template included
  • Finish Options: Available in white and black
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty
  • Customer Support: Expert, U.S. based, available 7 days a week
  • Secure Mounting: Yes, securely mounts Sonos Arc soundbar to the wall
  • Slim Profile: Yes, for a seamless installation
  • Wall Proximity: Keeps setup close to the wall
  • Automatic EQ Adjustment Support: Yes, supports automatic EQ adjustment for optimal audio

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